Model said she was trans but actually isn't

Publicado el 9 ago 2019

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  • Quick check in, a lot of people are focusing on her statements prior to saying she was trans. I never voiced my personal opinion on those - either way, the focus is on her blatant lie and choice to avoid consequence (people being offended) by taking a stupid “way out.”

    • Full ass adult at 20...nope 😂

    • @chiuansheng lemme guess, you laugh at the 'i identify as a helicopter' jokes. Be original

    • Girlll she went on doctor phil

    • I came here after seeing that she just recently went on Dr Phil about the situation and is again, making a fool of herself and not taking responsibility. She even blamed the first tweet on there being mold in her room while in Japan for shoots 🙄

    • flutt3rby3_ I... I think it was a joke? It reads like one.

  • Then later, she claimed that she has mold, that's why she said she has trans. What.

  • everytime something was added i couldnt help but laugh. how can someone be THAT stupid

  • The statement she made at 6:27 - OMG every word of that is wrong! That combined with a few other statements she's made says to me she is not capable of taking responsibility for her actions, she is majorly deflecting and at times also lying!? She does seem still pretty "young" in the head, and that's not an insult becoz of the quotation marks, I genuinely mean she seems to not be very educated, for which YOU should do your own research love! I also think she needs a bit of a break from the public eye and I'm glad she lost her job, there needs to be huge consequences for disgusting statements like this.

  • Was she lying tho? Transwomen are not women biologically.

  • I'm a trans man. I'm starting to hate this woman more than I hate Kaitlyn Bennett and/or Trisha Paytas and I'm like 2 minutes into the video.

  • “Only 20 and I’m human”?! Sorry I didn’t get that excuse for getting in trouble with the law because of my drinking problem at 20 years old. I was a grown ass adult just like I am now. The fuck?!

  • she's still saying this terf shit. she recently verbally attacked Aaron Phillip.

  • 1:30 "biologically there are only males and females" ...No?

  • She may have been a model. But she is UGLY inside.

  • Her poor foot can't take much more abuse

  • SHE IS WRONG FOR PORTRAYING HERSELF AS TRANS IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. However I would like to state that I dont personally believe that a transwoman is a woman. I think they're different. Because we are. Women's transformation to womanhood is vastly different from any transwoman, both are female, but there is a difference and I dont think that recognzing that (not in any good thought out method) makes her transphobic.. with the proof that was presented I do think she should be able to redeem herself. I'm also high rn so I mightve missed something.

  • The initial comment of "transgender women aren't women, they are transgender women" honestly doesn't seem that egregious to me and seems to fall well into the "different opinions using the facts and information one has doesn't make someone transphobic". The rest of the mess is a mess. But we now live firmly in the unpopular opinions cost your livelihood, potentially.

  • Yeah another great episode. Webisode. Idk what to call it. Like your channel/content!! ^-^°

  • The thing is, she’s so pretty and could of made it in the modelling world without being transphobic and gross

  • At 20 your not Evan close to being an adult 😂

  • This is giving me vibes about people who are just fucking liars...

  • Transformer "women" aren'twomen, really, they are not.

  • How does this woman think she is going to grow and move forward in her life when she clearly expends so much effort backtracking to cover or excuse her lies.

  • But in the end she is right - transgender Women are Transgender. They have a male body which do not make them a woman. That’s how it is - nothing wrong with it.

  • But it’s true what she said.... trans are not the real gender they claim to be

  • I have the strong feeling that she is just jealous because trans models are really succesfull These days because they are working so hard but she might feel that its harder for "normal" women to get modeling Jobs. Wich is completely stupid

  • ok so she's a TERF

  • A 20 year old should know better. To use her age as an excuse is pathetic. I hope she doesn't still have a career in the public eye.

  • From someone who is trans I think it’s kinda disgusting that someone can lie about being trans to avoid backlash. This ruins trans people’s reputation and especially when it has gotten wide media coverage

  • this doesnt make sense but when i was younger i wanted to be a boy so i wouldnt be preyed on as much as girls are

  • What someone came out as something that most people would protect without question during a time it is most profitable was lieing about being said thing. Imagine my shock.

  • it's a little funny (obviously on her part, how tf did she even believe she was going to get away with that lmfao) but mostly just annoying.

  • "not today satan" I guess you started to watch Drag race!

  • what was her exit plan?????

  • i really love when people mess up and then they are like "hello plz educate me!!! im just too stupid, help me be better!!!!!!" there are literally hundreds of lgbt+ instagrams and twitters and youtube channels that are for educating. google is a thing. i don't understand why people refuse to research things for themselves when the resources are already available to them. its not hard.

  • "Wow I'm getting called out for being transphobic. I know, I'll tell people I'm trans. What could go wrong." Also is it bad that I laughed when the "girl bye" came up?

  • This woman's initial statement was NOT ACTUALLY TRANSPHOBIC because it was a simple statement of biological fact. A person's gender is determined by their chromosomes rather than by how they choose to look or how they feel, and can not actually be changed by "gender reassignment" surgery. Her error came when she claimed to be a trans person in order to avoid the backlash from the trans community...a foolish and rather pointless attempt to placate people who should not have been angered by her initial statement, because personal beliefs and feelings do NOT refute basic human biology!

  • I knew not to lie about being trans when I was 9, girl what's your excuse?

  • Isnt that the whole point of being transgender? Biological women and transgender male to female dont have the same expierences growing up, Biological women who dont want to be male dont go thru gender disforia, transgender women dont get periods were not The same and thats okay whats the big deal? Its litterally biology is this offensive? Bcuz all The trans ppl ive talked to dont see this offensive bcuz its okay to say that they arent The same, ofc her actions later were dispicable bcuz lying n all that im not saying sh about that but The whole comments look just rlly poor worded but not offensive tho on The other hand idk what it feels to be transgender and that the whole point were not The same and thats okay.

  • Ngl i’m transgender and have had lots of transgender friends. and transgender people are literally sent death threats for being transgender especially openly transgender! So whyyyy tf did she think changing her statement from a hate statement against trans people to ‘i am a trans person’ would get her less death threats 🤦‍♂️ shes just a moron who cares more about her image than her actions

  • I already feel creeped out because someone using that image as their profile picture randomly came into a DID/OSDD group i’m in on facebook trying to ask to interview people 😬

  • i mean as a trans person i find this very ofensive she has not gone thorugh the struggle of a trans person

  • Honestly if you want to get mad just go through terf hashtag on tumblr

  • it's so funny when transphobes say that biologically there are only men and women. ya'll heard of intersex people? fucking morons. don't wanna be called out for being transphobic? don't be transphobic. it's as simple as that. and if you aren't transphobic anymore and get called out on past opinions, apologize in a genuine way and don't try to make excuses for yourself. admit that you fucked up, that you were a shitty person, and that you're sorry for it.

    • That's transphobic? But isn't that true tho? It's just science, there are only two biological genders. Trans people are either biologically male and are now female, or vice versa. And intersex people can either have a penis or vagina, biologically either male or female. And note, BIOLOGICALLY, but they can identify as whatever they want. Pretty sure that science isnt transphobic, thats what literally made it possible to be trans. :// or i could be wrong, care to educate me?

  • Is she able to be declined healthcare because she’s trans? No. she doesn’t know the pain.

  • Is it really that hard to say, "I'm sorry. I fucked up and I said something really offensive and I lied about being trans out of panic. It was extremely ignorant and offensive to do both of those things. I made mistakes, I do not feel that way about trans people anymore, and I am sorry for lying about something like that."?

  • She is really trans, anatomy doesn’t lie.Also, they will never be women, it’s a mockery, most of these children have no choice and are transgendered against their will. I have no issue with people who want to transgender but I can still say they are not a woman, I don’t care what anyone thinks of my opinion, she should have done the same, but he is a man, all the models and actress s are dudes.

  • I'm in LGBT community, and I'm really surprised I heard NOT ONE of the many LGBT ESmainrs I watch comment on this

  • People will lie for fame of any kind if they see potential??💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵

  • Imagine her mothers surprise

  • she couldn't do a good enough job manipulating her fans so she had to apologize lol.

  • People are going to do what will give them a different type of privilege

  • I came out as bisexual in high school bc I wasn’t actually sure, but I’m a stone cold lesbian y’all

  • You look nice with blonde hair

  • Cant change biological fact...very few people are born both so there is a choice to be made. But SCIENCE does not are either male or is it transphobic to say that? ITS LITERAL BIOLOGICAL FACT

    • Yes Science supports Biological sex, they cannot change that. But science also supports Transgender and the condition of it. They're woman and man (genders) but they're not females or man (sexs)

  • A lot more happened besides this. After the news broke out about her lying about being trans a shitshow happened. She seemed unwell tbh, not in the right state of mind. Carissa said that Aaron Phillip (a trans woman who is also a model) is a "brown biological man in a wheelchair posing as a woman. If that isn't an insult to real biological women everywhere!" and "Elite dropped a real woman to promote sickness in disguise in the African American community", which Aaron responded to in a post. After that Carissa started posting a lot of transphobic things and making live streams with a spiteful attitude towards basically any trans woman she had been in contact with, including Hunter. It was bad and a lot of people reported it, resulting in Instagram deleting her account.

  • You suggested instead of lying she should have said “Yah, I f**ked up, I don’t believe that”. Well apparently she does believe it, she said it. Why would you suggest she tell a different lie than the one she chose? I guess forcing someone to say they believe what you believe makes telling a lie ok. What batshit crazy millennial thinking that is.

  • I hate people that use their age to defend their actions . Im younger than her but I would never do that! Its called being an IDIOT

  • I’m 21. You know what I didn’t do last year? Lie about being trans. That’s not a “whoops I’m a young adult” mistake

  • @6:11 well, Die Antwoord did that move😆 and it worked...right.. "Pre recorded 31st of July".. 👀 watching on July 14th... The future🤯

  • Being bullied made her feel trans?..damn guess I've been trans for years lol..but srsly being bullied isn't like being trans ,alot of the world turns it's back on trans people and you never feel the way you want to because after transitioning you still get dysphoria I hope all the trans people here feel loved and safe.It doesnt define the person and there are so deserving of love and are so brave for expressing them selfs 😊🏳️‍🌈#trans=valid

  • ooooh no, don't bring Hunter into this. She does not deserve to be associated with your bullshit. (referring to Pinkston)

  • I mean, I would’ve made up a lie as problematic as that one when I was 7. But I’m 20, and I’ve learned from being a child and saying dumb things.

  • Dude. I believe in her first posts. Being trans doesn’t make you a woman, it’s just makes you trans. The female experience is unique from the male experience, as is the trans experience.

    • @SoRawR but the 'full experience' hasn't always included periods and pregnancy? What about people who are infertile? Who require a full hysterectomy? What about people with PCOS? What about people who take birth control for medical purposes and don't have periods as a result? Are they no longer your definition of women because they don't have the "full experience"? What even is the full experience of being a woman, because every life is so different from the other? Every women is different, her body is different, her person and her livelihood and her choices are different. Trans women are women, their experiences with womanhood just vary and their lives differ drom other women, in a natural way. There is no set female experience, pre-packaged for every women and if you don't have it then you're wrong or something

    • @Kurfluffle I understand what you are saying, we don't have to constantly draw parallels between trans people and their cis counterparts. However, I think it is important to acknowledge the intersectionality of issues as well. Yes, those assigned female at birth are treated vastly different at birth from those who are assigned male at birth, and it is really important to acknowledge that and combat that, sexism is a real issue from a young age that needs to be talked about more. But, that does not mean that it does not come into play in other people's lives to different degrees. Trans men, for example, often face similar issues as they grow up - particularly if they have a masculine expression from a young age - they frequently deal with periods, sexual harassment, being demeaned for their sex. None of that is okay either, and that is still part of the so-called 'feminine experience'. Although, later on in their transition, they may not experience this anymore. Trans women generally also have to deal with sexism, in several different ways. Firstly, trans women are often seen as men, and feminine men are discriminated against for being 'like girls' which is where sexism and homophobia often interact. You said that gay men and feminine men also have "female experiences" which is true, as many get bullied for being 'like a woman'. But being harassed/bullied/assulted for something obviously doesn't mean that feminine men are now women, however trans women still fit into the category of AMAB-people-bullied-for-not-being-'manly-enough', quite frequently. Then, later on in their transition, trans women will face misogyny, the same sexist bs that has been present in the lives of most AFAB all their lives. And it'll most likely be a different experience for them, but again, all experiences of being a woman, perceived as a woman, or seen as womanly are different and no one female experience is the same, regardless of whether the person is cisgender or not. A lot of trans women do have a female experience, just as they have a trans experience, just as some trans people have experiences with their race. All these issues are not "totally different", they are mixed and complex and should be treated as such. These experiences are equal, yes, but we should acknowledge them in whole and in part as well

    • @Anya Brandon not the full experience though, pretty sure they cant have periods or get pregnant. They just have the appearance of a woman, it doesnt really change their biological sex but they can identify as whatever they want. If they ARE biologically female, then what's the reason for the 'trans' in the transgender? When they can just be biologically male/female.

    • Anya Brandon Plenty of gay men and feminine men have “female experiences” as well, that doesn’t mean they suddenly fully know what it’s like to be a woman. In nearly every single society a female from the moment her sex is determined will be treated vastly differently than males, usually as lesser beings who should cover up, be quiet, and put the needs of everyone else before her own. We don’t need to keep trying to approximate the “cisness” of trans women to recognize and respect their gender identity. They’re totally different experiences, it’s better to acknowledge the difference and listen equally instead of trying to argue that it’s the same or that there is no experience at all

    • @Anya Brandon 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Cis people are at it again 😂 love the content

  • She seems like that type of person that insist on doing a speech on someones wedding, only to be so terrible at it that all bridesmaids would do handsighs to make her stop talking and come down the stage.

  • That ain't it, cis.

  • I don,t like the gay pride. If i say that people are mad. I am a lesbian and when i say that people are quit. It,s not if you don,t like the pride you hate gays. But this is a whole different kind of weird

  • Her and Rachel Dolezal walk into a bar...

  • 1:59 i’m sorry that is the funniest shit i have ever seen

  • Ahhhh! She’s been on dr. Phil since and blames being sleepy and there being mold in her room. SHE. BLAMED. MOLD. Whaaathaaaafuuuuuck!!!

  • she started a big mess with the trans and black trans and disabled community a couple weeks ago again and since had her account deleted multiple times

  • She decided to attack Aaron Philip, a trans model, with transphobic and ableist death threats. Her account got taken down. Girl got bored and needed to sabotage what she had left of a career.

  • Update: This same model has been deleted off Instagram for publicly bullying/harassing a disabled black trans woman on Insta. She is so transphobic but will say she's trans for clout? Trash🙃

  • I love your Office references and I love u

  • I agree that they’re not real women biologically,but at least respect them?

  • I'm a trans guy and I feel sorry for her that she thinks that's a way to handle things. I hope she grows up and learns from experience. One day she will look back and hopefully feel terribly ashamed of what she did there.

  • she s crying without tears...fake azzef! the girl and the tears!

  • Know this. Everyone. YOU ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR EDUCATING SOMEONE ON YOUR CULTURE, RACE, GENDER OR SEXUALITY. they need to get educated themselves. Give them some options to educate themselves maybe. Let them read it. but otherwise, they are not worth your time.

  • She's still being super transphobic! Her account on insta got banned about a week ago.

  • can you do an update video on her? shes had a scandal recently

  • She look like 👁️👄👁️

  • Even i got a death treath on tumblr and I didn't even post anything in a week at that point

  • okay im trans and i dont get whats wrong with saying transgender women are simply just transgender women?

  • So there were consequences for the crap she said and her first reaction is to try and "hide" in the community she verbally attacked?

  • "I have experienced something they go to" Lady. Nearly everyone in my class in Middle/Highschool got bullied, doesn't mean we experienced anything like what a transgender Person goes through.

  • It's so funny that this popped up on my feed because this same girl got her instagram banned and was dropped from her her modeling agency LAST WEEK because she went on a transphobic and ableist tirade in which she targeted and misgendered multiple trans women, with the target of her aggression being Aaron Phillips (for those that don't know Aaron is a trans WOC that has cerebral palsy).

  • 7:03 oh damn. Guess I’m trans now

  • A 20 year old doing something stupid? Must be the first time in history.

  • i’m 14 and know this so wrong on so many levels. she should’ve just owned up to her actions, i feel like most of the internet would forget

  • Why is nobody talking about the comments on the live? People are unbelievable.

  • Update: She is still being Transphobic, maybe even worse

  • I actually went to school with a girl who claimed she was trans but that she was born a boy but her mom made her dress and act like a girl. She even went so far as to act like she hated it and said she even spit out the pills when she could and pretend she actually had a dingy. But obviously that wasn’t the case.

  • She is one of the most tone def people ive ever seen. Its si sad that people are willing to do whatever for fame/money

  • she cray

  • WHAT A Minute! I thought in today's age YOU can be anything you want to be & should never be challenged on your stance?! 🤔 Interesting.

  • Did you see her recent actions? She got attacked Aaron Phillip's (trans woman of color) on an Instagram post. Would love to see you cover it.

  • I'm not racist, I'm black

  • I'm sorry but her hair being different lengths on both sides made it so hard to concentrate on the content.

  • I'm 13 and even I know that making up a completely new identity and lying instead of taking the hate is definitely wrong. If I ever did something like that (which I haven't and wouldn't,) I would just admit what I did and try to move past it. It's easier to lie than be honest, but honesty will help you in the long run. She's clearly a coward who has no idea what struggles trans people face everyday, and how HARD it is to come out.

  • she panicked and lied lets ruin her carier?

    • no one is ruining her career?? she just called out her mistakes. that's not ruining a career.


  • I hope RiRi dropped her!

  • I like your hair