MAPs aren't the only problem on twitter

Publicado el 10 abr 2020
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  • “You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals, so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel” is more than just lyrics to these people.

    • I fucking hate the fact that I *know* what song that lyric comes from!

    • Ayyyyoooooo! How ya doing ro?

    • Rob Gavagan, DUDE LMFAO🤣🤣🤣


    • It worked out well for Mr Hands... hold on, yeah that worked out well.

  • Yeah I think I'm going to go deepthroat a shotgun barrel

  • To Zoophiles reading this, Fuck you. Fuck you and everything you do too animals. I don't care if "you can't help it" it's fucking wrong. Doing sexual stuff with animals is not okay it's just wrong. If you think that it's okay you have to walk off a fucking bridge.

  • People who are having sex with animals are insane in the head

  • Buttfisting

  • There was this girl who forced her dogs to sleep with her on snap. I reported her for trying to sell beastiality porn

  • I feel bad for retweeting some animals because there's probably someone thinking that I'm a zoophile I'm just a furry doing furry things... I just think they're adorable not sexy 😤

  • So its the members of P.E.T.A.?

  • Your daily reminder that Sexy Vegan was arrested for bestiality. And also, he ran for president, using the slogan "Eat Ass, Not Animals."

  • I watch CreepShow and honestly it's funny that you're like "Sorry if you can hear the rain" And she says "Sorry if you can hear my neighbors loud sex." Jarring difference

  • I know this is random but your hair color in this video is pretty

  • why is this getting recomended to me, does youtube want me to loose faith in humanity?

  • Zoophiles ain't lovers of animals, they go around like cheap counterfeit Steve Irwins but it's so obvious. That symbol is the greek letter zeta. PSA for those kind of deviates: Stop the self-snitching. It's laughable and folks like Ready To Glare are on the lookout with their smashers of thousands on hand

  • People think that zoophilia is gross and wrong, but that is incorrect. Zoophilia is a problem bigger, than just gross. It's repugnant, disgusting, vile, & nauseating.

  • I personally think if an animal starts, for whatever reason, fucking you, then okay... Let it if you want to I guess. But grabbing your husky and fucking it up the ass without Vaseline, now that's disgusting

  • This reminds me I used to use deviantart until pornographic pictures of cartoon animals started taking over.. people keep coming up with more gross fetishes

  • Lets legalize murder.

  • *I just wanted to say ;* • This is NOT what furries are about. It doesn't mean there aren't Zoophile furries, but I wanted to say Zoophile furries are very rare, seemingly so. There's a difference between furries and Zoophiles.

  • This is the first video of yours I've watched and I've gotten two things out of this video -zoophiles are bad and will never be accepted by the lgbtq community or anyone else -dang you're really pretty, I love your hair

  • Can we just execute these non humans

  • I have a little story to tell. In my country a zoophile broke into a farm and tried to have s*x with a horse. When the man tried to take advantage of the horse, it kicked him in the face. He died the next day due to his injuries. Say it with me everyone! Dont👏Diddle👏 animals👏


  • So let me play devil's advocate a little here. I would say that under some circumstances the argument that "animals can't consent" just doesn't work. A male dog can and will fuck anything with a hole that it can stick it's rod into, humans included. So there's an argument to be made that in that situation the dog is consenting. That said it's still disgusting that you'd let your dog do that like fr. You're mentally fucked if you're ok with that. Also that isn't a sign of sex like we humans have, that's usually the sign of a dog showing dominance, he's not making love to you, you're his bitch.

  • dude im a furry and find zoophilia just absolutely disgusting. zoos just aint right in the head dog licking me isnt asking for sexual favors or consenting like come on, you cant possibly be that disgusting and abusive, sadly these people are...

    • Same I hate the way furries and zoophiles get mixed up. Zoophiles are disgusting

  • Holy shit I just realized that you're buff

  • Animals can want to have sex with humans as humans can want to have sex with animals. The point is that human have the intelectual upperhand and can trick the animal into wanting sex. Its like grooming with pedos, if I understand that term correctly. Also, humans can say they have been raped. Animals cant say that they have been raped... Or if they have had sex at all... cuz they cant speak... Imo, the whole point of why being a pedo, or zoophile is wrong, is the intelectual difference. Just think about this, it is also tabboo to fuck a sleeping person, or a heavily autistic person, even if they are the same age! So it all boils down to intelegence! Thats what they all have in common. That is what we should be arguing with. Pedos might say: "Oh, well some kids are very smart!" Well, we cant fucking mentally examine every child on an individual basis. We need a common barrier, the age of consent. Or wat I prefer, the max amount of age that can be between 2 partners depending on their ages. Eitherway, all childrens brains are not developed like a childs, no "The kid is smart" can change that. Sorry for the ranting, it is very late where I am, if anyone has any more good arguments, feel free to help.

  • I (A furry) had to convince a zoophile (Not a furry) about that being a zoophile is horrible. Just sayin. Lol.

  • Doom humanity

  • I’m starting a “reason I’m disappointed in humans” playlist

  • Fucking your dog or sucking your horse off isnt a sexuality.

  • "no" is the same in every language....

    • but when woman say no they mean yes. and when they say yes they mean yes.

  • you have some dope tattoos off topic but like they kool

  • I think we can all agree that every bad thing comes from Twitter...

  • Thanks, youtube algorithm, I hate it.

  • You know the rules and so do I! Say goodbye!

  • The mental gymnastics these zoophiles have to do, to justify themselves is absolutely amazing...

  • Zoophile... aka extreme furries

    • @Peach Soda I know... but I just had to make the joke. I apologize if anyone got upset by it

    • No, zoophiles and furries are different. Furries are people who have an interest in character design, costume design, and it all takes the form of anthropomorphic animals. Not all of them need suits to be furries, but usually everyone has at least one fursona Zoophiles, on the other hand, are sexually attracted to animals. Sadly to say zoophilia is a mental illness that needs treatment, but many of them are too scared to get help. (This isn't to justify zoophiles, I'm bad at wording things. They are terrible and should be shunned, but if they get help and treatment for it, then that's good.) There are most likely furries who are zoophiles, but that usually isn't the case. All in all, being a furry is a hobby, and being a zoophile is a mental illness

    • Wtf...

  • A zoophile made it’s way into ESmain!!! (Shane Dawson)

  • Twitter is utter shit sometimes

  • I like the idea of a lion sat in a zoo enclosure and sees a guy get in with no pants or trousers on and hears the coffin dance music starting

  • I love your tattoos!!

  • This lady is fucking amazing, thank you for putting your mental health at risk to read these tweets. Wish u the best

  • thought she was naked in the thumbnail disappointment ensued when i clicked on the video

  • This is sick, I had a Siberian husky that I raised from a puppy who I had a nonsexual special connection with, the fact I have to add nonsexual to that should speak for itself. Anyone who does this to animals should be shot

  • "Twitter is mostly trash," is the truest comment in this video....

  • Is this seriously a thing, oh my goodness, this is sick

  • I thought the rain was coming from outside like irl

  • Please learn how to pronounce zoophile, it's not spelled zooaphile so its not pronounced that way

  • I wish one of these days we would get someone trying to explore the options to find help for these people without getting canceled for trying , there has to be a small amount of them that want to change and be normal

  • I love animals but I love them without conditions. Its the only way to love an animal by taking it as it is. Sexualizing them is a sick projection of own desires.

  • That symbol is a greek letter.... So sorry greek people...

  • How are these people not being... Locked up? They don't need to be in society.

  • It doesnt exactly helps that horny dogs will hump basically anything... Just sayin.

  • I love cats but not like that

  • Hmm didn't know animal was gender 🤔

  • *Sir stay the fuck away from that animal and pullup your pants or I'm gonna have to show you what Sharpness IV looks like.*

  • Nobody: Theres always more fish in the sea- Zoophiles:...

  • I like your hair

  • I dont mind the rain asmr, I always fall asleep to it in the background of scary stories

  • Oh these people. They are called furries.

  • 8:34 I can’t imagine how painful that had to be to read outloud because I had to literally pause the video for 5 minutes and gather myself

  • roses are red violets are blue why are people attracted to animals twitter get your shit together

  • *Sweats in Mechanophile*

  • this letter "ζ" is a Greek letter it sounds like "Z"

  • I'm a zoologist and I've never fantasized about animals that's just gross.

  • If I was a dog and my owner was a zoophile, I'd bite them whenever they tried touching me, and run away in the middle of the night and never come back :,)

  • Wolves are hot, fight me

    • @Ichiyo ?!

    • @-Gemberkoekje- You hope I was

    • @Yolosocool Yea, I hope, going by his pfp hes just talking about furry stuff...

    • That's really weird

    • Please don't fuck wolves

  • What's next, Necrosexual?

  • I'd love to have an in-depth analysis of that wacky fake scientists dude

  • Omg I hate them with all of my being

  • Cats arent in heat for you, they are for other cats, dumbasses

  • Miss Glare! There are animal rapists in the comments!

  • the worst part it pedo and zoo it totatly legal cause is considered as a mental liness

  • Not all zooophiles have sex with animals I am not a zooophiles or any kind of "phile" but honestly if these sick fuckers aren't touching children and are not harming another human in anyway then let them be let them live their lives and what they do behind their closed doors is their business people need to stop posting their personal dirty laundry on the internet for other people to judge if people don't want hate and light shone on your dirty secrets then keep your dirty secrets secret Jesus people

  • lol i had a friend who turned out to be a zoophile and i don’t know how to feel that i associated with him DISGUSTING.



  • The animals don't feel the same way. These people are needed up in the head for sure. Some other ESmainrs have done deep dives into certain individuals and the individuals were not clear nor present. HATRED!?! loooooool!!!!!

  • There is a slight problem with this. Um very tiny HUMANS ARE THE ONLY SPEICIES THIS FAR THAT THINK REPRODUCTION IS FUN

  • Sometimes, I wonder what God thinks of us.

  • Imagine “I like dogs. Puppies, specifically. They’re honestly hot” Omfg

  • It's okay to love animals, so long as you don't "love" them. Also it's scientifically proven that dogs view their owners the same way infants view their parents, beastiality is no different from pedophilia.

  • Please cover Sedler.

  • dog really is mans best friend

  • 👊😂👌 👕 🩳 👟👟

  • I have no idea on what’s worse child likers or zoo people Probably zoo people cause they are literally attracted to different species

  • So your channel is talking about dog sex. UHM. But #mappride is?

  • #mappride

  • Last week a network of zoophilia got arested in Norway I am so disturbed that it can exsist that type of network that do that kind of things. To bad we can't castrate the gulty.

  • 🟥⬜️⬜️🟥🟥🟦🟦🟥 🟦⬜️⬜️🟦🟦🟥🟥🟦 🟥⬜️⬜️🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 🟦⬜️⬜️🟦🟦🟦🟦🟦 Police is here!

  • The animals (pets) I give shelter and food, are my babys. How could I think of them as a sexobject? For other people they are like buddys I guess, but in my case they are like my children. I love them. I want them to feel well and be loved. I don't know how you can feel a sexual attraction to living beeings, that act more like children, than adults.

  • bila sam iznenađena da je nešto iz hrvatske bilo viđeno na netu

  • Furries: Who are you? Zoophiles: I'm you, but fucking worse.

  • im old.. and not up on all the wazzo shit in todays world.. my dogs sniff each others asses and only get interested when the ladies are in heat.. nasty humans ruin every thing..hang them all.

  • 3:45 This moment alone made me subscribe lol. You’re so funny and pretty! Keep doing what you’re doing 😁

  • Zoophilia is just extremist furry

  • Worst part is it does harm to the animals mentally

  • Sounds like these zoowhatevers are following the feminist "Duluth Model" lie template!

  • I shouldn't have watched this video right after I ate lunch. Disgusting!

  • ALSO, furries don’t want to have sex with animals, zoophiles and furries are not the same.