Luka Magnotta: the chase for fame

Publicado el 9 dic 2019
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  • Burmese phytons don't eat very fast let's just say that much...

  • i remember one lunatic one icepick damn

  • It’s so easy to get famous today...All you Gotta do is commit gruesome acts of pre-meditated violence, videotape it and then hope Netflix will pick it up.

  • The fact that he tortured animals is enough for me to want him to rot forever.

  • That kid has a reserved seat in hell

  • Attention seeker

  • This perplexes me and made me lose any confidence I had in the FBI. They did find him and report him, but their concerns went unheard! I watched this documentary and the crazy thing is he stated he was being forced to harm the cats and the man he murdered! And in the video another pair of hands was found as he said! Ugh! What if there are more people involved and just roaming around free with their deviant and sadistic ways? Did they even investigate this? How did he evade the police so masterfully??

  • I think people didn't know cause he was very lonely and to himself besides sex and he moved a lot. He's a broken broken person

  • He even sent limbs to our government officials (prime minister and other government parties). Should check out Paul and Karla if u haven’t already. Just discovered you been watching a lot of vids lately.

  • Been waching ALL ur vids lately. SO glad you covered Luka- being a Canadian. I found the documentary good. I love the people that helped get him caught just normal like us normal folk. Not impressed by the police and justice should have been swift and harsh.

  • Why are these videos still on ESmain? Not from him, but other people uploading it. With this big of a story, ESmain should be doing everything to take it all down. Absolutely disgusting

  • Now that it’s out I’ve decided I hate it. How tf could they make the human victim an afterthought.

  • This dude is such an attention whole wannabe killer. I know he's from Canada but I didn't know he lived so close to me. I don't know how I could have forgotten that.

  • Maybe he had an accomplice. You can have some new informations on our Facebook group :


    • AND HIS HEAD??????????????????????????????? WHHHHAAAAAATTTT

  • I love you so because I love you, girl burn that wig! or dye it all pink my epilepsy is kicking in.

  • My hope for Luka is that he gets help for his sociopathic tendencies even if he remains in prison for the rest of his life, the obvious best option because he would definitely kill again.

  • Off topic but might love your hair. I usually like it, but this one is especially cute.

  • Burmese pythons are constrictors meaning they slowly squeeze their prey to death.

  • the amount of sadistic rage i feel and want to inflict on this disgusting goblin is too much. i saw seconds of the video it wasnt impossible to find but it was fucking traumatic the kitten crying physically made me feel ill

  • This man is a classic narcissist and sociopath. Please don't judge the rest of Canada by his actions...most of us really do live up to our reputation for being nice!

  • You put so much research and thought into everything you support, and here you are wearing a playboy necklace? Their history makes my skin crawl, Hugh Hefner brought misery to sooo many girls and helped to create a culture that keeps women as sex objects and treating them as such and without respect. Sad to see you wearing and seemingly supporting their brand :(

  • Watching that clip of him was disturbing. Like he's sitting there chuckling and talking like a normal person, even though you know he's not. It's surreal.

  • That thumbnail with the "self obsession, vanity desperation" sounds like some lyrics I'd hear in a metal song, I'm stealing it.

  • I knew a few people in high school who would brag about being raped and bring it up any chance they got. Being a survivor of rape myself, that was extremely infuriating 🙃

  • Why would you give a fuck about butchering the freak bum boys kitty fiddlers name.

  • summer walker

  • He’s hot as fuck he got borderline personality like me , but I love animals he’ faked some shit. he didn’t eat no flesh. And his victim was drugged up when he killed him so he didn’t feel much. he is sick but animals are worse I rather watch humans die then animals and u can buy those in the pet shop btw, I owned one of them a Burmese python

  • he also killed a puppy this man is a monster

  • i dont think he should have the right to parole. his organs would be better used donated to people who need them.

  • I definitely have a huge problem with all of these, but I've seen a snake be fed a living mouse before and it was very fast, I don't know if it would be different with a python

  • I watched this doc some time ago. It's pretty okay I think but I don't think giving him the publicity he wants is really a good thing? Either way still very interesting, especially the mom in the doc.

  • I live in Canada, a teacher showed the video of the victim to a class of middle school students. He had a sort of fascination and said it was to educate the kids to the dangers of murderers?! Anyway, this teacher not only did not get suspended, he kept his license and started teaching at my high school. It was scary to see him in the hallways, and still teaching young students after showing an uncensored video of a gory murder victim to a whole class of middle schoolers.

  • I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that he suffers for the rest of his life, locked in jail and regretting everything he did. I wish the worst to people like him.

  • ~histrionic personality disorder~

  • I can’t believe their are so many comments about the kittens, yes it’s horrible and disgusting what he did to them. But what about the actual human being he murdered and mutilated. Geez.

  • Honestly didn’t even know he existed until I watched this documentary

  • Chasing fame AINT A CRIME i want to be famous TOO. Murdering is .

  • Text book Narcissist. This has Sunset Boulevard written all over it. Such a disgusting sick mind, I've watched the documentary and was shocked. The thing that was most shocking to me was the fact that his mother maintaines that he was forced by an individual. I have empathy for the families, I do but it just seem's like she doesn't want to accept it. Of course the real sympathy goes to the victim's family. May they find peace. 🙏

  • Jeff the killer is REAL omg

  • I thought this will be a story of some guy who does stupid things for fame but this guy is straight up disgusting that deserves to be tortured the same way he did to those animals and Lin

  • lol I love ready to glare but why does she try to say every slightly foreign-sounding name with like a fake accent? haha I don't think that's needed on even real foreigners but she even read how this guy was just Canadian born. He's not even a foreigner, why do that silly fake accent every time you say his name? 😂 you wouldn't do that with an Asian person's name.

  • I finished watching it - it's pretty good.

  • I have always been aware of the 1 lunatic 1 icepick video but I didn't knew it was him omg

  • i remember watching the 1 lunatic 1 icepick video a few years back. i never saw the dog part but it was still brutal and extremely gory. i remember he was slicing his thighs open and sawing off his head

  • "with possibility of parole after 25 years" um wtf I hope he never sees the sunlight ever again.

  • Hell has a special place for this piece of shit. What a disgusting bastard. This guy is an absolute psycho path

  • Magnotta is an inspiration.... ....TO FUCKING NUTTERS!!!!!

  • Make your videos loooongerrrrr, so much detail missed in such a crazy story.

  • What should have been Lin Jun's way out of the closet turned into the end of his life

  • i remember watching the icepick video when i was really young, that fucked me up , i still remember the details. i just could not look away.

  • A guy murdered my aunt's cat, he choked the cat with a metal wire (he used pliers to make it the size of the cat's neck...) And then he drowned him. This happened almost a year algo, there's proof of the guy dragging the corpse to the entrance of the street where my aunt lives in.... He hasn't been charged yet.

  • It was really surreal watching this and the documentary. A friend of mine showed me the first kitten video when we were still in middle school and it traumatized me for years. The only good thing that came out of watching the documentary was finally having closure that such a sick person is in jail.

  • That wig is beautiful on you. But you're always beautiful regardless of what wig makeup combination you are wearing, or you're going natural.

  • I think a person like this wants to prove that they're above ordinary morality. That's not all their motivation, but I believe that is a large part of it. I haven't read Niezschie(sorry about the spelling), but I'm afraid that's what Niezchie's can lead to - a very vain person who just has to show the world they're better than everyone else. He might be a good subject for a horror film.

  • 5:43 I think I recall those videos. Weren't they on liveleak? I think he put those kittens that were in the vacuum cleaner bag in his fridge. Also, can't you get a Burmese python at a pet store? I knew some guy in high school that had donated his Albino Burmese to a zoo. Anyways, feeding a kitten to your snake like he did, cannot be good for the snake, right?

  • He kind of looks like chuck from the first season of gossip girl in those interviews

  • I would love to see a video covering Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo

  • I hadn't heard about this person before stumbling into this video (btw, new to the channel, great content). I clicked on it as Magnotta is a term used in some Italian regions as a way of saying cockroach and wanted to know more. Apparently he might not even be worthy of that comparison...

  • 1.) HES SO NASTY. HE KILLED A HUMAN! THATS INDESCRIBABLY HORRIFIC. 2.) As someone who raises and saves kittens; that just hits a special type of nerve for me, but guys, he killed a human. Let’s remember that. I hate him so much. I hate him.

  • The article you read included more details that the documentary did not cover. They never mentioned him changing his name, cannibalism, etc.

  • I want to cry. Those cats absolutely didnt deserve that nor did the people

  • Karla Holmolka was super evil can't believe you've never heard of her

  • I remember when this happened. I saw this on the fourth estate. He's not Italian he changed his name to seem more exotic

  • His parents must be so proud 🙄 Sick F**K!

  • Ready to Glare you got this one so wrong how easily all of you sheep will believe whatever you hear makes me sick Learn dumbasses

  • I actually saw the video of he made murdering his partner back in 2013 or 2013 it was horrible

  • The clip of him laughing is soooo creepy

  • That wig isnt it sis

  • I don’t like assuming people have things but he’s pretty narcissistic tbh

  • I could write a book about all the weird things that have happened in Canada that people (Here in Canada AND everywhere else) don't know about or think is at all consequential. If I were to write such a book I would have to set it in a different country for the reader to even believe it. Bruce McArthur, Paul Bernardo, Karla Homolka, Satanic murderer Saul Betesh (Google it), Clifford Olson...The list goes on.

  • It came out that him dating Carla was a lie. Just another way to give himself attention and an ego trip.

  • He does an interview from prison where his narcissism just oozes out of him, he has a grin the entire time they were dragging him out of the plane back into Canada.

  • I am at a loss for words at how cruel this guy is.

    • There’s videos of him raping the body, and cutting into it


  • I am so disgusted with our police for not taking the animal abuse seriously! If he'd been charged with animal abuse he could have spent time in jail, been on probation, and not be allowed to have anymore animals, which could have ended all of this! I hate the police here for being so heartless towards the poor kittens who were brutally killed! The Canadian police and RCMP failed big time with this situation and the Robert Pickton case... it makes me sick... I hope they feel immense guilt for all the lives they let be taken...

    • I’ve been saying this since I heard about this in 2015

  • I think the reason people are so freaked out about the kittens in particular is because it specifies that these were *kittens*. Not adult cats, specifically kittens. Animal abusers who fixate on baby animals tend to be pedophilic in nature, or at the very least, clearly would have no issue doing the same to a human child. So if he wasn't tracked down and caught during the Lin Jun murder case, he could possibly have escalated to killing and torturing children in another publicity stunt. Sadists escalate, especially when they want attention, so if you see one fixated on hurting animals and they aren't stopped, they'll likely seek out...Bigger targets, or more "precious" ones, as these sorts don't feed on just hurting their victims, but their victims' families, friends, neighbors, and anyone else unfortunate enough to learn what they did.

  • Everyone saying he should rot or should be executed because of the are you psychopaths lmao...he killed a fucking person ??? If he had just posted him killing a guy most of y'all wouldn't even give a shit?? You guys make me fucking sick. Of course it's cruel and awful to hurt animals especially the way he did...but??? Lin Jun died, he was a human being, a real person, you guys are fucking crazy.

  • Throw luka in the cage of the tiger, thats how he can fell to theirs victim

  • Bondage+ Craigs list = Bad idea.

  • As the owner of two cats I can barely listen to animal cruelty without wanting to cry. I hope this guy’s personal hell is having all this shit done to him for eternity.

  • Burmese pythons are pretty easy to come by. I had a pet Burm, and my best friend has one. They're great pets. I don't recommend feeding them cats though. Mine ate rabbits. My friend's eats frozen rats that he gets at the pet store and thaws out for the snake.

  • oh god, i bet we’re gonna have a bunch of fangirls all over him when the doc comes out 😐

  • I mean not to be one of those people who “values animals over humans” but animals especially KITTENS do absolutely nothing to deserve this shit and that’s why hurting something so innocent is such a tell that something is really wrong. Also watching this with my cat so I’m really REALLY disturbed. 😰

  • oh my... this piece of absolute shit will get his. He has to. Not on this earth, and not in prison but when his time comes ... he will suffer so greatly because there's a god. You see, pure evil exsists. Just look at this guy. And if something so vile and evil and cruel like him actually exsists then there has to be good, as well At least the internet has some unwritten rules, makes me glad to see that most people find this just as unbareable as I do, to see innocence killed off so violently right in front of us. This was so hard to watch, way more vomit-inducing than I thought it would be. Now I will cuddle my cat. Then play with her, give her some treats, cuddle her again and tell her exactly how cute and perfect she is to me.Which could take a while^^

  • The same with tattoos , 1-2 is ok, a bunch of it NO.

  • It's Luka, not Luke

  • His mother was also animal abuser(their pet rabbits) . She knew about his killing kittens. He browed the python from its owner.

  • Because he was not charged for killing two kittens and locked up for that crime, he kept killing and it took a human life to finally get him arrested.

  • truth faith by new order has never been the same after finding out about this

  • Wait wait wait wait. He wrote and sent a letter saying that *once you start killing you can’t stop* SO WHY IS PAROLE EVEN AN OPTION?

  • Very much off topic: that wig is giving me life rn. Amazing.

  • yall : *oh no the* *KITTENS* me: he *ATE* SOMEONE

    • seoul also wow you value your shitty life over that of an innocent kitten

    • now i know we hear sbout murder all the time but lets not forget the actual value of a human life. first of all he killed a PERSON and then CONSUMED their body parts 😐 sorry Mittens didnt make it but lets be honest ,if you died in your home your cat would only wait two days to start eating yo ass mkay?

    • Ethan Grant he ATE SOMEONE

    • seoul do you not care he fucking drowned kittens alive

  • 2 mins in me: “he’s gonna b a serial killer”

  • There is a special place ik n hell for people taking advantage of animals kids mentally handicapped and elderly what a piece of trash a waste of space

  • Bring back death penalty

  • Exactly!!! Nobody asks where dafuq he got a python or his money to just up and travel

  • his mother wrote a book about what it's like being a serial killer's mother. in short - she doesn't really seem to accept what he did and almost tries to justify his actions (without directly saying so).

  • People are giving him exactly what he wants, attention

  • In the video where the kitten was fed to a python. you see a second hand..