Lovely Peaches is at it again...

Publicado el 10 feb 2021
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  • glad that almost everyone has forgotten about her lol

  • I hope cora is ok. 💗

  • Hi. You look like my Aunt. She's only a few years older than me :>

  • Animal and child abusers are the worst pieces of shit EVER. I despise them. They deserve nothing but being locked in a jail and forgotten by society. If I witness animal or child abuse, I swear that I'll kick the abuser's ass until they beg for my pity. Oh my God I hate those disgusting people.

  • Too many people are barely fazed by prostitution and 'shouting out' one's sexually transmitted diseases these days. (I'm not talking about destigmatizing STDs in a mature way; I'm talking about releasing a track about 'itchin' and burnin'.) And too many people past kindergarten age are entertained by all things scatological, and think that flatulence is the funniest thing in the world. It's regrettably trendy to claim a 'hate' of babies among certain types of edgy teenagers. But I figured the line would be drawn at animal cruelty, seeing as studies show that many people who can watch a fictional homicide portrayal cannot bear to hear about any type of animal abuse. What a lowlife with pathetic 'stans'.

  • Where does she live? * grabs knife * i'm just asking..

  • The phrase "You need to be locked up for a very long time. You need the internet taken away from you. You are a danger to society." was originally written about lovely peaches

  • I’ve had perfume sprayed in my eyes. It’s extremely painful. Poor dog. 😖😖

  • they always start by torturing animals... then they move on to humans js

  • ♥️ Thank you for the time stamps! I just cannot handle animal cruelty.

  • The platforms she posts her garbage on are as responsible as she is. ESmain needs to ban her for life but obviously they only care about money.

  • The fuckkkk 😭😭

  • This is sick. Is she going to kill someone next and her """fans""" will still be there for her?

  • She's nuts

  • I hate her. I hate anybody who hurts animals for fun

  • Lovely peaches is anything but lovely

  • and she’s now posting videos out of jail... i cannot

  • i will never understand why ppl support her

  • I love this wig, bitch you stunning 🖤

  • I’m obsessed with that wig 😍😍😍 you look soooo good!

  • You look good in glasses. 😀

  • I can't wait till 2021 they said, It'll be great they said....

  • I love this video ❤️

  • how come she didnt get arrested when she sexually abused one of her puppies :/ im glad it happened now but i feel like this second incident of animal abuse couldve been prevented if more people took her seriously a few years back

  • Would you share where you got the glasses? 👀

  • This kind of people got Famous?

  • Cute hair!

  • I have never even heard of her.

  • Who else would watch the entire thing if Ready to Glare came out with videos that were an hour long, like a case study or documentary series? I seriously love their videos, they’re my favorite youtuber

  • I will not see the video bc I'm very triggered by animal abuse but I love you, see you in your next vídeo ❤️

  • Ok but where are these glasses form

  • I can't believe she did that to her poor dog I'm literally crying right now I hope that the dog is far away from her and I hope it will get an amazing home

  • It's wild to me that big social media platforms silence one person but not another. Why don't they take all her accounts from her? Shut them off. BAN. Animal abuse is scary enough, but saying you're prostituting a minor? Shut it off.

  • sexy librarian vibes we luv

  • This woman is just nasty in general. To people over the internet and irl.

  • Heyy Julia, I think I'll just get lost in the comments but I had a suggestion/was wondering if you'd consider something for your videos. See I love your content and my sibling has recently started getting into you too, but the thing is, they're blind. There are parts of your videos that go completely silent when text appears on screen, so they don't know what's going on. Would you consider using text-to-speech voiceover or linking the tweets/posts/articles in the description? Otherwise we love your stuff, when I have money to spare I swear I need to get some of your merch ❤❤


  • Animal cruelty definitely triggers fact, it makes me see red!! My daughter and I have several cats. We rescued them all from abusive and neglectful owners. It never ceases to break my heart when I see how many ways people can find to hurt and torture innocent, trusting animals. 🥺

  • Lovely peaches is nasty

  • Can you do destrey updates

  • People who abuse animals should get the chair idc if you disagree

  • Can we talk about how her fans told her to spray the dog in it’s eyes. They also told her to break the dogs legs. Peaches is fucked up but back then she was saying she did stuff that she didn’t actually do. Why who knows. Now she’s actually doing it. She needs to be locked up and some of her fans do too. Because she’s obviously doing anything and everything they tell her to do to keep their attention. They want to see her fail and they don’t think they’re going to go down with her. That’s exactly why some of them should be punished along side her.

  • There literally is not a lovely thing about that girl

  • Animal abuse makes me sick to my stomach. They’re innocent.

  • Got a feeling she's gonna become the next Luka Magnotta.

  • She's a beast

  • I developed a thought after looking into her whole history. Look into yourself and ask what is the possibility, she is being coerced to do these things and actions. I'm thinking a certain person or group is forcing her to do this to promote "illicit activities" Tl;DR someone is controlling her actions to pimp her out and advertise she is down for anything, abuse included She needs forced help if this is the case.

  • The irony of her name is insane. "Lovely peaches."

  • You're young and beautiful. Don't cover yourself up in makeup.

  • Can we just lock up her and her followers? If they think this is ok they should not have access to animals or children

  • in cases like this i strongly believe in an eye for an eye

  • How tf she's outta jail again she's a monster

  • i can’t deal with her

  • The only help she needs to banning from social media and to be easier arrested or put down like she did to her dog. But id rather pay the $1 for ammo that thousands to keep her alive in jail through taxes

  • Thank god this is not about the real Peaches.

  • Even though this lady is horrible, I don’t necessarily want to believe the thought that popped into my mind, but if this is how she is treating her dogs, where is the concern for how she’s treating her baby? Her fans need to stop bailing her out because they could literally be perpetuating child abuse AND animal abuse and defending it! What the hell?

  • I love you even more now that I know that you watch k dramas !!!! I didn't think that was possible 💜💜💜

  • these people who are the same people who believe in cancel culture, but since peaches or people like trisha paytas just don’t care people just roll with it. they’ll cancel people for very stupid things, but if peaches does something like this, it’s okay to them. 🙄

  • Absolutely no fucking way this woman is 19. Nope. Nope. No.

  • The fact that she has fans crazy enough to bail her out of jail is truly terrifying

  • Oh my god, I thought this was Hopeless Peaches at first and was like "what THE FUCK happened when I was gone?!"

  • I love a bit of dark humour. But she brings it into real life, she’s disgusting, hoping the perfume has been refilled with water, but the grabbing of the neck and kicking? So wrong.


  • She also ate out a female puppy on camera. As in, you know, mouth on genitals “eating out” 🤢 iirc it looked like a very young pit bull? I was searching about her animal abuse and someone had just... posted the video out there of her doing that for everyone to see! And let’s not mention the stuff she apparently did on camera with a German Shepard!!!!!! 🤮

  • Wait... she’s 19? I thought she was older. *shudder*

  • Am i the only filled with rage when seeing this stuff. Like how the hell in anyone's right mind can do this to a poor defenseless dog?

  • I'm shocked she has fans, but then so do serial killers. Guess there's someone for everyone.

  • Was her talking about trafficking her infant not enough to make her stans stop and lose any support? Clearly not

  • The people who bailed her... ever thought about using that money to donate to hospitals, schools, animal shelters, literally anything else? Idiots

  • I am a mother of 4 and I Feel he need to thank you for making it easy for me to show my kids your channel and to teach them how careful they need to be about what they watch online and who they communicate with , you know teens never listen when us "oldies" warn them about the dangers online . thank you and keep up the good work.

  • So proud of you. I’ve been a follower for a while now and I love to watch you grow, your passion shows.

  • Would you be able to cover the pro-ana forums that appear on Tic Tok? As a recovering anorexic myself, the dangers that these forums pose to teens, and especially young children who are the main demographic, on the app are concerning and it's sad to see that no one is discussing it.

  • Oh boy....not this chick....jesus here we go and this chick needs to be put away ASAP!!!

  • Maybe she was dropped on her head

  • How can people support her?! Eveyday I lose my faith in humanity a little more

  • Lmao ok and? She can do whatever she wants what are you ppl gonna do with putting her in jail. Clearly shes doing this for attention so shes not serious abt anything she says

  • if its about lovelyitches its obv gonna be really wild...

  • I tought I could handle it blurred, this triggered me... had to stop watching after the first vid. What kind of sick person does something like this?! disgusting

  • I genuinely remember back in 2016 her killing a puppy may have been 2017 it was when I was in college. That’s why I think she said” if I do it again “ this is how I Hurd about lovely peaches is for killing a dog and the abuse of her child and eating actual shit

  • why is she still here she should be getting help or something and the edgy kids supporting her? wtf

  • i love the glasses, they suit you so well

  • Correction: she barbitzed her dog. 💅 👄 ✨

  • Have you done a video on James (Jim) Saroka?


  • Wow, what a piece of work.

  • hey rtg ik you'll prob never see this but im going to ask anyway lol, you made a video a few years back about the genders on tumblr and while the ones in the video weren't real things, in the comments of that video you sided with ppl who were saying some pretty enbyphobic things and i was just wondering if you still felt that way about neopronouns and non passing nonbinary/trans ppl?

  • Haven’t even watched the vid just saw the title and was like HOW IS SHE BACK

  • Where there is smoke, there is fire....lovely peaches has an audience that loves this disgusting chit, she gets mixed reviews. Thank gosh people are reporting her!!

  • If people stop giving her attention she will go away. She’s doing all this for attention. Please stop giving her the attention she craves.

  • Her “stans” need to be held accountable too.

  • How she has a platform still just shows me how far we’ve fallen as a society

  • So you’re doing her but not the girl who did that to his 3 year old brother?

  • I'm surprised we haven't seen serial/spree killers getting paid to kill in live streams yet. You know it's coming...

  • This poor dog 🥺

  • You need to look into a girl Named gabby watson She was on dr.Phil for stealing pregnancies and scamming adopting parents. She made a whole fake account of mine and two lovely humans wanting to be moms where fooled assuming I was going to give her my child, she has about 20 fake Instagram ( 1 of them is one of mine ) but 19 others are almost all faked pregnancies It’s something that has to be covered in my opinion it’s sick and wrong

  • I hope they don't let her own another animal. I shouldn't have to say this but there is nothing funny, or edgy about abusing animals

  • What the actual hell. My birthday was the 28. And I love animals so much, how cruel. How do people do this. Like what the heck, why does she think it’s cool. It’s not, what did the dog do to her!?!? 😑😑😑

  • No sympathy for animal abusers. Not even a chance. The first round of BS was enough to make her punchable, now this?

  • Ur so close to the mid-roll add bbg just film a couple more mins:(