Lori Vallow's lawyers withdrew

Publicado el 27 mar 2020
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  • Here after 5 months.

  • Ok as an ex-mormon (latter day saints). What Lori was talking about wasn't her being the second coming of jesus more likely herself as elevated to God. Mormon heaven gets weird, being the top tier is essentially elevation to Godhood, and then inheriting your own earth to caretake. I'm in Eastern Washington, my contacts in the church do not want to acknowledge at all that many of the ideas we hear, do come from their teachings, especially the "secret" shit you learn in the temple.

  • Check out her sister that died suddenly. She’s the mother of lori’s niece.

  • “...or a grey slug” (zombie reference) BRO THATS FROM ANIMORPHS (book series) EVEN HER INSANITY ISNT ORIGINAL

  • Hey! i love your vids! Just wanted to say the kids were found. Sadly they were found dead.

  • Maybe Alex killed himself he couldn’t handle killing his daughter and her step brother I read in a post What if Tylee wasn’t joe ryan’s she is Alex’s daughter and they used Tylee paternity as a way to manipulate him for his life insurance I mean she does look like alex and the psychic first says Alex and Lori chopped up his daughter and she also seen a baby fall into hay just what if that’s why she was disemboweled was she pregnant hence family incest suspicions no disrespect to Tylee and terrible to think yet possible in this case justice for Tylee and J.J.

  • oh no. i do have a fear of real existing parasasites that can get into insects and manipulate them. but its a far fetched one. she didnt even ride on that one, she went straight to demonic posesion basically :/

  • Are you really going to sit there and tell me Recons are good like did you really try them cuz I've heard they're bad and I've seen so many things saying they're bad have you tried other brands do you have a baseline for knowing they're good

  • Lemme guess, they killed their children because they thought they turned into zombies.

  • Ik Im waaay late on this but Im a memeber of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (aka Mormons) and these beleifs about "dark beings" and "zombies" is no where NEAR what we beleive. This is the frist time Ive heard anything like this. This is insane and dilusional, and I just dont want people beleiving that this is what Mormons beleive, because this is no where close to our actual beleifs.

    • Ur in a cult dumbass wake up and look at telltale reacting to the mormons South Park episode

  • Might have enjoyed tuning into your videos if not for your foul language!

  • mormonism is a hell of a drug

  • Update video?

  • SHE LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE ROB ZOMBIE'S WIFE/BABY FROM HELLS REJECTS! Or is it just me? Ok. BTW I absolutely adore this hair on you, looks gorgeous 💎

  • Oh silly little husband. Ex wife is right to be terrified. Melanie is a "victim" in all this and I'm sure Ian's accidental death would just tear her up and make her more the victim. Sad and likely very true.

  • Since she didn’t like the woodcocks she should have gave them the Demon JJ and Tylee was 17 she could have gotten a job and a apartment so really none of the kids had to die.

  • Of course she killed her kids. But when lawyers withdraw it's usually because of money.

  • This reminds me of a author that got writers block and just started killing off characters for the fun of it.

  • update FBI found the kids dead bodies in Chad daybells yard

  • It makes my heart ache when i think what the poor kids would have gone through :( it makes me very sad and tear up.

  • Can we get another update video on this story!

  • They found the bodies of both children yesterday. We all suspected the worst, but hoped for the best. It is soo senseless these poor kids had to die. Cause of death has not been identified.

  • The remains of the children were finally found

  • Her kids were found dead 17 hours ago. R. I. P.

  • Her older son said that his mother was a wonderful, loving person before this. Then she suddenly gets delusional religious beliefs, has a bizarre personality change, and is performing actions recklessly without caring about how they look. Some people are just bad people, but I'm wondering...brain tumor?

  • They found the children’s bodies :( they were buried on the step-dad’s propert

  • I thought you did a more recent video but THEY FOUND THE KIDS 😭😭😭

  • Update: Both Tylee and JJ’s bodies were found on Chad Daybell’s property. He’s been taken into custody with bail at 1 million.

  • They just found 2 bodies of children in the husbands yard.

  • Now they maybe found them 😭😭😭

  • Update: the kids remains were found in Idaho 😞

  • This sounds like some changeling bullshit

  • Christian here. Can confirm she's nuts. The closest equivalent to her "zombies" would be a demon-possessed person, in which case the person would still be in their body, therefore killing would be murder.

  • Wait, a rear car seat like taken from a car? Or like a children's? If it was like a CAR SEAT couldn't the bodies have been sewn up inside???

  • This is so disturbing because I live near Rexburg. And it breaks my heart to think that these horrible people murdered these innocent children. Please keep us updated!

  • If they thought the children were 'zombies' and they were somehow freeing them by releasing them from their physical bodies/vessels. The police won't get anywhere asking where the kids are because they believe their kids are now free or in heaven or wherever. The police need to ask where the physical bodies/vessels are, right?

  • She will find a way to blame everything on “God told me to”

  • yikes oct. 2 is my birthday

  • What a dumb bich

  • It's obvious she killed them, any parent who's kids are missing they would be at the police station that day. We all know that and see right through it. Hopefully we are wrong and they are alive somewhere.

  • The amazon account alone could be overlooked... but added with the rest not so much.

  • Love Your fucking wig!! You rock All of them 💪 your kick ass intelligent! Love hearing your thoughts! Keep up your hard. Work! I hope to become a patreon soon! You deserve the financial support 💕😘

  • The slug thing is a real case though currently it's only zombie ants

  • holy smoke. I can't believe all this. Keeps getting more and more bizerker... not bizarre

  • guessing there is a conflict of interest. lawyers were representing both her and chad. they cannot give either one of them their best defense, if they are serving two masters. just a guess

  • blue hair looks good on you.. especially braided hair :)

  • If my child were missing, I would turn the world upside down and would not stop turning every stone until I have my child with me again. There would be nothing else I would think of and nothing else I would talk about until I have my child with me again. Just the thought that something bad could happen to my child breaks my heart.

  • If they are found guilty to have organised the killings... Would they be serial killers, I mean its now more than three.

  • Article: beliefs sound like something out of a dungeons and dragons book. Dnd fans: *in jontron voice* aw boy here we go.

  • The puzzle is falling into place.... and, in the end, all pieces will fit perfectly. This woman has chased others to do things for her all her life. She is going down.

  • I knew I could count on this channel to break down this insane case!

  • Why would she order a ring for their wedding if he couldn't even legally get married yet? Why do all this while her kids are missing? It all seems too fishy for her to be innocent.

  • I read about certain shizophrenics thinking that their loved ones have been replaced by identical doppelgangers. If I remember correctly it's a form of paranoid schizophrenia.

  • WOAH!!!! Hold up. The insane beliefs from that email or whatever it was are NOT what members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believe. I’ve been in the temple and nothing like that is taught in there. We don’t believe in zombies, we don’t believe in the 50 dark people with Caine. That crap is insane. They must be members of some break off cult not associated with the official church.

  • This feels just like the psychosis where people believe their loved ones are replaced by copies - invasion of the body snatchersesque - just intermingled with religious ideology.

  • Is it just me or does it sounds like she's about to cry Around 15:00? Maybe not cry, just letting the case get to her? I'm unsure.

  • what was wrong with ian to not make him wanna run away from these people as fast as he can?

  • Literally waiting on you to give us an update on this case instead of looking it up myself. This shit is messed up.

  • Yeet seat for them all! Sorry I stole this from someone else but I laughed so hard I can't stop.

  • Have you looked into the later day saints? This isn’t exactly new practices of cult like leadership and death surrounding the ‘religion’

  • There's a facebook page titled "release lori vallow" with a bunch of posts in her defense and it's gross

  • I need a good miniseries about this case

  • I've read Agatha Christie novels that had a less dramatic plot.

  • I hope they find the kids, and I want them to be brought to justice for the awful things they've done and hurt they've caused. I'm especially invested in this case because I lived in Rexburg for a few years where this is going down, and because I'm an active affiliate to the following: 1. I'm a normal member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and ALL that stuff sounds just as weird to the layman as it does to any other upright member. I should know, I am one. These people are about as fringe as you can get, and have left the beliefs and teachings of the church in all but semantics. We don't believe in zombies or that traumatized people are possessed by slugs or worms. 2. As a dnd player, it legit sounds like they ripped that crap from a campaign summary. Please don't discriminate against any fellow dnd players, their practices have nothing to do with peoples decisions to commit crime. I cannot confirm or deny I'm going to add zombie slugs in this weeks campaign. If you want to vet the beliefs of dnd players everywhere, try it for yourself in the link below www.polygon.com/2018/5/26/17153274/dnd-how-to-play-dungeons-dragons-5e-guide-spells-dice-character-sheets-dm If you want to know what we're about, check out the church's website. www.churchofjesuschrist.org/?lang=eng please be kind lol

  • "People are out and about" I miss those words

  • I think she’s pulling the godly stuff out of her butt so people think she’s crazy because if your mentally ill you get special treatment an$ she just killed her kids cuz she’s crazy

  • A new article came out a couple days and it looks like you were right! She thought of her children as zombies

  • WATCH BAILEY SARIAN’S RUNDOWN OF THIS CASE. There are so many deaths involved. More than what you talked about here.

  • She's not mentally ill. She's completely functional human being and knows exactly what she's doing. Lori Vallow is dangerous and narcissistic person and she should never be let out of prison.

  • I think she absolutely killed the children. The timing is just too coincidental. The part with the zombies sticks out to me because looking into it I found it to be something they took out of voodoo historical elements, spiritual healers and yes.... dungeons and dragons. There has to be a way to make her and the new husband crack. I can't think of any plausible reason she'd keep them alive if her belief was that they were somehow zombified and the only remedy was to save their souls by murdering them.

  • she changes hair more than i change my socks

  • I was baptized Mormon and I’ve been through the temple several times I wasn’t taught any of that bullshit

  • My birthday is Oct 2...

  • These people beggar belief. Of course the kids are dead. The ugly-ass, narcissistic bitch "mother" created a sickening rationalization for her murderous efforts when life with two children became either too boring or simply too much for her to handle. Her wedding ring cost $35.00 by the way--about the same as she paid for her dress. This is one classy broad.

  • I think shes just trying to look insane so when they find her children she can try to get a lighter sentence

  • that blonde wig is AMAZING on you

  • Loving the hair style

  • I know they mentioned D&D but is anyone else getting Outlast vibes from their "religious beliefs"?

  • Ok where is the womens group protesting this Monster Woman and demanding her reveal where her kids are?

  • Sounds like a Netflix limited series

  • For her believing in zombies prison is going to be the best place for her

  • so were are dealing with a deluded fusion of christainty fantasy relgions and satanists tactics this really does seam like something out of dnd like something a group of aventures would find wandering into a small isolated town who seeming follow a light faiths but use evil brutal ways of worship only to discover the divine being the town worshiped was just a demon masquerading as something divine

  • Either Lori or Chad Daybell murdered those children or they put those children in a compound where all the cult members are staying.

  • This bitch has to be guilty.

  • Chelsea Handler...is that you?

  • Ya girl looks like Chelsea Handler.

  • using religion to excuse murder is weird. this bitch is really fucked up, they need to jail her, and maybe the chad dude too bc he is still alive.

  • I’m waiting for an update on this case omg like she’s already in jail why can’t she say something?

  • Awesome video

  • Creepier yet, what does someone do to kill a zombie.....

  • she's ovviously psychotic paranoid schizo

  • Yes she did along with her brother Alex and the help of Chad.

  • That bitch is crazy AF. Of course she killed those kids. Too many people dead. She’s the Hilary Clinton of Idaho.

  • If they murdered this many over a religion. How many have the followers killed?

  • i *hope* the kids are just in some remote cult. Waiting to be found.

  • I have ZERO DOUBT in my mind Lori Vallow doesn't know what happened to the kids. Whether she killed them herself or had someone else do it, she allowed it to happen

  • I’m pretty invested in the case. I wonder if she took them to Yellowstone because of the 50 mile “legal” zone..?

  • if they let her out of prison today I would be able to tell you what happened to her children tomorrow that's a promise.

  • I thought killing the main vampire means sequel?

  • these braids are cute as shit