Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell phone call recording

Publicado el 2 sep 2020
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  • Now for my thoughts. Chad is trying not to implicate himself, so trying not to say anything that would prove he was involved. Lori seems to just be worried about him, with blatant disregard for her kids. Chad seems regretful, but Lori doesn't. My reasoning behind it is Chad has to think more about what he says, whereas Lori doesn't really need to. She doesn't really pause as much as Chad does, and this may mean that chad is more aware of the situation.

  • I'm going to write down what I hear at the unintelligible moments. "They're searching, there's a search warrant and so [they'll be leaving] with the kids" "[I love you I don't know-]" "Well..[ I don't know what]" "I'm [good] pretty calm-"

  • I don’t think he sounds under the influence at all , I think he sounds self conscious about the things he’s saying . I think he’s scared to say the wrong thing knowing it can incriminate Lori and himself . Lori sounds more concerned with Chads well-being rather than the situation she is currently in . Chad sounds scared and hesitant . But I do believe chad has the power in the relationship only because the way Lori was asking him what she should do and that if she should pray . She asked for his permission to do something 3 different times . And he was getting annoyed with her when it came to her not calling their attorney . He had a very stern “do it now “ voice . But that’s just my opinions .

  • We want a more in depth video about this especially why she thought she was the second coming.

  • Ok this is extremely off topic but your hair is literal goals right now. Great content as always!!

  • See Lori sounded like a kindergarten teacher to me, which makes me think she is in control

  • Without you and spill I would still be trying to figure out why Tati got mad at James

  • "What can I do for you" was probably something she did to convince him to do stuff for her

  • I felt like that’s a mother talking to her son...maybe that’s how their relationship was built, Lori is the dominating one.

  • This is such an odd dynamic, like you said. Who instigated the murders? Who is the "mastermind"? I've noticed it too what you were saying about her acting like a child where it concerns Chad Daybell. Makes me wonder if this is a cunning ploy on her part to make him seem like he's the one pulling the strings by playing the wilting flower or what.

  • Even worst honestly I think Chad and Lori are symbiotic with their beliefs and actions, they sound like that bounce a lot of this shit off of eachother and feed into their psychopathy

  • those poor kids...

  • By the tone of her voice it makes me wonder if she knew they were there though

  • No I felt the same way about her voice. It's like when a wife is trying to get her husband to let her do stuff or to feel sympathy for her at the time? Does that make sense

  • This was definitely a “this is the end” call to me. And I’d love to see you talk about the posts!

  • They legit are laughing mid conversation even though they've been found out just proves that they aren't guilty at all. What horrible freaking people..

  • Sounds like this couple is use to murder.

  • I don't think there's anything to make of the conversation other than 2 people realizing they didn't get away with murder.

  • Didn't he say something like he'd answer her call again "if he could?" It sounded to me like he expected to be in the slammer, too, like he fully expected them to find the children's bodies. Ugh.

  • Lori's kids they didn't Know Chad daybelle hardley

  • Yeah man, that voice was part of the act. She is the top dog there, for sure.

  • “Idk if I can answer, but u can try.” Sounds like dude knows he’s running

  • Guilia, pleaseee make another video diving deeper into Chad’s blog, his posts and all the weird esoteric shit these two creeps were into. I think this whole case is insane and any videos on it would be super interesting and highly appreciated. 💖

  • What's more unbelievable is that they found the remains of the children yet she still has the nerve to plead not guilty. um excuse me???

  • The phone calls seem make it seem like they’re panicking, and maybe trying to cover their bases.

  • The fact that Lori giggled when she asked Chad if he wanted her to pray (and he didn't say yes) seems to show that they -or at least Lori- aren't actually deluded and are instead just psychopathic. Always thought the delusional "zombie" stuff was just a ruse to try and get away with whatever they wanted anyway.

  • off subject but can you please do a wig video? your wigs look so thick and pretty

  • Before your video starts I have to say... I love your top. Could you share where did you buy it?

  • What I'm not understanding is how are two people talking in jail together because in New York when you're in jail you cannot call another jail when you're in prison you need money and an approved phone list I don't understand it's all set up as my husband unfortunately has been time and he's saying that they're allowing them to speak because they want to hear what they have to say I believe everything they say is cold and should be looked into I do these people come from religion that a lot of stuff is metaphors so I'll just leave that here

  • Well...Chad, im Sure, was worried and scared Shitless...he Knew they were gonna find the kids' bodies. But he couldn't come out and Tell Lori how serious the situation was bc the calls are recorded. He needed to tell her in a way that she would understand. "Theyre searching...out in the property" and "call Mark to talk to him"... Its very telling Chad said 'In' the property and not ON the property. He was trying to tell lori they were fixin to start DIGGING IN the yard. But also He didnt call HER.she just so happened to call Him as this was going down.(maybe she had a Vision..lol)

  • haha thats idaho for you. I live here and this stuff was nutz

  • This sounds like two teenage lovers who are in trouble, in agony over not being to see each other, you can hear the scared longing on their voices. Unfortunately they never showed this same kind of love for the two innocent children they murdered. It’s disgusting.

  • Yes please do a deeper dive!

  • He sounded really out of it and I agree with you on how she sounds. What came to my mind is that these two idiots have realized that their fantasy would bubble has been popped.

  • Wow 6 ads within 6 minutes. Boo 👎

  • Her voice is so high, it reminds me of Jodi arias’ voice. Always a bit creepy to me

  • We’re they using potatoes to call each other 😣😣

  • Please check out what’s going on with 9 year old Sophie Long!!! It needs more coverage!!

  • "I'm (unintelligible) pretty calm". Pretty sure he said "feeling" where they said it's unintelligible.

  • He sounds like someone who knows they are busted and doesn't really want to talk bc he knows they are being recorded.. she is trying desperately to sound like nothing is wrong and everything is going to be ok soon..

  • He was the mastermind- but she was a manipulative lunatic as well, but she was definitely under his beliefs!!! The two deserve each other! Legit evil

  • No he was being watched by detective Hermosillo, and was shitting his pants

  • I LOL'd so hard when you mentioned her voice sounds "Squeaky" like a teen getting caught. I was literally thinking the same thing! They both sound like a couple of 13 year olds who had got busted after sneaking out all night and they're calling each other to come up with their cover stories 😂🤣 Both of their voices sound childish, like two 12 year olds who got busted.

  • For some reason, every time its a case where the parent(s) killed their kid(s), they follow this formula: 1. Kill Kids 2. Hide Bodies 3. *_Fucking call the police and say they're missing._* 4. Try to run off to another state or sumn 5. Fail horribly. When they could just follow this one: 1. Don't kill the kids. 2.Give children up for adoption. 3. Go live another life.

  • Look, i love you! but care/of is dangerous! you cant determine what vitamins you need with a silly online test! get a blood test before any vitamins

  • Really? Way to many ads.

  • 6:40 imo it sounds like he's mumbling himself cuz he knew the call was being recorded

  • I'm so happy that the children were found. I thought a lot about if they ever would find them, now that they have and it's so painful. 😔

  • Yes go more in depth please! ❤

  • Please go deeeper

  • Sounded really down n out unlike how they were acting when they was running the cross the country having a blast thinking they got away with murder.

  • More in depth on Chad's blog and books would be a really good video imo

  • He's depressed cause he got caught😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • i needed new supps and am always down to support my favorite creator, ilyyyyy

  • I find it funny that I’m chock full of vitamin deficiencies and yet TakeCareOf.com said that I’m all good and I don’t need vitamins 😂

  • I think Chad didn't want to say much on the phone for several reasons. #1 it was being recorded. #2 police were there searching the property at the time. He was most likely suspicious of why she was calling at that same time. And when she asks if she can call him later, he was preparing to be arrested because he knew what they were going to find. And she's playing stupid for a reason too and he knows she's acting "innocent and sweet" too. It's all manipulation and they both deserve to rot in jail.

  • Imagine how insane it would be if it turned out Lori Daybell really was the second coming of Christ and we all just don’t believe it LOL

  • Damn... Laurie’s voice sounded like Poppy...

  • I could be overthinking it, but it seems like a pretty damning call. He sounded really defeated like he knew they were gonna find the kids bodies, and she asked if she should PRAY (I assume praying they didn't find them). That's not how innocent people talk, and it's so upsetting to listen to because you can HEAR how guilty they are

  • Go more in depth

  • Chad and she knew he was busted and he took off he ran away but they stopped him. They do sound messed up

  • They should not have any contact. They are guilty and everyone knows it. The kids have been deceased for a long time.

  • What a weird couple, to say the least

  • That phone call was very much a sombre "we are screwed" they knew the police would find the kids. Rot in hell to both of them.

  • I think Chad sounded tired and Lori sounded guilty and nervous.

  • She’s trying her best to be sweet because she’s scared he’s gonna turn on her, take some sort of plea deal and pin everything on her. This man wouldn’t have done any of the horrific things if it wasn’t for her! She is truly evil.

  • Yeah Chad just sounds sad he got caught and knows he is going to jail

  • To me i feel like both of their voices it sounds like they've come to the realization that "the jug is up" if you will. That they know the bodies were gonna be found

  • I would be surprised if they end up making it to trial. With all the doomsday stuff, they seem like the types to end it in prison before they ever have to admit what they did.

  • God your tatts are so dope

  • The second recording was prior to Lori’s arrest.

  • The squeaky voice reminds me of two things, the vocal strain of being caught with something serious. And a teenage girl talking to her boyfriend.

  • He sounded monitored and scared because he realized they got caught Lori has fallen in to a schema as well as is scared and also” muted “ in some sense

  • Lori sounds like Michelle Duggar just less southern

  • Regarding the "power dynamic": life isn't BDSM lol, there doesn't always have to be someone who's more "in control." Relationships can be equal.

  • He is watching and you can hear his heart sinking when he realizes he is fucked and god didn’t tell him anything.

  • CD says "Goodnight" at the end of the conversation, not "Goodbye".

  • He sounded to me like, he knows what they're about to find on the property. Like he knows they're busted & he's about to go to fkn prison, for a long time.

  • yesss deep dive into the "second coming of christ" bit. so horrific.

  • c p s is child abusers , they hurt so many childern , and the police helps them .

  • Ok I just kind of got happy lol my birth initials are LV and you have a big ol heart on your arm with LV in it. I know it has absolutely nothing to do with me, but it made me smile.

    • It could also be the Roman numeral for 55

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    • Hair growth is genetic and no amount of vitamins or other nonsense will make your hair grow faster, thicker or stronger than your genetic threshold. If you’re not getting complete nutrition you may notice some change in your hair when you supplement with multivitamins, but you won’t sprout new hair. Also body hair is controlled by hormones, and grows in different paces.

  • Thank you

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  • Total "OH SHIT" conversation!!

  • Do the blog thing 👍🏻

  • Do a standforsophie

  • He is definitley on some form of anti depressant ......his speech is slurred and his speech is slow

  • The phone call between Lori an Chad right before they found the children's remains actually provides proof they both new where the children where which is NOW the conspiracy! That links Chad an Lori both to the whereabouts of both children! Now that links Alex to that location where the remains where found! Which means Lori Chad and Alex all three where in a conspiracy and or agreement to hide the remains of the children at the dead conviction which means if the children are dead that links Alex Lori and Chad! Connect the dots , the state provided the proof of this in court with a conviction the murder charges will come down immediately and they got them both on murder. Two murders to different dates two different charges. The state already said they will be charging Lori for Charles murder. An tammy will follow that. Remember the attempted murder in Brandon! Let's talk about that issue, the jeep was given to Tylee by Charles! Tylee was already dead! The jeep is in evidence because it was used is a crime! An Alex phone links Alex there! O Melanie p is going to go down. Unfortunately Chad claimed to see the future? Unfortunately he never seen anything that is happening at any time not even the arrest of Lori! His arrest! Or even the charges that are still coming. They are absolutely delusional tell ways to lie so is Melanie pawlowski Somerset wood Janice Cox she said she talked to somebody on the phone and JJ was already dead so just that phone call reach heaven play Technologies kitten good I may call my grandparents

  • Ive been intensely keeping up with this case. I seen a news case where they said Chad Daybell was sitting across the street in his car at his daughters house watching them search the property the whole time, which is why he was able to try to drive away when they found the remains. I think that he sounds distracted by the search/knowing he was going to jail bc they both know the kids were gonna be dug up. I feel like once he told her that’s what was going on they both knew what was gonna happen but couldn’t speak on the jail call about it which was why it was so dry. It was like a dull mask for to hide what they really know bc they know now they’re going to have to defend their actions in court now. It was a life changing and eye opening moment for the two in the sense that their plan was essentially foiled. I think they think they’re like gods among us simple folk and finally got to find each other again in this lifetime to rule the world. Hopefully they get charged but I have a huge feeling they’re going to try to place the blame on her dead brother, Alex Cox.

  • Can you talk about the Stand With Sophie stuff?

  • have you seen the last news about lovely peaches.................. awful (the channel "Spill" made a video about it if you want to look into it)

  • The police should be held responsible for ignoring families concerns for MONTHS and doing NOTHING to find those kids

  • Lori herself sounds off as well. Even in her normal speech she doesn’t sound right. I think she should be in the system forever but she doesn’t sound like she’s all there.

  • Kinda sounds like he's dosed on seroquel... reminds me a LOT of how my clients sounded while they were involuntarily committed for an extended period of time.

  • Lori's high pitched voice reminds me of when Karla Homolka was trying to play the victim for the police

  • They both obviously knew where the children were. The police had already executed a search warrant of Chad’s house back in January, but at that time there was snow and the ground was frozen. So when she asked if they were searching the house (which she knew they had already searched, plus the children were not _in_ the house,) and he answered that "no, they’re searching the property," that was him pretty much saying, yeah they’re about to dig up the kids, without actually coming out and saying it. In the recorded call with their friend Melanie Gibb, she (Melanie) refers to JJ as "missing" and Lori quickly corrects her stating that he is _not_ missing and that she knew "exactly where he [was]" And just in case she wants to try to blame her brother Alex (who, as we all know is now dead too,) she also says in the call with Melanie that she "didn’t even want Alex to know where he is." So that excuse is out the window. I go back and forth on who I believe had the "power" in the relationship. But what I _do know_ is that they are both equally culpable for those two children’s murders. According to people in their circle, the whole thing was about "zombies" (basically possession) and when someone became a so called zombie their "real" soul couldn’t get to heaven, or progress or whatever they think happens when someone dies, until the physical body that’s been taken over by a "dark" spirit dies. So in essence, they’re doing these people a favor by releasing their spirit. 🙄 These "zombie" ideas came _directly_ from Chad. There are witnesses that say this doctrine came straight from him and his "visions" and "communications with people on the other side." Lori was heard saying both of her children were "zombies" (though at different times.) And it has been surmised by those of us who have read the arrest affidavit and watched the preliminary hearing that Alex is the one who physically carried out the murders. So here’s how they are _all_ equally culpable (in my mind at least.) The physical murders probably wouldn’t have happened if Alex wasn’t in the equation. But why did Alex murder his niece and nephew? He didn’t just get up one day (on two separate occasions, two weeks apart) and decide, hey I feel like murdering my niece/nephew today. No, he had been convinced that the children were "zombies" (and there are people who say that he _did_ believe in zombies "100%” and that he was a "man of great faith and no task would be too difficult for him.") So, _who_ convinced Alex these children were "zombies?" Lori (and possibly Chad.) And where did Lori get this idea? From Chad. So in my head, they all are at fault, no matter if they actually physically murdered these children or not. The blood of those kids are on all 3 of their hands. I hope both Lori and Chad will face more charges than "conspiracy to conceal evidence" soon. They _need to be_ held accountable for taking the lives of Tylee and JJ.

  • I read his name somewhere connected to the Kiplyn Davis case. He seemed to have lived in the tame area when she disappeared and people think that he helped in disposing of her body...

  • I just really hope that the kids didn't know what was coming. Like they did it in their sleep or something. Thinking about them being terrified haunts me.

  • Omg don’t say Zombie!