LIVINCOOL… WTF?? + Unboxing Clutch Nails Collab

Publicado el 8 feb 2021
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  • Any colour Giulia wears her hair suits her I have know Idea how she does it the woman never looks bad!! Proof there is beauty and brains in this world! I would never consider being a patreon to any other ESmainr but once I found Ready to Glare I loved the content and how Giulia presents the content I really wanted to do something to make sure she could keep producing such great and enjoyable content, she even emailed me back once when I sent her an idea for a video was really cool considering how busy she is! 😀plus she majored in English like me!

  • In the light of eternity does any of this matter.? Get a Bible.

  • Nails by ready to glare?😳 IM ON IT! 🏃‍♀️💨

  • GC I’m sooooo happy for you on your collab! I’m totally going to get it bc #support (of course!!!). Much love my friend 🖤💚

  • Just bought two sets of your clutch nails!!!! So excited 😁

  • Just placed my Clutch order! So excited to try them. Beautiful designs, I love your style.

  • oh cool expose AND your cool-ass nails, HERE FOR THIS. (tax preparer, my crew does not give a fuck what color mine are and i hope you still have some green for $$$$.)

  • I've never met a normal male photographer lol. They are all creepy as fuck.

  • Just curious does she keep dyeing her hair or are they wigs?

  • you missed a chance to call it "I'm Mint-ally here" lol first thing i thought when i saw the mint nails

  • Hi, as a model in New York, nobody takes Diet Prada seriously; please stop pushing and endorsing gross, uneducated fast-track clout groups. They get enough attn. Can't believe you've sent people there.

  • honestly you'd have to completely rebuild the fashion industry to get rid of these men

  • Wasn't it Glare that complained about PR packs having way to much waste? How is her own not hella wasteful? XD

  • as a student photographer who does shoot some nude photos, this really makes my stomach turn. my main goal is always for my subjects to be in their comfort zone, and i can’t image feeling like i’m entitled to push them into a state of discomfort and distress. this is so incredibly disgraceful

  • I don’t really wear acrylics (my actual nails are almost as long as some acrylics and I don’t like the feeling of them) but those “mentally I’m here” nails look absolutely stunning.

  • I am so happy and proud of you omg🖤💚

  • Congrats on the nails queen!!! 🥰😘


  • Been a fan for a long time im so proud of you

  • I just put in an order last night for nails and I got one of yours, super excited! 🖤

  • coolest youtuber product plug I've seen

  • Pedophiles and wierdos run the world and because money buys you anything (even different justice) noone ever gets in trouble...they just pay people off and it goes away. The governments of the world deal in human trafficking so until we can tackle that all of this will continue to be perpetuated.

  • My nephew did almost this exact thing. A few years ago he was working as an amateur photographer, we were all really proud of him and glad he finally found something he enjoyed doing. Me and my sister even went to get our picture taken by him for free. Then, seemingly out of the blue, he got arrested and sent to prison. Turns out a total of TEN young women came forward and exposed him for assaulting them sexualy while they were getting their pictures takwn. He was in prison for only two years and six months. He is a disgusting man and it makes me sick that we got our pictures taken by this monster. This tore my family apart and I will never forget about it. The man left the country after he got put of prison.

  • I like it before the video starts 😂

  • Sadly models are continuously being abused, either physically or verbally. Chastised about losing weight, or taken advantage of like these poor girls were. It's appalling. It's time there was a "me too", exposing the modelling world. I think it would be eye-opening, to say the least! It needs to be stopped.

  • Your nail collection is so cute I can't wait to buy a set !!!

  • So still no onlyfans?

  • Can you cover the recent allegations against Marilyn Manson? I swear there’s a lot to talk about this issue and how it never was pointed before

  • I'm not interested in the nails for me personally but they look really cool and I'll spread the word for you. Also sorry if I'm late to your videos. You cover dark subjects and a lot of the time i have to mentally prepare myself

  • I've been a fan of Clutch nails sine quarantine started last march. I just ordered your collection and I'm SO stoked. It's literally my aesthetic.

  • I hopefully can get your nails when I get paid they’re so cute

  • I Love Your Nails

  • Bitch saw these on insta love the longer lengths wish I could support you with a purchase and because that's not an option I will lile, comment, and share the posts made promoting your collaboration. Simplemente te adoro G... You're awesome hope they sell out and you restock and continue designing as s I feel like your artistry is beautiful.

  • Congratulations on the collab! It makes me happy to see how far your channel has come since I first started watching. Keep up the good work!

  • I am so happy for you and your nail brand!! You are an awesome human and deserve so much success!! Perfect collaboration for you and hope to see you continue to grow your brand!!

  • As a French Canadian I was so impressed at the way that she pronounced Agent Provocateur 😭✨

  • I used to work at the Mario Testino museum in my country andwhenever I asked about the allegations, no one would answer that or just say it was rumors, it´s disgusting how money and power literally buy your way out of drama

  • There are alot of predatory photographers. Unfortunately most get away with it

  • Oh please. Enough with the pretentious pronunciations. It's gross

    • She pronounced a word right, why are you so mad about it?

  • the way you say lingerie and agent provocateur, music to my ears

  • This must be about photographer #100 that's been outed as a predator at this point? It's exasperating!!!!!!!!

  • Jessica Kobeissi has a great video on the topic of model exploitation that might help some aspiring young models. It's a few years old but still good and always relevant, called The Dark Side Of Modeling

  • I KNOW this has NOTHING to do with the topic ... but GIRL! I think you are absolutely beautiful ♡

  • i love your videos but i have a non related topic, where do you get your lashes from they are so pretty

  • your nails might be the first press on nails i ever buy or wear!!

  • No hate to photographers...but why is it always photographers? 😅

  • Ok so how you say lingerie.... I love that

  • I was a fan of Richardson, I loved his work. Since things came out I can't watch pictures from him without a gag reflex...

  • Will you be discussing Marilyn Manson?

  • Why are you always bitching about men

  • People like him, just destroy art.

  • Her pronunciation of words that aren't English is so elegant, I feel like royalty.

  • I want these nails so damn bad, hope they ship here 🙏🏽❤️

  • *Congrats on the collab!!* They are so cool and it’s nice that you have both long and short version. I gravitate towards shorter nails, so it’s nice that you’ve given that option. 💅🏼 The Livincool story is sad. It’s people like that that gives others a bad name. Now, people will look at other photographers as someone who may take advantage of them...even though they are professional, ethical, and good at what they do. Sick sick sick

  • May wanna fix the audio levels at 7:52

  • 2:39

  • You look really lovely with your purple hair, its suits your skin tone so well 😘

  • I’m totes gonna order some nails .... And I’m so not Into YTer Collabs ...! ❤️

  • Congrats on your collab! They look great! (Coming for a nail tech)

  • congrats on your collab! They are so pretty!

  • I've had men ask me to model for them and I always turn them down. I feel beyond uncomfortable not only having my photo taken but a stranger do it.

  • Im broke so I hope I can still get them in 2 weeks 😥

  • holy nails i’m getting the big box

  • The PR nail box looks AWESOME

  • Insta atleast isn't as toxic as twatter...... Gross

  • Omg I want Dumpster fire in LONG UGGGGGG GORGEOUS

  • She is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!! PRAYERS AND LOVE YALL KEEP SAFE😻🤩😻🤩😻🤩😻🤩😻🤩🙏❤🙏🧡🙏💛🙏💜🙏💙🙏💚🙏

  • My girl copped some nails as soon as she saw you released them. She could care less about ESmain but she’s a fan of yours! So happy to see such a great collab!

  • Just wait till i get mo money im gonna grab the fuck out of that 🤤🥵

  • I just ordered a pair of your nails, and I'm so excited to get them!!

  • Can we take a moment to recognize that her nail collab is so low key and her content is still what we came for? Jaclyn Hill please take notes

  • Why is this happening on Instagram? GO TO THE POLICE!

  • Shook at the perfect French accent

  • "Omg this guy is such a predator! Also, buy my shit." What the fuck is this.

  • I can't help biting my nails, so your collab is just calling my name... dreamy designs!!

  • Congratulations on the collab!! The nails that you’re wearing and from the collab are so nice!! Thanks for such outstanding content. And congrats again!❤️💯

  • please do a video on crazy fashion!!!! they're so funny!

  • Idk if you’ve done a video on it but would you be willing to discuss the marylin Manson situation and how Rachel Evan wood recently officially named him as the abuser in her address to Congress speech ?

  • I broke down and bought the whole pr collection and I don't ever wear nails. They were too cute not to try something new and give you support!

  • ‘Mentally im here’ nail set gives me demon slayer vibes~ if you know you know 👺

  • These nails are a dream come true. I am so happy you guys ship worldwide ✨

  • I was wondering if you could cover the topic of Heightism? It is a very weird but sad thing that people who are shorter have to deal with. Studies online also show how Heightism affects our work environments and dating situation. I have learned that people who are shorter are paid less and that includes men. Women get it worse but it seems more prevelent in men. Also being shorter actually is shown that you are less respected in the work place and you may not even get promotions. Men in media and in the dating realm have to be in this tall standard that some women want. And men seem to have the standard that an ideal woman has to be short and petite to be in a relationship.

  • Diet Prada and shit model management reposted my story about IMG models and my experience while I was a model with them. When I tell you I literally cried having them report my story.. it meant the world to me. They really did help spread awareness on my story

  • To the people in the comments, NO THEY DID NOT CONSENT. Emily Ratajkowski took nudes that a photographer wanted to release in formats that she did not approve of or sign off on. She consented to her naked pictures being used for a reason, not for what he ended up using for. The models wanted their lingerie shots to be used in a professional setting or for brands, NOT for personal possession. They were duped. As for Alexander Wang...I found out WAY too late and I'm surprised the media didn't push the news before I bought from him the last time.

  • WHY haven't I hear of this all over the internet? Things like this need to be shared by media outlets so that young models and consumers know who thru are working for/buying from.

  • I wish I could order the nails, but my nail Beds are so fat 😭😭😭

  • Treating myself to pretty nails 💅🏽

    • Uwu i cant wait 💓

  • You did a great job on your nail collab, they're so pretty! I'm so stoked for you. 😊

  • wait i didn't know about alexander wang. he's the most famous person that went to my high school. guess I gotta find a new one to brag about

  • those nails are amazing

  • You’re so pretty 😍 love your channel!

  • Modeling and acting as industries have been notorious for male predatory behaviors for yes 100 years or more. Women must speak out and support one another in all work places for anything to change.

  • I think modeling would be an extremely tough career. It would be impossible to really know the intentions of a photographer and I suspect that the best way to protect yourself would be to have a constant chaperone. This would make it hard for travel options and people may judge you on your "trust issues". Add that stress on to a personal fitness plan and diet that never ends and a grueling work schedule, I wouldn't think that modeling is all this glamor and glitz that people assume automatically. I have a lot of respect for people in that challenging industry and more focus should be on their safety Btw...I ordered your nails a couple of videos ago when you first mentioned them. I am in my 50's and can't wait to show off my gorgeous fingers once they arrive. Lots of love ❤️

  • Just put mine on last night!!! Love them!!! I got the md size of It's All Temporary 🖤

  • Dude I still can’t get over how pretty she is . I love her style so much

  • I can't stand things on my nails (sensory processing Bad) but those designs make me wish I could

  • Can u talk about Zachary Latham pls?!

  • If feel like people in this industrie get away with way too much. Damn. Why are "fans" so hesitant to cancel these people

  • I bought some of your nails! Super excited to get them :)

  • 9:10 *cough-cough* Philip Plein 😒