Lisa Snyder: Justice for her two children

Publicado el 3 abr 2020
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  • Here after 5 months.

  • This happened in my county very close to me. I remember my mother and I rethinking what the mother was saying and the story did not add up. We followed the story for a few days then found out the mother was the one that hung her children and I felt sick.

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  • 6:40 OK, is the dog really performing oral sex on her (implying there is some skill [performance] involved)? Or is the dog just licking her ya know. It's obviously the latter. Not that it changes much- I'm just pointing out yet another instance of cops being morons.

  • She doesn’t deserve death. That’s the easy way out. Let her rot in prison for the rest of her life

  • Omg 😱

  • Holy shit! ☹️☹️☹️

  • Life in solatiary confinment

  • Yes, the death penalty is definitely justified. Why should she receive free room and board, free medical care, and free education on taxpayer funds? If she murdered her children, she deserves the same fate!

  • She should, and I think that she will, get the death penalty, they'll probably sentence her to be put to death by lethal injection and to sexually abuse an animal?! HOLY FUCK!! 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • Wtf... she deserve the death penalty for killing her two kids and then blaming those innocent babies for it to themselves!!

  • Death is a release, not a punishment. You can't bring justice to the dead.

  • When you mentioned the dog I was like "how the f*ck is that even possible" but then you inserted that description and I instantly regretted wanting to know

  • This is one of the sickest things I have ever heard of. Just thinking of the terror those babies felt is heartbreaking. This bitch deserves to rot in hell.

  • People who harm children deserve a fate worse than death.

  • How do you even do that to your own flesh and blood... This is vile. Not only because hanging isn't a quick death, it's been orchestrated by their own mother.

  • My wife and I as well as our kids live one county over from Berks County & I remember seeing this story in the Morning Call newspaper. So unbelievably sad & devastating. RIP to those poor children.

    • Life in prison is what I think she deserves so she can have her ass beat every day for being a child murderer & have to think about what she did until the day she dies. Even though I'm not sure she'll ever care about what she did.

    • & as a side note, the prison she's currently being held in (Berks County Prison) is a shit hole. Especially compared to the prison here (Lehigh County). It's super old, overcrowded, & the conditions are horrible. I know cause I've been in both. So good for her :)

  • How do you find all these articles and news about these terrible people

  • There was just a mass shooting, ten dead so far close to were I live and weirdly enough I’m watching you videos to make me think less about the tragedy if that makes sense? (Nova Scotia, Canada is we’re it’s at. I imagine it’s a story you could cover)


  • My question is why did this take so long to just say what we were all thinking?

  • Death penalty for this awful lady, please! Wish they would hang her

  • Im usually against the death penalty because of the possibility of putting an innocent person to death, however this is just way too obvious. Cases like this i believe where there is NO doubt of guilt, i have no issue with.

  • If you purposely and unjustly take away someone’s life you forfeit the right to keep yours 🤷🏻‍♀️ She deserves that death sentence

  • Not condoning what she did at all, but the death penalty is hypocritical. You're killing someone as punishment for killing someone??? Like the government wants to stop people from killing by killing people???? At the end of the day, no one has the right to take another person's life. Besides that, a lifelong prison sentence is far better punishment than a quick, painless death.

    • welp here we go again first the deaths aren’t painless but i do agree in a sense because sometimes they do want to die anyway. but i find it’s different because they took an innocent persons life and knew the consequences when doing this. they are terrible people and don’t deserve to live

  • I'm beyond disgusted. I don't care WHAT they do to her. I can only hope it's just.

  • That woman deserves the death penalty. She killed her own kids and tried to get away with that. Those kids could've had an awesome life away from their so called Mom. 🤦 I'm glad she was stupid enough to keep the evidence so she can get what she deserves.

  • Omfg... How could you do that to your babies!??? How!?!?!?

  • she should get the death penalty period. she killed her own children. she doesn’t deserve to live.

  • You look simply beautiful that color is so you.🙂 This is so sick, I just can't, imagine this disgusting woman thinking she would get away with this heinous, evil, low-life shit!😟 My lord those poor, innocent kids.😑😢

  • *Lori Vallow has entered the chat

  • I’m against the death penalty in any and all circumstances

    • Jake Zingg why? if anything it’s better than life in jail. also i do realise ppl like this who kill, rape or abuse children litteraly get horrendously abused and killed in basically all cases. like o believe it would be a better way to go by injection then getting beaten and stabbed to death even tho they deserve it

  • Again. I always say this - - WHY IS IT ALWAYS FUCKING PENNSYLVANIA??? Jesus CHRIST I wanna move to Alaska

  • Huh, i think we have a winner for the "mother of the year" award. Jesus how mental can some people be

  • I think we ALL froze and at the same time and said “we forgot about the dog part” holy fuck!

  • Send her to prison. They really like child abusers/ murderers there, I hear

  • I am horrified. This woman is just... the incarnation of evil. She deserves everything she got.

  • Young children can be suicidal though. My first suicide attempt, I was 7 yrs old and I stabbed myself in the center of my chest thinking that's where my heart was. It didn't work and it hurt too much, so I stole my mom's sleeping pills and took about 20 but I just ended up throwing it up. Had I known hanging yourself was a possibility, I totally would have tried that.

    • Marina Ashley no one said they can’t. it’s just in this cases it’s litteraly extremely unlikely to impossible for them to commit suicide

  • The problem with seeking the death penalty is that it makes the jury less likely to convict. It actually increases the chances that she goes free.

  • It sounds like she was trying to copy that video of that poor little boy that went viral saying he wanted to die because of bullying.

  • This bitch craaaaazy. Def deserves life for what she did. I’m not anti death penalty but if Casey Anthony and Jodi Arias didn’t get it, I doubt this woman will. She should have to live every day for the rest of her life knowing what she did and in isolation.

  • Death penalty! I don’t want to pay taxes to keep a child murderer alive.

  • She could have just put them up for adoption, so tragic.

  • Things of suspicion 1. While it is possible for young people to be suicidal it is unlikely unless they were exposed to something severe or have underlying health issues. And you are correct. They would not phrase it like that. 8 year old kids aren't that competent. They don't know how to voice existential dread like that yet and most don't even know what it is. 2. You mean to tell me this 8 year old knew a method of suicide on his own. Even if he did how the fuck did he learn? The internet? Aren't you watching your kid at all? It's your responsibility to do that. 3. How is this 8 year old competent enough to figure out how to get to the beam and use the cord on both of them. like l i t e r a l l y by all accounts this 8 year old kid would be incapable of this because he would lack coordination, strength, height, and knowhow. 4. Why didn't you take the fucking kids out? Why did you wait for first responders to take them down?

  • The death penalty shouldn't exist, but while it does she absolutely deserves it

  • honestly let the inmates take care of her

  • She should be left in jail...I've heard of other cases where inmates who were accused of killing or abusing a child get their ass kicked in jail.... let her suffer there and get what she deserves.

    • wolfslullaby yeh they absolutely HATE child abusers. they get but fucked and killed.

  • So weird that its legal to kill someone, because they killed someone.

  • This woman is utterly disgusting, off with her head!!

  • Idk, I'm not at all down with the death penalty just because, (depending on the source or study), there are anywhere up to 4% of people locked up in the United States whom are completely innocent of the crime(s) they've been accused/convicted of committing. That may not seem like a lot to some people, however, we have 2.2 MILLION people locked up as we speak (more than ever other. That means that there very well could be 88,000 completely innocent people serving various lengths of sentences for crimes committed by someone else. It has also been proven that we have put completely innocent people to death for no reason. We then become murderers ourselves. I'm not okay with that. If you look into the research, false confessions are INCREDIBLY common so just because they said they did it, it doesn't mean they actually did the crime & juries tend to hold confessions as the end all be all of evidence when it isn't very reliable at all. The other thing that juries use to convict people that they absolutely shouldn't is witness testimony. It has also been extensively studied as well only to be found as almost useless. While there are people who do have very good memories of what happened, there is no real way to distinguish them from the average person (& even cops) who will misremember so so much during high stress events. Cops are also held up as very reliable witnesses when they absolutely should not be as they are also humans with faulty memories & who, way more often then it should be, can be incredibly corrupt. They often try cover their asses on the stand & they are given way more credibility than they should get. Lastly the rest of the developed world has outlawed the practice so stridently that they refuse to sell the specific drugs that had been considered "safe" to use for this purpose to any state that has capital punishment as an option. They are using substitutes now. They are experimenting on people who have not consented to be experimented on. Some have actively fought having it used on them because it hasn't been proven to work the same way. These are the reasons I think the death penalty is something we should stop doing. When I see videos of people cheering outside of the prison when the death of an inmate has been announced, it makes me physically ill. These same people will then go home to their families with a feeling of being morally superior to the person they just cheered at the death of (who once in awhile is actually an innocent person) when they stopped actually being morally superior a long time ago. That's where I'm at. I want policy & decisions based off of scientific research. I do NOT want to have a world where, for most people, their feelings ARE their facts. That's an incredibly shitty way to run anything. It leads to so much misinformation & unreasonable decisionmaking. It's a horrible idea in my opinion. Have a great day!

  • Watching your videos on my second screen while working from home. Thank you for your awesome videos!

  • I kinda wanna hear your take on acacia brinley

  • Wth is wrong w ppl

  • I’m not pro death penalty but totally see why you and others are not opposed to it. I personally think she should be in prison for the rest of her life and honestly that’s probably a more miserable sentence for her anyway.

  • as camp counselor, we had an 8year old try to hang himself in the middle of the night on one of the shower heads with his paracord bracelet that he made for an activity earlier that day. but this is niether here nor there.

  • Fucking burn the bitch.

  • I'm always against state killing mentally impaired people.

  • you should have psychiatrist with you I'm lazy to type an explanation whenever you are baffled and it happens a lot.

  • Your makeup and hair is it

  • I use to be against the death penalty, but considering global overpopulation and the fact that US prisons themselves are overcrowded it seems like an absolute waste of space and resources to support someone like that for the rest of their lives. Howmany homeless people or starving children have to die because we are wasting time and resources keeping a child murdered alive and healthy? Our planet only has so much space and only so much food and water, and given where Humanity currently stands politically and scientifically we are unlikely to get off this dying rock anytime soon if ever. Its really a question of whose lives do we value more, innocents who might positively effect society, or that of psychopaths and sociopaths who will only ever cuase problems and hold us back as a species. And to me the awnser is quite clear, I wont sacrifice people so someone like her can live.

  • The death penalty and only the death penalty.

  • *electric chair.*

  • I don’t see how anyone could claim we need to get rid of the death penalty, see a case like this, and still keep that opinion. She doesn’t deserve anything else.

  • Love the look today, that wig is 🔥🔥🔥 Also wow that's one crazy bitch

  • Sexually abusing animals and murdering children... yeah death penalty plz

  • she does deserve death penalty. the kids AND the dog? disgusting. society doesn’t need her, behind bars or not. yikes.

  • OK I'm gonna say this. How ba dof a parent you have to be for a small child to kill themselves?

    • Natsukifan 87 omg om sorry but fuck off. it’s almost never the parent sin child suicide cases and mostly bullying don’t blame parents for their children’s mental health

  • Cases lile this remind me why I'm pro capital punishment. This whole thing is horrific. If anyone's willing to do those kind of things, they're asking for the maximum punishment imaginable imo. Hope those kids rest in peace and I hope that dog finds a happy forever home away from that abuse ❤️

  • Onlyfans

  • Why would the system give this woman her children back after sexually assaulting the dog? I would have been a concern that she would assault the children. Damn, these children were failed by the courts and other family members. Where is the children's dad in all of this? These kids would have been better off with anybody else, besides their mother.

  • she is disgusting. IMO, life in prison is worst then the death penalty. Let her root in there & best up by inmates. she’s horrible.

  • love your hair and makeup today. snyder is disgusting and deserves the worst possible punishment for being a disgrace of a human being.

  • I’m a mother and my daughter has to just look like she’s choking and I spring into action. Let alone if I walked into a hanging. Adrenaline kicks in, and you work as hard as you can to save them. She deserves the worst. Monster

    • Yes!! And I’d be so hysterically screaming and in a state of psychosis.

  • sidenote: this look is phenomenal, if you added red contacts it would be perfect for the post apocalypse.

  • i read capital as corporal and was like ".......spanking....." i love being illiterate

  • ok but like can i just get a whole song like the one in the intro?

  • rest easy, conner and brinley. you did not deserve this. i rarely approve of the death penalty, but THIS. she can fucking suffer. if i could get some time with her, oooooh girl. she would be fucking DONE.

  • People like her should be tried and sentenced, of course, and then shot twice in the back of the head and thrown into an incinerator. The end.

  • Baby killers and pedophiles should get the death penalty. If you can hurt the most innocent among us there's no place for you in this world.

    • just_hailey👌 no they should get life. there they can be constantly beat up and abused by other inmates with no way out and die all alone. killing them is what they want it’s an easy end to this all. hardly a punishment

  • I unfortunately walked in on a suicide by hanging. Very tragic, He was 11. All I remember is just wanting to get him down. Until his parents came. They did bring him down. Can't believe she let her kids like that until help came. She deserves the worst. The freaking negative b-word!

  • She deserves life, because the average served time in death row is like 12 years. The other female inmates will surely beat her ass if she gets life

  • Death penalty. She killed 2 people who had their whole lives ahead of them. The least she can do is pay with her life.

  • well my sister jumped out a goddamn window when she was 8 so it doesn't take much experience with the world to try to kill yourself or even succeed at killing yourself (dont worry my sister is alive and well🙂)

  • I just have to say, if you’re going to try to get away with killing children that age, why the hell would you stage it as a suicide? Like... accidents exist? I mean don’t get me wrong there’s WAY more wrong with this situation than that, but still it just sticks out to me.

  • I hope she either gets the death penalty or rots in prison.

  • If you ask me, she should be killed the same way she murdered her children. She should rot in hell for all eternity.

  • If she didn't want them why not give them up for adoption. Sooo many people want to have kids but not that many are up for adoption. Lots are in foster care but that doesn't mean they are available for adoption. I want kids desperately. I would have taken them.

  • This look is EVERYTHING

  • This sounds like an episode of the crime show Bones. Someone murdered someone because they had been watching their dog and instead of watching it they tied it up outside and it fell off the porch causing it to die. He then killed her the same way his dog died.

  • What the fuck The kids are so young! 8? 4?! Damn, when I was 8 I didn't even know how to wipe my ass right, how did these kids tie nooses?

  • This is so sickening. Those poor children.. hanging takes a long time and they suffered. At the hands of the one who brought them into this world the one that was supposed to love them most 😔

  • I think the death penalty might be too much but I’m on the fence. The only reason I am against it is because of her mental health issues I feel like it sends a bad message but also I don’t think she should ever get out so what’s the point in her being alive

  • She bought the leashes that she used to hang them with, she deserves every moment of incarceration and then death penalty, the first thing you would do is scream then cut them down

  • Horrible person

  • Ugh I need to stop looking at these stories so early in the day and ruining it :/

  • As the eldest of 4(including myself) there is a 8 and 10 yr age gap between me and my siblings. I live with my 9 yr old twin sisters and i can automatically tell when they have had a bad day, and are open about bullying. They have no clue what suicide is at all. Even now when the house is quite i always shout out to get a response to see what they are doing. Also look at a case that happen in Australia, in queensland with an ex rugby player lighting his car on fire with his wife and 2 children in it, needs more light sheed on it

  • Nar shouldnt kill her should let the evil bitch rott for life and i mean untill she died of natural causes

  • the wig is BEAUTIFUL.

  • I wish they word brings back hanging for the death penalty she deserves to go the same way she killed her kids

  • Good. She deserves the death penalty for killing both of her children.