Josh Duggar got caught

Publicado el 3 may 2021
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  • Bloody hell... I grew up watching the Duggars, my mum and dad had wanted a big family and I admired the idea of a big family in part because of the Cheaper By The Dozen movies. We weren't crazy religious or anything (my dad's not religious, my mum is.) but we liked the giant family turned community aspect, plus the volunteer work and charity stuff. I remember there were things I felt were strange, most of the girls all shared a room like a dorm even when they got a bigger house and I remember someone wondering if it was so they could protect each other better, the older kids, mainly the girls, were very much in charge of the little ones and were kinda like mini parents or nannies, I wonder if it had to do with being scared of the oldest brother... the fact they were more concerned about Josh's privacy than the fact he abused his sisters and a family friend/babysitter always made me feel confused and angry, I've always wanted to think the best of them cos I grew up with them in a way, but it seems like they just brushed the issue of Josh under the carpet, they were either seriously naive or stupidly n cruely favouring their oldest child... I've always hated Josh since the police records were released, a 14 year old knows well enough not to touch others inappropriately, they are old enough to know it's bad, yet I've seen other teenage bad behaviour brushed off, like Lena Dunham n her writing about her teenage obsession with her sister, teenagers are still children, they still need protection and guidance but they know right from wrong, they understand what it means to hurt others. I hope he rots in hell, I hope they realise they helped a predator get away with evil.😡

  • This is a case for the death penalty imo

  • I keep getting unsubscribed! I am just dropping a note to give you an update, which you may or may not care about, on the Manson case. IMO it seems like an open and shut case but I knew Amber Heard was both supported by and supportive to the two main Manson accusers, Evan Rachel Wood and Esme Bianco. I have since discovered that these three women are long time friends (for at least a decade!) and there are dozens of photo's of them together. We now know that Evan contacted and GROOMED ALL of the accusers. They have had to admit that their statements were written together when every one noticed the "identical" language and statements. It is also clear that the "trickle" and timing that the allegations were released was calculated to do the maximum damage. We also know that Manson was approached and told the allegations would NOT be put out in the public IF Manson paid a large CASH settlement in exchange. These are not the actions of innocent people and I am glad that Manson refused. IMO Manson is also 100% innocent just like his friend Johnny Depp, who was accused by his ex-wife of being abusive. It turns out SHE was the abuser and we are looking at a "shake-down" similar to Amber getting 7 MILLION dollars from Johnny when she promised to stop lying and NOT ruin his career. He paid the money but she went ahead and became a $33,000 per speech advocate for women and left his career in tatters. These three women have done incredible damage to REAL victims of abuse. Amber is now being looked at for perjury by the LAPD and the LAPD have just announced they are going to look into the Manson case. All of my friends thought I would be upset at this development but I am REALLY happy about it. The LAPD has reformed their operation and have made great progress. Just the fact that someone is going to FINALLY look into Amber's OBVIOUS blackmail when she forced him to pay her the 7 million is very encouraging! It's about time. In some way's the Manson case is even worse than what happened to Johnny. The 15 accusers seems like an insurmountable obstacke but when you break each one down it becomes obvious it is gossip at best and outright lies at worst. It takes an open mind and 5 minutes of google time to discover that EVERY allegation I looked into was disproven right away. Most of the allegations are NOT criminal and are things like "he kissed me forcefully", there were 2 complaints from women who said he molested someone else. One woman said he took video "up her skirt" at a concert they were both playing at. One observant fan posted a play bill for the concert she said this happened at and Manson was not even there, him and his band were at a different concert IN A DIFFERENT CITY. Evan claimed she was tied up, tortured, sleep deprived, forced to take drugs and had all communication sources taken from her. She also claimed she was locked away from friends and family. She stated this at two Congressional Hearings. When you go and look you discover that she worked on 5 different TV productions, was photograghed on the red carpet many times. While she rarely puts specific dates down on EXACTLY when various attacks happened she did mention one particular bad episode. Her testimony is hair curling and you can't help but want to kill Manson. Again a fan posted photos of her from this time period - she is with Manson AND her family at DISNEYLAND! I can go on and on - another accuser just happened to release her music video, about being abused by Manson, on the EXACT same day that Evan finally told the world that Manson was her abuser! The women claims it was a coincidence. These three women have led the charge and gotten MANY Domestic and Sexual Assault Laws changed. While many did need changes, what has been done is a travesty of justice that will imprison many innocent people. One new category is called COERCIVE CONTROL and it allows victims to claim they were BRAINWASHED. If the accused id found guilty they will be convicted of Domestic Violence, even though there was no violence. How could you even defend against this? Why did these women not do something about the 100,000-200,000 rape kits that are sitting on PD shelves? There are two or three other women looking into this case, I think us women are going to have to protest these laws that I predict will DAMAGE all of the progress we have been making for fairness and EQUALITY! I do not want the government to tell me I am being BRAINWASHED! Can you imagine a man using that as an excuse? Again, I do know there is such a thing, and that women seem to be more susceptible to it, but we need better education, not an unequal system.

  • It's about time this POS is hopefully going to get what he deserves.

  • Also don't forget the Ashley Madison scandal as well!!

  • Not to exonerate the parents, because they should have been aware that these sort of things can be a pattern, but I hope they just believed that sending him to that camp worked and he was reformed. But who knows

  • I always kinda knew this day would come with josh. I have a lot of incite on pedophiles especially in the baptist fundamentalist church life because I lived it. Jesus Christ himself is the greatest and all I know is that when you are consistently victimized and traumatized by"christians", you can end up hating God and blaming God when it's these people.

  • There Baptist you idiots not a cult josh dugger fell a lot people do they had a lot of kids sin is sin he needs council in and jail

  • Josh was 14, how old was the baby-sitter?

  • Why are right wing Christian families so diddler friendly?

  • From my own personal experience, every p3do and groomer that's come into contact with me has been religious. I'm not saying all religious people are like that but I'm seeing a disturbing pattern.

  • Apparently it was rumored that one of the kitty porn vids was snuff, if that’s the case this grim story got exceedingly worse. EDIT it’s daisys destruction I’m just going to cry, I can’t imagine the pain the victims especially the ones that haven’t spoken up yet must be feeling.

  • The huge problem w/ Josh Duggar’s affair was that he actually SAed the woman he met up with. If anyone wants more info about that or the Duggars in general, Fundie Fridays has done vids on those topics

  • unrelated to this video but i just found this channel today and i really appreciate seeing an intelligent, reasonable and self aware person on youtube just unpack alot of controversial things with a straight forward , no non sense attitude too much of the exact opposite is everywhere on the internet so thank you lol

  • Apparently Josh is quite the computer wiz and had a firewall that allowed him to have another desktop page on his computer not found by his wife or anyone using his work computer. He used this secret firewall page to download and view then immediately delete the CP. The fact that he deleted it almost immediately after viewing allows for him to only have two charges for CP since those two are because twice he kept CP on his computer for a day or two. Had he not he wouldn't be charged with possession which I find disgusting. The laws need to change to count when it's downloaded and viewed as assult for each child in the videos of photos. And Statue of limitations needs to be adjusted for molestation.

  • You assume wrong he was sent to a friend's for him to help them expand there house!!!!

  • they should never have been on tv in the first place , such disgusting people that do things like praying out loud in a public place , victim shaming and all manner of other yuk stuff . When it comes to child or animal abuse or murder nothing should stand in the way of stopping it including privacy rights .

  • Ummmm I know this is off topic buttttt hunny you look so fly here

  • Im pretty sure that already happened didnt it?

  • He's a creep. I have a feeling the dad is to

  • the family's actions were aimed at keeping the TV show cash cow giving milk, at the cost of children being molested.

  • Duggar Family Cult. Cult is the word you were looking for.

  • 20 fucking years (almost) T W E N T Y TWENTY FUCKING YEARS 🤬

  • I wonder what else the Quiverful religion allows under their control, just like every other religion that harbors pedophiles

  • i dont think that kids private lives matter when it comes to hurting other people in any way. the information should come out because they could be dangerous to others and people have the right to know when they could be in danger.

  • i remember when the show first ever started back when i watched a lot of john and kate plus 8 when i was a kid, i watched this show cuz i saw the commercials for it and it was new so it was like 14 kids and counting or some shit at the time, anyways, i watched a few episodes and it was so boring and they reminded me of one of my babysitters i had when i first moved to tennessee and i didn’t like it. wasn’t a religious kid and i could tell how judgmental they were.

  • I guess he was really in touch with his sisters 01:56

  • The fact that this has been going on for 19 years is absolutely sickening. This guy should be put behind bars for the rest of his life.

  • They are connected to some very powerful politicians in their state and other states. Nothing will happen to him. I'm sure daddy will call up some favors and will most likely get a slap on the wrist and we will see him popping on Fox News claiming that the libs were the one's behind this trying to ruin his rep because he's a conservative and whatnot. His sisters pretty much said that while defending him in 2015.

    • Not this time Josh is going to do time this is a federal case.

  • **The Duggar Cult.

  • If Josh D was in the Kardashian family, Chloe would have kicked his ass.

    • Khloe wouldn't have gotten the chance to kick the pervert ass cause it would have been Kris Jenner kicking the pervert ass.


  • So, sicko Josh has free reign to the Duggar home but Jill needs permission to be on the property or visit her siblings.... Michelle and JB need their asses kicked!!!

  • Why is everyone ignoring the people that MAKE the videos? It’s like no one wants to go there and nobody ever even brings it up, it’s so frustrating!

  • I think Jim Bob arranged the marriage to Anna as fast as he could hoping to give Josh a sexual output hoping that would cure him.

  • dude has like 6 children too

  • there's no way the parents didn't know. their whole home was designed with the boys and girls on opposite sides so they would have had to pass the parents bedroom to get to the other gender's bedroom(s), makes me feel like maybe the dad was in on it or at least enabled it. let alone purity culture and all the toxic-ness in religious families and churches

  • Anyone who hurts kids deserves to take a few steps infront of a wall and get a few pieces of lead for breakfast.

  • Oh, no music?

  • WTF...NOT sure what else I can say

  • Nope can't relate I don't know shit about duggers or Kardashians.

  • manual labor isn’t gonna reform a predator. breaking down why he feels this type of attraction, if he would offend again, if he has discerned preferences, etc. is crucial. he needed thorough mental health and sexual deviancy intervention, not going to church.

  • Truly disturbing. I am glad he didn’t get away with any of it.

  • I remember the mother's eyes were wide opened and looking like a deer in the headlights

  • and anna is afraid to leave josh because the independent baptist cul- i mean church views divorce as an unforgivable sin. which makes absolutely no sense because the bible NEVER says that. biblically divorce is a sin, but it is permitted and actually enforced in cases of infidelity and abuse. some denominations literally just make up rules that make no sense and are completely unbiblical.

  • JD's father 'old man Duggar' gave me the creeps as a predator as well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  • I don't know if it's been mentioned in the comments already. But a lot of the stuff about his sisters came to light after a scheduled appearance of the family on Oprah's talk show back in the day. I can't remember the exact details, though I'm sure it can be easily looked into in detail with a Google search.

  • 19 kids and counting 😩 my mom still watches their current show, but I thought josh already got exposed for everything a while back (made while watching the being of the video)

  • I won't say it again.

  • According to Reddit the c p video he had was so vile that ppl used to pay 10k for it. It has a baby in it. :(

  • this is a very serious issue and I'm not trying to take away from that but was one of those kids named Spurgeon???

  • His siblings let their kids run free in giant parties at the parents’ compound on every holiday while he was there. He had images were of children as young as 18 months old. The whole think makes me physically ill.

  • This criminal minds episode sound sound real familiar 👀

  • I can’t believe he was allowed his own children let alone other children after the first time he molested his sister once was enough he should’ve been removed from the family and sent away when it first happened

  • I think it ended up as 19 Kids and Counting but I can see why you lose track 😂

  • The Duggar sisters did an odd interview a while back where they seemed to almost protect their brother while minimizing their own experiences. It was really strange and actually quite sad. As if the girls didn't know or we're told to say that what happened to them really wasn't that bad. Perhaps worse things have been swept under the rug. That family always seemed off to me, having 19 kids isn't and accomplishment it's actually kinda gross. They seemed like weird baby hoarders. I'm really not surprised by this DISGUSTING POS.

    • @LaraCroftEyes1 I never saw the other interview but it makes sense. Something about it was so off and it was obvious the girls didn't want to do it. So sad to know they were forced. The parents should be ashamed of themselves!!

    • Jill later confirm she and Jessa were forced to do the interview and lied to minimize their brother crime and that they didn't defend their brother.

  • for me, there is something with the name josh my dad name is josh and he has had a history of doing inappropriate things to my older sister and I suspect my younger sister to be honest I don't think he did anything to me because I was his favorite but he could of when I was sleeping

  • Let’s add the assault and battery of a dancer / adult performer - charged in Nov 2015 while he was In “rehab” . Yes that happened too . It was Rough Xxx with choking and violent assault - TWICE . He is a real menace . This horrible human has far too many enablers !!! His crap is OVER.

  • All too often the people who so proudly proclaim to be "Godly" turn out to be the most vile and untrustworthy kind. Christianity as a whole has a serious problem with unethical behavior being excused/forgiven far too easily.

  • My mom watched 17 and counting and I thought something was creepy especially Jim Bob. I remember one of the younger boys didn’t want to be filmed on the show and they kind of forced him at times. I hate that they were allowed spin-offs

  • Caught again. And the fact that hes able to see his kids out on bail with the exception of his wife being present. He can’t use any electronic device that can get access to the internet and cannot watch any type of pornography. If he gets acquitted for these charges from 2019 I won’t be shocked but ultimately disgusted

  • The Duggars should have never been on TV anyhow! I'm not sure what is up with American media, glamorizing the idea of having more kids, than most anyone can reasonably take proper care of! Worse that the elder siblings are practically forced to raise their young siblings. If the mom got off her back, and raised her kids, herself, she wouldn't have time to keep popping more of them out!

  • hey,small thing: "Not like other girls" is a type of a girl who is very much NOT a feminist and pretends to have same interests as the boys. That is absolutely not how Lena Dunham is, she is very much a feminist and open about it. she has hardly any "boyish" hobbies. So you saying in your video that you get "not like other girls" vibes from her makes no sense.maybe learn what popular expressions and memes mean....

  • This is what happens when you demonize healthy sexuality while fetishizing virginity and perpetuating the idea that women and girls are sexual objects for men to use

  • My mother passed in 2015, before the Josh Duggar scandal broke. But when she was alive she loved that show. She would sit in front of the television, rapt in attention, a smile on her face like a happy little kid. She loved the apparent wholesomeness and over-the-top Christian-ness of the Quiverfull movement. I told her those people gave me the creeps, and refused point blank to watch it another episode. After the stuff about Josh Duggar's past came out, I was not at all surprised. In my experience, sexual repression causes people to develop unhealthy views of sex, sometimes including disturbing fixations.

  • All children should have parents but not all parents should have children.

  • I would understand if the parents didn't want the public to know that the daughters were his victims to protect the daughters privacy. But the way that it's framed, that HE deserved his privacy as a minor is real messed, what about the daughters?

  • For some reason I always watch these type of shows when I’m dope sick. Idk it’s like it’s so weird it helps me forget that It feels like I’m dying...

  • No signoff music? I love jamming out to the out-tro song at the end of your videos, but didn't hear it on this one!

  • They are pretty much all freaks

  • They mad bc Jill is her own person and a bad bitch purr

  • i used to watch them growing up......omg!!

  • If I recall correctly, the Duggar's religious beliefs say that men are led into temptation by the women. So, in their eyes, their daughters are at fault for Josh's acts against them. The Quiverful religion is royally fucked up.

  • I always enjoyed the show. Josh went away to residential programs for 3 months when he was 14 and 6 months after the Ashley Madison scandal. He has had more opportunities to correct his behaviors than most. Prison time and lots of it, is needed to remove him from decent society

  • His wife is sticking with him and is blaming everyone except him. So I'm sure if something did happen. To his kids they probably have to deny it because 1) their mom doesn't believe them 2) have been scared if they tell anyone they will be taken away.

  • Oh, honey. You have no idea how much worse this situation gets. Google “IBLP” and “Bill Gothard.” Those are things the family has been connected to. It is so creepy and so toxic... this family is such a train wreck they make the Kardashians look like saints.

  • Marilyn Manson, Die Antwoord, this family and also 7th heaven gave me a weird vibe long before any of this stuff came out, it’s weird how you can sense things are off and not know what it is.

  • He downloaded Daisys destruction. I hope he’s ready for prison.

  • I’ve only ever seen a few excerpts of the show but even watching those u can tell something isn’t right with that family. I hate the fact that the parents treat their daughters as unpaid nannies for their children.

  • I don't want this to come off as defending him because he really is a horrible person and deserves to rot for what he did. Going back to the 2002 stuff, kids normally don't just do that stuff. They learn it somewhere. With the fact that the parents and a lot of the siblings protected him when the news broke about that part of it, I'm very curious who victimized him. Who else victimized the other children in the home into thinking this is something you protect your brother from the consequences? Maybe he's just really fucked up and I know the girls are brainwashed, but I can't help but suspect that someone did to him what he did to others.

  • They're all a bunch of hypocrites.

  • I appreciate that you spoke truth about the situation without attacking the family's religion. Thank you for maintaining your integrity when calling out evil for evil.

  • Thank you for this informational update ❤

  • This is just the tip of the iceberg who knows what goes on in this weird cult/family. Even sadder is josh will just get a slap on the wrist, his daddy is in politics and am sure has plenty of connections,they'll find some sympathetic ultra-conservative judge that will forgive and forget.

  • This is just the tip of the iceberg I'm sure. Where there's smoke, there's fire, this family needs to be investigated.

  • My mom was confused when the news was covering the shows cancellation. Weird to think if they’d actually listened to their daughters and shunned Josh instead of shunning the actual victims, maybe they wouldn’t of lost everything. I think about how culpable the wife of Josh is, and now I add his own parents to that list of culpability.

  • I feel like I’ve just been waiting for years for something like this to come out. After the first set of allegations and court documents came out, I just knew that this was not something that you could cure or wish away, especially through religious intervention. I feel so badly for all of the children in this family and I hope that he goes to jail for a long time to give them the space to heal honestly

  • They definitely favor their male children. I remember watching an episode and the girls have to clean the boys' bathroom

  • One of my relatives molested me in four different occasions years ago. It didn't go "all the way" but it still was very traumatizing. Now that I have little nieces, I'm afraid of him doing the same thing (or worse) to them. I'm hesitant to tell their mothers my story with him because I'm afraid of breaking up the family. Just a few days ago I realized that it's f*cked up that I KNOW that his mother (of my abuser) and other people will take HIS side and that will break the family, when the thing to do would be ostracizing HIM and breaking ties with HIM. The pandemic and quarantine helped me to get more time to think what to do, but I know that I have to tell what he did to me in order to protect my nieces. If he touched one of them, I swear that I will kill him!! I don't care. I'm sick of the families taking the side of the male predators!!

    • First off, I'm sorry that happened to you. Please please please tell the parents of small children in your family. When I was young my 2 of my aunts knew that the man my mother was dating had past accusations on csa and nobody told her because they didn't want to stir the pot. He assaulted one of my cousins and was working on grooming me before my cousin, who was still a minor, told my mom what happened to her after her own mother said not to tell anyone. My mom left him and I was only spared because my cousin was brave enough to speak up. 15 years later I'm disgusted with my aunts. They claim we're family and that they love me but they left me in the jaws of a predator because sweeping ugly things under the rug sounded easier to them. Neither are allowed near my children, nor my cousin's children. If they didn't protect us then we can't trust them to protect our children any better. I know it's not easy but my cousin is still my hero for what she did.

  • TLC needs to pull all the shows relating to the Duggars off the air!! The parents saw the signs and could have prevented this but didn’t. They should not be given a platform!

  • What I think is important to keep in mind is that this isn’t a “Duggar” problem, it’s a result of the disgusting structure set up by fundamentalism. They are a part of a cult that not only thinks *all* sex outside of heterosexual marriage is sinful, but that all sin is equally bad. So when outsiders look at their reactions to Josh’s abuse as heinous, they look back and say “well you’re having pre-marital sex/gay/using birth control etc so how can you judge me???” and it’s these false equivalencies that compound with the belief in the inherent sinfulness of women (“”causing men to stumble””) that leads to these situations.

  • Why I actually believe kids came off the stuck ship. Duggers get caught up in this mess. Just a couple months after? Seems sus 🧐🤨

  • I am side eyeing Jim Bob....

    • Exactly! Most people who commit twisted crimes like this were usually victims themselves.

  • In 2002 the cop that spoke with Josh and the Duggar’s is currently doing a 56 year prison sentence for CP, there is much more to this story. That report (confession) to the perv cop counted as a report to authorities making the statute of limitations expired.

  • The Brittany Spears shirt. I low key be sweating her.

  • It's so embarrassing that he's from NW Arkansas.

  • Anyone want to know what was found on his without a crystal ball channel. He's a monster...don't think otherwise. Research it yourself. Shame on the Duggers. Special place in hell for Josh.

  • You have to wonder if he touched his children. I lost respect for them when their last child was born. I feel when you have grandchildren you need to stop popping them out yourself. The fact that their son sexually violated his sister's makes it a cover up on the parents.

  • I remember growing up and watching every episode of 19K and when these news broke up I felt so disgusted how they put Josh as a victim.