James Charles & "accountability"

Publicado el 2 abr 2021
Here we go, again.


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  • I heard somewhere on ESmain that he taught a class on how to apologize. Maybe it was a joke, but it showed a clip of him standing and speaking too a group of ppl all serious. Now that I think about it, it is funny, too. It was real... www.theverge.com/2020/5/13/21256087/james-charles-youtube-instant-influencer-apology-video-drama-controversy

  • As a male victim myself I didn't even take myself as seriously until later in my life

  • I’m sorry but sister cellmate fucking had me 🤣

  • So maybe Tati had a point...

  • I just wish that james didn’t have a large following so he would actually be “ held accountable” for his actions.

  • I used to be a huge fan of sister cellmate, but I think the saddest thing is that it could’ve been soooo easily avoided, it’s sad, because he had a lot going for him and he had to throw it away because he’s “desperate”. It’s just disappointing. (And disgusting, lock him up throw away the key)

  • I love you but this is just not right, I think that he really gets shit for anything he does and so many people try to sabotage him. Don't be one of them

  • “Around my age or older”... 😒😒 He talks about how he was “lied” to too often. Put the blame on yourself. That’s what real accountability is. Not blaming someone else for your carelessness or rather pure manipulation.

  • ' It's called a choice ' LOUDER FOR THE PEOPLE IN THE BACK PLEASE

  • I got so much hate for never liking James. Something felt off every time I watched anything with him in it and now I'm glad I never took the time to like him.

  • Dude needs some time to reflect and educate himself. Me, someone with common sense: "Just don't do it again?"

  • At this point I feel like the length of the apology is irrelevant. I believe that the only thing that makes the apology relevant is when someone directly shows that they are correcting their actions. Not that I am a fan or anything but I do believe that Logan Paul's apology is a good example of how you can make a short apology and have it be genuine. He said that he would take a break from ESmain, he focused on introspection and seems to have learned from the backlash (shouldn't have had to do what he did and then be chastised to know that it was wrong but I digress) and he has his podcast where he and his guests often talk about what they have learned from their fame. His podcast episode with Jojo Siwa actually Made me like her more because she was not being framed as being this crazy, spoiled, hyper, dance moms brat, she spoke on how she has had to deal with her fame from an early age and how being yelled at in public for her TV persona has made it harder to enjoy anything.

  • An apology should be focused on the victim, yet all I hear is "me, me, me, meeeeeeeeee" DUDE, I don't CARE "how you got there." I care about you being SORRY. Which you clearly ARE NOT. The narcissism of this person is unbelievable.

  • anyhone else notice how he trimmed his side hair midway thru the apology lol

  • Ugh this guy's voice is SO nails on a chalkboard, he makes my skin crawl. 🤢 I feel so horrible for the individuals who were violated and had to survive his awful actions! P. S. It's so creepy how he looks like he's trying NOT to smile the entire time UGH EW

  • James confusing the word predatory with desperate for 10 minutes

  • He needs to stop referring to his grooming as relationships, sis you were taking advantage dont sugar coat it

  • esmain.info/goal/v-deo/jKRontujm5Ocp7M

  • "oops i did it again"

  • james gave a trigger warning, but didn't say what the triggering content would be...?

  • Not a fan of his, but I don't think this apology is as bad as it's being put.

  • I'm so sorry for being creepy with minors, and being a predator. I'm gonna take time away to reflect and educate myself on the complicated topics of why it's illegal to message minors. What an easy let off. People aren't really holding you accountable so you're not gonna stop until someone does.

  • how many times has this happened!? he says he didn't know these people were under the age of 18... but don't most people nowadays have their age in their bios or something?

  • Being desperate is no excuse. When I was desperate, for real desperate I still went after guys my own damn age

  • Sounds like a bunch of big trendy words to make excuses over and over. "I'll be taking some time away to reflect and educate myself", dude. Really ? So at the end of the day, it's embarrassing FOR HIM. He did something wrong. He is ashamed. He feels bad. Well as someone who's been taken advantage of by guys like him as a teen, it didn't affect them. It doesn't affect him much. It affects THE VICTIMS. Who he barely even mentioned. And how could he, every single sentence starts with "I".

  • 16:50 Glare:I have to laugh *As she says in a monotone voice.*

  • No he said he didn't know their age of 16 the fact is they lied about their age, James clearly isn't a predator just you idiots want to cause drama, welcome back to my channel blah blah blah.

  • I don't care how desperate you are to date, if you go after multiple minors, there's a problem.

  • James, if you ever have to ask if someone is over 18 it will never end well. I hope you go to prison and pay for your mistake.

  • The fact that I got my channel t*e*rminated for watching mostly k-pop and j-pop and maybe one video I added was "bad", but then that would mean everyone who has a playlist with Britney Spears - ...Baby One More Time should be t*e*rminated as well... I was mostly watching asian idols, so it is just weird that if a asian t**nager did the same thing with a school uniform on it would be bad...yet with Britney it is okay... I just want to know why I got chi**l*d safe****ty on my channel! And here's James Charles talking to people below him and his channel is still up! I have been spami-ng TeanESmain on twitter and waiting for my appeal respond but because my channel was t*e*rminated so quick they can't find yet, I need help ya'll. Us normal people need more help than James Charles needs it.

  • 3:46 Yeah, I started to look at pictures of Freddie Mercury with his cats

  • I am revived 🤣 I am alive 🤣

  • His relationships don't work because he likes straight men or literal kids.

  • His body language is saying something completely different to the words he's speaking.

  • It’s kind of ironic that his earnings are a lock and key

  • I'm glad he styled his hair to look like a party city clown wig for this absolute joke of a video

  • Damn is it me, or has this predator trend spiked recently, in almost every community I'm interested in too

  • I saw the thumbnail and the “Clownery” text and thought this video was about a literal clown. (Especially with the hair 🤡)

  • ....Does he know he has a birds nest on his head..?

  • Did he really say he didn't research, or look at their social medias when talking to these minors? It's just a normal thing nowadays to look at anyones social media that you're interested in. It's also normal to ask how old someone is as well as all of the other questions you ask when you first meet someone. THAT is where I knew he is full of shit!

  • Here's my two cents. For the first two people I thought Oh poor James. He wouldn't do something like that. But now that there are 16 people? No way their all lying.

  • Ok I am going to say this, James's apology was bad but at least he tried to “address” things instead of not doing anything and b4 you guys start attacking me no I do not support him or the things he does I feel like he should go to the authorities as well and get help, I honestly i don’t want him to spend jail time I just don’t wanna see him do the same thing again it’s probably better if he doesn’t use social media at all for atleast some years

  • I never cease to feel bewilderment at the way these influencer were garbage celebrities think we don't notice when PR garbage is being regurgitated.

  • Literally just came from the apology 😂😂

  • Went from watching James' apology video to watching this and almost blew my goddamn eardrums out-

  • how about not sending naked photos or speaking in a lude way to people you don't know , or haven't met in person?

  • He needs to do some time if he is doing that. Apologies are not enough.

  • Not enough concealler in the world to cover up his imperfections lol

  • Okay, can someone answer a question for me if a 17 year old goes into a bar and has a fake ID whether she is a female he is a he whatever it is they go into a gay bar straight bar if they go home with someone and have sexual relations with an adult how can that adult be held accountable for the other person lying. no he shouldn't have been talking to underage men kids essentially but people need to take in account and hold the other party responsible as well yeah he didn't do his research he didn't look in to see how old these boys were but he was also told that they were 18 years old. There needs to be accountability on both sides because he shouldn't have been messaging a minor but they also need to take into account and be responsible for them lying and saying that they were an adult.

  • james saying hes just desperate plays the exact same tune as EDP saying he was just lonely

  • not the sister cellmate-....

  • His hair is so ugly oh my

  • ....sorry it's upload on April Fool's...

  • I thought he wasn't going to make excuses??? The whole apology was just so self-absorbed and filled with a bunch of justification for the messed up decisions he CHOSE to make

  • 5:13 actually i think 6 PEOPLE came forward with accusations

  • This reminds me of mini ladd. They both try to go around the issue and basically blame the victims. Then act like it's all ok again

  • If your having a “conversation” with a fan that you wouldn’t want the world to see your doing something wrong. Your ESmain fame isn’t a dating service. Obviously if a younger person even a adult if you met someone as huge as James Charles you might feel inclined to do things you normally wouldn’t. It’s called abuse of power. He’s using his fame to prey on people.

  • I LAUGHED SO HARD when you said "Sister cellmate." 🤣

  • Well I wonder if this kind of excuse would be enough on To catch a predator- it wouldn’t be! Somehow he always gets away with it.

  • I don't understand his hair looks odd but to each their own

  • thank you for putting it in to words here plane for everyone to hear. When he said something did happen I was screaming inside: "No it has not happened you DID it" SItuations where someone gets RPd, sexually harassed/ groomed do not just happen, someone is doing this to others.

  • This cannot be allowed to go on any longer. James needs to face the appropriate consequences for his actions. Please sign my petition here to encourage social media platforms to deactivate his online profiles. www.change.org/RemoveJamesCharles

  • did he CG his fuckin teeth in this?

  • People who liked his video are really sad . Sad that they don’t realize how this is criminal behavior .

  • Sister cell mate 🤣🤣🤣

  • Sister cellmate sent me

  • Why does his hair look like a flying saucer?

  • ................ what's wrong with his hair?

  • His facial expressions are weird- in the way that he looks kinda happy speaking about the topic throughout the whole video. I think it's duping delight

  • Glad I'm not the only one who thought he was quiet, I thought you just turned the volume down on the video for copyright or whatever, now I know it's just him.

  • AHHHH HE FUCKED UP SO MUCH, after the tati drama where he was accused for exactly that when he didn't do that this is the worst thing he could do

  • I’m so sick of these beauty guru scandals. Can we just throw out the whole community and start over?

  • But think, did Zoe make an apology attempt? No Did Tony make an apology attempt? No Did Ondreaz make an apology attempt? No Did James Charles? Yes? Why is this?

  • james sounds like every guy on TCAP. “i’m lonely” “i’m a virgin” “i just got divorced” “i have trouble getting dates”

    • Yes, that's the vibe I get from him

    • why don’t u take a seat for me james

  • This is just completely unacceptable, I don’t understand how so many people just watched that and were all like “yes, this is a perfectly acceptable apology video and now we all can just move on” like huh? I’m so incredibly baffled that some people find this okay.

  • "I'm putting a trigger warning" "I'm just letting you know." Letting us know what, Charles?? What is the trigger warning of?? You need to say it! Wth man

  • honestly i think this is the first time I've watched one of your videos and disagreed. I don't know much more about this topic than what's been said in your video, so I'm going to look into it more after commenting this, but as someone whos experienced being gr**med as a minor and also (separately) been on the other side of this kind of situation (lied to a 19 yr old about my age and flirted) , it sounds like he is owning up to a mistake he know he made is activley trying to change. It sounds like behind the scenes he has been truly reflecting on why he did what he did now and the reason it was wrong, and is even taking a break from social media as someone should in his position. I might be on the lesser side here, but from what was included in your video, sounds like hes doing what he should be to change, and I honestly think he was being truthful and genuine. He's claimed he's talking to professionals, he's reflecting, he has educated himself, and he's being honest and recognizing where he truly fucked up and needs to change in the future. Maybe I'm missing the part where he knowingly interacted with these minors (he says here that he stopped talking to them when he found out) which would definitely change the way I view the situation, but if not, it's frustrating that you've been completely polar about this when youre acting as if he swapped nudes with them KNOWING they were a minor ( from what I understand it was just a flirty conversation with who he was under the impression was of-age ). I like your videos because you typically try to see the full picture, but it doesnt feel that way here. Your commentary was fully black and white, using his video in which he clearly states that he did not intentionally interact with a minor explicitly, to say he did so and is not going to change. I fully agree with your statement at 24:16, but he TOO explicitly said that as soon as he found out, he cut contact and blocked them. anyways that's just my perspective after watching this and if anyone could share some info I'm missing please lmk!

  • Did any parents step up and turn him in?

  • Love your videos pls keep making more! 💯

  • Y'know, if this had just happened one time, I could have written it off as a serious lack of judgement but I wouldn't have considered him a predator, per se, just someone who was irresponsible, but, this is obviously a real problem for him. He could have not done this after Dramageddon, if he were a normal person, but, the fact that this stuff is coming out proves that this is who he is.

  • it’s only because the victims are boys. it’s so sad

  • Who's going to be the person to teach popular people not to message underaged people

  • But if those people lied to him, why is he the culprit? How can you come out and say that you’re a victim when you claimed to be 18 and proceeded to flirt.

    • @Nikki Kitty Cat He's still underaged. You need to remember that teens and kids do stupid crap all the time. They don't think about repercussions.

    • @AMVC oh alright that changes things. But about that one kid or whatever, he disgusts me. He has no right to claim himself a victim.

    • It wasn't one person though, it was about eight people, a couple posted their ages on their accounts. He admitted to being aware of their ages.

  • Usually the only victims ppl care about are females sadly

  • His hair looks like a platform in a side scrolling video game.

  • Sister Shackles

  • He wears his hair like it's a hat

  • Why does his mouth move like that? His voice and lips don't match, like a puppet. It's like his tongue is too big for his mouth or something.

  • “My hope was to be in a relationship with someone my age or older.” LIE !!! You’ve admitted to Logan Paul you have the mentality of a 40yr old and like younger boys. James manipulated his audience once again. He did so well last time, he’s getting better ! I just want to know how everyone thought he cleared his name last time. He didn’t clear anything but the SBH situation. Nothing else !!! He never denied tati’s accusations against his manipulating boys to do what he wants using money, fame and power. And James isn’t stupid. He uses only Snapchat to do his nastiness for a reason.

  • He is hanging out with Charli and Dixie and the Tik Tok boys to get in with kids. "Mentorship" my ass.

  • The dislikes are James Charles fans

  • "Im sorry I will change, I will be more careful" is predator talk for "you won't catch me again"

  • The real question his why the police haven't been involved yet considering he was "texting" minors .... Nothing gonna be done unless someone takes the first step .

  • This looks like a Korean apology video

  • You know what else will make sure you get “educated” and it will “never ever happen again”? Jail time.

  • I didn’t have dating experience growing up. Don’t/won’t/haven’t gone for minors

  • He never actually said what the trigger warning was which rubs me wrong? Like he didn’t say it or put it on the screen he just said that he felt it was important to include a trigger warning. WHATS IT FOR BUB? Like I know but I think personally trigger warnings should be explicit ex. Trigger warning blood if you got into an accident or something so people know that you aren’t just doing story time I got hurt but story time I got hurt and this is what it looked like. Like if you’re going to say there’s a trigger warning make it useful so it’s actually a warning for people who need it

  • just wanted to point out, when he says "I didn't do enough research" is a blatant lie! in some of these kids bios, it says their age! which james had said before, he found these kids on tiktok!

  • I’m 21 and honestly 18-25 year olds have varying levels of maturity. I have been unable to connect with people my own age because of how it feels like I’m talking to a child when I’m with them. He’s even said he’s into younger people. How can you Stan a person who admits to being into underaged