Jake Paul is at it again

Publicado el 7 ago 2020
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  • It's amazing how Jake has managed to make Logal Paul the less hated Paul brothers. But honestly, ever since I that music video with him dancing with a horde of half naked preteen girls in sportsbras and short shorts dancing inappropriately I've jus always gotten weird vibes from the guy like at the very least he doesn't know where to draw the line of what's appropriate for children and considering his young audience it's always sleeved me out

  • I don't understand how ready to glare doesn't have millions of subs. She's that bitch on the internet and I AM HERE FOR IT ❤💅💄

  • I always forget that you can’t drink in America till your 21 I can drink when I’m 16 and I’m 17 the now but only rule with drinking at 16 is you need to be at a restaurant and with a meal and someone over 18

  • I don't care if people own guns, but I do care if they're legal. If they aren't legal, you don't need to own them. Drugs, weed is one thing, but I know for sure that Jake doesn't do just weed, probably xanax like Tana. And minors, do I need to explain myself? Also, one of those rifles you showed had a silencer amd what I know is that you need a permit for one, and I doubt Jake has one.

  • Jake Paul has one brain cell and it bounces around his head like the rainbow dvd screen saver.

  • Cool, but if you want to make a video about toxic people, maybe don't use keemstar for citation?

  • Your hilarious!

  • I just feel so bad for his neighbors, to deal with this shit on the daily.

  • These people need to be put in prison for the rest of their lives.

  • I hate jake Paul and wouldn’t be surprised if the drugging allegations were true at least in part. But I wouldn’t trust Keemstar as a source, esp bc he’s made false allegations about sexual abuses before

  • Here after 2 weeks.

  • Just wanna remind y'all that if they are underage they're not women ! They're still children. Ik it was probably a mistake but just letting y'all know lol

  • Hence why when lilah gibney went to the house they didn’t want trans women because they only like biological women. For that reason. Like the casting couch all over again. Lilah gibney made me think that straight away when that whole thing went down

  • He reminds me of the Ken from the Ken and Barbie killers.

  • He actually didn’t take a bottle of vodka he was given and he put it down later. He was there only to film it. Not that it makes him a better person just kind of shows he isn’t that stupid

  • h3h3 just staring into the camera, pretending to be shocked.. hes so annoying

  • So he raped people.... interesting..

  • Jake Paul has straight white male privilege. Because even if you’re a white women, you’d still be sexualize, but you do have privilege..

  • Have you seen their dad?? He's a disgusting POS & the boys giggled about it like it wasn't a big deal. They think this behavior is OK. I don't doubt any of these allegations against them & their peers. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  • you need permits for automatic weapons so if he has them and doesnt have a permit, thats illegal. also there is a difference between semi-automatic and automatic. semi-auto, one trigger pull, one bullet(most firearms people have). automatic is bullets as long as you hold the trigger down.

  • Whoever watches these people have GOT to be at least privileged white spoiled kids/teens because clearly they don’t see anything wrong with their behavior. You could argue that their audience are just easily impressionable kids but I feel like even then you can obviously see that the things they do are just morally wrong. if you were raised right you wouldn’t be watching them

  • I don’t really trust Keemstar

  • Aye yo God...can you just...smite the Pauls? As well as Trisha and Tana? Please??

  • why are we even surprised though?

  • I truly believe Jake Paul’s brain is still in its adolescent phase of development.

  • I actually feel sorry for the embryos watching jake's channel Unless they agree with him on just about anything

  • I heard it had something to do with blm...not sure

  • Apparently this Armani guy is pretty much just a violent pimp. His criminal record is from before him and Jake started hanging out. Just the person you hoped Jake would invite to be a member of Team 10!

  • The Paul parents have a lot to answer for. Jake and Logan act like they come from a trailer park family (no idea if they do or not) they have no morals or empathy even their apologies are awful and fake. On a side note when you said their audience are embryos I literally spat my drink out from laughter.

  • Could you please not say underage women, they're teenagers...

  • Im sorry hanging around with Jake Paul as a model is not asking for a career its asking for trouble.

  • Is anyone else having trouble with notifications with giulia's channel (sorry i mispelled her name)

  • Idk why but I keep pressing subscribe but every time I look up your name it says I’m not subbed ? Wtf :|

  • 4:09 ????

  • Im not questioning Jake Paul being an asshole etc, but you really shouldnt go to keemstar for information on him or for anything else, regardless if he is actually telling the truth or not, he's morals are just as twisted as Jake's if not more, and when reporting news he goes after sensation, not the truth. And although Jake disgusts me as a person, I wont instantly believe every allegation towards him.

  • I hate ESmain I got the notification for this video five days late smh..

  • Once young ppl realized they could make money by doing more and more outrageous things on social media it was all over

  • all the people that disliked are 10000% jake paul fans

  • This video in my feed: "No way. NO WAAAAYYYY"

  • People are responsible for their own actions and situations they put themselves in, these stupid girls also.

  • I am like late on this tea but i heard that trafficking was going on in there-and girls woukd wake up in the hospital

  • Jake pual definetley isnt selling drugs hed get robbed so fucking quick he never be able to live that life He a spoilt rich kid 😂😂😂

  • Remember that there were literal children that he drugged in the parties. This is horrible.

  • I Think You Got A Thing 4 Jake Lol

  • There is no way to tell what hair color it will be next

  • its everyday bro with the tax evasion flow

    • @Asariti trump is quaking

    • $2million dollars unpayed for taxes. never done before.

  • The day before I saw the article that said the FBI raided his house, there was a cover story on snapchat that said “Jake Paul says he will not stop throwing huge parties” 😂😂😂 if that’s not irony idk what is😂

  • I live where next to the mall he robbed. It was insane

  • Very true. My friend was at that party.... And he saw such horrendous stuff. Trying to force women into rooms and riping girls clothes off. He had to tell one to stop and had to drive 2 of these girls who were crying and barely could walk. I think he still has pics of everything...

  • I was just having this conversation with a friend. I was like "he seems like a guy that never pays his taxes and pretends like he didn't know he had to pay them". Well well well...lol

  • "which is really devastating to me cos i like GioRRRgio ARRmani"

  • Shit, I thought the other Paul brother posting a dead body was bad but that's nothing compared to this.

  • Unpopular opinion. Logan Paul is a much better person than Jake. I’m not saying he’s a good person he’s just better. When he apologised for the problems he caused I felt like he actually grew from it but Jake has completely spiralled. Jake always made me so uncomfortable I never watched a full one of his videos but I was a pretty big fan of Logan’s until the body incident. Since then watching his vlogs I think he has grown as a person tbh. Just my personal opinion

  • "His audience are embryos" I laughed so hard I almost woke my newborn lol

  • People being raided isn’t AS rare as you’d think, & I feel like people have to remember even though he’s a joke he still has friends who aren’t public figures & he’s still a regular person (I’m also from Ohio & everyone here shoots for fun). The federal authorities don’t fuck around w guns.

  • Ugh yeah, my kid would watch JP when he was an 8 year old or something.

  • I mean I wouldn't be surprised if the manager/friend is involved in human trafficking...

  • Hello, I love your videos and the topics you chose to speak about. But I would like to give you one single advice and that is to change the mic whenever you can because the quality isn't doing you justice. It is actually hurting my ears, but I still watch because like I said I love your videos. I hope you don't take it negatively, it's just a request from me, in the end it's your choice. I look forward to your next vid!

    • MsForsaken09 yea its kinda loud and idk kinda echoey

  • ....so anyone else had their audio cut off in the middle of the video or?

  • i don't jake paul is a map a map has a messed brain jake paul simply has a dirty spinge between the ears instead

  • He makes me so angry

  • electric chair [tok]

  • Watch the second Drama Alert about this Guilia! Armani raped girls in the Team 10 house and Keem interviewed one of them named Chloe, who JUST pressed charges 4 days before the raid, and they raided Armani's mansion in Las Vegas. Armani would contact girls from the Team 10 IG account and when they'd come over they'd be told they had to have sex w Armani and Jake to get signed to Team 10..and then they never signed them

  • I never liked him. Not one single second. I am so proud of that.

    • I was never a fan but i have a younger cousin who used to like him a couple years ago and idk abt now but if he still does i wouldnt be suprised since hes barely 9

    • Luckyyyyyyyt. I liked him and I was such a fan 3 years ago😭

  • Tana, Jake Paul, Onision, Jeffree Star, Shane Dawson... what an intresting company!

  • New Day - New Disappointments: yep. me. Need this shirt.

  • I only hope he actually gets punished and this doesn't get swept under the rug

  • No one is surprised that this garbage can of a human was taking advantage of as many women as possible.

  • Imagine using money you get from 10 yr old fans to buys drugs and illegal weapons lmfao I can’t

  • I’m all for gun rights but wtf? :/

  • NGL it sounds like he was gonna shoot up a bank or a school.

  • could you look into doing a video on the allegations surrounding panic! at the disco right now?? we (the fanbase) have been trying to contact them for days about some really serious stuff that’s been revealed and getting no response and it’s really troubling.

  • Glare is my spirit animal

  • The perfect shirt for this video lol

  • I’m shocked he still has a platform

  • More curious**

  • did you delete my comment where I called you classist? sus... good thing I grabbed screen shots :)

    • People could have reported your comment, ESmain will randomly delete stuff as well. Tbh I don’t think she cares lol 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Jake Paul disgusting

  • The _audio_ omg stahp

  • Jake Paul is basically Epstein jr

  • Honestly mot surprised

  • When I got this notification I thought “what this time?” Lol

  • He could be related to Trump... He radiates the same energy.

  • I've been saying for a long time, ESmain will be the next Epstien-style ring exposed.

    • Yyyup!

  • Jake Paul Is a kremlin agent, he was a sniper for the Russian military. The people he hang out with are Russian spyes.

  • Jake Paul really is a cockroach,you flush it and think it's gone, but its still frickin swimming in the bowl

  • Automatic weapons are highly illegal for a regular citizen in the United States. To get an automatic weapon, you need a lot of training, background checks and about $30k per firearm. And I am 99% sure they are completely outlawed in the state of California. Please don’t speak about guns when you don’t know things about them.

  • I can’t believe Shane Dawson try to make us like him when he Talk to Alyssa Violet she explained on how he abused her and he was like who cares I want money

  • Yeah this is sex trafficking....

  • Jake's manager, armani izadi, has pimping charges from Vegas from 2013/2014. Check out the website "the dirty" - under Las Vegas and his name and u will see soooo much shit. Just Google "armani izadi the dirty" and multiple posts will come up. It's fucking crazy. (FYI the dirty is a website that the public can post on... u choose any city in the world and can post photos of ppl u don't like or who have done nasty shit and u can write text along with the photo basically exposing the person. This is usually done for non celebrities... regular ppl... but back in 2013 2014 armani was kind of a regular person.. a club promoter in Vegas who had side hustle of pimping girls. He also was charged because he horribly TORTURED one of his prostitutes. It details this on the dirty website).

  • I heard jake paul got raided by the FBI, for sex trafficking minors. Apparently there was a parent on fb, that said his teenager was drugged and hospitalized. #CherishTheChildren #SaveTheChildren. Hollywood is disgusting, #PedoGate #PizzaGate. Thank you for always using your platform for speaking up on things like this.

  • Hi Glare! Can you talk about Lovely Peaches / make an update video on her if you already made a vid?

  • Man we really did Miley Cyrus and Bella Thorne dirty thinking they were the Disney Star Disasters...😰

  • This must be what Blair White was talking about

  • CLEARLY this is all tana's fault :'(

  • Why are you so far away? I promise I don’t bite. 😋

    • XcQ You too 😄

    • @ItIsWhatItIs idk. anyway cya have a nice day or night

    • XcQ then why are you commenting back?

    • @ItIsWhatItIs oh just the promise i dont bite part. tbh i dont really care now.

    • XcQ I forgot I even wrote this. lol 😂 I meant like why is she so far away from the camera.

  • my first thought was drugs & weapons and sexual assault and wouldn’t even be shocking if they were young

  • Does anyone else feel like ESmain has become the new Hollywood in the last couple of years? The corrupt CEO, abuse, liars, dead bodies, adopting for clout, exploiting kids, pedos/pedo apologists, romanticizing/stigmatizing mental illness, crimes, defamation, biases etc? This is what happens when you gas up creators into thinking they're "influencers; give them money for existing, rewarding bad behavior and feeding their ego to the point they think they're better than actual celebrities. You see "influencers" do the type of crap *real* celebs wouldn't do because they don't have anyone who would tell them "no" because unlike most celebs, influencers have an expiration date so their "people" let them do whatever to milk them for what they're worth before they fade into oblivion. An example of this is the Hype House party and Nakita Dragun(?) throwing huge parties getting people sick while we're in quarantine and not giving a single f*ck. Celebs can be hypocritical, brain dead, egotistical asshats but they even have enough sense not to throw huge parties and record it. *THESE* *PEOPLE* are the reason Cali is *crawling* with 'rona and can't reopen to be able to film shows/movies or leave their house, Idk why nobody has confronted any of them on the streets.

  • So Jake Paul is an amateur human trafficker... D3@th penalty.