Is this tiktoker cringe or genius?

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  • (If you naturally have vocal fry, there’s nothing wrong with it, obviously, the point here is that we hear his real voice that doesn’t include vocal fry- that’s why it’s weird) Also I lived in CA for six years. I’ve heard this voice. Nothing wrong when it’s natural. I think what irks people is the trying to force a voice that isn’t yours.

    • I had a "friend" just send me one of her inspirational tik toks. No "hey, how are you?" Or "what've you been up to lately?" JUST, "look at me!!!" She wasn't always like that but she was looking for attention before tik tok. I think tik tok made it seem more acceptable for her to act self-centered. It makes me upset. I thought I had a friend but they don't really need me as a friend. They already love themselves enough for the both of us. [Sorry for the rant. I need therapy and I'm too disabled to meet up with one.] Just delete this comment. This video isn't about me. I got triggered. My bad.

    • If you're from California the vocal fry is from the chronic weed here. When I hear that voice, I think not only are they fried but baked too.

    • Ive been in California my whole life . And even though we do have a stoner vibe or a valley girl accent . THAT IS SOOOOO NOT HOW WE SOUND . It’s definitely exaggerated e boy . I sent it to my best friend and she was horrified.

    • I think that IRL his voice isnt deep at all and thats his best shot at sounding low pitch 🤣 j/s It was either this raspy low voice or sound like woman that's tryin to do an impersonation of a man's voice

    • @Winter Forest well I guess that can do it too

  • His voice makes me think of “valley girl” Omg like it’s just so grody and oh mah gawww Like gag me with a spoon

  • They are trying to sound like Corpse... And failing lol

  • I fucki g love Doja Cat wtf

  • I swear, your hair always looks so beautiful! You're gorgeous, just had to let you know!

  • He reminds me of George Michael

  • you seemed to really enjoy imitating his voice 😂😂❤

  • You use wigs. It’s the same thing. Masking

  • 90s kid coming out the shadows to give e-points for the Lizzie Mcguire cup.

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  • Aïe aïe aïe cringe!!!!

  • So: I'm French and I noticed that a lot of American women have a trembling voice and apparently: in the USA a voice that is too high is synonymous with stupidity that's why many girls in the US force their voices to be serious which gives exactly the same effect (of voice which "trembles" as on these examples of tiktok and sorry i learn that in my sociological lesson: the vocal fry

  • “Here I am and…. Pain”

  • Is he "faking his voice" or is he just lying down? Lmao. Did this need to be a video? He is cringe though for sure.

  • I just realized my fanart got into the video!! Thank you so much :)

  • I think he was actually making fun of dojacat for making fun of him ._.

  • There’s a difference in the voice that he’s trying to sound like and what he actually sounds like.. but let him do him ig 🤷🏼‍♀️ I personally like a guys sleepy voice or when they just wake up..

  • Wait wait wait... Why would content like this be demonetized??

  • Omg doja cat, I'm dead😂😂

  • You had me laughing 🤣

  • Gm... I thought the first vid you should us was a good point. Guys are always h*es so why can girls be ? Like its totally fair

  • Is no one going to mention the hair? 😂.

  • maybe I'm too gen z but the brussel sprouts thing makes sense but whatever

  • I started talking like this, and my dog got worried about me. XD

  • I have a voice fetish and I'm normally into almost everyone's voices, but that.. *That was bad*

  • You LOVE it

  • He is so obviously homosexual! 🤔👸

  • FYI. Her shirt is 100% my vibe

  • Please talk about ToriVOfficial!!! Creepy ass chick

  • This dude makes me feel so yuck, don't find him attractive at all

  • With the Brussels sprouts one it was supposed to be “I’m tryna f- your spouse”. Or he’s just trolling idk

  • As someone who accidentally vocal fries (former bulimic, constant swollen tonsils, and natural deeper female voice), this is cringe. 😬


  • What fucks me even more up is this haircut. It looks a bit like a dead hedgehog

  • I haven't seen you laugh this much in a video in forevers

  • I love how when I ask my husband “Babe, what was that movie that was like _____?” ->(Gives nearly 0 info) Then instantly responds with the *exact* title. 😅 So under appreciated.

  • Oooh...

  • Dudes gonna damage his vocal chords from all that vocal fry!

  • “No shame ahaa” 😭😂

  • My jaw dropped when I saw her lizzie mcguire cup.. I NEED

  • Doja being a Southern California girl , growing up in the valley like myself .... I died when I saw this 😂😂 like why do people want to sound like this ??? I’m trying to get rid of my valley girl accent 😅

  • It's the surfer dude voice

  • Oh my God I am cackling at you laughing at this

  • I first saw it when this man made fun of it and it had me dying hilarious

  • I also think he’s stating odd truths

  • I think he’s calling out a girls jealous boyfriend who has no reason to be jealous. The kind of guys that doesn’t like it when a girl has guy friends so the boyfriend picks on the guy friend because he’s intimidated.

  • I love this video as usual! Growing up in SoCal (idk where he’s from) he totally has a skater / surfer accent to me but like waaayyy exaggerated

  • Naursesiseummm and insehceuritay

  • My only things is that if you don't like his voice, why not just keep scrolling?

  • I don't get why people are so butthurt about his voice. Just let him do what he wants, it doesn't effect you in any way. If you don't like him, keep scrolling. Why do you feel the need to criticize someone on their decisions in regards to how they wanna present themselves to others?

  • I wonder if hes trying to look like George Michael on purpose.

  • He sounds like a zombie 🧟‍♀️.

  • Giulia stop he's already dead! 😂😂😂💀💀

  • Vocal fry wtf gross

  • he equally makes me laugh and makes me feel gross so i'm very on the fence

  • 1980's valley boy vibe

  • Tbh, if I were a more or less famous online personality, I'd use a "fake voice" - meaning a computer generated voice, or another person's voice (only with their permission of course) - to avoid people making some deep fakes by using my voice from my own videos and TikToks in the near future; basically as a security measurement. Like e.g. to avoid others calling my insurance and cancelling my vehicle's insurance policy, or cut off the power of my apartment/house, etc... I'd initially thought, something like this would be the reason for him using a "fake voice" and for this video, but of course I was wrong and it's just some kids doing stupid stuff on TikTok.

  • 🤣🤣🤣 these tik toc boys trying to jump on the "corpse husband" internet obsession. Bruh, you don't sound like corpse. You need a cough drop.

  • living for this look!

  • My voice is permanently like that actually because of an accident =/ and I get bullied a lot over it so it kinda sucks

  • A lot of people from Florida talk like this is not an intentional accented just like how some New Yorkers have a stronger New York accent than others this is like a beach accent

  • I barely comment but omg you made me laugh so hard with this video! Yeah, it doesn't help that he's on his bed, like (in his robotic statically voice) "imagine you laying next to me." Btw I REALLY love your hair & make-up color combo ❤️

  • died laughing when you did the voice or when you laughed

  • His voice tickles me so cringe haha

  • I honestly think he was trying to sound like, oh baby baby, Britney Spears

  • Tbh this is a weird one from you. It’s just you being a super snarky person towards some random dude doing tiktoks...for what reason? We all know most of us have things people could rip apart about us if they wished to, you especially & chose to make this? Whilst continually pointing out everything you’re making fun of him for is probably coming from serious insecurities he has? Aye, alright.

  • I hate vocal fry

  • When you asked your husband about a movie with someone with this kind of voice, I was SO SURE it was gonna be The Babadook, that's what it reminded me of. Babadook, dook, dook, doooooooook

  • He talks like a Bennydrama character dslahfakdshfgs

  • Feels very misogynistic, i.e. “Your girl is a prize, not a person, and I’m gonna steal it from you” 😬

  • who is doja cat tho? lol

  • love when u make chill videos like this every now and then!!

  • What he's doing with his voice is called "vocal fry"

  • Your icy cold hairrrr and makeup look are fulfilling something deep in my past 14-year-old self's emo heart and would have basically been my ultimate dream tumblr aesthetic and personal style goals in highschool as an OG scene kid (before wigs were cool and cas, when hair straighteners mattered more than instagram) rawr XD

  • I literally read most of these comments in my head in his fake fried voice and didn’t notice it until I began on laugh at myself.! This is so clearly forced it’s hilarious!!! I grant him donkey of the day!!🤣🤣✌🏽

  • Lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • . ? Who Cares. He's a dumb kid. Kinda come off as a bully here.

  • I think the joke he was trying to make was "no that's brussel sprouts, I'm trying to fuck your spouse" which ya know more shitty "I'll steal your girl" content there

  • Doja needs a life.

  • I have actually always had this voice. My fake voice is me not talking with the rasp.

  • Omg this made me laugh

  • Maybe try not to judge others based on their voice. I’m sure a lot of people could say the same about yours ....

  • vocal frys dont even sound good they are objectively annoying, I'm from LA and I cant stand it

  • Oooo I like this look on you girl

  • giulia barely being able to keep it together in the intro is so funny to me, let it out girl!

  • making that kind of voice is like super damaging for your vocal chords, which makes this whole thing even more hilarious to me lol

  • 5:06 😅😅😅😅😅😅

  • eugh * frog noises*

  • pls i blocked him like a month ago 😂

  • His voice reminds me of the turtle from Nemo.

  • Ba Ba Dook Dook DoOoOoOook

  • The only thing I can think of for the Brussel sprouts one is "brussel sprouts? Nah I said I wanna f*ck your spouse" it kinda fits the weird vibe he's got going

  • I think he thinks it’s hilarious & it’s his own Cali boy band spin on Jeff Spicoli. 🤣 (from Fast Times at Ridgemont High)

  • Yes! Glad you ultimately identified this as vocal fry. Cringe and annoying for sure. I would hope that most people who do this grow out of it eventually...

  • Hahahaa lmaao I needed this,he made me laugh so much,thank you G!🖤 Also,love the ponytails!🤩

  • It’s always nice to laugh at some tiktok cringe

  • as a linguist im reluctant to hate it just bc of his voice, esp since i learned in sociolinguistics that vocal fry was notoriously popular in teen girls (when, idk i dont remember sorry) and men made fun of them for it and usually changing the quality of your voice on purpose is attempting to project a certain social identity/attitude so he is most likely trying to appear laid back and care free by using that voice (im not good at picking these things up so i could be wrong but i think thats what it can mean sometimes)

    • tbh the only reason this was cringe was the content. maybe he did do the voice in order to get a reaction, idk but tbh i didnt find myself agreeing with the level of cringe you had here.

  • Not Brussel Sprouts but f*** your spouse? Okay then, Trent.

  • My stomach hurts from laughing when that "oh" on repeat part came up omg

  • This has got to be satire omg there’s no way this man is real