Is this IG account made for MAPs?

Publicado el 13 abr 2020
Please do not send any hate their way. That solves no problems.
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  • glare i think u should have blurred the picture of the minor's instagram profile that appeared at 4:14 I know has been a long time but i think its a valid thing to consider

  • *Her name's even Karen*

  • When MAPs and NOMAPs say their attraction to minors is a sexual orientation, all you gotta say is, "Last time I checked, 'Child' is not a gender". Sexual orientations are based off of the genders you're attracted to. Not their age lol.

  • Well Colombia abs of consent legally is 14 so

  • This is unfortunately common in Latin American countries, there needs to be more protections put in place for minors. Tim Tok has some questionable things going on to.

  • Remeber the good ol' days when MAP meant Multi Animator Project?

  • Don't remove the evidence. Might need it later.

  • 😡CALL 911😡

  • Sono andato vedermi il profilo, troppo cringe sia le foto sia i commenti, tutti da 40enni cioè la porzione più grande della torta di audience del profilo...

  • Where's the evidence that she's 14 years old?

  • This is sooo shady 😳

  • Omg she has an Aristocat on her arm! And also, yeah this girl is being guided by someone. Like who else would taking her pictures?

  • I miss when instagram was wholesome.... let's go back to Flickr.

  • Her account is so gross

  • I've never heard of this child before but I had to report almost all of her photos bc of how inappropriate they are.

  • Gee... I wonder what kind of people clicking the thumbs down button are 🤔🤔🤔😠

  • My god your fine

  • I reported some pictures

  • Hey, so there's these Tiktok accounts called "God's children" and they encourage minors to send twerking/sexually explicit videos to them. One of the creators I follow alerted us about it on a livestream and Its very scary. I reported the account, but Tiktok hasn't done anything.

  • Her account is nearly at like reiley Reid level

  • I agree with you but when you "i dont want to be on that platform with ppl like them" btw idk if you know you dont have to be on said platform lol.

  • Idk why the audio is bugging me

  • its a group of individuals who cater to and occasionally scam pedo's for money , i would assume thats a very lucrative business as all sex work usually is lucrative for whoever is pulling the strings.

  • As a youngster myself I find this *disturbing and disappointing* to see to that people actually have a sexual attraction to young children.(sorry if this is long)

  • You look so sultry in this vid!!!! Ty yass

  • Ooh I love your outfit! You look like an evil princess in low-cut leather.

  • I know this video is older, but you can upload to BitChute instead.

  • I’m Italian and my sister is in middle school. She was studying and I saw on her book “R+C=MAPS ❤️” I was very confused and I asked her what maps stands for and she said “migliori amiche per sempre” which in italian means best friends forever. I got so scared

  • i think she’s like 15-16. she looks younger than 18.

  • She is NO WAY 18+!! Thank for doing what you do!! I lose sleep at night over this shit. What has our society and world come to :( Pedophiles and also everyone out there trying to normalize pedophilia should be institutionalized!!!

  • The account has only gotten worse

  • If she is 18 then her parents wouldn’t have a say in what she does considering that she is an adult now, but if she is 15 I’m pretty sure her parents would have caught wind and have knowledge on what their child is doing, they might be exploiting her

  • The age of consent in Italy & Columbia is 14. In some states within the USA its 16. Why is she hating on young people having fun ?

    • @Roberto Morales Yea, like I said a sexually repressed game of make believe by some creepy pervert who hate the idea of healthy people enjoying a sexually fulfilling life.

    • @SPIDERM0OSE That was a hypothetical situation. Aka something that could and has happened but not now. I felt like I had to explain that especially to you.

    • @Roberto Morales Now yer just playing a moronic sexually repressed game of make believe. What girl are you talking about & wat old man are you talking about ?

    • @Roberto Morales .. Is literally a demented pervert

    • What is loving about a girl who barely has any idea about life and some creepy old man or vice versa.

  • there is someone in one of my classes that is named karen lopez o.o

  • There used to be this Facebook account for a very young looking girl. Maybe 6 years old, she looked very young, though I believe she claimed to be 11 or something like that if I'm remembering correctly. I don't know if it's still up since loads of people were reporting it and I cant even remember her name to look. But every picture posted had hundreds of comments from grown men (middle eastern tbh) telling her how beautiful she is and sexy she is. I had the feeling an adult was running the page or account pretending to be the child. I don't believe she was the age she claimed to be, she looked much younger. Still even 11 is bad but she looked much younger

  • I love your makeup in this vid

  • The hair, the makeup, the top, everything about you is BEAUTIFUL ✨💕

  • i’m not sure if anyone will see this, but it seems that her current user is @/KarenLopezReal and i looked into the about page, and it shows that on March 30, 2019, the account name was changed to @/ChangePropietary98 - Proprietary meaning ownership? So we can HOPE that this is either fake or managed by multiple people over time. :/ the entire situation is super sketchy

  • Lmao so instagram will take down fan accounts but not these thousands of accounts catered for pedos fucking sick i aBSOLUTELY adore it 😐😔😐

  • With all of the Save the Children hashtags trending I wonder if this girl is being trafficked in some way

  • I looked at the insta and I could scroll I hated it it made me so uncomfortable

  • what about cuties?

  • DUDE I HAVE HER AND HER SO CALLED SISTER/FRIEND/GF/COUSIN ADDED ON SNAPCHAT. Before she did p##n we were good friends but yk she started doing that stuff so I quit being friends with her. edit: she sent me a full body picture (COVERED AND MATURE) and she looked atleast 14. Yes ik adult's can be short and have baby faces but she looks pretty much like a 13/14 year old.

  • I wonder if she's being trafficked? Maybe I'm not using the right word. Definitely promoted for sure.

  • If nobody else says it: I appreciate you've tackled this evil in this world. Children don't have a voice or a choice in many situations.

  • Her name gotta be Karen 😂

  • Looks very young to me really think she fifteen

  • You should do a video explaining or atleast showing off all your tattoos.

  • There not silencing the wrong crowd. There purposefully catering to that group of ppl.

  • There are these girls in my grade who post lewd bikini pics and their posts get likes from 25 year old men. Their parents know about it and don’t care.

  • Zuckerberg is a pedo himself probably. Facebook is having a pedophile crisis right now too

  • So like in Columbia usually in the poor areas girls usually get scouted they live in the same house all the girls and the guys record them and are the ones that take the pictures and somewhat run the Instagram I hope that makes sense so I’d believe it ya a ring

  • Their profile name-change makes me think one of two things. She has been posting under different personas for several years which ppl have done esp. when they're young and their tastes, ideal, and interests change with time, or the account is "photog owned" and they've been posting "on behalf" of the model. The latter is really disturbing to think it's the case because this means there may have been multiple girls. idk much about instagram so (hopefully) that theory is a stretch. It does astonish me that insta doesn't penalize the account for bare-asses, but then how could they play host to pedos if they did that >.> From the looks of her, she /could/ be 18, esp. in the single photo. I wouldn't put money on that statement, but if she slammed a birth certificate on the table that proved it I wouldn't argue. BUT her friend, there's no way in hell she was 18. If she is, then she's a late bloomer with her facial development imo. But I don't have an insta. I don't see her body-- let along do I even want to, so that could be the big determining factor, because your face you can mess with to make you look older. Body, though, is alittle more difficult.

  • Listen, if someone is a MAP I won’t hold it against them IF they are actively seeking help and recognize that being a MAP is not a good thing. The second they try to justify being attracted to minors or act on it then they lose all of my respect.

  • It would be cool if you make one video in full Italian again!🥰 ly

  • Looking at her profile she genuinely looks like a baby

  • Don't call them MAPs. It's sugarcoating the fact that they are pedophiles. Call them what they are.

  • I always love a lil dance to your outro 🤦‍♀️

  • I rewatched this and her account scares me. It's gotten so much worse Edit : I reported her and Instagram won't remove her. It apparently doesn't go against the guidelines.

  • Estefani Méndez It is the name of the daughter of a Chilean singer, also, Estefani's brother was the victim of a person who stole his identity to speak with minors. kinda wired lmao love from Chile 💕

  • I’ve reported her account 3 times now, apparently nothing inappropriate about it. 🙄 This is some sick shit and all the social media platforms are in on it

  • I heart u

  • You give me the same vibe as porrim maryam 😳👉👈

  • Your makeup looks nice this video.

  • If I'm looking at the right account, it says she has an onlyfans?

  • she looks 14

  • it does strike me that there's lots of money to be made from the maps/pedos on twitter, insta and other social media outlets. The admins/stakeholders/owners would not be inclined to take down or actively target such content as they make good revenue off of these types of accounts. There's definitely been a movement to desensitize pedofiles in the last 10 years since I've been active online. Less of a public outcry = more money to be had. Discusting

  • Damn she speaks Spanish? Cool

  • On Sweden, pretending to be a minor in inappropriate situations or poses on media is illegal. It's a good law we have on these things so that porn don't cater to sickos.

  • Have you considered the possibility that this is an adult woman deliberately catfishing perverts in order to arrest them?

  • Glad I'm on your side, wouldn't want you as an enemy, :-). Doesn't she realise you're trying to help her? Shady.....

  • what if this is a cover up scheme by poilice and they catch predators this way?

  • MAPs??? Minor Attracted Predators??


  • I'm happy that the comments are talking about how they use the term 'MAP' to be accepted, because I was thinking the same thing. They definitely don't deserve to be called 'MAP' and deserve the hate. Though pedophilia is a mental disorder, they should be able to have enough common sense to know that they are literal predators and are a threat to our society.

  • They look 14 at most

  • i wouldnt be surprised if the girl in the pictures isnt even in charge of the accounts.

  • How do you go to the about section on someone's insta?


  • I couldn’t post breastfeeding photos a few years back but this can happen?

  • She has an only fans account! I did not think anyone under 18 could have only fans accounts? This is fucked up.

  • I reported all of her accounts and Instagram said it doesn’t violate any of their community guidelines which seriously blows my mind. She clearly is underage and now even has a onlyfans account 🤮 why do they allow her to be there? It’s disgusting and problematic.

  • I don't understand how and why society can sit there and say that being a pedo is bad, but then caters to predatory behavior. Why is it ok? Why won't websites take them down and hand their information to authorities? Why aren't there harsher punishments for pedophilia in the justice system? Is greed and money the driving force? I just...I just don't understand. I really don't.

  • My Ex was/is a MAP.... it annoys me.

    • Ummmmmm...🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓🚓

    • report him for the police plz

  • Humanity in the past thinking about future: We’ll make a cure for cancer and we’re going to be immortal. The actual future: people actually think that wanting to traumatize kids is a “fun little quirk”

  • i respect you

  • I think that being actracted to 15 year old is grose, when in my country, this is legal age. If a person is 15 or above it's not a crime anymore. I think that legal age should be the same all around the globe. I bet there is at least one person that would be more than happy to take a plane from USA to Poland just wanting to get laid with 15 year old person. It's just scary.

  • Next sexuality idea: Rapists. They're only attracted to people who aren't attracted to them.

    • i’m not surprised if this does happen tbh. internet’s weird, dude

    • Honestly, that's what people(especially LGBTphobes) are gonna say next, which is stupid.

    • This applies to all law abiding citizens, yes this includes non offending p3dos, n3cos, zoos etc. I welcome mature discussions (yes, anything can be discussed maturely.)

    • Pedos are rapists, rapism is nom consensual s3x

  • The fact that her name is karen😂

  • The page got worse. She has an onlyfans. How can we report this?

  • i went to her profile once after seeing your video, i din't know who she was. there was this picture she was wearing very thin material and her nipples were kinda showing, and there was this 50+ turkish man commenting this disgusting fantasies of his. i was infuriated, because i know turkish culture and being loyal to your family is a big deal there. idek why im writing this. it was my first time seeing as disgusting shit of a thing as that for the first time

  • You should do kids chat .net

  • This makes me nauseous

  • Business model *cough* more like prisoness model

  • I feel like the best way to rid of pedos is to make a computer generated child, have a team of adults work behind all the social media of this fake child and hope that they attract the pedos in order to catch and report them with evidence. I know there are people already doing it, but I don’t think “karen” is doing that...

  • I looked at her profile and she now has an onlyfans link 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • looks like sex trafficking.

  • I hate what 'MAP' stands for now. back in my day it only stood for 'Multiple Animator Project' :(

  • As a minor myself, I find one thing really weird, if she is an adult pretending to be a minor and then doing things like that, isn't she just sexualising minors?? Like wtf

  • She doesn't look 18, she still has the soft features of a young teen! Disgusting!