Is this a sentence or a vacation?

Publicado el 2 oct 2020
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  • "It frustrates me when people who actually deserve to get into a school don't because their spot was taken by someone who simply paid for it" . . . or wasn't the right skin color to meet the diversity quota?

  • I thought the picture was the Daybell chick. I can't see well I guess. I was afraid the child murderer only got a few years

  • This has to be a joke r u serious? “COFFE BREAKS” in prison? That’s already better than most peoples jobs!

  • Also no joke I was cool with it when I heard there was Pilates and even coffee bc prisoners always work out and drink shitty coffee but I realized that this was something ELSE when u said “an training”, “brunch” and “calligraphy” 🤣🤣🤣🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻please tell me that was a joke and not an actual pic of the place?! It’s better than Dr Phil’s “ranch” for bad ass kids!

  • Come on is this for real? Can I go there instead on NJ state rehabs the next time I need a rehab?! Geez

  • eat the rich lmao

  • Just another reminder of who really controls things. Rich never REALLY punish themselves for wrong-doing. AND If you're going to bribe someone to get your kid into a college at least make it a better school than USC. Aim higher...

  • I wanna go to that prison! How do I get in?

  • let’s be more happy that our prison system has improved enough to even have that option available for some women. Who cares that this lady wasn’t hit with the book. We have more to worry about

  • Girl, you have obviously never been locked up. I don’t care if what type of classes a prison has, it is still a prison. You are still treated like a piece of meat. You have no freedom, you have no rights. You have no comforts, real trouble getting any sleep on the so called bed they give you, fearing for your physical safety...I really cannot explain what it’s like. You have your individuality taken from you, you can have everything that you care about taken away including your dignity, your humanity, and your hope. It doesn’t matter how it feels or what you might be going through. There is nothing you can do. You have no ability to change your situation at that point. It sucks. I don’t recommend it (lol). I hear people say about some prisons“it’s a country club” or “That’s all?” about the length of a person’s sentence. “They ONLY got 20 years” Most people have no idea what they are saying.

  • When prison is better than your free life not in prison

  • Why is this alloweddddd

  • I think that she should work her ass off to get out. Then on the day of release, have a fake cellmate hand money over to the guard in front of her, and get released instead.

  • "Forced vacation" 🤫 You'll ruin it for the rich people! 🤭

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  • Lauri Loughlin out here in prison living better than I do 💀💀💀

  • Let’s talk about Asian and White students getting denied entry spots to Ivy League universities and being given to less qualified students who are Black and Hispanic.

  • I remember there was a David Dobrik vlog where they were talking w Olivia about her “being on the rowing team” and it was a big joke they all knew about and it was really sus. and the video is deleted and nobody is mentioning it.

  • I have a feeling that if I go to jail there will be no brunch or coffee breaks my recreational activities will be survival and making shanks prison should be the same for all

  • This reminds me of when they let Pablo Escobar build his own jail and pick who “worked” there. Brought in his own chefs and the obligatory wine with his dinner of course. Lol. Reform and punishment at its finest

  • Her prison environment is better than some students' lol

  • This pisses me off but I guess money talks. Meanwhile this money could go to actual prisons for education ect to lower the recidivism rate. So unfair to students that bust their asses that work hard honestly for these spots. Smh.

  • Her: Waiter- I mean prison guard, get me whip cream for this latè Like wft lmfao

  • This just shows how backwards our society truly is.

  • Thanks for Sharing ❤️&✌️

  • That prison sounds better than my old boarding school... The most prestigious boarding school in the country 😬

  • rich people always get away with it. there are no consequences if you have the money. prices may vary from country to country, and automatically favors the wealthy class. imagine getting 400,000$ a year??? how many of you make that? raising taxes for people who actually can afford them, while still wealthy can fund schools for education and potential for innovation that makes your state

  • So why is this that big of a deal? She did a non violent crime in order to benefit her kids. Oh my she’s such an awful person. You think they are going to put a celebrity in a normal prison??

  • Should look up Norways prison system. You'd be outraged 😂

  • The sentence sounds like a joke. Period.

  • Wealthy people don’t go to jail. They don’t go to real prison. The get put in federal “boot camps.” My uncle was a white collar criminal from the 80s, it doesn’t take much imagination on what he hustled. He spent 8 years in there. When I rolled up to visit for the first time I was expecting guard towers and barbed wire, no. What I saw was quite surprising. Old dudes sitting on a lake fishing, 2 running tracks, 2 basketball courts, a baseball field, and there weren’t doors on their cells. They were dormitories. The hardest part about being there is being away from the people you love and that’s it. I’m not exaggerating when I say that house arrest is more restrictive.

  • Wish I could go to that "prison".

  • Bet you she bribed the judge😌

  • Since when can people choose the prison they go to? This is BS. The fact that this spa thing is "marketed" as a prison is ridiculous...

  • >chosen prison So the old expression “putting the prisoner in charge of the prison” is literal here !

  • I've been to four separate adolescent mental health facilities, and this prison sounds more comfortable than all of them.

  • I hate going to jail. I'd rather go to that prison than any jail i've seen lmao

  • Ahhhh. California. it explain everything.

  • I lived in Victorville.. this place is a shit hole. Don't let the description fool you

  • Can I go to that jail to get into shape & better health and no worry about bills? But I need my dog... after all they are ESA

  • I think the joke is ON US. Yeah...

  • I’d like to point out that a lot of these videos have great intention but many neglect to remind people that Loughlin and her husband didn’t bribe the school USC itself. They bribed William Rick Singer. He’s the man who orchestrated these frauds against the college admission boards, including Yale and many prestigious schools across the United States. He used the money paid to him by these wealthy families to inflate test scores and submit false evidence. There were staff at these schools who also accepted bribes to help these fake admissions pass. He may not be celebrity status, but he shouldn’t be forgotten when talking about these crimes.

  • Remember that these people stole a life from someone, there's a smart kid out there who missed a great opportunity because of them

  • my parents always told me growing up, nothing is free is this world, and money always goes to money...and yep that is true

  • I hope our taxes are not paying for that “prison”

  • It’s outrageous!! Infuriating.

  • So...Summer camp?

  • I got function of beauty through your link and it took a while but my hair has never been so nice OMG

  • tbh i don't care what their prison is like. I'd rather make other prisons better than make that one worse. You could have brunch and yoga as long as you're not spending a shit load of money on it. I don't think either of those things are particularly expensive. (if they are then the prisoners can pay for it themselves) Non violent offenders probably shouldn't be put in literal cages. Punishment is fine, learn a lesson. But I don't really think it's cool to treat prisoners like shit unless they've done something super fucked up.

  • She bribed the judge for this light sentence. edit: This is a fucking joke. I spent 6 months in real prison with cockroaches and stabbings, for failing a drug test on probation. The justice system is fucking rigged for celebrities. Can't believe people can get away with insane crimes like this and never see any real consequences for their actions.

  • I don't agree with how harsh reguar prisons are, but if most of them are going to be awful places, they should all be awful I feel like. It doesn't seem fair that a 19 year old kid selling weed should have to go through so much shit when a rich piece of shit gets a forced vacation. Just doesn't sit right to me.

  • Wow your hair!!!! Loooove it!

  • Hearing you say my towns name is absolutely triggering

  • I would love to hear your thoughts on the guy in Australia who lost his job for harassing multiple women who rejected him on Tinder. It came to light after one of them exposed him on Instagram (including the nasty voice message he sent her).

  • As someone who used to live near Victorville and knows how disgusting, run down and dirty of a city it is, it's surreal to me that this prison is just allowing this to happen.

  • Not what I imagined when I thought of her going to jail...

  • Why does this remind me of when that famous lady went to prison in OITNB (orange is the new black) 🙃 special treatment and all

  • the list of activities reminds me of the amenities list from a hotel or spa

  • Prisons need constructive and recreational activities for obvious reasons, if you’re wondering where to draw the line it’s when it’s closer to a summer camp or hotel than a penitentiary. Otherwise what’s the incentive to NOT go to prison???

  • I don’t know how to reach you but you should talk about “Brooke shields-PlayBoy in the 70’s” it’s disgusting tho it really is

  • USC is the only party that should be held accountable

  • I’m not at all rich as she is , I’m actually really poor in a ghetto ass neighborhood, but I see no issue with this , what she did was ofc wrong and she should be charged , but she has got the cash and she got the option, get over it

  • Ooh natural hair, it makes a nice change to see it 🙂

  • I live in Victorville... I never knew the prison up here was that high class 😶😶

  • I've been saying from the start that this case was so pointless and that she'd just end up settling to pay money or end up doing a couple months at camp cupcake, having a better time than most do in their day to day life and it sounds like I was mostly correct.... Coffee breaks and yoga, I'm sure the food there is great. I bet they don't have mats on metal bunk beds like regular prisons, they probably each get their own room with a nice thick memory foam mattress and a flat screen tv with cable and netflix and a great view. It's not like she murdered someone, so I'm not saying she should be locked up with serious offenders in a hell hole prison, but come on this is hardly a punishment. At worst she'll miss her family a little bit, but they are probably allowed in person private visits as well (well maybe not with covid restrictions now but maybe at one time...) The privilege is strong with this one that's for sure. Anyways, over the past week or so I have been watching the trial of this guy that killed his parents and dismembered them, put their bodies in tubs with acid and left his mothers head boiling in a stock pot on the stove..... shit's WILD you should look it up if you haven't heard of it before... his name is Joel Guy Jr.

  • Just so yall know it’s pronounced lock-lin lolololol

  • We have privately funded prisons in america. That last sentence alone is fucking terrifying.

  • Prisons are not about law and order, they are about making money. Prison for profit is absurd.

  • The galling thing is that she's going to serve her ridiculous sentence at this "resort", and when she gets out, we're going to have to hear her talk about how awful being in prison was. She is going to milk this for all it's worth after her release. I agree with you...the money spent on maintaining this prison could be much better utilized in other prisons, on things like decent food.

  • anyways college admissions are just a joke. If it isn't celeb parents trying to buy their kids spots, it's the rich overseas parents doing it. I went to a college with a high exchange student population and almost none of them met the English requirement.

  • those yoga and palaties class is for people who were prostitutes and exploited. Not for privilege

  • Can you talk about kat von whooping cough husband prayers partying with over 100 people and nobody is wearing a mask?

  • Yup, and there's the lesson I'm always relearning: If you're rich, you can get away with absolutely anything.

  • Makes me sick that real people have to see how unfair this shit is

  • Damn Aunt Becky

  • Rich privileged is real!!!

  • Imagine scene in a satiric movie.. Wife: Oh honey look! This one has pilaties! I've been meaning to get in shape how nice! Husband: Now now don't overwork yourself! They also have brunch and coffe time! Oh I'll send you your best casual clothes so those other pesants can see what REAL privlage is *laughs at the economy* And we as the audience would be like haha now way! How entertain and unreal!

  • Ahh shit, goodbye Julia. Function of beauty? Ew

  • I’ve seen some ESmain vids saying that function of beauty makes your hair fall out, anyone every experience this ?

  • 😷👍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻☮

  • I actually live a few minutes away from the “camp” in Victorville. There were a couple women who were wanted because they walked out of prison. WALKED out. Because they really don’t care here. It’s not a prison.

  • Coffee breaks? From what?

  • Please, this minor. Jail the fools that are destroying the city's.

    • At least her kids were getting schooling, not uneducated babble destroying and stealing,

  • Sounds like the prison in arrested development 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Loving your highlighter!🤗🤘🏼🇨🇦 Pilates and yoga???? I’ve NEVER been able to afford EITHER!! Three hots and a cot... I can definitely afford that!!! 🥴

  • “Peaceful vibes”...

  • If that had been us, we would have received far worse. It’s ridiculous!

  • #MAPPride does not equal #murderpride. Give your head a shake.

  • Clearly you dont do a lot of looking into federal prison. Or prison in general.

  • Real hair don't care

  • This was a total travesty. Since when do they let ppl pick their prisons?! That mom who lied about her address 2 get her kids a better education is doing hard time not yoga. And Olivia knew. U can't tell me she didnt3

  • The sad shit is Olivia didn’t even give a shit about USC she wanted just the party scene only that’s it the she has her nerve to go and basically thrown shade at her mom and dad like she was innocent the entire time when she was in on it the whole time and knew what was going on she should be punished too and not by just being expelled but by having more taken away.

  • I personally think that the problem is that Lori got to avoid the American prison standard. I am absolutely all for all prisons having coffee breaks and yoga classes (and other lovely things, as I think it helps build people up for a more successful reentry into society), but that's just not the way that normal American prisons work (unfortunately). What pisses me off is that Lori is being granted more privileges than the average prisoner, and that's not cool.

  • Yoga and Pilates doesn’t mean sh**. You can do those things anywhere. You could do that alone in your bunk or whatever. Granted, I’m sure it’s a fancy schmancy place regardless. I’m just saying those things alone don’t mean it’s fancy.

  • Yo, she's only sentenced to 2 MONTHS??? If I bribed a school so my kids could go there, I'd be serving 10 years at the most! What the actual fuck?

  • I don't understand how this "prison" is considered worthy of such a title. It's incongruous.

  • How do I get into this jail? 🤦‍♀️

  • Watch me do the same thing and get a worse sentence

  • 🤦🏽‍♀️tf

  • Not comparing her to Epstein obvs but this reminds me of the ridiculous privileges he got during his time. Def a messed up system