"Interesting" fashion trends

Publicado el 23 mar 2020
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  • Gucci tracksuits remind me of race car drivers. Not in a good way

  • No offense, but people wearing glasses to make your self look smarter makes you look dumber

  • DISGOSTIN! 😂❤️

  • What evil douchbag overlord came up with these designs! And that back/chestpack...ITS A FANNYPACK IN DISGUISE THE SICK TWISTED COCKWOMBLES!

  • What I need in my life is a short with the aesthetic French text except it says like Il fait la bête or miel or something really dumb

  • Oh shit! I cummed on my shoe! Gucci: I have an idea 💡

  • Some of it scream kpop! I mean hwasa literally wore the plastic and jeans outfits

  • The "interesting" shoes are absolutely for some people.

  • That Gucci tracksuit looks like a rug

  • Please no more kim k crying tees 🙄

  • 5:25 why ❤️

  • $780 for that embroidered top omg wit I could knit that fs that’s taking the piss

  • I know I'm 4 month late seeing this video but I work in the photo studio for an online clothing/shoe store and I see the most hideous "couture" and high end fashion after its photographed. I input the information for these items and in just like WHO IS BUYING THIS??

  • jeffree star is shaking

  • 5:17. Bruh... I was eating. And it doesn't help that I was eating pizza with ranch.

  • The model in the Gucci tracksuit seriously looks so done. They're just looking at the camera like "is the picture taken yet? Can I change out of this shit now?"

  • The bra at 5:53 looks like something I'd have knitted for my dolls when I was a kid.

  • Ok but actually how do you not use fanny pack at theme parks/zoos/rides places?

  • I can kinda see the mini chestbag one if you're playing up the whole BDSM inspired thing but it still looks kind dumb ngl

  • "goochi" 😂😂

  • Wait... who buys this shit at 5:13?? Who? i have had my fair share of fashion back in the day and cringiest was Maison Margiela But some pieces were nice, but now i look at fashion, even the normals ones, they are so over the top and non conforming to what they used to be, you know what i mean? Like looking at an outfit you could tell it's from this house, etc. But now, all is pretty much loud and the same. Sad to say, D&G, my fav brand is also one of them.

  • I could knit/crochet that Prada thing in like an hour. Even I wouldn't stoop that low.

  • so like i don’t get the hype of gucci. i mean like all of their things seem like useless, like their clothing. i mean some things are okay, but like they have a t shirt that just says gucci and it’s way overpriced. i just-

  • 5:04 looks like someone came on a shoe

    • omg we thougjt the same 🤤

  • I actually really like clear clothes (when they aren't colored) They look good with black things

  • giulia saying "gucci" and "prada" 2:35 2:38 2:47 3:20 5:42

  • i like the crotchet top ngl 😔

  • Oh honEY the plastic pants are ICONIC (for JYP)

  • i like your face

  • I knit, and I'm sorry but that Prada top looks like someone's second ever knitting attempt. It looks so flimsy! Knitted croptops and bras can look amazing, but that thing looks so uncomfortable. Wool? Really? That is the best way to get a rash on your boobs.

  • Bruh, When I realized you said Gucci, I immediately got scared. I'm not even joking.

  • I think Giulia should do one of these for supreme.

  • 5:03 C U M S H O E C U M S H O E C U M S H O E C U M S H O E C U M S H O E C U M S H O E *C U M S H O E*

  • "It looks like a uniform" I was thinking pajamas, but okay

  • every 5 minute craft ever: 5:05 every porno ever: 5:05 every candle ever: 5:05 well. i honestly don't know what to say

  • 5:20 That looks like frozen shit and painted piss painted by a 2 year old.

  • The plastic pants remind me of jyp😭

  • Hey I got my emoji-like shirt at KOHL'S thank you very much

  • Ngl when you said Adam and Eve I was like I did not think you would like a super religious bullshit sounding thing. Also Gucci makes me feel like they just try and out their name on it to make it “good”

  • 6:29 I mean, hwasa looked good in something like that and that's all I can remember haha.

  • I swear high end fashion brands wanna see how far rich people will go to look stupid just to say it’s high end

  • uwu

  • The best graphic tee I've ever owned was a Bart Simpson tee that said I have issues and it the graphic was gray scale and the shirt itself was black

  • They're not taking a piss but rather a jizz on the shoes. Fucking gag man

  • C u m s h o e s

  • E

  • Burberry used to be entirely produced in Europe but hhs since closed down and moved manufacturing to China so it really lost a lot of its desirability yet it still tries to have that designer price but with cheap production.

  • Those transparent pants look like JYP’s invisible pants

  • I totally agree with you. I nearly cried when I saw one of my favorite guitarists wearing the ugliest, most hideous jacket I've ever seen in my life and it was expensive brand. It just proves the point that no matter the price, some clothes are just ugly.

  • Cum shoes

  • Simply nailogical's peel porn audio was playing during the sponsor mention 😂

  • Leopard hoves 7:50

  • Giulia omg you're sooo prettyy

  • Vector would wear the Gucci track suit

  • 6:20 anyone who wants this bra/top, hit me up, I can custom make them for 50 bucks🙌🏼😂 seriously anyone can make better looking ones in 2 hours with 10 bucks...

  • those sneakers are freakin trash, I wouldn't let someone pay me $1500 to wear them

  • I can't knit and I bet I could still knit something that looks better than that Prada top.

  • Things that have pissed me off all my life: people calling leopard print cheetah print

  • People who r not into fashion have to understand that some items DO NOT HAVE TO LOOK GOOD or beautifuly on the person. Ugly fashion ( margiela, Gucci sometimes) or insta baddie style are two different styles officially existing in fashion world , and if you don’t find it aesthetically pleasing FOR YOURSELF that does not mean that it can be considered as an overall stupid

  • You should do a video on lularoe fashion because oh man

  • They're all disgusting. But especially the shoes that had the sticky fluid on them. It looks like 1. the shoe is melting 2. someone hot glued shit to it 3. Someone melted plastic on it 4. Someone beat their meat on it and let it dry

  • I thought those shoes looked hot glued together until you pointed out what else they look like...

  • 5:12 da cum shoes😳

  • what everyone is asking for: girls jeans with real and useful pockets WHERES IT


  • Oh my gawd I love your glasses ❤️

  • The way she says “Gucci” - *chefs kiss*

  • 7:17 Junko Enoshima

  • Well, there is clearly a demand for these clothes. I don't like them either but somebody "asked for them" :D

  • I’ve seen the Margiela ones (the previous model, that looked glued and burned and passed over with a truck) live last summer and my first reaction was “who’s the fucker who left here this piece of garbage?”. Then I realized they were for sale. Looked at the price and started laughing, and made eye contact with another girl and she started to laugh at the same thing and even though we didn’t speak the same language, in that moment we both felt the same: this is ridiculous

  • I hate tracksuits, theyre the worst thing that could ever happened to humanity, x_x

  • 5:05 ngl that literally looks like c-m and even if it wasn't it just looks like some weird fluid on your shoes like who the f-ck wants to wear that? It just looks like you don't take care of your shoes lmao

  • The fringes on that shoe gave me whiplash to when I was little

  • for a high end brand, i feel like gucci consistency puts out the ugliest pieces. much prefer chanel or louis vuttion lmao

  • 6:49 JYP 😂😂


  • 9:53 That looks like the type of fanny pack one would wear at a fetish party

  • Wow I got a Prada ad lol.

  • ready to glare at those raggedy glue shoes

  • I really can’t sleep and it’s 6 am so here I am

  • My mate makes crochet bra lets and they are so awesome compared to Pravda

  • Does this mean my t-shirt with different dinos is lame? 👁👄👁

  • I actually like the way those leopard print flare pants are cut, but I would prefer them in a solid fabric rather than a print.

  • All of that shit is hideous, jfc.

  • Am I too young to watch this? I’m only 15 I can’t use sex toys I-

  • Guys if i make my own ugly designer brand can yall hype it up and pretend yall like it and see how many people buy it lmao

  • your accent when you say gucci is cute af

  • Those cheetah dinosaur leg pants.. 🙈🙈🙈🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Sad thing is some people will wear all of this just cause it's this or that brand and call it a fashion "poor" people won't ever understand.

  • Normal youtuber: This video is sponsored by Audible! They have a pretty sick collection of audiobooks! Glare: This video is sponsored by Adam & Eve, a fucking sex toy distributor!

  • 7:05 the neon plastic pants reminds me of hwasa in mamamoo 😱 she wore a thing like almost identical pants in an event in korea

  • The Maison margela shoe is more of an art form than a shoe. But it’s still hideous.

  • NGL I kinda miss lighthearted videos like this. You do God's work by talking about important stuff, but Don't refrain from giving yourself a treat or a break if themes are affection your mood. Please take care of youself!

  • 4:06 i like em big i like em chunky i like em big *i don't like Gucci*

  • That Prada bra top my grandma can knit me for free, who would pay for this 780usd

  • Man the dude who made that shoe went all over the place with his "hot glue gun".

  • The glasses are a loook 👀

  • Imagine you’re wearing the neon green fashion nova one. First of all you’re probably squeaking all over the place second if you get sweaty in such a non breathable material they’re probably gunna form some condensation which everyone will notice when look to see where the squeaking is coming from and now I’m getting anxious thinking about it

  • What the hell is up with those shoes? It looks like a stripper decided to create a crap cross trainer

  • Worst job in the world, handling returned dildos.