Instagram takes action against MAPs?

Publicado el 24 mar 2021
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  • I don't think they really care. If they cared that much they would just simply wipe the page off their site. It is their social media platform, no one is obligated to using it. If they don't want someone using their social media platform they could just ban the account. Of course it would be a lot to keep track of if the person just makes another account but it would draw clear lines in the sand on where they stand. They're just pussying out with a PR shield IMO

  • Forget about deleting their accounts, delete their fucking lives!

  • Exactly!! I can post too much shoulder and my account is reported

  • Giulia, what do you think about Mark Zuckenberg possibly creating an Instagram "for kids"? He's working on a social media platform for children who are >13 years old, and I can't stress enough how much I HATE this idea. Imagine the amount of children whose identities might get exposed for strangers to see, and I'm not even going to talk about possible p*dos pretending to be underage to interact with children.

  • there was once a neo-nazi in russia that killed 122 pedos (HELL YEAH), 23 gays and 34 lesbians (i dont support this part). a lot of people in siberia saw him as a legend for that. i kinda do too, but i dont support him killing the gays and lesbians..

  • why are we referring to them as MAPs ??? that sounds like a term that is way too respectful. they are predators. they are pedophiles. they don’t deserve any respect.

  • anyone remember when map stood for multi animator project

  • Maybe the "suspicious adults" are accounts who have been reported before? At least they're trying

  • I can see now that IG is owned by FB that they would use your FB profile for age verification. I dont use my real name on FB and have already had issues with them wanting me to submit my state issued ID to prove I am who I am on FB. I use a fake name and not a pic of myself for privacy because I dont want my personal information online. So idk of theyre gonna start to push the ID or is IG is going to push for ID verification.

  • What if you work with MamaMax, Nexpo, and their friends in shedding light to topics like this? Ya'll would make a great team!

  • These are allowed because the creators and moderators of all these websites are PEDOPHILES! They protect their own.

  • My niece has been bugging her mother and me to get on TikTok. She's 11 but all her friends make videos and use social media 🙄. It's really awkward talking to her about the "bad people" on the internet. It makes me feel like a boomer and a hypocrite because I had my own computer in my room by her age but that's also the reason why I don't want her exposed to the "bad people" aspect of the internet. And yes by bad people I mean pedophiles but how do you explain what a pedophile is to a little kid without scarring them mentally.

  • My nieces hate me because I feel so strongly that anyone under 18 shouldn't be aloud to use social media. These are little girls 4th and 6th grade age who say they set their age on tiktok to 24 so they dont have any restrictions and their dad is fine with that cause "the kids version attracts more predators than them lying about their age"

  • Good on you for not doing facebook. I hate the sheep like acceptance of such an invasive & corrupt platform. Thanks for speaking out.

  • The bar is on the ground

  • I've reported accounts full of pedophiles, they even made a group chat dedicated to CP, instagram instead told me if i "falsely" report again, my account will get removed..

  • Even when maps are "harmless" and not targeting or interacting with children at all, I still believe they shouldn't be discussing things at all with other maps cause that's how you end up getting brave and being egged on by others. It should just be discussed with medical practitioners in therapy not with others online imo.

  • ok but those shoes do be looking nice for day to day use, they hold up well?

    • They sure do 😉

  • This is a very good move. Studies have shown that kids who know what to do when an adult is making them uncomfortable can help them avoid distress, even if someone contacts them again.

  • Yeah most people are ok with censoring people just in front of what they like

  • 135$ for shoes? i mean they look nice but thats a bit too much

  • Why did ESmain say this was uploaded 4 minutes ago for me ...

  • Who the hell disagrees with this video?? Why are there dislikes? That freaks me out

  • Why are verified accounts with very little likes the top comment? Musikenna has 783 likes, person below her has 1K. ESmain, fix your platform.

  • I love this hair on you it’s so cute

  • As someone whos been on the internet since I was 10 or so, I had aim and other sites where I lied about my age, home, name, etc. But I still received messages from older men, I think this is a good idea. Since I was told at 13-15 ( cant remember lol ), I wasn't allowed to keep my passwords private. Like back then, when I made a myspace account, I had to give my mom the password to my account, and then Facebook as well, until I turned 18. That's when I changed my passwords to what I wanted and she threw my old password away. Or I was not allowed to lock the door when I used the computer in the second bedroom. So I think it's good that Instagram is helping the kids in this since sadly, there are parents that don't monitor their kids' internet usage. I'm being hopeful and hope this isn't just a P.R stunt to save themselves.

  • Hahaha i‘m about to do my hair like this wig (But i’m a blonde and doing it with pink), what a coincidence 👽💓

  • I think this is a great idea, but like you mentioned with how the guidelines tend to apply more to sex workers and women, I am a little concerned about how profiling people as "suspicious" could cause problems. If it's just a warning for minor, no real harm if the system accidentally flags you. But I do worry if they start to take further steps. I've heard that on Tik Tok a lot of LGBT content gets flagged as mature, and I worry similar things could happen on instagram. To reiterate, this isn't really a problem if it just warns minors if someone flagged messages them. But if they have this flag on accounts, they could do other things to hide, remove, and maybe use as grounds for more serious things without really making it public and then claim it for safety. Maybe this just sounds like conspiracy bullcrap tho, hopefully it does help protect the people it intends to.

  • one time i posted a pic on my private instagram on close friends of my body, fully clothed and ig took it down immediately bc its "innapropreate", and when i tried complaining they said they dont have enough workers bc of rona.

  • miss google legit asked me for a picture of my id when i tried to watch a video about a gym routine. hope ig wont be resorting to that

  • kay but how do they know a user's age... like people can lie. Predators can pretend to be teens and minors can pretend to be adults. I'm 15 and I've done it multiple times while registering for certain platforms since it just feels much safer and saying my age on the Internet in environments that I'm not familiar with is just a big nono for me. How is Instagram gonna detect lies uh?

  • Alot of this shit on twitter Actually allow pornography and pedophile stuff

  • Instagram is owned by facebook so I wouldn't be surprised if this is just all talk and nothing changes.

  • I don't know why but I only received the notification from ESmain that this video was up today so 2 days after it was posted. Just thought I'd give a heads up there because I got my others just fine

  • There’s an account on Instagram that used to be dedicated to calling out, reporting and getting MAP accounts removed. Instagram has removed this persons account several times. Tbh I don’t know if they even do it anymore because their account was deleted so many times. It’s so odd to me how they protect these map accounts but not the anti map

  • They really need to be removing accounts of the children doing s*xual things like the ones you have made videos of. There is still LOTS of softcore cp that wont be taken down no matter how many times it gets reported.

  • The AI detecting age is concerning. I had my main instagram account removed because they thought i was too young... i think i was 16-17 at the time? Im 18 now. They asked me to send my ID to prove my age, but when i sent it they did nothing. And yes, it was the official instagram support emailing me. So if they dont even properly handle that, i fear they’ll just start deleting older teens and adults with baby faces and wont replenish their accounts. Like its weird as fuck they asked for my ID to get my account back???? Tf??? Im still pissed i never got my account back :/ i lost contact w a lot of friends and mutuals because i couldnt remember their usernames and not all of them were on my finsta, which is now my main. Im glad they are finally taking action, but some of it has flaws. I like most of the other parts! Maybe an extra step for the dms would be that minors cant dm adults unless they are mutuals? Bc there are loopholes with that. Idk if thats too “extreme” though.

  • Idea.. Internet safety classes in school and have it on a monitored school network. Maybe have the school councilor help to teach kids in gentle terms what grooming is, how to block people on different sites and, most importantly, how to ignore emotional manipulation.

  • they have access to your messages for a reason

  • I remember being 14 on Instagram and JFC “maps” are a problem.

  • How are they checking ages of teens?? People use fake ages to make pages all the time... I don’t see how this can be put into practice when you don’t have to verify age to begin with

  • I feel like a better solution would to add a feature that minor accounts can't receive messages from adults without approving the message (with a warning notif).

  • Don't get me started about the time Twitter thought I'm 13 or under (Even though I had no posts or anything) and asked for some sort of verification of my age lol. I'm 18.

  • Girl it's spring already! :P

  • You're videos have gotten so short :( I can barely do a load of laundry before they end. But hey girl, at least you're to the point! ♡

  • You're the best. I can't wait to be finished with my fanart So I can submit it and hopefully you'll like it!. Thank you for putting out really informative content out there

  • I LOVE THIS WIG 😍😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • The maps will start lying about their age now.

  • I think they are keeping it more private and not going into details on how this will be done to catch more of them out before the information gets out there and they can find a way around it all

  • Pedophiles are not human and do not have human rights.

  • This is an issue that affects multiplayer online games too. More times than I can count I've been playing a game like Fortnite and had very uncomfortable experiences. It puts you into a squad of four random players. Most of them are kids, a lot of them are adults, and some of them are adults that specifically want to talk to kids. Once I got teamed up with what sounded like an old man, who offered to buy skins and V-Bucks for the kids. The more disturbing one was getting teamed up with a player who spoke with a grown man's voice for the first ten seconds of the game, then put on a really fake high pitched voice when he heard kids talking. He claimed he was 10 years old, had a ESmain channel, and tried to entice the other players to a private lobby. That sketched me out and I didn't want whatever was about to happen to happen, I usually don't play with my mic in but that disturbed me so much I plugged that shit in immediately and said "what the hell do you think you're doing?" and he just quit and vanished. The kids weren't clueless, either. It's obviously something widespread that they've dealt with before, because when he spoke they mostly ignored him. Trying to report these people is difficult- if you're not friends with them, you can't find them again so you have to report them during the game. Once they leave they're gone, like ghosts. You must also have an Epic Games account, which has two-factor verification. That's shady to me because why do you need to verify MY identity when I'm making a serious report about someone else? The report submission page is just sooooo apathetic. The language used is almost like it's saying, "report if you like but you don't HAVE to. Maybe we'll do something, maybe we won't". It's almost like shaming you for reporting a player. I don't remember a specific option to choose to report this kind of behaviour. It made me so angry that they would create an environment that straight up facilitates child grooming, but also design a report system that seems deliberately barebones and ineffective. Reporting them is the only thing we can do, they just leave the game and join another. I really wish we could do more to protect the kids playing these games, it feels infuriating and powerless.

  • as much as i agree with them taking this action that took them more than long enough to finally do, i am worried that its going to be buggy and as a result just appear on every single DM with another person. However there are places for improvements later on im just glad they have this now. I wish they would have had this when i was a child, i probably would have ignored the warning but it may have made me think carefully about my stupid decisions and may have prevented 2 years of grooming that happened via instagram and other social media platforms.

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  • can we ban instagram accounts that reality tv stars make for their babies? it's so creepy....

    • Its really peadophilic but its not just them child model accounts are super gross.....

  • Finding out someone's age honestly just seems like it'll help the pedos. I think that the accounts that will suffer from this labelling of "suspicious" is just going to be NSFW accounts for OF workers etc, it just sounds like another way to suppress and control them, and I dont think Insta will actually find out if an account has been behaving sus regarding minors.

  • I’m 32 and have deleted all social media bc it’s all so mind fucking.....all I have is ESmain and Pinterest....and I’m happy...ppl have latched onto social media as a normal way of being a person.....and parents have let their children loose like there isn’t just as much of threat online as there is in the streets......I just wish ppl would think past the nose on their face and see the danger that creeps on the internet

  • AI technology to figure out ppls ages? Im in my 30s and still get mistaken for a teenager at times. Ugh. I like the pop-up thing for suspicious accounts.

    • AI technology is still fill of bugs and won't be viable for at least several years. The ESmain Algorithm demonstrated this enough, and thus it got hit with COPPA strikes.

  • If they would just ban anyone without a proper ID that would be cool.....I’m thinking back to MySpace days when ppl would be 99 years old....there’s no way to keep kids safe on the internet....they shouldn’t be on it...and parents shouldn’t post every step their child takes either...this world has become so much more dangerous since the internet evolved into what it is now...I can’t imagine trying to raise kids right now...I pray for my two young nephews and hope they don’t ever become involved with some shit they can’t get out of

  • i think its good its gettin talked about, i dont think anything "bad" can come from this... but yea keep expectations low, hope for the best...

  • Just start IDing people on social media

  • You literally can’t say you hate men on Instagram. It’ll get taken down as hate speech. Instagram has its priorities in line clearly

    • That's a straggot move on them. So you can't have an opinion, BUT YOU CAN BREAK THE LAW? damn I can't even call Instagram stupid, that would be an insult to the word stupid.

  • I think many parents are not aware. And it's not that easy to monitor our minors online when they're all but surgically attached to their devices and parents can't access those devices. I've known parents who have let their younger kids get online when they're younger than 13. My parental limits were stricter - had to wait to get a phone of their own and joining social media. I was also strict about things like the language used around my offspring. Some friends called me old fashioned. Didn't care. Never had ANY trouble with mine. Must have done something right. There are many things platforms need to remove. But they don't care. They are still used. Why would they change widely if their figures don't drop?

  • As sad as it is I think it’s just pr and new way to sell ads for specific demographics. This AI won’t be for safety, but for better knowledge off their consumers. Also for example I’m plushy maker, I’m only following plushies. Am I a weird adult or a child? What about reposting accounts or simple, follow me to win? It’s much bigger possibly for children to follow this kind of things. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all social media based in USA, should also do something about foreign accounts in foreign languages. So many times I reported hateful or suspicious accounts and they never done anything about them.

  • Instagram has access to targeted advertising data that can narrow down your age/age range based on your browsing history etc.... Yikes!

  • Can we talk about telegram and deviant art? All the pedos are on telegram and deviant art has an infestation of perverts loving the crime scene photography. Its f*cking creepy .

  • Those 25 unlikes are sus af, just call yourselves out🙄

  • Why can’t they just make a system or have a team that finds suspicious accounts & bans them? Of course this is better than nothing, but I know they could do more if they wanted to put the effort in.

  • 13 is very young, but I'm a TA in a Dutch middle school and my 5 and 6 year old students already have a tiktok acount... the world is just a big ol' WHY

  • It is so weird. Yesterday, a video of a kid popped up on my insta explore in the tiktok highlight things. Out of curiosity i clicked and this little girl was 11. She had it in her bio "11, Single, Charleston" her whole identity and location bruh. It was a public acct. I clicked her followers (she had like 24) and most were sfs accounts. That makes sense. But the weird shit is the random grown men following her. One i noticed was private but his pfp looked like he def wasnt related to her. His bio also said "christian, married and devoted to my wife and child>" Now why would he have a private acct on insta he follows an 11 year old on? also didnt have a lot of followers or following, i couldnt see them cuz he was private. i notice a lot of slime accounts, and gatchalife accounts where the main person is a grown man and they follow/like these kids highlights. i reported the girls acct for being under 13 but nothing happened despite her writing in the ACTUAL BIO she was 11, and obviously 11.

  • Unfortunately the creeps bring a lot of traffic, and thus profit to Instagram and influencers. Parents post inappropriate pics of their kids and actively cater to these people.

  • React to GG Allin - Expose Yourself To Kids.

  • Apparently pornhub did something (idk when) after a they were exposed by some newspaper for having child videos, videos w/o consent, etc. Don't know if their stuff is still lasting or if it was momentary while the attention was on them.

    • They deleted almost every porm video, people were upset that they changed the rules on porm h0b. They did something really big, now you can't really upload on there without confirmation which is good!

  • It's the same on facebook. I've reported actual CP and facebook was like "I dO nOt SeE It"


  • I've also read online that now Facebook is working on a version of intagram for kids. 😑🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Juliaaaa, why havent you talked about the david situation!

  • meanwhile the biggest/most followed accounts are literal children posting photos of themselves in thong bikinis n lingerie 🙄🤮 edit: I’ve seen adults have photos taken down because it’s “too sexual” or whatever ig calls it, but then I’ll see middleschoolers w over 100k followers posting worse and ig keeps it up and promotes it. odd.

  • i'm glad they're doing something, even though it seems like very little. i wanna recomment a czech documentary called Caught In The Net. basically, three actresses pretend to be children in order to find out how bad child grooming and abuse is on the internet. it's a very cool and eye-opening movie. though i predicted the situation was gonna be bad, it still surprised me. btw, you look so pretty in this wig!!!


    • Yes but better moderation is needed.

  • They should've done this a long time ago but I'm glad they did. Now we need miss Twitter to do the same, honestly, the number of p3d0ph1lia and z08ph1lia content on Twitter is disturbing to say the least

  • Trust me, I'm glad they did this. But talk about late to the party. This should have been done forever ago. Meanwhile, Twitter decides not to come at all.

  • Will not work for a second. you think one of these sickos wont just make an account that says they're a kid? This isn't going to accomplish anything except making it harder for kids on ig to tell who's a creepy adult and who's one of their peers.

  • ESmain just said that this video is no longer available because the account was terminated. Wtf was that, I nearly got a heartattack.

  • Surely when setting up your account, an adult can set there age at anything they want? I could be wrong 🤷‍♀️💜

  • I just thought of something. People who have IDs will have to submit them along with a picture of you at that moment. IDs generally range between the ages of 15 to 18. And for driver's licenses with a selfie those would have to be submitted as well. Those are generally 17 and up. Anyone who does not submit an ID or driver's license along with a picture/selfie will be considered underage and will have more restrictions implemented on their accounts than those who have driver's license and IDs along with their pictures submitted. Also, in the picture they have to use a captcha code that is generated automatically at the time they submit their id/dl+photo. That way we know that the photo was taken then and there.

  • Can I just thank you whole heartedly for talking about something besides David Dobrik...❤

  • What the hell took so long? The push for pedophile acceptance is sick.

  • Great news! Should've been a focus a while ago, but it's good that they're starting somewhere. I also get wanting to know exactly how this is going to be implemented, but for lack of a better analogy, it would kind of be like the main antagonist explaining their master plan to the protagonist, so maybe it's better we don't know how it's implemented.

  • Children shouldn't have social media

    • You can't stop that from happening, sadly a lot of parents suck.

  • She looks cute asf in this vid.

  • I actually really like the message request thing, I feel petty and weird blocking people as is. Plus people really can be obsessive and aggressive over people and blocking them can sometimes make things worse.

  • can we talk about facebook, tho? I've reported literal CP, and FB just gets back at me with "It's not against their guidelines" or some shit

  • Could you maybe talk about the whole thing with a MAP that just happened on Reddit? If you know anything about it?

  • I know for some sites you need to prove your age with ID but I’m not sure if that’s something Instagram would implement

  • I feel like predators are watching her for updates and get ideas to stay “clear”.

  • I would think a good solution would be no minor and no adult could message one another. a minor can follow an adult however, adults cannot follow minors. done and done.

    • It wouldn't be easy to do that since anyone can make their age younger on an account or older. Sadly there isn't anything we can do Maybe a ID thing should be added.

  • *reports a video of someone being shot like 20 times in the head* Instagram: we added a trigger warning ♥️ *someone reports a nipple showing through shirt* Instagram: NOOO YOU CANT DO THAT 👺

  • i need your pants and those shoes !

  • I don’t get why they don’t just focus on looking into profiles that are mass reported, or even a few reports, instead of replying within a few minutes saying there’s no suspicious activity instead of doing this. They’re not actually solving the problem, just putting a feature out that’ll let them shift blame onto child users.

  • Maybe trying to message minors frequently is making an account „suspicious“ 🤷‍♀️