Instagram for kids? I'm tired

Publicado el 23 abr 2021
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  • Bruh, but why would children even like to have Instagram? Idk if it was just me, but I found Instagram so fucking boring when it just began to be a thing. Like yeah you share photos, write with people and stuff. But they can do all that on school. Why would they need the internet when they are e.g. 6?It's not even like a game where you have fun playing. I don't see the logic behind it. They'll be soon 14 years old anyways, so why start to be so addicted to it on such a young age.

  • That would be a breeding ground for pedophiles

    • Also, no social media accounts for children under 15.. To my future kids, Yea, you can look at other people's social media accounts and profiles but no posting your own content... As a kid that young I doubt you have anything groundbreaking to post and also you are presenting yourself to a bunch of predators online.. And I understand we should, instead of banning kids from using social media, prevent the predators from even having access them, but they are way to cunning for anyone to stop them

  • This really isn't needed.

  • Why though

  • Child version or not, it won’t stop preds. They lurk everywhere. It’s up to parents to try to protect their kids as much as possible. Because no one else will !!!

  • When I have kids I'm going to buy them a trampoline, swings, art supplies, and an aquarium. I'll save the phone for later, and when they get it they'll only get an hour on it outside school. I'm not letting them get any social media. I'll also make them go for a run everyday, and chocolate won't be an everyday thing.

  • Ah, yes, a place where children can be easily preyed upon by ped0philes more than they already are. Also, children do not need their own form of social media. Like why promote such things when they could be playing outside or idk doing something more mentally stimulating??? And the problematic interactions are definitely true amongst the younger age groups. I have a 12 year old sister and the drama they have is insane

  • Whatever happened to stranger danger?

  • Sounds like a lord of the flies situation but online.

  • Pretty sure body image concerns will only be solved by the way we see ourselves, the respect we give ourselves and our own mental health. This comes from how we’re raised, what to look up to, looking up to ideas, goals instead of people. Becoming smarter and more aware of our surroundings, focusing on our’s a whole lot of work, but it starts with the way we raise kids...parents, the way parents raise kids. How they teach what is important, how they ensure you have the grounds to build your own mind and understand what’s more important in life. It’s going to be a lot of work for the ones in their teens and adults in today’s life to get that mental help but it’s more realistic and attainable If we only rely on Instagram, Facebook, magazines and so on to “teach” us to not expect that as a result for ourselves well, we’ll be sitting here all day. Protests and petitions and “anger” to force others to “think like you” only further division and hate. That’s exactly what happens when people make plans on how these companies should be going forward in breaking up these body issue pictures. Everyone’s going to have mixed opinions and it’s not going to be getting anyone closer to a solution, Ontop of that these companies are private so it’s not really forced to make a change on anything. What makes a change is how society starts valuing their mental health, their bodies and respecting facts over photoshop. This guides the company to make changes and builds a more educated community who values brains over fake. There will ofcourse always be people who like or prefer looks over anything. Attraction is first based on looks, everything else later. But society will always have people who care for onlylooks..,it’s just your responsibility as a human to decide if you want to be apart of that community for whatever period of time or to move on. Point is mental strength is great at fighting a lot of these issues and combats them in a way where people just don’t get effected by the whole “fake body” issue. It’s better at changing how these companies proceed and makes real change and creates a more sculpted society where people follow and lead in a more respectable, realistic manor

  • The internet wasn't make for kids. Period.

  • How about just don't give kids a phone or iPad. Let them play on gaming consoles and watch movies instead.

  • Something i've heard others bring up about this is that, if there was going to be an instagram just for kids it would probably turn into a lot of "content farms" aka those creepy nursery rhymes videos for children/toddlers

  • Whats the name of the intro song? Sorry, I imagine this question is incredibly frequent haha

  • It just does not sit right with me that they want minors on their platform so much that they’re prepared to make an app aimed at under 13 year olds. Such young children do not need social media. Also, look at other apps originally aimed at children, they never stay that way and always end up getting abused.

  • I’ve discovered that on Instagram spammers are making groups with sexual content in them and sending group requests to my kid and his friends. There is no way to block them from doing this. You can’t turn off group message requests.

  • Wait how toxic is Instagram, is it Twitter?

  • They’re basically making an app for predators, because these people are the predators.

  • I'm glad I was a 90's kid. We didn't have internet until I was 14 and social media was non-existent. It was harder for predators to find victims back then. At least online. These days the children are basically served to them. The kids has to be kept off of social media. There is no other way around it.

  • I just hate social media in general. It has it’s benefits, but it does more harm than good

  • doomscrolling... new to me... says it all.

  • I think that little kids having their own Instagram is a very bad idea simple because of all of the child predators out there. Little kids are not ready to handle something like that.

  • They don't regulate instagram well enough, how would they regulate a kids version....

  • you've been putting out a lot of bangers lately

  • As the big sister of a child whom I don’t allow to use social media this is so worrying , I myself love to be online but I recognize is not a place for kids this is a really bad idea in many many levels , I think schools should have their own sharing platforms in which kids can share pictures and fun stuff with classmates and teachers only , this would make kids to not feel alienated cause they don’t have Instagram or Twitter , they would be able to share with their friends but not with millions and millions of strangers.

  • F##k

  • I don’t like the idea of this. There’s a kid’s TikTok that’s suppose to be educational like science experiments or math equations (I forgot what it’s called) but I even had to delete that because kids started posting things that weren’t educational and just doing or saying stupid things and I don’t blame the kids at all; I blame the parents for not monitoring what their children post but I can only monitor what my 2 kids see and not what anyone else posts and I’d hate for my kids to come across something on this kids IG that they’re suppose to see.

  • I was allowed to get Instagram when I was 12... now I’m 20. Back then I didn’t understand the dangers, but as I grew older I realized so many of the “nice” people I talked to were basically pedos... Instagram also made me very insecure about myself through my teen years and exposed me to cyber bullying. So please dear parents.. don’t let kids under 15 on social media. English isn’t my first language so I apologize for the grammar mistakes I perhaps made.

  • What about a child filter instead of a whole app! They’re so frustrating

  • Oh no.. no, no, no, no, noooooo... ☹️

  • No. Just no This is such a bad idea...

  • I mean i believe kids should have a safe space if they were to use social media, but it would have to be something where the child and parent had to use their social security to register and then lying about this would be a serious crime

  • They really wanna make it easier for predators to get their hands on children. Making an app like this for children makes no sense considering most of the content they’ll look for, is probably made by an adult. There’s no amount of moderation that could be done that would make this a good idea.

  • under 13s social media will never be a good idea ever

  • I want to get my son a pc for video games and a phone for personal comfort and easier contact. But with the shit that's out there I don't trust the predatory nature of things. Shoot, I have to have him watch ESmain on the TV so I know he's not being sucked down a bad rabbit hole.

  • My parents fully monitored with my stuff back when we got everything. Until I was older. I remember even neopets I didn't had access to talking to people or communities back then you couldn't

  • Why can't they just add a feature to the app where it just monitors the content that kids under 13 receive. Like kinda what they're planning to do with the child's Instagram app but instead of making it a separate app they just add these features on Instagram for users under 13

  • the zuckerberg lizard picture 💀💀✋

  • What kids should have: club penguin What kids should NOT have: Instagram RIP Club Penguin

  • 13 year olds shouldn't have social media apps like Instagram anyway. So there shouldn't be any "kids version" to begin with.

  • My new neighbors have kids, little girls (3, 4 years old) and boys (8, 10 years old) and they have accounts in multiple platforms, I tried to alert their mothers that the huge majority of people following kids it's predators but she was dismissive. The kids post videos dancing and doing stuff in the street, only with tees and nothing more. They are really happy with 500 followers in little time and I'm really scared for them. Instagram for kids it's like a menu for this freaks.

  • I’m scared for my daughter to grow up. She’s 7 months old, and who knows what will be out there by the time she’s 13. Ugh

  • TW: Does no one remember in the early fucking 00s getting highkey groomed while using chat rooms online? This is like that but with less steps.

  • *muffled hey sisters in the distance

  • This world is really getting to me lately 😒

  • Banning social media for your kids is just stupid, better teach them how to behave when someone is doing something wrong and control what are they doing. I had facebook when I was 13 and nothing went wrong because my parents taught me what to do for exapmle when someone writes weird messages

  • This is more for parents who don’t know how to block apps on their kids phone and don’t supervise what website their not Why does everything need to be kid friendly?

  • It shouldn't be a thing. Adults can't even be adults on the internet

  • I mean if they could make an app where they remove the DMs, posts and the commenting it could be fine, like only verified kid friendly unloaders could upload content and kids will be able to see and like, nothing more Eventually the kid account could be linked to the parent account where the parent can view their kid’s activity, set limits and block content they don’t approve That would actually be kinda nice

  • there isn't one good reason for kids to be on social media. There are no benefits whatsoever, it's just dangerous, that's all. It doesn't make any sense to me..

  • This is basically cuties if it was a social platform. Who thinks of these kind of things.

  • My question is what child needs a phone under the age of 13.

    • Yeah, they could solve it in a better way, like accounts that parents can share with their kids or change settings for your profile to make it 18+... just not like they did it. Stupid idea

    • @TheAceOfSpace Oh totally xD but back to the main topic of this video, I do think that a kids version of Instagram raises a lot of red flags, and I'm more worried that if it does happen, the main Instagram app will turn into ESmain with the whole marking vids for kids or not and then we have that gray area where a video can be for everyone.

    • Sounds a bit like helicopter parenting especially when you're an adult.

    • @TheAceOfSpace I don't think so. I think it varies between parents. I got lucky to have the strict parents. I have a phone now, and my parents are still breathing down my neck about where I go, why I want to go out, and who I'm going out with (I'm 20 now btw). They also have a tracker on phone (I didn't have a tracker on phone until I was 18, and I only have it because I went to my senior prom; regardless of telling my parents about my whereabouts), so no, I don't think some parents feel safe when their kids have phones. If your kid needs a phone in case of emergency, get them a basic phone. It doesn't have to be a smartphone. Idk why I have a such a strong hatred against kids who have smartphones (probably because of sucky upbringing). 😂 Of course it's the parents decision if they want to give their kid(s) a smartphone or not. Not saying they're wrong to do that.

    • That's why - kids don't need to go everywhere with their parents/ other people because they have phones

  • No apologies for looking down. You look great!

  • Kinda a theory I have about all of this and so kinda typing long and it who knows if this is the case but let me explain I think you probably are more liberal but just not so woke ur dumb, and I respect a lot of ur opinions and you as a person, not many people know this but like 10 known antifia members all have crimes against kids. And I also think both sides push things so I'm not really making this a political divide. However I think theirs rich bad actors and influences in big tech or big in politics that are pushing this, I mean remember the abuse video that twitter wouldn't take down? Why, you have to wonder...And all these big rich tech lords and other people are only caring about social issues because they're making money. I truly think they are getting money for pushing a pedo agenda and you can say antifa is fake as hell but that's just not true and they are effecting things now clearly, people in these city's are too scared to say anything, and if the Right wing had one where those people were doing harm and had charges involving children, I would be saying the same thing so again I don't think its actual left leaning people. I think its these funded groups who want no laws and have broken them involving kids and I think it's people poisoning a party like how pesos wanna be LGBT but umm no that's 2 consenting adults or 1, children can't consent sicko. And LGBT feel the same way, like no pedo is not an orientation stop gritting our group because that's gross. So hopefully I explained the example right but I swear everyday I'm seeing more and more of this kind of stuff and it's insane and I'm glad you speak up about things like this and I could be totally wrong but I am right about the charges. But it's like trying to push pure evil in front of our eyes and that's not good for our society.

  • I can already hear the complains about child predators😘✌️

  • How easy it would be to have age verification through ID and remove any accounts that don’t verify . /: it’s not social media’s sole responsibility but making an insta just for kids isn’t the solution.

  • if instagram for kids actually becomes a thing, I'm gonna delete insta 4 ever

  • Where did you get the pineapple its so cute and i would love to get one do you think you could drop a link to where you got it please btw i LOVE your channel and i think that you rock ok love you and thanks

  • Yeah, I'm sure paedophiles won't use this app to victimize children. There's no way that a nefarious person could make a fake child IG account. Impossible.

  • ESmain is asking me if your videos are a good reccomendation- of course I do I'm subscribed to you! But I figured that I'd say something about it in the comments cuz idk if that means they're trying to demonetize you or what

  • isn't there some kind of federal mandate that kids under 13 cannot sign up for social media because they can't collect information about children that young? how the fuck is this legal

  • i feel like making an app just for children to keep them safe only makes it more easy as it gives the bad people a reliable place to find kids. social media is already a great place to pray on children

  • Zuckerbutt only cares about money and his image

  • yeah like everyone else is saying, it comes to the point that if a parent doesn’t monitor their kid’s internet use, it’s basically neglect/endangerment. I made my first social media account when I was 13 and I had to give said social’s username to my parents so they can keep track of it. They also drilled into my head the dangers of the internet, and the occasional phone check. now I’m 17 and my parents now trust that I can make my own decisions on the internet. More people should be like that tbh. the internet is populated by all kinds of people, and not everyone cares about your child, so parents should step in. I’m not saying that parents should be helicoptering over their kid on the internet, but like giving ur kid certain freedoms as they get older, does that make sense? idk

  • When I have kids, they won’t use social media. Idc if every kid in their class is, it’s dangerous for so many reasons

  • I'm starting to think that Instagram is either run by shitheads or pedophiles who are trying to use their power to target children.

  • But wait where’s the petition to sign to stop this

  • Common Sense Media rates Instagram inappropriate for 13-year-olds, and that is the minimum age a person has to be to make an account. Let alone an Instagram for kids younger than that...

  • Yeah noooo, my mom didn't even let me have a Facebook or any social media until I was 16. And looking back I am so grateful for that rule now.

  • I am sooooo grateful that you are looking out for kids - GOD bless you - you are amazing

  • It is just sickening - children should be children - playing learning how to talk to and play with others in real life. Children should be protected so they can enjoy having fun and grow up normal. It seems like there are adults who want to manipulate children and violate their right to just have a childhood without learning "adult" issues. Tikyra Angelique

  • i don't think apps are the ones who need to adapt, just don't let your kids download instagram, be a parent, don't give your kids access to a phone without supervision. it's the same with tv and celebrities, tv isn't supposed to raise anyone's child and most celebrities just aren't role models for kids, Britney once got backlash for something she did for a music video or something and parents were super mad bc it wasn't good for their children to see, she just said it isn't her job to raise anyone's kids and that's true! people need to stop blaming everything around them for their bad parenting lol don't let kids use instagram or any social media app that might be dangerous

  • I don't even need to watch the video. The title is enough... ANY SITE that is deemed "for kids" is automatically a glowing pedo magnet. Every time.

  • The amount of 13 and 12 year olds that are in the pro ana groups or have pages that are like that is terrifying as well as they tend to support you self harming and such. That would be allowed if the kids get a child Instagram

  • Where I can buy this wig?😍 I need a link

  • zuck: "how do we hook them even younger???" this is soooooooo yikes. bad, bad, bad idea.

  • Kids are gonna use social media either way. I feel like a version for kids could work if done right. Maybe it would be easier to monitor and kids could be kept safer that way. The app could track time usage and remind the user to do something else every once in a while and maybe a parent could have access to the childs account with some parent mode thing to keep an eye on what their kid is doing and who they're talking to. I don't have a lot of trust on this being made in a good way for the kids tho :/

  • The truth is we can't control parents lol parents just want pose their kids online lol

  • Whilst anyone can easily see this a perverts parade as well as a breeding ground for strong mental illness, bullying and insecurities SM can cause (as well as modern parents often using technology to raise their kids instead of actually properly raise them ourselves - using tech monitored and positively). NOW onto the business aspects. One of the first things you learn as a marketer is how to maximise profits, and to do that you need a large and willing to spend audience. Children are often the biggest consumers and spend the most. This is usually because parents willingly spend on sillier items if it means keeping their child happy and ‘proving’ their love (business wise, we see it as kids can pressure and essentially manipulate their parents into spending). Average adults are usually more money wise and analytical on how they spend for themselves, thus harder to coax into sales. Basically, it’s effort to appeal to an adult. With a kid, it’s often bright colours, cartoony look, etc (another is appealing to kids in what they perceive as ‘adult’ - which is often an Immature image of adulthood and often very curse filled and heavily sexual - of course kids would think this is what adulthood is all about). Easy money by exploiting the most naive and gullible of consumers. Since more companies are buying into this approach, feigning to protect and have kids interest in mind, and often rewarding nonce behaviour (not taking down vile content, ignoring actual threats towards kids, loose ‘parental control’ so kids see more/spend time/occasionally spend money due to lack of monetary value awareness thus exploiting them for money, allowing nonces to thrive - why are people like LovelyPeaches still verified when people have been banned for stupid things like fake blood in costumes? IG uses faulty bots and mediocre staff to do a job that NEEDS expert and organic evaluation). Basically kids ARE being exploited for money. The best thing is to petition against these sorts of things and don’t use them. It’ll then cost too much to keep running and forced to shut down. Easier said than done but that’s why people need to be informed. IG can’t even properly manage, run nor protect users. I wouldn’t trust em with kids! Plus, sex workers are getting punished for advertising their OF yet predators and monsters like LovelyPeaches are allowed?! Wtf! I remember having to go through countless images of dead kids to report MULTIPLE TIMES before IG realised this is fucked up. Animal abuse is allowed and promoted. Yet they shadowbanned women cosplayers. They allowed genuine images of a near decapitated girl to spread before doing anything. The amount I’ve seen is sickening, I can’t imagine a poor child being exposed to that... You can’t swear on ESmain “to protect kids”, nor alert people on proven nonces, but yer sure as hell can groom em. It’s disgusting!

  • I think it's a great idea to make it easier for predators to find children. Just imagine how annoying it must be for them to have to wade through a sea of adults to find some children

  • Children really shouldn't be on Social Media bruh.

  • I know you’re a Scorpio right but do you have gemini or Virgo in your chart /big 3

  • We could do Instagram for kids. Or- wait for it- we could, as a society, *stop handing miniature personal computers and unlimited, unmonitored internet access to minors!* Oh, wait, I forgot: That requires parents to take accountability for what they allow their child to have access to. And apparently as a society we've decided that cellphones and access to social media is a *right* rather than a *privilege* for children.

  • Sounds like a magnet for child predators, they are all going to flood it with fake profiles and catfish each other hopefully. Either way sounds like a dumb idea, kids under 13 don’t need to focus on social media.

  • My problem is with the wording they used referring to the age of their target audience. They refer to protecting the "teens" on their platform but the age they say is 12 and under. If they want to protect teens they should be censoring adult type content. I have a 10 year old, we have talked about this kinda stuff and I hope to keep her off any social platforms untill she and I can have real conversations about how those types of platforms can manipulate you.

  • Kids shouldn't be on social media. My mother be monitoring the hell out of my brother's internet usage. He has sit in the living room or kitchen where we all can see, and plus she has an app that basically makes it where she can see what's on "his" phone.

  • Another alarming fact is that tech-giants don't let their kids use internet devices.

    • That's so disturbing

  • I think parents need to monitor their children’s phones and not let them have social media and actually pay attention. Like yes Instagram should notice there’s a problem but it’s not instagram’s job to parent their kids


  • they must just wanna build an app that makes the predator's jobs easier, when they're lookin for kids, cuz if they were trying to help KIDS, find something better to do, they could go buy back some of these old building & schools, that are just sittin empty & doing nothing, & turn them into neighborhood Recreational Centers, were kids can come & play during the day, & the elderly can go play bingo at night.. some1 needs to teach these kids how to ACTUALLY b KIDS...

  • Another reason I could see for why kids wouldn't use the kids version is what happens to their account they've been curating for the last 3 odd years when they turn 13? Will it get nuked? Everything they've posted gone? Even if it gets transferred to the regular insta any friends or followers they've gotten on the kids version will be left there. Obviously this is not the biggest issue but its one I could see being a big reason why kids wouldn't use it.

  • then all of the pedophiles are just gonna move over cause they know only kids will be on it. whoever thought of it i would look into them

  • My first thought when I heard "Instagram for kids" was "Oh No" I'm very very worried about child predators using this.

  • Make a kids app that children’s posts need to be approved by their parents perhaps

  • No. No. Absolutely not.

  • As a mother I’m disgusted that the response to their app being a hub for kids to be preyed on is to make a new app to corral the kids into one app for the predators. 🙄🤔

  • Social media is the new cigarette. It's addictive and causes damage so severe it can even cause death. A few years from now adults are going to be in commercials saying "I started scrolling around age 12..."

  • making a version specifically for kids is just going to make it WAY EASIER for predators to find them i-

  • Wow /: I had unmonitored internet access as a young teen (14) and it ruined me. I’m an adult now with no social skills because I was so invested in my internet life. Now imagine that process started younger than 13... We are going to have an entire generation of children even more obsessed with internet popularity than people are now.