Influencers get their power shut off lmao

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  • People like this are served everything on a golden platter, which is why they refuse to abide by public safety. We non-influencers don't matter because we're just pieces of shit off the street. We're not rich, we're not "famous," we're just ordinary people with jobs and personal lives to worry about. To them, we're an inconvenience.

  • I have said this once and I will say it again *”these TikTok performers are NOT celebrities but yet they think in their messed up heads that they are”* - sorry to say but y’all look the same and I don’t give a rats arse about what you do every day.

  • good

  • Curious on your thoughts about decriminalizing pedophilia in California? Do you think it’s in connection with the Epstein case, and the names about to be revealed?

  • Pre-Pandemic: "These people are so annoying" Pandemic: "These people are literally going to KILL people" Post-Pandemic: "These people are so annoying"

  • the caption is so funny

  • You don't understand this disease. You should be angry at your government and maybe china. Instead you are mad at loser douchebags. Now who is the dumbest influencer?

    • Evidently YOU don’t understand. But that’s ok.

  • I don’t understand why people don’t understand this is America and people can do what they want

  • I love how the whole “brown roots growing in” hair style is a look now haha. You wear it so well!

  • Okay i get power But fucking water, bro?

  • I dont agree with you on this one, as much as detest influencers I dont condemn them on this 1.

  • The comment about not seeing your mom in a year really struck me. I’m in the same boat. Usually I’d visit my mom at least once else year, but who knows when now. I hope your next reunion with your mom is nothing but wonderful and during better times!

  • This title is the best thing ever And 4:11 is my favorite and iconic part of this video omg

  • “All the tik tokers look the same” Periodt.

  • Bryce hall owns the house

  • Ok but like... this is not really fair or whatever- they can’t cook, the food that needs to stay in the fridge is gonna get spoiled and if they medicine that needs to stay in the fridge then like what are they gonna do? And water they can’t have water, can they even use the toilet? This is kinda a harsh punishment. I think that they should just shut off all lights not all power.. ok bye

  • money is the reason

  • Pretty sure he’ll go get a generator n party on. His ass should’ve gone to JAIL

  • Well, it’s not a real pandemic so we can all calm down . You have a 99% survival rate. Good for these people partying even though they may be people I don’t care for, THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A FREE COUNTRY, we need to stop giving up our freedom, we WILL regret it!!

    • This. The lockdowns are intended to demoralize people at this point. I don't care for the influencers either but if they go after them for throwing a party, they will go after regular people for inviting friends over, which they've already done, in cities like Los Angeles especially. They've been sending cops door-to-door to check people's houses for guests above a certain number. This isn't about the virus anymore, it's about intimidation.

  • Remember that meme of Wesley Snipes pointing a gun w/ tears coming down his eyes. I felt that way after unfollowing Nikita Dragun on all her social medias because of that goddamn birthday party she threw.

  • Candles in the Rain.

  • I find it ridiculous how the mayor had to go all the way down to a kindergarten level of mentality to make those mistakes of human race understand. It's literally like telling a toddler "no dinner - no dessert".

  • Honestly people complain about K-pop groups all looking alike, but HAVE YOU SEEN STRAIGHT TIKTOK?

  • Havent seen my mom in 6 years I feel your pain

  • Why haven’t you seen your mother in a year? That’s not due to coronavirus lmao

  • #EVENT201

  • I see Adam and Eve and I’m like “huh, she’s sponsored by something Christian related. Cool.” And then the actual thing that it’s about pops up and I’m sitting here like “oh...”

  • I mean.. I had a baby shower in June, but we had it outside and there were less than 50 people, with a drive by option. Plus, I live in Connecticut. Our numbers were down and we were allowed gatherings of less than 50. It's not like a party where I could have postponed it.. I am a broke single mom. I needed stuff for my daughter, and you can't postpone a baby! Edit: If I was in LA, it would be an entirely different scenario. Where I live, things are pretty much died down and people have been able to have small weddings. And we're now back to school!

  • I never really understood why these people became famous, but ever since I saw that one being a piece of shit to a security guard I've had a low opinion of social media influencers from Instagram and tiktok. To me they all look the same, they all make me cringe, they're all arrogant. Of course there are exceptions but I'm not talking about the exceptions right now. I wouldn't be concerned of kids didn't consider them role models but I've met many that do 😑

  • I have no idea why its so hard for people to wrap their minds around public safety

  • Where does she get her wigs?

  • I watched this shocked I didn’t know your state was still locked down. In Georgia we never entered lock down. Fun fact Nancy just got her hair done over there with no mask or nothing. And what is crazy is she is in the age group that is most susceptible to serious effects. Interesting how that works. Idk but I hope your Governor frees the people he has held hostage for so long.

  • Just because someone did something wrong doesn’t mean that they should have any of their rights taken away? Especially stuff they pay for. Just because you do something wrong doesn’t mean cops can mow you down in the streets. Covid 19 had brought out the worst in everybody and this just drives the point further home

    • Electricity/power is a privilege, not a right

  • Great video. Just found your channel and subscribed. Completely agree with you!!

  • I feel bad for those who defend the actions of these walking plagues of society because they're clueless of just how much they are being manipulated and taken advantage of. Just because you watch or follow these people on Social Media doesn't mean you know them on any personal level, what you "know" is whatever they want you to think of them and their on camera persona. No matter how much we'd argue that influencers are born without a brain, the fact remains that they do have one. Which means that they are walking around with a fully functional frontal lobe _(the frontal lobe controls personality, decision-making and reasoning)_ and still pulling such BS behavior. They are ignorant by choice, choosing to willingly keep themselves uneducated as if that's something to be proud of. All of them are fully aware of their actions regardless of how much they claim otherwise and only make themselves come off as even bigger idiots than they already are. Whenever they apologize after being called out it's not due to them being sincere in accepting responsibility or holding themselves accountable for their mistakes, they only apologize to cover/save their own image/reputation. But go ahead, let them throw a party or willingly decide to attend one in the middle of a Pandemic with no safety precautions. Let *NATURAL SELECTION* do it's job of controlling the overpopulation of idiots we unfortunately have to share oxygen with.

  • If only conscious, wise, open-minded “influencers” became famous instead of these bad influencers 😔

  • There's gotta be a genetic component to these rich people being so wildly sociopathic and just, well, stupid. Just, there's gotta be, man. They're all like this, and they all get rich, anyway.

  • "Tik Tok influencer" - just sounds pervy.

  • i am obsessed with your channel omg! love your videos and your way of talking, you are so open minded i wish i had a friend like you hahaha! (sorry for the bad english)

  • Thank you for addressing mental health. My depression is worse than normal. California is on fire and I don't have a way to escape. Smelling the smoke gives me PTSD.

  • You should put a light to the cat killing ESmainrs... It's insane where ESmain's priorities are.

  • Cooties-1984 is a hoax. Nothing more than an exaggerated regular flu. Shaming people for not wearing slave muzzles is anti-freedom and anti-Nature(TM). Global Scamdemic.

  • Tanamon-goose girl i- 💀💀😂😂

  • They should have to pay the medical bills for anyone they pass covid to

  • IKR !!! It’s so irritating those kids are out of control and didn’t I hear that guy Bryce is in some kind of trouble of some type of sexual assault ???

  • It’s horrifying how rich people who get to party every other day can’t handle not partying when poor people who had to miss their birthdays still listened.... this is what privilege does dude, not even a race thing, money changes you if you let it

  • Girl covid is a fing scam! Come on do your research ! This video makes me sad that you believe covid is serious don’t be a sheep

  • You've become such a karen, unsub

  • Propaganda, were entering to a brave new world 1984 scenario, how could any conscious personage believe media, nothing wrong with wanting 2be safe being chicken shit is human nature, I had cold just when it started, hell of a flu couldn't move for 2 days, but it's a cold, n I only got it after a flu shot, I'll stick to enemas never get ill after u get flushed, 2much info I know, I digress. I don't wear I mask nobody says shit, just like I don't say anything 2them 4wearing one, live it let live or die n let die, just don't help 2usher in new world order by being complacent, in my humble opinion.

  • I do not agree with these “Influencers” however mask wearing and social distancing are oppressive institutions that must be brought down. Also, I know someone who hasn’t been able to see their mother in a care home for months however She is fighting the oppressors tooth and nail. It may seem unfair however WE can end the injustice NOW! WE MUST end this! Children are being taken into “Quarantine Camps” where they are deprived of food, water and sleep! The fallout of this oppression will be PERMANENT! I lived on a street full of loud children who from my office I could hear playing and having fun. Now I live on a street full of of lunatic Science-Deniers who have their children imprisoned within their homes watching the BBC 16hours a day. They call ME psychotic because I want a fulfilling life of freedom! I have a mother whose life has been destroyed by this crisis. She now stays in her home and won’t let me in unless I wear a mask and stay 3 METERS apart! When I do enter she sits down in her chair and with tears in her eyes stares out the window.. Just 5 months ago she gave a warm smile every time I came. After welcoming me in, we would have a lively conversation about the weather or some other simple topic. My children 13 and 15 nave both fainted -on different occasions- when wearing a mask in a local shop! Both times they were refused care by hospitals and in-shop employees(who were trained in First-Aid). Another point, the NHS (Nazi Health Service) one Year ago killed my brother by turning off his life-support machine without reason and signing a DNR form on my families behalf. They only notified us of his death when we came to visit 2 weeks later. In summary: Distrust the Government, Fight the Lies, This Oppression is Disgusting, & Thank you for reading.

  • You sound like a Karen. I honestly expected better from you, G-C. Shutting off someone's power and water indefinitely for reasons other than failure to pay the bills is government overreach, and if this country were up to me, this Garcetti guy would be prosecuted for it. TikTok may be Stage 4 cancer, but this is not the right cure for it. -_-;

  • I have literally not left my home since February until last week and that was only to go to hospital as an emergency as I'm in the highest risk category and was told by the government and my doctors to shield. Yet these people live with their friends, are able to go out and yet still can't resist putting people at risk by throwing their stupid parties. Pathetic. Try life in people like my shoes for a while, I'm 33 and have been mostly housebound or bed bound for the last 17 years.

  • I don’t think they should be forgiven, my partner and I used to be a two income household. I haven’t been able to work because I have severe health issues, I can hardly see my mother with stage 4 cancer because I’m staying home, he’s working but I miss my mom and friends. I wear a mask if I’m having to go out. I see these selfish narcissistic people and it’s so frustrating, I want to go back to work and I also miss a night out and the occasional party. But damn you can survive staying home for the good of others. I’m just so mad, this is so frustrating in already stressful year. So no they should be punished with jail time, so at least someone is babysitting their irresponsible asses.

  • The Jasmine Masters moment tho

  • You are pissed over people throwing a party and not what their tyrannical mayor did? If masks work why do you care? You seem to lack knowledge on the WuTang Flu and just following what CNN is telling you or is it MSNBC. There's a very high recovery rate but unfortunately not for senior citizens as we have seen thanks to cuomo, murphy and other democrat governors. So if you are practicing proper hygiene and wearing your mask why do you care if people want to hang with friends?

    • @Ociddes I am sure the comment you typed isn't the stupidest you've read. I am sure you left one on another channel, post or tweet.

    • This has to be one of the stupidest comments I've read all day, congratulations!

  • I sure hope they're done, but i fear their stupidity will live on to influence a whole new mutant-douche kind of celebrity.

  • Love the hair yasssssss

  • Incredible how much I agree with this video.... And as a microbiologist the irresponsibility is even more infuriating. And we're in the same situation! I also haven't seen my family for over a year, not easy.

  • Just curious , did yiu have a nose job

  • The reality is people's civil rights are being violated by the government and we are celebrating it. I would sue if I was them.

  • What do you do for a living? I am a influencer. I am also unemployed.

  • Do you really change your hair colour everyday? I just noticed that your hair is different in every thumbnail on videos posted just a day or two apart

    • @Mia Nitsche as a guy, I always forget wigs are the norm for girls.

    • They're wigs

  • A lot of people in their age range including me are poor and alone. In my eyes they have no excuse.

  • I feel for you Girl!! I'm in the United state's & my mother & her husband live in England, we didnt get to have their usual visit in the summer months 🥺 & my children didnt get to see their grandparents So I sympathize with you it Actually angers the shit out of me 😡🤬 Makes me mad & upset and all of this is so negatively effecting so so many ppl

  • Hundreds of people? Some of those parties were like 10+ thousand werent they? Maybe the numbers were misrepresented in the media or I'm just tired idk.

  • 🤣

  • 💜👊💜

  • Happy 60th Birthday to Your Mom

  • Is that a bloke?

  • she said Tana Mongoose I-

  • Always love your videos! I was just wondering if you have heard about the pedophilic activity on Eugenia Cooney's discord? I have heard a little bit about it and would love for you to cover the topic.

  • 100% on board with all of it! They sicken me.. literally, they will be making people sick and maybe even worse. They are done in my eyes.

  • GAS EM

  • I honestly cannot believe you are falling for this Julia. I really can't. You're smart.

    • There's nothing to "fall for". People are dying, the virus is causing long term brain and lung damage, it's not just a flu. Do your research.

  • That girl with the ‘UniCult’ you talked about is up to some pretty crazy shit on tiktok making music videos for people to join her and running for Vice President of the USA alongside ‘Black Jesus the AntiChrist’ as president who plans to start America 2.0 and an AI revolution or something I’m done😭and people are so positive and in agreeance. They even use the swastika

  • I totally agree with Giulia, you can’t come back when you have done something that stupid while we are in the middle of a pandemic. I really don’t understand how someone that knows their are famous and followed by a large number of people would think that attending a massive party without protection while broadcasting the whole event it’s a good idea. I don’t know, I just have the feeling that right now influencers are using the “apology card” as a way to do stupid shit and get away with that.


  • These people thrive on haters and drama. They just don't care.

  • I don’t think the power should be shut off I think the owner and people who attended should be fined.

  • Can you cover «the norris nuts»

  • As an LA resident I SO APPRECIATE THIS. My sister just gave birth to my nephew and I can’t even go home to see him yet the people up the street are having ragers 😡😡

  • this made my day lmaoo

  • Their followers are mostly kids and don't grasp the seriousness of it all. They are stars and have been treated differently for so long that of course,they are going to behave differently and do what they want to do. It's disgusting.

  • dude you need to cover this-- check out CamAndFam. the content speaks for itself, but specifically look at her newest video as well as "Teen Dad's First Time Alone With Both Babies! *vlog*" 18:54. its disturbing.

  • A few people in england have taken their lives due to this pandemic...It's so sad and then these tiktokers are out partying?! Its insane....

  • Why do we keep giving these horrible influencers a platform and forgiving them over and over tanacon is enough proof tana is irresponsible and shouldn't be given a platform

  • Trigger warning, exploitation and abuse of women and children. ReadytoGlare(I know your real name, but idk how comfortable you are with fans calling you by your name and i don’t want potentially malicious people to know your real name), I understand if you don’t want to cover this topic since it’s very dangerous and extremely uncomfortable and disturbing so it’s totally fine if you just want to sign the change dot org petition and leave it at that as to not become a target for harassment, but an incel site has been rising in popularity, a site that glorified exploiting and abusing women and children in the most disgusting ways. Creepshow art and Repzion have both made videos on the subject. I don’t want to name the site so people reading this comment won’t go to it without fully understanding what’s going on, especially if they won’t/don’t know how to report it. Please, if you or anyone at all, is reading this, please watch the videos made by Repzion and Creepshow art to find out how you can get this disgusting site OFF of the internet and put the owners behind bars. I know that this is a double edged sword because in raising awareness in order to get the site taken down may lead people to the site and either be scarred, targeted by, or even join that horrible community, but the only way to get it taken down is to talk about it. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do, especially when it comes to something like this, your safety and mental health are extremely important, I’m just trying to alert the creators that I know cover these topics so they can help get the site taken down in any way possible, even if it’s just signing the petition. I’m sorry if I’m asking too much of you...

  • They’re children.

  • You earned my like for saying “Tana Mongoose”. 😂😂😂

  • I think they can but they shouldnt tho

  • I stopped following you on ig, but I watch your vids still lol love you take care ❤

  • Loved this video 🖤

  • 'Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.' some comedian whose name i can't remember

  • Just so you know the Los Angeles mayor has likely broken the law particularly in California which has some of the strongest tenant rights. So if these "influencers" get the right lawyer they will likely collect bank from the city Los Angeles, I don't like "influencers"but one of the few pleasures in life is seeing an overzealous authoritarian politician(as most democrats are proving to be) get smacked down.

  • Clearly.. there is nothing up there

  • 170,000 lost to covid19. Lol. Sure.. the flu is cured.. because no one had died from the flu since covid... no one normally 60,000 a year die of the flu... 80,000 dead died from something else. But had covid19 antibodies. So they are also added to the death toll.. yea,, covid19 is dangerous,, only if you are already on deaths door... so. stfu

  • As much as I oppose the excessive partying and gatherings, I oppose even more that the government thinks they can just shut your essential services off for reasons. This is a terrifying precedent. Coming from a background of poverty, it’s very difficult to get your electricity or water turned off, for obvious reasons. There should be no sudden government fist that can just turn your utilities off. Arrest them, charge them with a crime. There should be due process. No one should support the government’s actions here, let alone celebrate it. CHARGE THE PERPETRATORS WITH A CRIME AND GIVE THEM DUE PROCESS. Do not support the government overstepping their boundaries.

  • Those influencers getting their power shut off? At this point they're not responsible for anything since Sturgis happened. One houseparty doesn't in any way equate to a ten-day party involving a quarter of a million people. I don't like influencers as any intelligent person would, but compared to Sturgis the influencer parties could as well be seen as innocent high-teas. I mean, Sturgis is already a super-spreader while there's no tangible effect from those kiddie-parties on the books. Basically, if Sturgis is okay- leave the kids alone.

  • This title brings me joy

  • I think the issue here is the suppression of human nature, and/or the choice in ignoring it. It's apart of human nature to be around others, and not stay confined to four walls and a ceiling. Sure to each their own nature, yet there are more issues that manifest when one feels their nature suppressed and/or ignored. It's more about everyone as an individual doing what's best for one's self, and not to let "hell" rain over one. I mean there're ways to boost immune function rather than just prevention outwardly (mask, sanitizer, etc.). The corona doesn't change life, it's just another obsticle. What about other such things, are we to let those rule our lives as well? Anyone could do everything to keep themselves alive, but what quality is that? We'll die eventually, so what will we truely do with it? Suppress/ignore human nature for "the sake of others" or become aware of better ways to live on through this?(there's always more than these two options, if not both. "or" is a divider, but there is also an "and" that simply means a balance between the two) I'd like to thank all that took the time to read this, and know I wish all a well time. Edited side note: True ignorance is when you simply take something as truth without putting said truth into practice, or simply not seeking if it's true at all.