I watched 'Cuties"

Publicado el 13 sep 2020
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  • This is like abusing animals to show that abusing animals is wrong.

  • Add being a casual polyglot to the list of Giulia's many talents

  • I actually enjoyed this film. It made me very sad.

  • I'm AFAB and a grooming survivor, and someone I was following on Twitter shared the video without any trigger warning or anything. I watched like five seconds and had a HORRIBLE panic attack. I remembered the p*dos that targeted me throughout my life, the way they looked at me and how uncomfortable they made me feel and I just dropped down and cried my eyes out. I had to hug a plushie and call my partners because I just couldn't get the images out of my head. I had a nightmare that night... and I was just groomed, because there very little chances for my perpetrators to actually do something. I got r*ped much later in my life, so I could count myself lucky to a certain extent. Now imagine people who actually got m*lested, ass*ulted, etc, when they were kids and they were bombed with the video on Twitter!! They should pull down the whole movie, it's not something anyone should see and it's only feeding the p*dos that are out there. Poor child actors, I hope this doesn't negatively impact them, I hope they don't get treated like Natalie Portman and so many other child actors that have been sexualised before.

  • what's also a shame is that this could have genuinely decent film if they didn't have to make it such a provocative movie. if the girls were singing rap songs or something and her parents didn't approve, it could've been a "girls can do everything!" inspiring towards young girls especially young black girls. it's quite upsetting to me cuz this could've been a moving female empowerment movie but instead it's basically child porn.

  • Honestly why didn’t they just hire actors that look younger - that was part of Ellen Page’s appeal for ‘Hard Candy’ and even though I was aware she was 17, her fantastic acting made me feel sick for her at the beginning of the film, as she plays a 14-year-old and plays it well. And no one was exploited from this

  • The unexplored subplots are like the pizza man

  • Is there even a European country with an age of consent that is under sixteen? An under sixteen actress should not be in an NC-17 movie... that does not make sense. An under seventeen actress shouldn't be in a seventeen movie. There is no reason why an under sixteen actress should be involved in any way with a movie that involves sexual themes, and even if she were over sixteen, this would still be gross because not only does it talk about sexual themes it sexualises the people within it, which is a whole separate matter. You can talk about sex and the video would be considered to include sexual themes yet not be sexual in itself if done respectfully, and without sexualising anyone and especially not actors/actresses that aren't even teenagers. I mean, this would be gross if the actress were over sixty. The whole idea of anyone being zoomed in on like that... is disturbing, never mind someone who hasn't a pre-teen.

  • jesus christ.. im surprised how you are able to do this kind of work :/

  • I watched Cuties recently and some parts confused me but I'm not sure where to post about it because everyone only wants to post about how awful it is. When she took the nude pic and posted it until she posted it I thought she was doing that so the guy she stole the phone from couldn't get her in trouble for stealing his phone without getting in trouble himself. I don't know who the guy was. I didn't understand the foreign language parts and there were no subtitles. I didn't watch it on Netflix so I don't know if there were subtitles to turn on and never checked. How did she just get away with stuff? At one point her mother flipped and they did the exorcism thing but she stole a bunch of money and seemed to have no consequences? Who was the mysterious closed bedroom for? Was it for the second wife? Was this a divorce and remarriage or literally a second wife? Wouldn't that not be allowed unless they were in their home country? How did no one notice she had a cell phone? She wasn't very sneaky about it. I expected very strict parents in the movie but that girl had more freedom than I did at 11 growing up in a non religious household with an overprotective mother. What kind of school lets girls dress like that at any age? When I was in school very short skirts and bare midriffs were always strictly against the rules.


    • Also the movie isn't based on her own experience. It's based on what she sees NOW.

  • Well I'm European and have a daughter and still wtf?

  • This film makes me wanna vomit 🤢

  • Wtf...I am disgusted rn. Like I feel physical ill.

  • As a French, I want to say that it is actually an inherent problem of "the french intelligentsia". Some people in what we could call a "cultivated" privileged circle are going so far as promoting this kind of stuff "for arts sake" or whatever pseudo-intellectual BS. That was the whole thing with Gabriel Matzneff, a french writer who claimed his attraction for minors for *decades*, who wrote dozens of books on this topic and who openly talked about how he was "hunting" middle-school girls and how he's done things to boys as young as 8 years old in Philippines. Even so, he was often interviewed on tv shows, was praised for his works by "intellectuals", and was even invited once by former french president François Mitterand to the Palais de l'Élysée (french equivalent of the White House). He was protected, he was defended, and he was rewarded with some prestigious literature prizes, whereas the few people who dared to criticize and condemn him had to face of a huge backlash, and it was supposedly normal. He started to publish in the late 60's, but the justice only started to really "investigate" his case... in the end of 2019. Or let's talk about how Roman Polanski, convicted of rape on a minor and accused of other rapes (and a f*cking criminal fugitive from the US because of these very crimes), received the prize of best director this year during the César Awards. I'm not saying that all french intellectuals are protecting these criminals or promoting these contents, but it is certain that there is a structural problem here, with an elite that tolerates at best, or even supports these behaviours and these reprensentations under the excuses of "freedom of speech" and "culture". But whatever the situation or context, pedophilia is not a culture. This needs to stop.

  • Anyone who was involved in the making of the movie aside from the exploited children should be in jail. Or sentenced to death. End of story. No room in the world for pedophilia !

  • I think the point of cutie was for you to hate the people being ok with sexualizing children. Like thats the point of the movie to tell you that society is sexualizing our children. And the movie does that and people freak out. It wasn't making it positive it was suppose to disturb you. "It makes you feel disgusting " that was point of the movie? Did they have to use real children? Your right maybe they could of done a cartoon your right maybe they shouldn't of used real people but end of day what did the kids do? They didn't show body parts, they didn't engage in any sex scene . I feel like people are over reacting but I understand the moral concerns but I think it's over dramatic. Young girls their age wear less than what was shown in the film when they go to a swimming pool . This film didn't do anything you don't see in your society . Maybe , people are just upset with seeing the truth for how society is around them and they don't want to see a film telling them this crap is going on . I remember when I was 12 I was going through these phases and really thats what's that movie is about too , about children learning about seuxality which happens

  • I watched cuties And I regret it ;-;

  • I just hope the actresses' future life doesn't get ruined by this.

  • YOU WATCHED WHAT.................

  • I'm SO *SORRY* YOU HAD TO ENDURE THAT PIECE OF PEDONONCERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Cuties movie is disgusting... but it happens in real life. This actor did put real life on screen (which shouldn’t have been put on film anyways). When I was in school, this was the everyday. Girls putting these things on Tik Tok, having sex even, and taking pictures of genitalia. Yes these things happen in real life, but they didn’t need to be put on film.

  • This film is so flawed, with the crotch focus and stuff. However what I got from its intentions is that's more on an exposé of the situation, assuming we all know it's bad.

  • I'm glad you said what your root are because I keep hearing this defense that if your not European you won't get it but clearly even Europeans have an issue with it and they should.

  • I asked my Finnish friend what he thought of the movie He noped the fuck out

  • That’s crazy I’m glad I haven’t watched it. I think this movie was made for pedos. And the mob is about normalizing it. Netflix just got indicted.

  • Wait your first language is italian? Wow

  • Honestly, Im kind of glad to be hearing from someone who actually has lived in France talk about it. Im kind of tired of the whole "You wouldnt understand!" Mentality. Like I get Americans can be prudish. Like violence and gore is fine for TV, but the human body is still shamed. I dont get that. I've even lived in southern florida where its really not to uncommon to see teenage girls wear short shorts and stuff, and no one really cares as much, because its hot outside. Wearing pants is uncomfortable when its 100 degrees and humid as shit. But even then, there was a sort of limit to things, and just what little Ive seen in this movie, I dont think I could watch it. Some times making people uncomfortable can be a great way to get a point across... But this is not the way to do it.

  • I’m surprised you don’t have any kind of French or Italian accent

  • I’m disappointed that you did this and made a video about it giving exploitation of children even more attention. Netflix is currently being faced with a lawsuit over ’Cuties’ or ‘Mignonnes’ by the Texas grand jury. This film is facing a charge under the state law forbidding “the lewd exhibition of the genitals or pubic area of an unclothed, partially clothed, or clothed child,” per the indictment made by Texas’ Tyler County district attorney.

  • they cancelled dark crystal but keep cuties ok netflix makes sense (it really doesn’t netflix needs to get rid of this shit)

  • I totally agree

  • Watching the movie for "research" is just as bad as watching it for fun. Everyone knew it was gonna be bad but so many youtubers still watched it. Can't condemn other people for exploiting children when you contribute to it. I would have never heard of this movie if it weren't for all the clout videos.

  • The parents of these girls should face criminal charges for subjecting their children to this. Disgusting how some people can sell out their kids 😡

  • Did any one find it weird that when the girls were auditioning for a spot for the dance competition the judges were cool with the girls dancing sexually

  • Noooooooo

  • I don’t care what message this movie is sending. This is child pornography and will be used as child pornography. It needs to be taken down.

  • damn hold on you speak 3 languages?? goddamn

  • If you think about it, acting in a movie is the only situation you could have these adults having these children doing this stuff and it be, not only legal, but the parents come from all over to have their kids "audition" to participate. There's no other situation where it would be seen as ok. You there has to be pedos out there that get into the film industry to have that access.

  • “Had I been there he would be strangled” was my personal favorite quote of this video 💕

  • It’s definetly not a european thing.. greetings from norway😅

  • True problem with cuties is that the specialization ( pedos ) is it takes away of other issues 1 mother and father verbal abuse and neglect 2 lying about their age to older boys on and off line 3 watching mature content online 4 Able to ( per her religion ) marry much older men 5 bullying 6 purging

  • I don't care if this movie has deeper meaning, I will not support sexualizing of children, this movie is disgusting.

  • Okay the worst part is that I can't find any french article saying how this movie is wrong! They're all saying "Oh, Americans are prude! You need to watch 'til the end! It's calling out the hypersexualisation, not glorifying it! You need to watch the movie to understand!" this pisses me off! It does seem like an "European thing" after all. People don't seem bothered by this crap. Either that or articles calling it out are deleted. (I'm relieved to see a bunch of Europeans saying they're not okay with this in the comments)

  • I want to watch it just so I can understand everything that’s going on and why it’s so controversial but I feel like it’s wrong to watch it. If I’m uncomfortable just by how people describe it then that’s a red flag.

  • Haven't watched and won't watch Cuties. Not in dance class as a kid but was dad's shield to ride his cycle to bars and lie about it to mom. Needless to say as a blonde, kinky-haired, Shirley Temple look alike, in those settings I was a cutie! Barfable sentence that! And as a psych nurse, I found out way too much about what the animules (MY word for them) watch during R&R! Even old timey middle school health class films do it. I'm glad I found you and enjoy and get satisfaction from hearing my thoughts spoken by you!

  • The fact that Netflix won't speak about it and won't remove it from their inventory is sickening. Shows you to type of demented monsters running Netflix. What a disgusting and vile movie. I feel so bad for those little girls, who knows what this will do to their mental health

  • I agree that the point of the movie could have been made for sure in a way less provocative and less gratuitous way. It seems to be there for shockvalue only and it's not okay with children in my opinion.

  • There was no message in the film..

  • The person who made cuties should be shot. Stop sexualizing children. No girl under 18 should be showing skin. My blood is boiling. 😡😡😡😡

  • I just don't know who's going to enjoy this movie besides people who want to see children in a sexualized manner. It's not a movie that's needed and we don't need scenes like that to discuss child exploitation. Ugh. Even hearing about this movie makes me need to go bathe in bleach.

  • The fact there are many people defending on the movie on Twitter is disgusting.

  • I’m British and I hate this film

  • My wife and I had a similar discussions. She agrees that they should have just gotten older actors. I said that the issues were technical and they needed to be better at shooting and editing. Either way, it would have been better.

  • Rather than watching Cuties, I think it would be more beneficial for people to watch the 2012 documentary "Sexy Baby" - it's really good! It covers some of the same topics that Cuties tried to cover, but rather than sexualizing the child involved, they just see how she changes as she gets older due to social media influence. It also focuses on 2 adults too - which is a plus! To quote the Amazon description: "An ex adult film star, a 12 year old girl and a 22 year old who yearns for 'normal' private parts are chronicled in this thought provoking doc about how porn, social media and pop culture affect women and girls". I am a woman in my early thirties that has watched this documentary multiple times over the past 8 years and I've been able to come away from it with new insight every time. I highly recommend it! And there's no child exploitation! :D

  • I would literally LOVE to watch your video on the plot! You are so intelligent, I'd pay to listen to you break down the plot!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • I know facebook is an argumentative hellhole but the amount of people I have seen defend this movie is absurd. A lot of "you don't get it, man" but honestly we don't "get it" because most of us aren't pedos. The movie should be taken down, I don't even know how it won an award at a festival. It's gratuitous and gross and filled with actual children, who frankly should be under better supervision. I really hope the girls in it can movie past this and hopefully not be remembered for something this messed up. The director/writer could have made a documentary or changed parts of the story or just been more selective on what scenes are necessary. But if this was their intention I'd say the director/writer is also a pedo.

  • We don't teach people child pornagraphy is wrong by showing people child porn. Why would this director think this is a way to teach people child exploitation is wrong by making a movie exploiting children?

  • I just hate the parents. How did they allow this to happen? I get that people are shite and will do anything to harm others so I can't expect better from the pedo director and pedo producers (they should be imprisoned obviously) but this shit, as I see it, is on the parents how shit of a parent you need to be to agree to this? How? Why? Child services should collect all the children featured/auditioned for such a film. For me they are the real monsters. Not protecting your own baby? Gross, beyond gross.

  • The 365 people who disliked this video are probably pedos

  • thank you bc i did not want to watch this and i wanted to hear from someone who isn't batshit crazy talk about it.

  • You need to watch dance moms. While you're at it, watch Kids. Watch the Netflix video where she explains these situations are actually based on stories SHE got from young girls, NOT her actual experience.

  • Thank you for doing the dirty work so we don’t have to!!! I cannot bring myself to watch that mess

  • This is making me feel gross, and I didn't even watch the movie my gosh. Who approved this and thought this was good to put on Netflix? Why did their parents think this was okay? Absolutely disgusting.

  • The last scene ends with her having a massive panic attack as she realizes she doesn't want that kind of attention and life, and the end finds a medium between oppression and subjegation to find herself so for me that scene made me feel her panic. I felt uncomfortable and then she freezes in fear and regret. I think going into the film i refused to go in clouded by the pedo claims. I agree tho, unless you are a specific kind of life experience you may miss most the subtle commentary in the film. As a girl i was like the character. Objectified by pedos but oppressed by family. It was a terrible thing. Maybe my experience made it less about pedo more about her story? I didn't see the sexual stuff. I did see the people watching and thier as sneers and got sick. Kids dancing in any way shouldn't be seen as sexual. My niece danced naked as a toddler after baths but not one of us seen that as anything but a kid dancing who didn't want to put on jammies. In this film u see the onlookers and they like it. They see it and encourage it sexual. My focus wasnt on the kids. As i said kids are not sexual. Even if they're shaking thier butts. However the looks of the audience... That's all the comments i need.

  • I can’t even bring myself to watch the movie

  • Can you give me links to the news that used it as political propaganda, I’m writing an essay about this for school.

  • So I been watching cuties over and over because the dance moves look familiar isn’t it the same dancing in WAP not that it’s ok for kids dancing. I don’t think Netflix should be canceled I believe they thought it was spreading awareness and in away it did

  • Yeah, cudos from Europe, this is not OK in any way. This fcn thing is sexualization of children & it is wrong in every way possible. I don’t think that anywhere in ”western world” it is seems to be OK to sexualize children - and that is right. I don’t know tf Netflix is thinking, when they are putting these kids in this situation and also, what kind of message this sends to its target audience? Kids. We all know, what kind of other audience there is and it disturbing. I am usually against cancel-culture but this absolutely should be cancelled and Netflix put in some kind of responsibility. Also, what kind of parents let their kids to act in this kind of show? Did they even know? How to they feel, after seeing their kids being sexualized? Women can be pedofiles too, those arguments about the director are bs.

  • I mean dear God they were better off just trying to say oh yeah we're trying to show you that your government is corrupt and likes babies!! That's a better excuse ..

  • You're Italian?! I never would have guessed, huh

  • I mean i bet they were jst tryng to make fun of islam. We do not do rugya (the "exorcism"), half naked in undies. And it does nt cause ppl to twerk and vulgar dancing. Wtf man. 🤦‍♀️ its almst hilarious how uneducated the person who made this is. And i dnt understand why the hell they r trying to show that girls get sexualized by sexualizing them. Who else is the audience of this except for pedophiles??!! Like this was a porno for literal pedophiles. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

  • Wait til you see Mr.girl’s review of this movie. You’ll literally wanna call the fbi.

  • Nobody calls out the ESmainr tsquad an Rocco the clown and tommy the clown they made millions off of little girls and boys young as thee twerking splitting and being inappropriate . Even in their older video they’re were babies doing the dances on their ESmain channel. Sad we have that problem here in America.

  • I feel like every person who defends this movie should have their background checked by FBI

  • Big Industries have targeted the Teens to make money with the help of Social Media and Porn Industries. Teens are totally controlled by the Porn Industries. Now their next target is Kids. And they will try their best to justify that nothing is wrong with this and everything is legal.

  • This movie is a drug gate begginers pedos.

  • Director: "I wanted to speak out against the horrible sexualization of kids" Also director: *sexualizes kids* Bravo you fucking idiot, what a genius, this lady needs an award of course. Of course she does.

  • "Only Europeans can understand it" Me,a half Hungarian-half Romanian:What👁️👄👁️

  • !!! *Cancel Netflix* !!! Report Child Abuse! JESUS Help this world...

  • Fluent in French and lived in France for 8 years? I know like one sentence in French :0 (by the way it’s hard to say “sexualizing young girls is bad” by doing just that)

  • They should have just used adults to play the children, yeah I understand that the film is supposed to make one feel uncomfortable and to get a message across. The issue is that there's a certain kind of people who won't see the film for the message it is trying to pass on, even if it is one that's executed badly and in extremely poor taste. I've been watching reviews from different ESmainrs and really, I think if I dared to see the film, I wouldn't be able to stomach it at all. In all aspects to my understanding, it's just wrong and misguided and humanity is failing, one day at a time. I agree with your views completely, you're braver than I am. Cool channel, cool ESmainr!

  • The parents of those girls should be removed. The director should be removed.

  • This movie is so messed up that Politicians in the US want an investigation of this movie. Plus this movie answers at least 5 out of 6 questions of the Dost Test. Also an interview the Director of this movie said that this movie is a deeply feminist movie. That backfired on her because feminists from all over the place are chastising her. Yeah Netflix should remove this from their site and plus the Director should be arrested for extorting pedophilia.

  • This movies is an eye opener do you not realize that young girls deal with these issues everyday Nd adults don’t care or pay it no mind but this director paid attention to them Nd is telling their story thru there own eyes

  • In your intro you said " especial black girls" REALY. I did not see or want to see this movie but there are parents all over the world that lose their kids, girls and boys, to this kind of welcoming. When your parents are to busy working to pay the bills. This was gang stuff but now it is main stream.

  • Man I would rather watch the human centipede than this - she showed the screenshot of the clip and I couldn't. It's so fucking gross man Like ffs if you wanted the kids there like??? Before any of the dance shit you could change them out with adults??? Y'know? Have it be all metaphorical or some noise? Idk but I feel gross just having looked at that

  • Jeffrey Epstein loved this movie Do y'all think Salo was art

  • The film thirteen did this type of thing well without underage actors back in 2001...

  • Ik I'm scared to watch it cuz it's literally borderline cp like ik I'm not going to cuz I'm gonna start crying

  • Removal from any and all streaming is just the bare minimum of what should be done. I’m flabbergasted at how gross this is. I just wanna say, and I know this is off topic, you’re chair is very cool looking. I know, off topic. I like your chair.

  • The French flex! 🗣🗣🗣🗣lol yess love you girl

  • I live in a very sex liberal country, even with the latinx sexism, and this was not it at all. No matter how open-minded you are there's nothing correct about sexualizing kids on screen.

  • It looks like 99%+ of people do not agree with the on screen child exploitation, only the press and the odd few like the guy called MrGirl defend it.

  • A friend on facebook tried to defend this movie by comparing elementary cheerleaders to the cutie dancers but the picture of cheerleaders she used were still more covered then these girls. Cheerleaders also aren't twerking.

  • Movie about murder Murder is bad Goes on a shooting spree See it’s bad

  • I flipped through that movie watched about 10 minutes total. How did inetflix let such a shit show air?

  • Why do you think a movie needs to have a "discussion" about it? It's just a movie. There doesn't need to be a "message" about it. It's literally just art. Don't you watch movies that don't have a "message" or songs that don't have a happy happy moral ending? Kinda stupid points

    • @Robert Morales Where did I even say anything remotely similar to that? I said that there doesn't need to be a "point" to any movie, song, film, television show, and so on. Because there doesn't -- it's art. "It makes me feel icky" is not a good reason for anything.

    • @solaria So by your logic the whole point of this movie is just pedo bait. FBI is coming.

    • @gacha don't know what that is but okay.

    • go play gacha :^)

  • Twitter was not right. The fact that people cant handle the damage that is being done to young kids these days is why it will be getting worse. You got uncomfortable and you got offended. This shocking reality wouldn't have worked if the performers were older. If you actually watch the interviews and watch other people's reviews, you'd understand why she did it. It was marketed poorly in the us. It was not made to sexualize kids. It was made to show what little girls are going through. Take responsibility. People are mad at this movie, but give crickets to child brides. People just dont like seeing the truth shoved in their face.

    • But again it has actual children being sexualized. That like making a movie about rape culture with actual people getting raped just because it is to show a message.

  • They could’ve definitely done things different to get that message they wanted across n not sexualize children at the same time :|