I found a disturbing blog

Publicado el 27 may 2020
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  • The Columbine shooters were bullied. Everyone who knew them said so. Stop spreading misinformation.

  • She just wants to be taken seriously and helped, this is another way of screaming for help and respect to the top of your lungs

  • Better safe then a whole lot of sorry

  • REPORTING is definitely a good idea

  • I found Vore of Eric in Dylan's stomach and skinny long armed lanza with the caption "Your scat hand it over" I also found a "meme" talking about you.

  • Is that common teens in US admire those dipshits?

  • my school shooter was 15, and he acted erratically too, but even he was nowhere near like this person. I have a respect for you reporting this to the authorities and taking this seriously, I hope they find help.

  • A lot of the stuff said in this blog is very similar to the outlook from Eric and Dylan’s journals/websites. “I’ll never be at peace”, “I can’t feel joy”, “I don’t belong”, “they deserve it”, “they are all brainwashed zombies”. All of these are notable features of Eric and Dylan’s journals. Copy cat or not, this is scary as fuck

  • SickGirl, JESUS loves you.

  • the fact that they put a flatsound lyric in their entries wtf

  • Cough” snitch” cough”

  • It sounds like some serious PTSD

    • Not the plan to kill cause I know someone will comment with a snide remark I was referring to the I can't breath thing but yeah I'm glad you reported it

  • sanrio traumacore bitches❤️

    • hell’s angel oh bahdbsjsjajsj

    • idk just because youre from the tcc

    • hell’s angel no?? where did you get that from bshdnsjskwj

    • Adrianna Butt thank you. are you sickgirl?

    • i love your sol país pfp!!!

  • Sometimes, It sounds likes she's one of the crazy Nagito fangirls- Like the dudes from the Komaeda Love Mail thingy. I really hope that the person who wrote the blog is ok. I hope that she can see a psychiatrist, or someone who can understand her, if her plan didnt carry out.

  • Any update? Truly saddening

  • Anxiety and depression alone can't create killers. We have much deeper issues here.

    • she also said she has ocd, it actually explains

  • This could be the manifestation of ocd intrusive thoughts, ocd can get so bad you become delusional, part of ocd is “confessing” these are likely just her intrusive thoughts and she has convinced her self she must want to do this because of her ocd theme, this is probably something she is afraid of doing,maybe she did hurt animals as a child and now thinks that means she will act on her intrusive thoughts, honestly this sounds like ocd with traits of psychosis caused by ocd, she has probably convinced herself that she is a psycho and feels she must confess (common ocd behaviour) she needs help of course but I feel like this is just ocd that has taken over her life and this her way of “confessing “ her intrusive thoughts, she doesn’t trust herself, the fact you’ve actually seen this show she wants propels to see it and wants help or wants to locked in hospital so that she feels she isn’t a danger..ocd can cause you believe you’re evil... she is trying to describe herself as a textbook psychopath, she needs help, ocd is very distressing especially when you lose touch of reality and trust in your self and aren’t able to create with distance the ocd thoughts, ocd can make people think they are evil when they are not, they lose themselves in the ocd thoughts and are stuck, people with ocd that is bordering on psychosis can almost fully believe they are evil, I know it’s hard to understand but this is just what I think is going on with this girl

  • If sickgirl ever reads this, I just want to say hi and that depression sucks and I hope you're doing better. I'm glad that your therapist is taking things seriously now and I hope you get the help you need and that you become your best self.

  • update: visited the website and it seems she has sought help and it is working to some extent. Ofc this could just be a front but I genuinely hope not and that she truly is recovering. Mental illness is not something to take lightly and again it's just been demonstrated how all-consuming it is to those suffering. If u wanna check it out you can, but basically she now just has a page with a quote, memes, her favorite music, and an explanation of what's been going on with her. According to her page, she says " I just wanted to let you know that I read not if all your comments on rtg's video... if you have anything you want to say to me I'll most likely read it there :)" edit: but um if u click on "siCk girL" tho it takes you to the Columbine school shooter transcript...

  • Any updates?

  • “I know what they’ll say. They will just call me another copycat”. Oh, that’s interesting, I wonder what separates this person from the others? *Looks and finds nothing original*

  • I think this person was serious, but maybe hoping for something to change their mind before the time came. I don't know much about lack of empathy, but I'm experienced with knowing suicidal thought etc from friends, myself, psychology. And with planning suicide dates, people might be hoping for something to change their mind before it comes and having some shred of hope that things can be different, even if they are serious about it.

  • So, sicK girL said she reads the comments, so, if you see this here are my words(warning: very *VERY* long and cheesy!!): I personally am not mad with you!! You see, people just sometimes can not think the right way!! And that's OK!! You have regretted your actions, and that's what matters the most!! I understand how you feel (empathy maybe??), and I'm glad that you feel better!! As I saw your post about you saying that you are forcing yourself... Here's this: I, as well, did have a bad phase in my life, and I wanted to do stuff (not dangerous, it was like mostly limiting, and distancing myself from others), and myself didn't like it!! I wanted to do something, but myself didn't!! You see, my point is, that you are disagreeing with yourself!! I think that you (like me), are actually a good person, but you try to cover it, for your reasons!! It's not bad to be empathetic, neither it's bad to be good!! You just have to accept this part of you (personal experience here)!! So, in general, I am overall happy that you are feeling better, and I'm glad that you saw behind your actions!! Not everyone does that!! And a last, IRRELEVANT thing: I am also curious about how your blog will be!! I really wanna see its evolution (also, I like the way it's coded, well done!!) (Sorry, got happy that someone knows HTML too!!) If you don't have any ideas, here's some: - write about a hobby you have - write about something you create (I personally make songs and stories, I'm telling you to give you an idea!!) - make it aesthetic-like!! I like the whole Hello Kitty thing, and the pink letters!! - continue having this as a diary (small stuff about your day, some of your dreams and goals, all that stuff!!) (You can also add a qna page here, because I'm curious about what drove you to wanting to do this, why delaying it 4 years, what gave you this feeling of being like god, how did you realize that what you did was wrong, if you were influenced by Sol's blog, etc) That's all I have to say, you are free now!! Remember, it's okay if you do something wrong, as long as you realize it, and try to fix it!! Also thanks for putting me back to coding, I saw the blog and I was like "I wanna create mine too!!" (Without the dangerous part, but anyway!!) That's it, shine bright!!

  • Also reporting this is absolutely the right thing and for this person to say they aren't like the other sick f****...um please look in the mirror. Sounds like a loud pathetic cry for help and if these feelings are true I hope the fbi do look into it

  • If only teenagers could fast forward ten years and understand most of the up and down confusing feelings they feel is not only hormonal related but related to thinking they don't fit in, have to figure life out When the ironic thing being a teenager one always thinks they somehow know more than adults who have experienced life etc. Not to mention what was once important as a child(teenager) isn't gonna be important ten years forward. Yet commiting crimes that could put them behind bars for life or half their life must also be hard to fathom or the fact that death is final period. I don't mean to be one of "those" people but movies/shows etc really do misrepresent life especially death and making mistakes to ruin your life

  • Hey, uh sick girl! i read on ur blog that u read these comments, and i just want to tell you im really happy that u are feeling better. it must be so difficult to get off that mindset. Stay strong :)

  • Any follow up?

  • Cybertip interpole

  • I'm really scared now as well. It's concerning for them obviously but they are in the same year of school as me and since we have no idea who is writing this, I am genuinely scared to go to school

  • you got the knife tattoo from florpagano

  • Holy shit- this reminds me of my mindset and obsession over violence a few months ago, it was almost EXACTLY like this, except I never planned anything. Damn..

  • Where's the link to the first video please?

    • Here(if you mean the video for Sol Pais): esmain.info/goal/v-deo/r66asLBlqLyqhKM

  • I think its serious because if it was just some edgy kid then they would have posted it on Instagram or some shit but this person went out of their way to make a whole page dedicated to talking about waning to off themself and take a bunch of people with them

  • This is their form of a cry for help!

  • I swear the intro gives off such sally face vibes

  • This made my stomach turn.

  • You 1000% did the right thing on turning this in. This isn’t someone just trying to get noticed, this is someone who wants to end others lives bc she is unhappy with her own.

  • Oh gosh, seeing this things really can ruin someones day. I hope this kid gets the help they need.

  • Well fuck at least she's ambitious

  • This is an extreme case of this, but I just find it so irritatingly ironic that all teenagers feel alienated from the rest of teenagers for the same processes all teenagers go through, this person just happened to find solace in her mental image of the murderer she fanfics herself with. It's infuriating, I'm sure I've heard similar rubbish from other people who would 100% have been ignored and murdered by their fanfic objects.

  • Sept 20/2020 blog currently says “Hey! its sick girl, but you already know that. i have decided that im going to use this blog. for what? im not entirely sure yet... hi hi everyone, i just wanted to let you know that i read most, if not all of your comments on rtg's video, if you have anything you would like to say to me, you can comment on her video, and i will most likely see it. :) hi, i just wanted to clarify something about my previous blog. whenever i talked about "harming animals". i cant go into full detail about what was exactly going on, but i was in the darkest (and most homicidal) part of my life when i thought that doing that kind of thing was justifiable. when i said ive done "sick things to animals" i should have clarified i meant dead. the only live animal i have purposefully killed in that point of my life was a lizard, and i still dont even like the fact that i did that, because i LOVE animals. i used to disect and cut open dead birds/ lizards. thats what i meant by "sick". and i said that because it makes me uncomfortable knowing i enjoyed that stuff. i truley was a sick individual, but i have changed a LOT since then. okay, thats all. thank you” Hey (healing)sickgirl, I’m really really happy you have gotten the help and am really happy that when I went to check your blog I saw this. Much love & happiness 💜

  • C'mon I suffer from depression, OCD and anxiety. This stuff doesn't come up in me todo.

  • I used to be a very edgy tween and was a “yandere” I’m still obsessive but won’t break people up, this is not edgy, I used to say I would kill my grandmother after she had damaged my mind extremely bad, and got it out on myself, and I fixed it. I never hurt anyone and only told my mom because she knew my grandmother screwed up my mind. She got it and knew I wasn’t going to do it. Look at the style Edgy kid:“She makes me feel worthless.. I want her to die it hurts so much...” Her: “I want it to happen I will do it” Now. Tell me what sounds better

  • Thank you for actually doing something and possibly preventing a horrible tragedy. I hope she is getting the help and care she needs.

  • Glare link me to her Tumblr. I can help her

  • I think this person wants to be a sociopath so badly.

  • Want to stop school shooters? Turn them into the jokes they really are. They want attention and to be "infamous". If we humiliate and mock these shooters, that can have a much bigger impact. I say that because these would-be shooters don't want to be seen as a joke when they die. All the previous school shooters should be mocked and humiliated so that future would be shooters might second guess their plan of wanting to take their "revenge" that these turbo speds think they need. We tend to immortalize these shooters, which is what we SHOULD NOT do. Mock and humiliate the ones that have done their killing and remind the world what kind of losers they really were. I know so many people who had it rough growing up and they didn't go murder a bunch of innocent people. If we can get people help before they take that final step, that is great. Just remember, we will never beable to get the threat to absolute 0% seeing as human behavior is uncontrollable, but we sure can lessen the threat with some good ol' fashioned tactics that many may deem as "cruel". My sympathy and empathy go for the innocent victims of the shootings, NEVER the shooter.

  • i love that accent you do when you pronounce her name lol.

  • Sorry but i dont see how having fucking daddy issues leads to school shooting i mean im 16 and i family issues it doesnt mean i can send my classmates to the gulag

  • When I was in middle school I dated this girl. She had a little brother who was bullied pretty bad. By the time I was in high-school this kid was in middle school. I had an adopted family member that had run around with her little brother and a couple other kids. I spent alot of time around this adopted family member and the little brother. The little brother kinda creeped me out, came off as a spoiled little self entitled brat, but the family member seemed completely normal. The police kicked in my grandmas door one day and woke everyone up with rifles to the face, to come and arrest the family member. Turns out these kids had been planning a school shooting. They had guns and knives in lockers. They had detailed plans to cut power and phones to the school. They had even timed it so that it would occur when a train was going by so that the police couldn't get to the middle school. Luckily one of the kids got cold feet and went to someone about the plan and everyone involved was promptly arrested. What im getting at here is it can be all types. As a side note the little brother had outlined a plan to have the family member involved for the man power and then was going to execute him afterwards. He was a part of the friend group but the little brother didn't like him. *edit* I guess a kid told a parent and that led to the police getting tipped off. Also here's a link to a news article that I feel will not expose who I am. www.nbcnews.com/id/12442731/ns/us_news-crime_and_courts/t/arrested-alaska-school-shooting-plot/

  • I'm assuming that you just have shape shifting powers that only works on your hair

  • Maybe reach out to her, be friendly, or if able let peers or parents in on it, never narc, my opinion, sounds to me like creative writing, sick yeah but some vent dark feelings through the pen, might be therapeutic 4 em,

    • U got a point, squealy

    • Ward not the beav seriously!!!?? “Never narc”, doing exactly that has stopped countless other school shooters, and murderers and rapists and peadophiles. “Narcing” can save lives, just because it’s not cool doesn’t mean it’s not the right thing to do.

  • When I was in high school, a girl started texting my boyfriend accidentally with the wrong number. He told her it was the wrong person but she asked if he would still talk to her because she needed a friend. I texted her as well from his phone, at first because I was a 16 year old annoyed some girl was texting my boyfriend. We quickly realized she had no intentions other than needing a friend. For a couple weeks we both texted her and spoke with her a few times on the phone. One day she started texting saying, “please just come kidnap me and take me away, I don’t want to do this anymore” her tone and persistence was serious. We looked up the area code, she lived in a totally different part of the country, and called a local police station non emergency number. We just had a gut feeling and wanted to be safe rather than sorry. A few days later she texted saying, “thank you for what you did. You saved my life. I’m getting help.” And we didn’t hear from her again. We are now 26 and married, and still remember this. I know it’s a bit of a different situation, but when it comes to seeking help for others, it’s always better to just check in rather than read a headline of something tragic. Trust your gut!

  • I would say this isn’t just an edgy teen, seems more serious than that. As for them, i would say that they’ve committed too much of themselves to this and are regretting it from how they’re saying they are nothing without those feelings.

  • I just visited the blog and it’s completely different now. None of the stuff about wanting to kill is on there

  • And I LOVE your hair 😍🖤🖤🖤

  • I randomly came across your page 2 days ago and I'm hooked. I love your videos, I love your opinions, appreciate & agree with everything I've watched so far (I think). Especially the Lena Dunham video. I appreciated I'm the video about... Can't remember her name, the girl with hella pets. She is/was (?) addicted to heroin, and you said we're not going to shame her for her addiction. You also shared that you had an addiction. There are a lot of addicts in my family and I started graduate school for my masters degree in addictions counseling. I think people are fair game to be shamed for things they do, not for things they are or can't control, addiction being one of those things. Yeah, you can control trying drugs for the first time, but people's brains are wired differently to respond to drugs and the reward center differently. People can definitely be addicted after only one time, it can be beyond their control. Kudos to you for saying that. I have been watching on my TV and can't figure out how to "like" videos on there, but I watch, subscribed, and love your channel 🖤🖤🖤

  • I'm glad there are people like you out here, on your own time, helping keep everyone safe!

  • Bro... this makes me angry and idk why

  • Disturbing how many downvotes this got. Sorry. If this person did something to hurt themselves or others, people would be pissed that no one reported it.

  • Nah man, I was an edgy teenager with all the rugby pals, criminal delinquents breaking shit on the streets and fighting people in my country. That went out of fashion, we outgrew it, we didn't want to actually hurt anybody to the point of planning a terrorist attack, why? Because we weren't psycho killers. And those kids from Columbine where psycho killers, and she may be one too, she needs to be stopped and given all the help she needs...or a bullet to the head, whatever is safer.

  • I just checked in on that vlog and read that the “sick girl” said she’ll most likely be reading these comments so: If you are, I’m on Discord: ComatoseDani#1728 I really do hope you’re on a better path compared to 3-4 months ago, life can be shit but to make everyone’s shit worse and hurting people close to yourself and other you cause harm will make it all worse. You’re better than some idiot like those two males and any other (school) shooter.

  • _I found cleavage_ _I'm ready to glare at cleavage_ _I was raised by the cleavage, moulded by it! I did not know of flat chests till I was already man! But by then, it was naught to me but lacking! ~ Bane_ In all seriousness though, the girl from this topic, may need serious rehabilitation. Conventional therapy doesn't seem to be doing enough to assist her troubles. As someone who has gone through years of abuse and mental illness myself, I can relate with some of what she's feeling. I never felt to murder others, but can see why she came to this consensus. Especially in this day and age of falsehoods. Hopefully, the help and true support and belonging, she seeks, comes forth, if it hasn't already. All the best for her.

  • sounds like demon possession

  • No body cares

  • This scares me badly, because a) I could have gone down this path and b) because it sounds EXACTLY like a kid I used to know. probably just weird coincidence, because the kid went on to go to a mental ward

  • Jesus christ, you probably saved a TON of lives by tipping this to the FBI. Whatever happened to them is sad but it's never a good excuse to use for pre-meditated killing of people who had nothing to do with their living situation.

  • hopefully nothing bad comes of this im a high school freshman and shit like this scares me. have a nice day.

  • And I just realized this is a 3 month old vid! 😂 😂

  • they sound like a genuine psychopath and a sociopath combined, and that is not a good mix

  • Hey sick girl. I saw on your blog that the best way to speak to you was through the comments on this video so, I have some questions for you. -Are you doing better now? -Has your guardians or authorities been informed? -Have you been diagnosed or screened for any sort of mental illness? After this or before it. Idk that's really all my questions. There's a lot of comments so who even know if you'll see this.

  • sick girl got a good taste in music doe

  • if i am correct, arent psychopath and sociopath cultural terms, not medical and used as stigmatised identities to apply to someone with bpd or aspd?

  • this girl or boy LAUGHED at a boy getting SHOT! not an edgy teen at all...

  • Even if her intent isn't real, and this is just some kind of venting therapy, she's hiding the need for this from her Mother and Therapist. I guarantee you that everything this girl thinks she needs to keep a secret, is exactly what's hurting her. She's keeping a part of herself private, and then blaming people around her for 'not getting her'. That's totally irrational, and if it's actually causing her pain, it needs to stop.

  • This sounds like the kinda person to bust into school get off one or two shots and then have a jammed receiver and not be able to fix it

  • This person might have another blog called sickboy cause the style looks the same

  • She said she is better now, but idk if it's true

  • *(( Trigger warning: Self- Harm ))* There is a girl in Japan posting self-harm pictures (mostly her arms) her livestreams have quite dangerous things often in them. She only speaks Japanese, and she is inspired by a girl on the internet known as Ruru-chan/Roro-chan. To understand this, and why she is inspired by Ruru/Roro-chan check out these things: *this song was dedicated to ruru/roro-chan* esmain.info/goal/v-deo/oJpikamTebyDipI *some more detailed things about ruru/roro-chan* esmain.info/goal/v-deo/aa6WoLyIerWTg5o The girl doing self harm has twitter. her twitter is *@RuruChan_Shinu* She is definitely NOT faking it. She took a credit card (or what looks like to be one) and sliced up her arm. I don't know what to do. Like...Do we need to call the police to get them to get the police in Japan...? Or do we get the JP police..? She needs help as soon as possible. If you want to tell her something on twitter, get me/other to translate for you. Google translate also works.

  • I'm going to go ahead and say this...the person who wrote these entries has explicitly stated that she has seen Ready to Glare's video and that she observes the comment section. As much as I hope she is getting the help that she clearly needs I'm worried that all of these comments could fuel the fire...I hope I'm wrong about that, but a lot of people who have this mentality heavily enjoy notoriety.

  • Wow... I hope she gets the help she desperately needs ..... messed up to write stuff like this...

  • I have serious anxiety and depression but I would never ever harm animals or other people There is way deeper stuff there

  • i can definitely say this is real. in middle school there were two boys who usually acted as if they were losers, and that everyone should feel bad for them. on instagram one of them made a vent post similar to some of the things on the blog, but no one noticed/cared. a week or so later, the same guy posted on instagram some photos of guns, then continued to say he was going to shoot the school during a middle school dance. he was arrested the following day, a along with another boy who was posting on instagram. they found knives in his pocket, but thankfully no guns.

  • This...hurts. I used to be this girl when I was in high school and I know a lot of people disagree with this but I just want to hug her and tell her she doesn't need to be this angry. I went through the same abuse and CSA and homicidal fantasies as a teen and I just want whoever she is to get better like I did.

  • umm idk why i keep coming back to this video, maybe because i can relate a lot to how sickgirl's feeling? i used to be in a really dark place too and since then, i've gotten a lot better. but it still affects me to this day in small ways,,, i'm still on the way to complete recovery ig. anyways, i saw on sickgirl's blog that she addressed what she meant by "sick things to animals" & that she really hated what she did. i can somehow relate,, i have had terrible and intrusive thoughts, i have done horrible things, i have liked and sought out some disturbing things (mostly to myself). i regret all of that. idk if this will help because i know i usually ignore these kinds of messages, but i truly wish she finds something worth living for (that doesn't involve harming anyone or herself). i'm glad to hear that she's doing better though & i hope she continues to feel that way :)

  • This is for the girl who wrote the blog.

    • And another thing to say, you actually did get the right account when you asked me😬 but again that was wrong of me and I’m truly sorry and I hope it didn’t cause any trouble

    • I’m sorry I shouldn’t have commented what I commented and I most importantly shouldn’t have said your @. I was just really worried about your safety and others that all. (Btw, I never got out of tc, stan dylan😍😌)

  • dont rlly know what to say i kind of know the feeling of being alone nobody is your friend everyone seems to hate you bullying for no reason i kind of get it but like... idk.

  • I support her, like really. I have the same thoughts and plans

  • The page is active, and it currently says, "I just wanted to let you know that I read most, if not all the comments in rtg's video, if you have anything you would like to say to me, you can comment on her video, and I will most likely see it." Just as an FYI.

  • When I was a younger teen I was "edgy" but I never thought about hurting myself or others especially in such a devastating way like that

  • This kid needs help but can get better. I was 10 when columbine happened. I was 11 when I started getting abused at school, sexually, physically and mentally. In my anger I turned to abusing animals something to this day I’m not proud and am ashamed of, I nearly killed my cat. I was very violent at home. I was 15 when I was committed after I got help and was diagnosed with bipolar and severe ptsd got on meds and the violence went away. As an adult I also got diagnosed with Autism. And got helped for that. I went from a fucked up potentially dangerous kid to who I am today. Today I’m 33 and a semi functioning adult. I don’t hurt people, I love animals, I’ve got 4 dogs, 3 cats and 4 tarantulas. I have a child and am trying for number 2 and am married. I see a lot of anger and hurt in this kid but I’m here to tell you as one of those kids it doesn’t have to be this way. I used to think I was a sociopath and the funny thing I’m actually an empath. After all the abuse I went through it turned me into one which is why I can empathize with kids who feel that way...I actually can empathize with anyone (sex offenders, child predators and zoophiles excluded).

    • I forgot to add that I Was gonna plan something similar when I was like 14.

  • Damn my that’s my birthday 😐 3:42

  • Their names were Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. They created a legacy. And they shall always be remembered for their selfish sacrifices.

  • good video girl 😄

  • I mean, I kind of been there. Not school shooter type shit but like wanting to murder. I was very angry with everyone and the world. So it could very much be a phase but also could be very real. I never had the internet like that to be spilling all my darkest inner thought. They all stayed in my head. Nothing on paper. No trace. The mind is a tricky place.

  • Im sorry but we've literally all felt like this..life really gets worse and will never be as pure as it was when we were 15 and they still want to ruin the lives of hundreds because they think they deserve better. they have therapy, an involved mother, and wants to be alienated for the image, the goth 'rejected' school shooter. i'm rolling my eyes and hoping this person is found and addressed. idc if ur lonely don't fucking murder children. they have tried nothing except blaming other ppl.

  • Can’t imagine doing what you do for us. I appreciate what u do.

  • it's a traumacore acc which should be taken seriously, this person went through trauma one or multiple times

  • 7:49 lmao it’s like me telling myself I was going to commit suicide when I turned 13 but look at me now, I’m still alive.

  • too bad they wont do anything about it. as someone who was tipped to the fbi for a multitude of autistic things i can confirm