Hilaria Baldwin...what is going on?

Publicado el 6 ene 2021
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  • Soooooo...the latest newborn?

  • I speak fluent Spanish I learned it in Peru from a young age so when I speak in Spanish I speak with a close to native accent but when I switch back to English you can tell that I'm American I can understand when speaking with other's that aren't fluent English speakers sometimes, I imitate their accent when speaking in English but, I can't understand using an accent just to seem cool or more interesting I think the fact that you can speak multiple languages is enough and to go out of my way to present myself as Latina knowing I have no Latina blood in me...it just seems... unfathomable...🤦🏿‍♀️

  • Dont forget ALL their children have spanish first and middle names. Cringe.

  • In “hola magazine “ she said her parents cannot pronounce the name Baldwin

  • Hilariia was in front of the UN and said she is half Spanish she is a phony you can google the clip

  • I may of may not be binging literally everything cuz I just love how you explain things

  • can I just say, you look great

  • Your mother was right to make you the sweet wonderful American girl you present. I am so proud to be called American. My lineage is German, English, Czek, Scot, Irish and God knows what else. A big soup bowl or different cultures born in an American .

  • I think she talks about being Spanish too much.


  • Okay so ... As someone who is multilingual myself... I I don't have 1 "accent" when speking in english... it fluctuates a lot between having different accents

  • Okay so I'm confused... "not having an accent " is basically speaking with an American accent?

  • Faking an accent wasnt even.... neccessary for a bullshit story like this but to be extra spicy disrespectful while lying about her origins she did it anyway.... like. So. I speak four languages. I have an accent in all of them. And especially in english, my accent changes A LOT based on what kinda content i listen to, who im speaking with, my location, etc etc. So me having an accent of somewhere else now means i am from that place. thank you, hillarious hillary.

  • I must be too old because I don't get why the fact that she is not spanish effects anything ? I mean Ive known people in every aspect of my life that say their mental he thing or another and it's never effected anything as far as friendship,kids,marriage .So yeah I'm just going to chalk it up to being old for now .

  • Look plain and simple he's a fraud. End of discussion and her narcissistic husband was in on it.

  • It's also the fact she actively tans and dyes her hair dark

  • as a white girl from massachusetts i can confirm that this is 100% something a white girl from massachusetts would try to pull off

  • This is not to defend her at all, and pls let me know if other people agree with me on this but as a hispanic girl, my accent can go in and out, even if it’s subtle. I can kind of hide my accent but it gets tiring to me sometimes and if I stop my accent will be a little more noticeable

  • That accent is a total affectation.

  • i was raised in a bilingual household too but my accent does not change or something like that

  • Usually when you grow up bilingual you don't have an accent for either, in my experience. Some people have weird accents and pick up accents very easily and lose/pick up accents seemingly at a whim, but some people never drop their accents even if they have lived somewhere else since being a young child. I have been born and raised in New Zealand, but my accent is bizarre because of my parents' families moving around the world, and I was often around forgeiners too. I guess the whole lying thing with Balwin, however, is weird cos it seems like an affectation.

  • Are not people from spain mainly white too?

  • If you watch interviews with Alec when he talks about his wife, he is so cringe. He's absolutely obsessed with her being Spanish.

  • I think her misleading statements and name change are the most incriminating. English is not my first language and my accent changes all the time depending on where I am and who I am with, I think that is the case for many bi- or multilingual people! That being said, my accent in my first language does not change, so it is at least a little weird how she suddenly sounds like Salma Hayek, when she acutally grew up in Boston...

  • In the first interview she never actually says that she moved from Spain to New York, she says my family “lives” in Spain, not “lived”. H: I moved here when I was 19 to go to NYU I: From? H: From…my family lives in Spain they live in Mallorca So what she said is true, she moved to NY to go to NYU and her family (currently) lives in Spain and the interviewers and viewers took that to mean that she moved to NY from Spain.

    • @Shannon O'Reilly so true on many points

    • She doesn’t say it, but it definitely seems like she wanted people to think she was from Spain. She didn’t say that she moved from Boston. She was purposefully vague. They asked where she moved from, not where her family lives. She was being misleading on purpose, never technically lying but withholding the truth, although she definitely lied in many print interviews (like when she said her parents couldn’t pronounce Baldwin when both of her parents are American.)

  • I agree with you, people usually have accents from where they grew up or spend long time. Hilaria didn't grow up in Spain, she holidayed there, that's a different thing. And if your family decided to settle there , it doesn't suddenly make you of that heritage. It's just stupid. Some people really have two or more heritages, but they identify themselves with where they grew up. What is ridiculous is when you've been to somewhere and decide you belong there and that's your culture. For an ordinary person, it's not a problem. But, if you build your celebrity status on that, then it is a problem and people won't like it as they feel tricked and deceived!

  • I fell on the floor when Salma Hayek called her out on it

  • This girl speaks fluent Spanish with a perfect Castellano accent. Ok she has come from America but she chose Spanish culture to identify with. I get that, I’m American but spent half my life in Mallorca. If she claimed to actually be Spanish and lied about her birthplace and upbringing then that’s weird. But identifying primarily with Spanish culture is fine and understandable.

  • From Reddit: "The issue of Catalán identity hasn’t been raised much in this scandal, and it’s kind of complicated by the fact that there are in fact many Spanish families that move to Mallorca and never learn/assimilate into Mallorquín or Catalán culture at all. To be honest, it’s a touchy subject, as any situation is where there is a dominant/conquering culture coexisting with a non-dominant/assimilated culture. It’s made more complicated by the fact that under Franco’s regime, it was illegal for anyone in Spain to speak a regional language, but especially Catalán and Euskara (Basque) since those regions have long sought independence, recognition, even secession/statehood. If Hilaria truly did have some kind of part-time childhood in Mallorca (or even in Murcia or Valencia as Alec vaguely claimed her grandmother was from), she would at the very least have been required to learn Catalán in school, and she would have some noticeable regionalism/colloquialisms in her spoken Spanish. There’s no sign of any of that in her (not that we’re still trying to determine whether her story is true - it plainly is not)."

  • Who cares if she is Spanish or not?

  • If you’re raised speaking Spanish it would be so obvious with every English word you’d say. Especially Castilian Spanish.

  • Lol i rememeber that one time a bachelorett faked an aussie accent on the show to get a "leg up" by looking exotic

  • It’s not her accent tbh it’s the lying. I’m Cuban but have been incredibly exposed to the Spanish(where my family’s from) accent. For people like that - the accent normally fluctuates depending on your environment. If I were to use a Spanish accent in the states - that’d just be unnecessary and borderline lying. She fluctuates based on- her mood? Wild

  • all calling her a white girl as if correcting about her otherwise Spanish roots? Ermm...do you know how WHITE Spanish people are??

  • I call her Hi-LIAR-ia. You know... because of all of the lies she tells.

  • Yup. I’m multilingual but my maternal language and second language are accent-less, whereas my first and fourth have accents of my maternal language. I do have the case that you state of having had more of a British accent in my English as I went to British school for seven years and when I moved to the States years later, I acquired more of an American one. Sounds confusing, but, basically, I don’t become confused or have sudden accents in the two languages I speak with no accent. So, consequently, I do believe she was putting on an act.

  • I learned most of my vocabulary either when I was small by my English grandmother, or after the age of 10, from television. It sounds weird and makes people think I'm lying and stuff, but I slip in and out of several accents when I speak or will say partial sentences with an accent, usually trigger by words or phrases. I didn't watch Canadian children shows, or all family TV, I usually watched movies for adults, or during the summer, programming for seniors which all had a wide array of accents, culture, behaviours, and problems solving. You do what you see and hear.

  • I grew up all over the world. Each time I moved to a new place, I picked up my new home’s regional accent and slang. Whilst I’ve lived in some very strongly accented places such as the deep south and England, my “real” accent is somewhat akin to Northern California or the Mid-Atlantic. Whenever I speak with someone from somewhere I’ve lived before, I unconsciously fall back into the accent I picked up while living in that place. It’s not a conscious thing at all. At all. As example, after I took my 13-year-old son to see the movie “Sweet Home Alabama” and we’d emerged from the theater, we were walking to the car chatting about the film when my son suddenly stopped and irritatedly demanded to know “WHY are you talking like that?” I laughed and responded, “Don’t worry. In an hour or so, it’ll be gone.” I knew this about myself because it wasn’t the first time someone had questioned my fluctuating accent. Another example is when I am talking to my sister in England, I almost always come off the phone call with an affected British accent. Relatedly, when I am asked where I’m from, I never know how to answer. Am I from the state in which I was born (Mississippi), where I’ve lived the longest (DC), or the place I most identify (England)? So, IMHO, this Hillary/Hilaria ridiculousness is all a waste of time and energy. It is just so much fabricated bs. And whyyy does anyone even care? People are dissecting this like she has used her accent and answers to personally manipulate them, as if something so minor in the world of offenses is a grift or is some kind of personal affront. 🙄

  • What's more outrageous to me is her husband's comments where he compared her to a druglord wife. That's just a little messed up considering the fake accent doesn't sound like a spaniard one, but rather a central american or colombian accent. I wrote a comment under her post and it got deleted almost instantly. I didn't even insult her or anything.

  • OMG I WAS BORN IN GERMANY AND MY MOTHER AND HER WHOLE FAMILY ARE FROM TORINO ITALY TOO wtffff but when i was 4 my immediate family moved to america bc jobs

  • She says she’s Spanish (with an awful accent that I can’t actually hear) but pretends to be latina without realising that Spain isn’t latina and is actually a little racist to latinos, like my Spanish teacher hated me for no reason and I was the only latino in the class. (He was Spanish)

  • i have no idea why you'd question this if this is real or fake, the amount of evidence against her is huge. so many times her and alec said she was from spain, the clip of her forgetting the word for cucumber. a past dancer said after they stopped dancing together she changed her name to hilaria and started the spanish persona, so many people coming forward saying she didnt have an accent, there is no spain in her blood, someone did a family tree of hers and saw where her family came from and no where lead to spain. she said her parents had a hard time pronouncing baldwin... theres just so much its insane.

  • Seems like the cultural identity issue is the surface of this fathomless narcissism and her constant need for social media attention. Her baby voice, too, is weird...certainly not feminist.

  • If she wants to pretend to be From Spain then she needs to be held to the same standards as people from other countries, pretending to be from Spain and pretending to have a Spanish accent is just morally wrong, she is trying to make herself seem more interesting, this problem is something only a rich white privileged girl would have straight culture appropriation

  • She’s an actor actors change their name and biography all the time

  • Girl, I'm sorry, but you have a HEAVY Accent XD you just can't hear your own accent because you grew up with it.

  • Massachusetts 😰 I live there

  • You can’t dismiss the cucumber debacle from this.

  • It’s Hilary.

  • Idk if this is whats happening but im a very empathetic person and when im in a room with people with very different accents from me i start to kindve mimic them (not on purpose) for example, im canadian and i used to date a guy from ireland. Well whenever i would hang out with him and his irish friends and no other canadians almost everytime i would have a slight lilt to my accent for a few hours afterwards.

  • 🤣🤣🤣

  • Look up a british chef called gina de campo, hes the same, he fakes an italian accent, hes italian but not lived there since a child,

  • Originally I thought the questions were just based on an inconsistent accent... boy how wrong I was, Latin cultures are not accessories to seem more interesting or 'exotic', this is gross

  • Very interesting

  • Regardless of this particular woman's life events, I wish Americans understood that "white people" isn't really a thing in many countries. Some Spaniards are read as white in the US while others aren't to the point where a lot of the time my parents and I are perceived as different races. So playing this perfectly defined race game will get you nowhere fast with a lot of nationalities.

  • Who cares about an accent?? I am an eastern european. I studied in america. I was considered exotic. I guess that’s why she did that. However. She lied. She is not spanish. She lied about ‘coming here’. She insinuated she has spanish heritage. Said again she is from europe saying ‘i am a white girl, yes, but there is white people in europe). Dude, you are not european!!!! She is still gaslighting ppl with her latest igtv video. Continues to lie. Deletes comments and populates the comment section with positive comments from bots. She is a narcissist and should be given no space in media.

  • This is an honest question, are Spanish people considered white? Spain is in Europe and colonized places like Mexico so would they be considered people of color at all? I'm just asking because people who knew Hilaria Baldwin talk about whiteness and it sounds like it's being disconnected

  • Am I the only one that can't tell when she's adding an accent? She sounds the same all the time

  • Giulia, I'm 🇮🇹/🇨🇦 ☺️ Ciao Tesoro, Sono Una Molto Orgoglioso Italiana & My Family Are Still In Torin, We're Paesane ! What A Small World !!!

  • People actually thought she was Spanish? Even her "Spanish" accented English is terrible. It's blatantly put on and poorly done at that.

  • If she doesn’t have a Spanish surname name to trace her Spanish roots. Simple as that.

  • I actually do talk like that, with an ever changing accent depending on the situation: with my mother and my Family members who come from poland i've sometimes been told by friends that i unconsciously mimic their way of pronouncing words ,whereas i talk accent free with my father . It comes even when i am only emotionaly connected to my heritage and can last for days and i do know a few other people having the same "way of speaking" . Just throwing it Out there that its not unheard of ...

  • Idk, as someone who's bilingual, the accent thing happens to me a lot, especially in English. But then again, it's my third language and it doesn't happen with the other languages ofter. However it does sometimes just feel easier to just speak with an accent.

  • Porque te guste la paella con verduras no te hace más española, Hilaria, ridícula.

  • Maybe she meant she was "spanish" in the same way a (white) Dutch Afrikaaner from South Africa can say that they are African. So not native to Africa...but they were born in South Africa so they are South African?

  • I come from a mixed family and when I was younger we lived in 2 different English speaking country's (one American English, one British English) so my accent is a weird mishmash of everything and I pronounce things in a very weird way. I've been told the louder/more angry I get the more British I sound, when I'm trying to speak slow and clearly its closer to American. So I'd like to give her the benefit of the doubt but I'd need more info.

  • This look tho 🔥🖤

  • Love your stuff. Please never change your outro music!

  • If a man can pretend to be a woman then Hillary can pretend to be spanish. Stop being hypocrites and bigots.

  • can we dub this the lele pons syndrome?

  • Americans do seem to like calling themselves "spanish" or whatever even though their only connection is their great grandparents 😅

  • It’s like she TURNS her accent ON and OFF, depending on who’s around to film her. She lays it on thick during her TV appearances, but then when it’s time to get real and address the whole Amy incident, NO ACCENT whatsoever. Girl is faking hardcore. Makes me super upset.

  • This video makes me wanna start a youtube channel just so I can roast this stupid perspective. Jesus. Makes me that angry.

  • Can you imagine being from a country, and making friends w HILARY in childhood. Just to witness her mimicking your culture so she could secure a bag?!??

    • Bc if I were the “friend” from Spain, I would be so embarrassed to ever admit that “white girl from Boston” was my friend!!! All my actual Spanish friends would be making fun of her to me!

  • Said a whole bunch of nothing, and it is p*ssing me off.

  • “We cant give much of a benefit of a doubt, for that...” WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO??? Apologist. There’s nothing wrong w being a “white girl from Boston”. Ignoring that she wanted to be a POC to seem more exotic is what made her convince herself there was something wrong w that.

  • Wow. You managed to completely miss the point w your “accent, not having an accent” speech 😒🙄

    • Quit making excuses for women fetishizing being a woman of color (to get some of those Baldwin bucks $$$)

  • I don't know anything about Hilaria, but I do want to say that I'm from Chicago and went on vacation to Tennessee for a week, and I started to develop a southern accent. Sometimes after watching a British show or movie, I find certain words of mine coming out slightly British!! So defending her/not defending her IDK. But maybe her inconsistent accent has to do with switching languages a lot. I know many bilingual people are gonna come at me and say that doesn't happen to them and that's fine. It's just my thoughts.

  • Shes just really insecure. Look at how often she moves when she talks. She was rocking back and forth in the one clip.

  • Girl this hair color on you looks amazing! You look soooooo pretty

  • She and alec baldwin are clients of the vet hospital i work at i see them often bc they live in my town, super nice, so i wont speak negative about them but i do think she shouldnt have portrayed herself as something shes not.

  • I hate that people think that being from Spain is the same as being from Mexico or Brazil. ITS NOT THE FUCKING SAME.

  • girl not sure if you're aware (you probably are) but if your dad's german, you also have german citizenship and a right to a passport :)

  • Why didn't your mom want you to have an italian accent ?

  • I want to know if she has any Spanish ancestry at all?

  • “Every Thursday was taco night .... of _course_ I have an accent .... “

  • She is a complete sham. What a joke Hillary is.😂😂😂🙄

  • Having 10+ years of russian and 10+ of Italian, I do butcher words sometimes... Idk

  • Born German, Native language Italian, is Switzerland... Well that actually makes sense to me.

  • The only people I feel sorry for in this whole situation are the Baldwin children. They were raised to believe they're part of this culture & they're not. You can have an appreciation for a culture. We all do. We're a multicultural society. Hilaria, as she's chosen to be called, tans her skin & (not proven but it has been rumored) dyes her hair to pretend she is a different person. Yes, Spain is in Europe, so her saying she's a white girl to excuse it doesn't mean shit. I grew up with my best friends who are Filipino. I ate the food, learned some Tagalog, followed the culture & still do a lot of things in my own home that they do out of habit, but I don't run around saying I'm Filipina. I correct people & say I'm not but I grew up in the culture. If she had done that from the jump, this would be a non-story. The fact that she married a public figure & built up this public persona on lies is her downfall. Alec has to be party to this. Please don't tell me he was in the dark this whole time otherwise Hilaria is a better actor than he is.

  • my grandma is actually from spain and she has a genuine accent, not this chick. lmfao.

  • Your family is from Turin? I visited Turin in 2019. My mother works for CNH Industrial (FIAT) and they have offices in Turin. So beautiful there

  • 30-40 family members from Spain ? American mom, dad , brother and his Spanish wife. What other family ? That's deliberately misleading .

  • I was born in Ireland, I moved to the UK when I was 6 and lived there until I was 18. When I was 18 I moved back to Ireland and I've lived here now for the last twenty years nearly. I still have a bit of an English accent and if I watch British TV my English accent gets stronger 😂😂😂 my family think it's really funny. Accents can really vary. It really depends which accent is more strong and at the formative age you learn to speak with that accent. I don't know but my accent is still coming and going after twenty years. However, the hilaria situation makes no sense to me and I actually feel kind of embarrassed for her. ❤️

  • Hi, third culture kid here, and I want to give my perspective. My story is a little weird but in a nutshell; I went to a british school and many people tell me I have an english- based accent (as in from England). Not only did my accent adapt from an MUSE to what I mentioned earlier, but due to personal reasons I tried (and am trying) to hide my native (german) accent because I have problems with Germany (not racism, its more personal) and do not want to be associated with it. My accent fluctuates to this day, and yes, I am trying to built an accent that hides my german one and if people ask me where I'm from, I will always say that I do not know but that my parents are from Venezuela (which is true). Honestly if she tries to find herself in more of a spanish culture then...unpopular opinion, I respect that, especially if she actually grew up taking part of that culture. I just think that the world of a third culture kid is very complicated sometimes for the mainstream to follow. Now if tries to play it as a character, as in, she only does it for the following, then I would absolutely say that this is something she absolutely should not do out of respect for natives and TCKs alike. My two cents as a TCK.

  • as a person with heavy spanish ancestry i guess i just find her pretending to be Spanish strange more than anything? lol you can have an admiration for the culture without hispanicfishing hahahah

  • i just need to know what lashes these r

  • She used this fake identity as her brand.

  • About white skin of Hillary. Once she wrote on Instagram that when she is with her kids, people call her nanny. I've seen movie of her and her doughter on Instagram where they were comparing their skin tone. 'Look at my skin colour. And look at your skin colour. Who's darker?' Hillarious asked... So she wanted people to think her skin is darker then white peoples' skin...

  • I don’t think is that weird, I am trilingual, and sometimes my accent in all of those languages fluctuates ! Sometimes it comes with all three accents at the same time ! It is public knowledge that her parents are American, and that they live in Spain , that she lived and grew up in Spain , all of those informations are public knowledge ! Maybe she has the same problem as me ! The change of the name is weirder tho , but maybe she changed it in Spain and thought it fitted her better , maybe since her parents and her seam to have spent a significant time in Spain they got double nationality !? Who the hell knows !? Actually I don’t even know why is it such a big deal , it not that much of a big story, there a more important things to focus about then finding out Baldwin’s wife’s nationality and if she has an identity problem or not !