Grindr to find victims: the case of Kevin Bacon

Publicado el 10 ene 2020
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  • This is personally my favorite wig of yours 😍💚

  • So what’s your fav kinda bacon? Mark: Kevin 🤫 Ok soz I know that was atrociously lame but I had to lol

  • Michigan has so many killers its actually crazy. Im not surprised this was in Michigan.

  • Well, sadly Grindr is a shitshow of an app: exact locations are shared so that you can find other users (a big no no), it is mostly used for one night stands (nothing wrong with that, but it creates a disconnection and skips the step of meeting in a public place for the first date), and it is commonly used for selling and exchanging drugs or offering them in exchange for sex, it also does not verify the age or identity of its users by any means (that feature was made so some people are not outed if they don't wish to, but allows for creeps to take advantage of younger members of the LGBTQ+ community)

  • Watch the Grindr Cannibal 911 calls. There's more and it's crazy

  • Here after 8 months.

  • I think with his mental health issues it wouldnt be unbelievable that he just kinda snapped and his behavior escalated really fast. I would really wanna find the kilt guy tho, like knowing what we know now he probably could shed some light on his history and mental situation.

  • There were actually 2 men. 1 in Oct 2019 and 1 in Nov 2019. This is very typical. Men don't report sexual assaults. Gay or straight, men report sex crimes less than 20% of the time. Which is why both men did not press charges. Police are also most often men and do not press men to press sexual assaults the way they will push a woman to. Its a serious problem. The statistics are horrific.

  • Murders always make me sad. They are terrible 😞

  • I heard the 911 calls it s so scary

  • Theres a reason that dude didnt press charges, hes in the closet or lives what they call a "low down" life. Hes gay on the low. By pressing charges his name could possibly be released

  • dear Lord... did he think kevin was *made* of bacon??? sir.. thats..thats just his last name...

  • The name that latunski gave police was actually the name of a author who writes about cannibalism

    • I think he also worked like disecting animals but I cant remember if thats fact or not

    • He legit studied cannibalism he legit wanted to eat Kevin and he did

    • The guys husband also seems fishy and was a possible suspect in the case

    • He starved himself while encarcerated im sure its because there wasn't anything good to eat ;)

    • This guy lived in my county and Kevin was in my home town wich I now live in the next town over

  • If you aren't vegan, you are a hypocrite. #govegan

  • I was actually held myself by a paranoid schizophrenic back in March that was on meth that was trying to rape me at knifepoint but I wasn't 'scared' enough let's say (I know these people get off on fear) so thankfully it didn't go to far (he couldn't get aroused) and I was able to tell friends where I was so I was let out. Just before things got crazy I got video evidence of his living room covered in blood and there were satanic symbols on the wall. I made some video footage and sent to my friends before my phone got smashed. If you want a cool story with plenty of evidence to back it up happy to provide just can't give names as the case is still ongoing with detectives and shit. Had I not emailed my friend with the address I honestly don't know what would have happened to me as when he had the knife he confessed to murder and evading police evasion. He stalks me to this day and ignores bail conditions. Been an absolute nightmare 6 months.

  • not trying to be rude since i feel bad for Kevin but i think its funny that his last name is BACON

  • This scared me when this happened cause it happened where I live. It just proves that you have to be careful and not trust people easily and listen to your gut

  • Omfg there’s a few vids on ESmain about the actual 911 calls of these ppl who escaped from him. I think two men who escaped it reminded me when u said one guy escaped wearing kilt. That’s just unbelievable.

  • I seen this and was like KEVIN BACON ?!

  • Think god there wasn't Grindr in Jeffrey dahmers day

  • I don't get it , how is he not guilty ? because he is not a serial killer ?? is one victim not enough somehow

  • I feel like Twitter’s going to have a #CannibalPride at one point smh

  • the chance of getting eaten by a cannibal is really low *but never zero*

  • my parents live just down the road from the house:( so scary for such a tiny town

  • I think he has probably done this sort of thing before with other men or women, but has never gone this far. My guess is the Bacon happened to be into it for longer than other one-night stands and by the time Bacon revoked consent and when his captor finally stopped, it was already too late. I think it was a horrible accident with a mentally ill man. I say accident because he is mentally ill and very likely didn't just wake up one morning wanting to murder someone. I hope he is found guilty but isn't sent to prison but instead receives the help he needs. I don't know the results of this case, so I'm just going to say that even if he was already sentenced.

  • it’s so crazy to hear this story, having met kevin and living in flint. he was an angel.

  • Oh wow, I live in Michigan and didn't hear of this until now.

  • This happened in my home town

  • Okay so I kept thinking this was about the actual actor Kevin Bacon the entire time. 7.00. Turns out it isn’t 🙃 that doesn’t make the situation any less terrible tho of course

  • 2:23 in conclusion trust no one

  • Cannibalism and the victim's name is Bacon. This has to be a joke.

  • And his surname was Bacon.

  • Anyone else find a morbid humor in the fact the victims name is bacon... And he was eaten.... I'm sorry I'm going straight to hek

  • Omg, I love the hair and makeup. I know this video is not about that but I can't help it.

  • I’m sorry... I know that I am going to hell but... who names someone bacon....

  • This happened way to close for comfort

  • Have look into the current understanding of the motovations of serial killers Because if you had you would perhaps have a better grasp on the progression and the cannabalism part. Of you want satisfactory amswets, id Go to the literature...

  • You should look into the corellation of serial killings and cannabalism...thete is a reason why this happens...

  • 4 in 100 people are psychopaths.

  • Omg the found Kevin Bacon on my birthday

  • I worked at subway and my shirt said spicy and this one dude I was making a sandwich for goes "spicy...a cannibal might like that huh ha...ha...." I was like -> "yea....."

  • This happened really close to me. It's in an even more rural area though. It was upsetting how some of the local news media treated the case just because they were gay and kinky. And even more upsetting is the fact that a previous victim managed to ESCAPE and they weren't taken seriously at all- the police didn't investigate because the man that ran way from the torture house was wearing a skirt, pretty much. They could have prevented this death if not for their prejudice, in my opinion.

  • Here’s a link to the 911 calls related to this case

  • Poor Kevin, he seemed like a sweet guy. Rest his soul ❤️

  • He just wanted some Bacon 😔

  • I went to school with him what a tragedy 😔

  • Not to say it’s a good reason but because it’s from flint I think that crime there is so prominent that the police were probably just like fuck it when they saw a bloody man running around. Not to say they that’s not terrible because it is but just some background from a fellow Michigander I feel like I always here something happening there besides the water situation which I’m pretty sure they still haven’t fixed and should. Poor flint :(

  • His name was Kevin Bacon.

  • Cannibal: *exists* No one: People: I'm so scared, what should we do? They're all over! Tik tokkers: CANNIBAL CANNIBAL I'LL EAT YOU UP!

  • From a personal note, I live at the lake literally like 2 minutes down the road from the sick fucks house. This case has literally shaken me to my core and I feel so sick even hearing about this. RIP Kevin 😓😓💔

  • “A man ran out basically naked...” Same thing happened with Jeffrey Dahmer. A boy ran away, naked and bleeding and a group of women found him and called the police. The police told the women to mind their own business and gave the boy back to Dahmer who subsequently killed him. (The boy couldn’t advocate well for himself because English wasn’t his first language and also Dahmer had poured acid into the boy’s head at this point... and the police wouldn’t listen to the women so here we are. Ugh.)

  • "cut off, bacon's testicles." wtf o -o

  • I live in Swartz creek Michigan and go to the same high school Kevin graduated from. My school has a law class that I’m in and we talked about this case Latunski is currently in jail his trial has been postponed because he was found incompetent to Stand trial so it will be multiple months until his trial continues most people here actually believe he was involved in the disappearance of a young woman in Swartz creek also there were at least 3 men that escaped from Latunski’s basement they were trying to find those men for them to come forward and testify but most of them don’t want their names associated with the case because of the sexual aspect of the case. Also you can find the a phone call to police one of the men made it’s extremely hard to listen to considering what we now know.

  • Well i dont know why but the only thing i can think about is the fact that this cannibal victim si named bacon...

  • Insatiable*

  • i live less than 300 feet from where this happened

  • "Hung Bacon from the ceiling" "Cut off bacon's tesitcles" I'm going straight to hell for smirking at that

  • people like him are the reason people with mental disorders are outcasted by society, im mean like i have parinoia scizophrenia and BPD but i aint goin around killin people

  • kevin........... bacon

  • A naked bleeding gay man running outside where police dismiss it as nothing. Geez where have I heard that before? OH That's right Jeffrey Dahmer!

  • Please be aware that theirs a group taking young men from bars probably doing stuff to them then weeks months later they turn up in water the authorities think it's just a drowning check out william Ramsey investigates on youtube the smiley face killers is the group

  • Hehehe.....bacon...

    • not funny shut the fuck up

  • when she said she like the people who remember the little things i felt appreciated bc a lot of people don’t recognize that

  • Someone had a slice of Bacon... I am sorry but I couldn't help myslef

  • *deletes Grindr*

  • When your surname is bacon, what do you expect? Gotta hope for a halaal/kosher serial killer.

  • This is hilarious! I love it.

  • Kevin and I went to the same school, and some of my teachers knew him. It really hit us harder over here

  • I think he may be a repeat killer or at least offender because they tend to get worse as time goes on. They get more extreme as they kill usually, cannibalism and such seems like it would be involved further down the line. That’s just my unprofessional not highly informed opinion.

  • I'm from Kevin's town. Thank you for sharing

  • Honestly though, his forehead is bigger than Jacksfilms’

  • He had schizophrenia, it means he wasn't there. It is like the world is alternated, so killing somebody during attack is nothing unusual. His mind is fully altered.

  • Ok but what are these names

  • Well I'm not hungry anymore. How fucked up can you be to someone!?! Fuck. This man should have been in jail or a mental health facility. Wiyh the other man who ran away from the creep bleeding just reminds me so much when the cops gave back a 14 year old bleeding - naked boy to Dahmer. And Dahmer ended killing him. Just sick and beyond fucked up.

  • his name was bacon....

  • Kinda seems like an Armin Meiwes copycat. Very similar mode of getting the victim - except Meiwes' victim WANTED this - and similar actions; both victims' genitals were consumed, though Meiwes made it inedible, and both hung their victims by the ankles to drain.

  • A desperately sad case, but I'm bewildered about the previous case - why does a citizen have to press charges? I'm pretty certain that here in the UK he'd just be charged - end of story.

  • Is there such a thing as a stable cannibal?

  • OMG I got an ad for a “Kevin Bacon”

  • So uhmm.....did he taste like bacon?

  • Man watched the love guru too many times

  • Why did his name have to be Bacon?

  • I'm going to hell for laughing at his last name..

  • Maybe they meant that they knew his tactics like during the traffic tickets hearing or whatever he tried to pull the same shit?

  • Who doesn't like some bacon my dudes

  • Ok I feel extreme remorse for kevin and his family but I can't help but laugh that his last name is bacon and that the article said 'he hung bacon from the ceiling'

  • Everybody cut loose, footloose

  • idk why but i find ur intro annoying

  • No hate, just what‘s going on in my head. To me, cannibals are not human... idk. I feel like they actually might be a different species. But yeah that‘s just what‘s in my head, I wouldn’t say that what I‘m thinking is true in any way

  • This video made me appreciate veganism and vegetarianism more.

  • I am here for the 808 and Roy Batty. ... and 🥓

  • Yea its easy to meet and eat people on dating apps but also stupid as hell cuz its all traceable as fuck. If youre a murderer and thats how you do it then you probably wanna get caught lol

  • Well, everyone loves bacon

  • Yo I go to shiawassee for horse shows 😶

  • I read the title as something about a cannibal grinding a victim into bacon....😂

  • I love your esthetic!

  • I saw the title and I was rally confused for a sec

  • All i found from that same court is two speeding tickets before all this happened, just for anyone wondering. I only checked the 66th district court records though, there might be more under other districts or even the circuit court for all i know.

    • ope you just said this in the video lmao but i'll leave it ere so people know how to look at that stuff

  • why would he eat his... balls? I am shooketh on the deepest level

  • I haven't watched the full video yet, but I live in the same area as Kevin did and I knew a lot of people that knew him. Though I never knew him personally and only knew his face and name I wanted to say thank you for talking about this case so publicly and bringing it to people's attention. x