Gabbie Hanna clears her name?

Publicado el 25 may 2020
Feel free to let me know your opinion.
timing: 0:51
cancel culture: 2:21
jessi smiles, curtis lepore, & alex james: 4:32
talking to a fan: 9:37
trisha paytas: 11:16
beyonce tweets: 13:50
conclusion: 15:09
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  • That’s my birthday

  • I re watched that part twice and it sounds to me when she said make it nasty she was doing so in response to the post that said maybe everybody can mind their own business, personally I thought the post she was responding to made it sound like they wanted everyone to mind their own business and not concern themselves with what happened to someone else such as a rape and she was saying f that but let it all be known, that's just my personal opinion but it seemed to me she was pushing for that to not be swept under the proverbial rug as something that is nobody's business

  • 7:08

  • I think that everyone would benefit from studying their Enneagram types. It feels like she is a type 8, like me. I think the reason they can sound aggressive or defensive is only because type 9's don't shy away from conflict. The reason they have an air that they are right is because they try so hard so often to be right. This can lead to rigid black and white thinking, as well as some people feeling like they have a superiority complex. The types that an individual are does not excuse them from hurting others, or not learning about the blindsides of their personality. However, I don't see anything in this video that makes me believe that she is a bad person. I also think that the excuse that "if someone has a lot of scandals, it makes me wonder." Type 8s don't necessarily want conflict but they don't shy away from it. Thus, I could easily see individuals in this type being involved in scandals because they're not afraid to speak out against something that is "wrong". The biggest problem with this personality, like I said that I also have, is that each individual with a type 8 personality subjectively decides what is right and wrong, and can have a harder time earnestly listening to constructive criticism without being defensive. Thus, I would only encourage her to try not to feel defensive and listen earnestly to the people that she has hurt to be in the "right" like she wants to be.

  • now after the fact of everything that happened, the things that were really going on, knowing the evil stuff they were really doing, the extent they went to , to torture her and her fans. do you really think she brought that all on herself. Jesse and Alx were rerally horrid, evil, criminal. do you really dislike her the same way you did then?

  • Didn't even realize I was on a Giulia binge till I looked at my ESmain history.

  • "If someone is in a lot of scandals almost constantly, you have to ask yourself at one point, 'are they part of their own problem?'" Enter Stage Right: Hey guys, it's Shannon, and my life is a disaster (I love CreepShow Art, just had to bring up one of the exceptions where misfortune and weird situations just follow her. XD I know RTG and her are buddies)

  • Isn’t she the girl who was a meme for a bit because of her not singing her own song correctly

  • Gabbie is that person who goes, "i'm sorry you're a bad person."

  • Is still want to know why you wear wigs! Just something I am curious about.

  • Bruh

  • Edit: okay so you don't know her, not at the place where you can just ask her (trisha) SO INSTEAD YOU ASSUME??? okay, if you can ask, just assume okay? great life advice! 🙄🙄🙄 The where my popcorn tweet, and add the fact she called it "r*pe drama" the whole time makes me think she entertained the idea that it was in fact drama and not a serious issue.

  • The fact that she kept saying incurable over and over and over again to her millions and then it turns out to be herpes is really fucked up when you think about it. Everyone’s brain automatically goes to the worst in those instances an given her track record makes it seems like she was trying to get people to figure out who given the extra way she was talking about.

  • I honestly don't have a clue who any of these people are or what happened between them.

  • Can I just ask where you get your shirts? I have been binge watching your vids and can't help but want like 80% of the shirts tbh lol.

  • I wanna know why that when she told Jason about possible stds why was David there?? Aaaaalllso my partner has had to tell his cousin that a person they were hooking up with definitely had STDs and they know they had it and wouldn’t tell their sexual partners to give it to them. So sometimes you need to tell someone but the way she went about it was awful

  • 1:40 are we not gonna question why tf she has a ketchup bottle in her room? okay-

  • It's funny that she thinks making vids about other people is wrong... Considering she did a podcast with the sole intention of painting helloleesh in a terrible light with nothing but fabrication and manipulation. Jeeez. The projecting is strong with this one.

  • this aged like milk

  • I think cancelling celebrities or artists for anything besides the most extreme circumstances is stupid. Politicians & preachers, yah their values & morals are important for obvious reasons. I dont choose a movie, a comedian, a book, or a movie based on their politics or whatever, I base it on their ability to.entertain me. I dont think CEOs, board members, mgrs, should be forced to step down or get fired over political or personal shit. Are they doing their job rite? Then leave them alone. & u can't go back years, or decades & drag comments, jokes, etc out to judge someone based on today's standards. Behavior that was acceptable & noncontroversial in the past is now condemned. That doesnt mean the ppl that did or said it back then were hateful, racist, sexist, homophobic, bigots. It means that ppl didnt find it offensive. Or if some did, they weren't comfortable saying so, a lot of ppl were unaware it could be offensive to others. Until the last 15 yrs or so getting drunk & having sex was a way of life, a social norm, an intentional preparation...for men & women, old & was not considered rape, it was socially acceptable. You can't look back on that time & call them rapists. We're taught better now. More is expected of us now, rightfully so. Stop cancelling ppl. & stop actually BELIEVING that someone holding different beliefs than your beliefs (or than what u have been told u should believe) means they are undeserving to work, speak, or exist. It's ok to be pro-Israel, to be Christian, to be pro-life, or anti-rich, or anti,-gun, or hunt, or to say u dont like GoT. If YOU feel that strongly against Christians dont eat chikfila. If u think Kevin hart not wanting a gay kid is evil, dont watch his movies. But stop needing a bandwagon. Stand up for ur beliefs & stick to ur gona w/o needing a mob to.back u up. Its just bullying attempting to hide beneath virtue signalling

  • Jen Dent released a photo or 2 of GH with Jessi’s rapist taken a year after the story broke.

  • Why is peaches still not cancelled?

  • I love you

  • Here’s the thing, you can take the girl outta new castle pa, but you can’t take the new castle outta the girl 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • WOAH. Did Gabbie get a botched af nose job??

  • Her tweets where fucking nasty

  • I hate her

  • Blind eye much gabbie

  • I'm from the future and giiirl Gabbie's just buried herself in a twitter rant with false accusations against Jessi and others. Gabbie was debunked so fast that I felt for her. She's not good in the head.

  • I enjoy that you made an actual effort to clear up what happened. I would say that things haven’t been fair towards Gabbie, and that she deserves to have all of this drama followed up with her own side as clearly as she could state it. There’s a new vid on her channel “box of thoughts” and I just think that it brings a lot more of her side to light. Not a call out or anything I just think that everyone deserves their fair shake when they’ve kinda been endlessly torn up by the internet.

  • I truly wonder when a lot of “youtubers” are going to acknowledge negative engagement still are forms of engagement that are pushing their media to the forefront and still making money. Smh.

  • oh wait michael lopriore is in that picture with curtis and alx too..... :/ wtf

  • I mean I feel like rapist apologists should be cancelled but okay, Gabbi.

  • I mean there are worse specimens on the internet but that girl is so 🤢 how she has any sort of platform or success after all the bs she’s done just shows the poor state of world & cancelled just means called out for a while & gets paid for the controversy 😂

  • Gabbie Hanna: "What if I'm the monster?" Everyone else: "What if you are." Gabbie Hanna: "WOW I would NEVER say that to YOU you BULLIES."

  • So if i understand her situation clearly... She doesn't want content to be made on the internet about her and thus cancelling her, but its okay if she makes that kind of content on the internet about other people? 🤔 Also talking about people privately in DMs and texts? Not going directly to those people? Idk man.. Seems complicated

  • "i know you are going to say I'm doing this for attention" video should've stopped right there sis.

  • Wow, Gabbie really is a mon-STAAAHH

  • Wait.... is that a... ketchup bottle.. on her bookshelf?

  • Omg! 😍 Your hair is GORGEOUS! 👌 STUNNING! You are just such a lovely, intelligent and beautiful young woman. We're sending all our love to you from Sacramento, CA. Love your channel, love your content and we're always looking out for your uploads💕😎☺ Keep them coming, never change and definitely will be your fan's for life! ✌💕

  • Gabbie Hanna is just problematic, gross, willfully ignorant. She really would be doing herself a disservice by posting anymore videos. Ever.

  • Her: I think problems should be dealt in private. *Proceeds to scroll through hundreds of private messages* Her narcissism doesn't even allow her to see the level of hypocrisy she exhibits in one single video.

  • "I don't speak about it for promotion but you guys probably know I have this thing going and that thing coming out but it's tots not about those things that are coming out right now"

  • I just can't stop looking at the bottle of ketchup next to gabby her whole video lol

  • I. Am. Way. Too. Distracted by the ketchup and red nail polish. Idk why lol it's really drawing me in 😅

  • I cannot take someone who films with a Ketchup bottle on a shelf seriously. There are so so many reason I dislike Gabbie but at this moment the Ketchup bottle is the one I am focusing on.

  • so in conclusion she’s still trash

  • I wasn't sure if you were male or female until I heard your voice just now. Thanks for clarifying that.

  • Gabbie is still relevant? 😂

  • It’s funny how wildly narcissistic Gabbie is, which she’s admitted, but then she doesn’t ever make the true connection between her narcissism and her almost constant beef with people. I used to be a fan, but slowly over time I got sick of hearing how much of a talented artist she is, how much of a good friend she is, how much of an honest story-teller she is...ALL from her mouth, about herself. Meanwhile she treats ppl like shit and lives inside a rainbow bubble which only reflects her opinion of herself. But then she cries and plays victim. She’s an asshat. Anyway, I’m a new subscriber and I dig the honesty from you 🖤

  • I NEED to know where you got that beautiful wig!!

  • I think Gabbies comment of "fuck that make it nasty" is in reference to Brandon saying that we should mind our own business and not add fuel to the fire." I think she was getting at was something along the lines of, don't ignore it and make it "nice."

  • Gabbie always wants to paint herself as holier than thou and she isn’t. She’s far from it and she knows it.

  • she's not sincere, it's just so obvious. the way she "apologises" is always "im sorry YOU were offended" or "YOU blocked me but I would never block you" and im tired of it.

  • Not to fuckin mention that Gabbie pushed Jessie into making a video because she had been privately messaging young fans about their dirty laundry AND private fucking mental health info. And using that as a way to discredit Jessi too.

  • What pisses me off about the Jessi parts is it’s like yeah Gabbie, she is a traumatized person. A lot of survivors of sexual abuse struggle between being angry at people involved and wanting to pretend nothing happened. If you really truly cared about mental health and survivors, you would take some time to LEARN about it ffs. Jessi probably really struggled with coming to terms with a close friend saying really gross shit to her and probably wanted to pretend things were okay. She is allowed to process her emotions however she fucking wants. End of.

  • I encourage anyone who really thinks Alx James is a terrible person to watch his response videos to the whole Gabbie Hanna drama because they do have backstory to them

  • Well I checked out the new song and holy crap not good. I would like to hear her voice without all the editing. Oh wait that prob doesn’t exist. I wonder how much she spent on editing? Maybe she should focus on improving her personality for now.

  • Where is Gabbi sitting in which there would be a bottle of ketchup, nail polish, and framed art?

  • I think the beyonce tweet she meant it as the joke of "so and so is my spirit animal"

  • I will be honest, I used to like Gabbie but stop watching her a few years ago because I find her to be a liar with a hugely inflated ego. I just think she is shady and doesn't a lot of messed up stuff but wants to seem innocent.

  • 1:50 is that a bottle of ketchup in the lower right-hand corner?

  • When she addressed the dms, she acted like the problem was that it was "unprofessional" and "inappropriate" to talk to a fan about personal drama, and although I think there's truth in that, the problem wasn't the unprofessionalism of talking to a fan, it was her babyish behavior in that conversation. It was the way Gabby kept bringing it up even after the girl had dropped it. It was the middle school girl mentality surrounding her excuses. It was the way she used this girl as a platform to bitch and moan about minor shit. She's like apologizing for her behavior but she clearly doesn't even understand what was wrong with her actions

  • listening to your videos helps me sleep. I was the middle child so feeling like somebody's in trouble and its finally not me makes me feel relaxed lmao

  • In my opinion, she didn't say anything she hadn't said before. Shes still a snake and restating previous statements isnt going to change that.

  • Makes me laugh that everyone tries to act perfect. Like get over yourself.

  • Gabbie Hanna - THE professional victim. funny how she always posts these kind of videos when she needs to promote something.

  • Lele pons and gabbie should be friends

  • I love how clearly you talk. I always try but, I stutter and say "like" all the time it's so annoying

  • She was preachy and passive aggressive

  • The fact that she looks slimy without makeup is oddly fitting

  • I genuinely feel like Gabby Hanna is just really dumb, and meant to say "Beyonce is my spirit animal" sort of like how basic blonde chicks always share that dumb meme "Danny Devito is my spirit animal"

  • I just hope if she really doesn't get it herself, that she has a good enough friend to tell her or just help her

  • she didn’t address when she told jessi that “curtis’ friends didn’t rape you “

  • I don’t want to be that person but Alx’s name doesn’t have an e 😅

  • I’m so distracted by her nose.

  • She seems so backhanded with everything. If your gonna apologize, then take responsibility for your actions. "I'm sorry I did this but...", "I'm sorry it happened but here's why it's not my fault...", "That sucks, but here's why that's not my problem...." Stop. I can't stand her.

  • LMAO Jessi literally was getting asked hundreds of times a day if they have talked & all she did was do a Q&A answering that they haven't?

  • her apology is so fake i swear

  • Look at the time the article was published and the time those tweets were posted, not just the date 6:30

  • Haha that's Gabbie's personal mantra as of this point, "I'm the good guy" 🤣😂

  • I think her comment "make it nasty" was to the "mind their own business " as in "everyone should know what this terrible person did". At least that is how i would understand that

  • Even though she kept making herself look like the good guy. I really do think she was sincere. I don’t think she did all of the apology in good way. I do think she’s trying to change. And I don’t dislike her. I don’t watch her anymore. And I don’t think I will really in the future, her content is just not for me. Also the whole Beyoncé thing was plain stupid, people really wanted to start something with that.

  • Nah, still don't like her. She's fake af and an attention seeker.

  • Gabbie makes shit up as she goes. She covers stuff by saying "oh I meant this instead of this" when we all know she didn't. Well, not all, she manipulates people like this. Gabbie either glosses over shit or adds more details, facts, opinions, etc. (that she herself doesn't even believe) later on in the scandal and turns the situation in favor of her. It's another one of her tactics for manipulating others and it's fucking disgusting. I know it may not sound much coming from a random stranger online who has zero knowledge about mental health, but I really do believe she has a serious problem and needs help. She's not healthy.

  • Please make a video about Myka Stauffer, the youtuber who "returned" their adopted Chinese autistic son after profiting off of him for YEARS, and tried to hide it for months.

  • Where’s your wig froooom

  • Why does she have ketchup on her shelf???

  • She says people have the preconceived idea that she's a terrible person like she didn't fully earn that title, it's not like the internet misinterpreted her beautiful good soul and demonized her- she's done genuinely terrible things and to this day with her shitty apology refuses to take the full blame for this, it's not stan Twitter that made her out to be a rape apologist, a bully, a racist, an attention seeker or a bad friend, she brought it on herself.

  • Cancel culture is entertaining AF, so how bout that?! I really disliked that Gabbi since day one, please leave already

  • I mean still doesn’t change anything about her. She’s still not a morally good person and inserted herself in drama and will continue to do so. She cares about money, her own interest and personal relationships that benefit her.

  • I mean, she sent those tweets to her fans. Talking about private information that had nothing to do with a fan. And for her to say “I’ve never ever PUBLICLY defended Jessie’s rapist” key word publicly. Why not just say I’ve never done it? That’s sus. She’s shady and has no real way of defending herself here besides acting like the victim. Because she has no real defense for the things she said and did.

  • No offense but i think honestly if your gonna be making a video on someones character . Saying the words i "think" anything is just a big no. This is why court exist . Sorry but i disliked cause of this i think people need to start really focusing on facts rather then saying . I "think" this person is saying this so therefore i "think" there a terrible person. Your opinion of someone doesnt make them who they are . You are not even like a judge or someone of like high status .

  • Funny of you to call Gabbie out for nothing when she has millions of more subscribers than you do

  • i think we all know and agree that gabbie's done some shady stuff but alx gives off such bad vibes to me especially now that it seems that he's had even more contact with cutis than gabbie did after the allegations broke

  • "FUCK THAT MAKE IT NASTY", in response to a tweet saying everyone should mind their own business, sounds like something you'd say if your friend was assaulted, you were angry about it, and you didn't want to keep quiet. So it's weird that she wouldn't bring that up herself in her own defense.

  • I feel like she called the person she was dm’ing a minor to undermine her. Like people who watch the video and don’t know the girl isn’t a minor will just think “oh she was talking to some child”

  • If she doesn't want this to affect her career should probably just make this video much much earlier. Tbh she got exposed so many times I find it hard to trust her anymore.

  • I don’t think the Trisha thing was wrong of Gabbie Hannah

  • OMG your hair is DOPE you should do the same thing but reverse the top and bottom colors too!!