#freebritney - a rant

Publicado el 21 abr 2021
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  • Now that I'm older (I'm only a few years ahead of Britney, though) I can clearly see that her "craziness" dealt a lot with her mental health and the media was exploiting the ever living shit out of her. She couldn't even go outside without being hounded, harassed and lowkey abused to sell tabloids. Every moment of her public and personal life was being twisted or distorted for a dollar and it's no shock that she snapped. I didn't follow her musically and wasn't up to date on why she'd stepped out of the spotlight and had assumed it was her choice to try to raise her family outside of the ugly side of fame. Knowing that her mental health, that we can't control how or when it manifests, was reason enough for her to end up like this sickens me. She's been through some serious shit and I'm rooting for her to find happiness for herself and her children.

  • No one cares about anyone else, that is the truth. You only "care" for Britney because she is a public figure and you somewhat relate and that is all. No one is really "worried" about any depressed or troubled public figure. Sorry, the world is the cruel, cruel place. You only rant about Britney because it will give you views, and as I said, you relate to a point. But, comb a little through internet communities about depression, because I did. I was member of these communities, but I gave up because no one cares about those people. No one would help them. They forbid us to bring up the "s" word although we all felt like it because it was "trigger". Most people, including me, were honestly in dangerously low point of life, most were ready to hurt themselves, me included, most were desperate voices into void, nothing, internet were billions of people DON"T CARE! I am old enough to know that no one cares about my mental health, because I am "nobody". I am not rich, famous, no public figure, so no matter how many times I asked for help, and it was so so many times, no one cared, I was just bullied more. And I am not alone. Take a look at just some of many communities for people with depression. See how horribly sad it is, and how obviously, no one of them will get help, unless they pay, a lot, to some therapist, but even then, it will not be enough. Trust me, I tired everything. When public figure is depressed, everyone is "worried" but it sounds so insincere when so many non famous people no one cares about. Once I was so down, I threaten to end it all, online and in real life. You know how many people cared? Freaking zero! And as I said, I am not the only one. Depression is global disease, poor people get it too and we can't even help ourselves. Life is crap, most of us were bullied, most of us are poor and desperate, what else is new?

  • what I really need to know is where I can get that "what they do in the shadows" shirt

  • I think everyone suffers from some type of depression at one point or another but its disgusting when they want to throw off on others who are suffering now. I don't understand it at all!!

  • I couldn't even imagine living a life like this...I hope she'll be able to get out of this conservatorship

  • Shallon Lester....every time I'm on the blissful verge of forgetting she exists she pops up with another problematic and toxic video or statement whatsoever

  • The britney spears situation is honestly just so depressing. This is ridiculous.

  • Shallon was angry at Britney for not wanting her dad as conservator. As if that's even her business. She blames Britney for her personal problems in the past. What a weirdo.

  • they did the same to michael jackson. and it absolutely crushed him. people forget that celebrities are human

  • Love Britney #FreeBritney

  • The whole situation is so sad honestly

  • It's crazy how people are so invested in what celebrities do, how they look, what they eat (e.t.c) on a daily. I feel like it would be crazy hard for them to put up a 'perfect' facade every time they're out in public. No wonder why so many of them are battling depression and other mental health issues. Hell, as someone who is constantly battling depression and anxiety over (in my opinion) simple things, I don't blame Britney for the lack of self-care ESPECIALLY since what she's going through is awful. I just hope things will change for the good and she will get the help she needs.

  • Hope it's not too late to enter the give away! Ready to Glare, I adore you and your straight forward no bullshit attitude. I really hope Britney gets the redemption she so very deserves. I cannot imagine being in her shoes. Even for one day!

  • Honestly I think Shallon is so bitter of every single female celebrity's popularity that she just goes off without thinking about how her words will affect others.

    • She says, that she likes female celeb "alphas" only like Rihanna.

  • It is one of say as someone who wears extensions it takes like 45 minutes for them to get Like this Then it only takes 20 minutes if its Windy

  • Those rings are beautiful 😍

  • OMG etah love! my favorite youtuber partnering with my favorite jewelry company yay!

  • Comment.

  • You are really pretty

  • Shallon Lester has admitted to being a narcissist, she's the last person I expect any empahy from.

  • What beautiful jewelry

  • One of my favourite songs is ‘Every time’ and that video is hard to watch now but I remember knowing a lot was going on then that I thought we would never know when I watched from it coming out to every time I would watch again, bringing her up with my mother who agreed there was definitely more going on than we knew. It's evident her whole life was being told to look, be perfect all the time, her being controlled to an abusive level, in my opinion, no care for her but her career... Her money. I hope she gets all the help she needs mentally but physically being able to choose what she wants to do today and speak openly about what she wants. I feel storage when someone you know has mental health acts like they are as perfect as barbie when most famous people using their trials and tribulations to teach and help fans but she can't even say she is having not so good a day or share herself instead of her brand. Pills she will be on normally make you put on weight but she looks inhumanity slim, I want society to just let her perform if she wants when she wants but have a happy normal life like any other celeb is allowed. I want her to be able to do an Adele where she can take a year or two off if she wants to create music or just rest as people would turn up for her next show, possibly pay even more than now when she's forced to go out more than I feel is humane. Hope this makes sense. I cry every time I watch that video.

  • The rings are beautiful!💚

  • I know this is a conspiracy theory, but unfortunately, it rings kinda true... TW There are people who think that Jamie Lynn was assaulted by that creepy Nickelodeon director and she had his baby. Britney was supposed to have taken the abuse so Jamie Lynn would be left alone, and when she found out what happened, she flipped out - understandably - and that's what led to the shaved head. I hope to God it's not true, that nobody was abusing either of them, but my heart sinks just thinking about it because the chances of there not being abuse at all seems slim to none.

  • Thank you for covering this

  • Um, since Covid, I've been wearing yoga pants and pajamas for over a year now. The only make up I wear is chapstick, maybe. I spray dry shampoo in my hair, pull it up and call it a day. Isolation has lowered my mood and motivation.

  • It’s ridiculous and heartbreaking the way she’s been treated. 💔

  • The royal treatment ring is so dreamy 🌝

  • People are so judgemental and cruel. Its so sad 😞 we need to spread love and light. Do better people.

  • What scares me most about Britney's situation is that conservatorships are EXTREMELY easy to get in California and EXTREMELY hard go get rid of in California. It's a little freaky how the state can just take away somebody's freedom like that....

  • Anyone know where she gets her wigs? I want one!

  • I truly hope Britney's situation will get better. Also...I bet Shallon would totally flip her attitude if Britney were face-to-face with her. Btw those Etah Love pieces are great~ *crosses fingers*

  • i was afraid that the movement have gone silent since i havent seen any more people talk about it, but thank god its still up and people are still discussing the topic and paying attention.

  • Commenting ^.^

  • her story hurts me :(

  • Been wondering what your thoughts were on this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and links to more info.

  • Thank you for discussing this.

  • Everyone only talks about this because it’s pop culture to do so, no one cares ; Brittany is safe & has loads of money...

    • If anything, I’d love everything for her- freedom and all the accountability that comes w/ it ..

  • Oooooo I hope I win! #freebritney I’m 32 and have struggled with depression, ptsd, and anxiety my entire life and hygiene is the thing I really struggle with the most, even getting infections from not wanting to get up to go pee at times. But it is nothing to shame somebody over. We need support, encouragement and love..not shame.

  • I can't even imagine being the butt end of countless jokes about how shitty my mental health is WORLD WIDE and at such a young age. She really must have felt like the world was against her, she's really strong to still be standing here today.

  • Hey girl, hope you’re okay. It’s a job .

  • I am commenting to enter the Etah Love giveaway. But I also want to say I love how you go about talking about this topic and most of your videos. I always feel like I learn about things going on and you don’t come from a place of anger.

  • My mental health was so so bad for so many years my room became a sort of dump but of useless shit I kept buying like stuffed animals and clothes because it was comforting. People are always saying how gross it is and how I need to clean it and like dude I know I just can’t bring myself still to clean full on, I’m still in so much mental pain.

  • Can you talk about the Demi Lovato frozen yogurt dilemma? Lol

  • I mean...if she wasn’t under all that control she might get more mentally stable and you know....get her hygiene in order. At my worst, I found it hard to shower and in general take care of myself (at my more stable moments I shower twice a day).

  • thank you for saying this. it NEEDED to be said. thank you for the amazing content as always

  • Attacks/insults like this (against Brittany) say more about the person making them, than the person they're insulting. Attention seeking, insecure, cold hearted, social media "personalities" are the worst. It's like, "is this the best you can do?" Being mean and ignorant isn't a talent/skill, and I hate the fact that people can gain clout and $ from this stuff.

  • I love that jewelry, it's definitely my style!

  • Shallon is a shit person she has a whole video explaining why she does this how she believes youre supposed to basically shame and belittle what your friends are going through to basically “make them see the grand scheme of things” because “tough love makes people snap out of it” i think she talks about it in her vid about the royals

  • That poor woman has been mercilessly picked apart her whole life. Hope she can get a away and get her boys back soon

  • Britney was and is my first love. I’ve never understood how or why she ended up being under the entire world’s microscope, but it especially blows my mind that people are so invested in her appearance after all the craziness she’s had to go through.

  • I hate that Shallon Lester says that having mental health issues or not being on the top of your hair game implies you can’t take care of yourself. Sure, there are people who can’t take care of themselves when they are mentally ill but there also are those who can. Saying that she has to have her rights as an adult human taken away because her hair is tangled is absolutely ridiculous.

  • I've been wanting jewelry for so long but all has been way too feminine for my liking, I'm screaming inside my head!

  • I felt so weird when media was so against Britney. I loved her (still do) and broke my heart to she her in distress.

  • sidenote: going 10 days without washing your hair is not egregious or unhealthy. *washing your hair everyday, now that's unhealthy*

  • I wish young me had realised that Britney was in so much turmoil and not judged her like I had

  • You always talk about these topics so well 👍 Really makes one think ❤️

  • britney's situation is so heartbreaking and shallon surely is using her platform wisely... (I'd also like to enter the gift card giveaway lmao)

  • This topic just makes me exhausted

  • Although it is true that hygiene is one of the first things to go when someone is depressed ,it doesn’t mean necessarily that someone who goes out with unbrushed hair is not doing well. I have manic depression and when I am in my depressive state it can seem like such a task to do such simple self care things such as brushing my hair and my teeth, showering, changing out my clothes that I’ve worn for the past week and so on. And I don’t do all this whilst also trying to stay on top of my coursework. I’ll admit I go days on end without doing my work which then leaves me super behind but that’s just what happens. I have a really bing problem with people thinking celebrities must look “perfect” every time they step out of their house. They’re humans. Yes they have high statuses and make high sums of money but they still normal humans at the end of the day. They have feelings and are hounded by paparazzi every time they step into the public. I’ve never liked Shallon Lester, she’s very shallow, spiteful and mean spirited. There was no need for her to comment on Britney’s appearance but she did anyway especially when she’s fully aware what Britney has been through. Shallon doesn’t see the celebrities she speaks about as human. It’s disgusting

  • I know this is beside the point but she doesn't even look bad? Especially with both pictures right next to each other it just looks like its windy. But anyway, even if her hair is dirty or not brushed, like, who cares? Let the woman live her goddamn life

  • This topic hits a personal spot... I hope our society changes, becomes more compassionate and sees mental health in another light! Thank you for speaking about this

  • I remember growing up and seeing how the media trashed Britney, but I was too young to actually understand what it all meant. At the time I think most of us were made to believe it was just a normal thing that all teen/child stars go through. I'm glad that I know better now and we're having these conversations, but it really makes me sick to know that it was fully grown adults who DID understand what was really going on telling us that it was okay to make these jokes out of very serious issues and who are now preaching about free Britney and mental health.

  • I remember watching her as I grew up as well- looking back, I can't believe how many times she was the butt of jokes, how often she was scrutinized for the TINIEST thing, and how much of her personal life was on blast.

  • Are those pictures recent?

  • This sponsor is my favorite! #freebritney

  • I go for a look I like to call dead but delicious 💖

  • i was too young to understand most of the media coverage taking place up until about 2007-2009. but now that i realize what was actually going on, i feel sick.

  • Britney deserves apologies - but maybe a few years from now, you'll be apologizing to Lena Dunham, too. And just for the record, "not like other girls" is definitely not Lena Dunham's vibe, she's openly a feminist, while the "not like other girls" trope is a man-pleaser and anti-feminist.

  • Really glad you made this vid!!

  • I want to know if she really has the capacity to manage herself. There's all kinds of test factors for that, what do the pros think? It kinda sounds like she failed them with the most recent court change...

  • South Park pointed out how abusive she was treated a long time ago.

  • Thanks for your work

  • #freebrittany you explained this perfectly. Thank you for caring and just all in all you have a huge heart. Long time watcher. Love ya RTG

  • It is like society will gas celebrities to god status, but then destroy them as a reminder that they are human.

  • Yeah, and you don't even need to have mental issues to feel insulted. If a person says something hurtful, you might ruin someone else's day, week, or sometimes some comments stay with you for years! and the person saying those things just casually move on with their day and forget all about it. Let's be conscious about what we say, words can hurt, a lot.

  • THANK YOU! I am not big on cancel culture but if anyone deserves it; it would be Shallon "love me" Lester. She's being very smart. She's loathsome, just not stupid. I'm going to talk with someone in the movement. She knows how big anything Britney is. Controversy? More interaction. You're a creator so you know how it works. She made a whole video on Britney commenting on the documentary and we shredded her. Just like she planned. She is making her money being hateful because Britney has the largest fan base . #BritneyArmy #FreeBritneyMovement is a LOT of views and comments and reactions. ( I did quite enjoy watching all of the unsubbing comments from people who weren't Britney fans and were angry anyway. IMHO we need to all resist any temptation to see what Narcissistic Personality disordered Shallon will say about Britney next. Zero engagement on anything she says about Britney. No views, comments, likes, dislikes and on. Have you seen D'Angelo Wallace's two videos about her? She's a bully and garbage fire shell of a person. Probably also her narcissim makes her jealous of Britney. Britney will forever be a legend and eventually Shallon will fade to obscurity. #FreeBritney #endconservatorshipabuse #endtheconservatorship #probatelawreform #FreeBritneyNow #EndItNowIngham Much love from @freebritneyyesterday IG

  • ❤️

  • Can you make a video about kero the wolf? I had no idea who they were until a few mins ago

  • ESmainr EDP445 got caught tryna get with a 13 year old. 💀💀💀💀

  • The first part about hygiene really made me 😭 it’s how I’ve been lately not realizing. I feel alone and lost but really don’t know who to go to or what to do about it. Whenever I do get to talk about it with a therapist, it doesn’t come out because I’m really uncomfortable talking to someone I really don’t know but then people I know are just busy with their lives they really don’t give a sec or two about it and I just don’t feel like I bothering them so I am just dealing with it by just rotting away. It’s really hard but life just has to go on.

  • Love you, girl ❤

  • That bewitched ring 😍

  • It’s disgusting that the media went after her from the beginning of career at an early age and on words. Literally any little thing she has done has been placed under an overdramatize magnifying glass and is completely awful.

  • Thank-you for sharing this. You provide empathy and compassion, while staying true to facts. I’m 28, and I will always love Britney too. Hopefully the pervasive and harmful stigma surrounding mental health will get better over time. 💗

  • 🖤🖤🖤

  • Love your intro

  • I still can't believe that not only did the former governor of MD's wife say she would sh**t Britney, but then Diane Sawyer defended it too! Old ladies mad bc their gross husbands were too busy sexualizing/idolizing a young vulnerable performer to pay them any mind.

  • Yeah I know what you feel. Britney as been to public what going to the circus and seeing the show is for us. she's there just to be criticized.. Just let her be.

  • I have severe depression and social anxiety it’s so fucking hard to even take a shower or brush my hair or teeth

  • I've been a Britney Stan since I was 9. the whole situation is heartbreaking & I feel helpless about it. and who the fuck cares what her hair looking like when you go shopping?! I go shopping with messy hair like all the time!

  • Stop using conservatorship it is an outdated term used to prevoke outrage from uneducated persons. It's a treatment plan and order. If you don't suffer from maniac episodes, it can destroy your life that's why she is under watch. She doesn't always take her meds and that's just 100% more dangerous for her.

  • Thank you for talking about this!!!

  • Anyone who is saying free Britney doesn't have her best interest at heart.

  • I have the CTO and CTP training. We are taught that just because people like Britney has the capacity to work most times, but that has no bearing on the reast of her life. Her ability to perform and work should not dictate if they have a CTO or CTP covering other factors in her life.

  • yes and it’s sad to see here lack of allies during that time as well especially since she is so kind to everyone

  • Your statements regarding how disparaging comments affect others who may have similar issues as the subject of the remarks resonated with me. I have dealt with some similar issues with depression, and recognizing how these unkind judgements of others may affect me might be helpful knowledge when tackling my own issues.

  • I swear, this Brittney Spears stuff just gets even more crazy and time goes on

  • Shallow Blister is so insecure

  • I wish Britney could just be one of those happy celebs that runs an orchard or like,, sheep farm or something y'know? It's also really uncomfortable that someone like her can't manage to get out of this conservatorship. Like... Is this a problem for others too? What happens to them o-o shits fucked up