Entitled Twitch Streamers a rant

Publicado el 13 may 2020
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  • Thank god it wasn't raid

  • Who does she think she is, sitting around, telling people to work- to pay to watch her complain online to them!

  • I’m a new subscriber this month and I don’t pledge to just anyone. I watch probably 20 plus or more to see if I like what the content and context of the commentary is. I really like this channel a lot because of the diversity of topics and things I can relate to. If someone was complaining about money or subscriptions I wouldn’t even give them a free view. Thanks for always keeping it real.

  • Wow, yikes. Social influencers talking about money or finances always maked me uncomfortable to the point that I will not watch the video or stream where it happens. The fact that blanket fort girl thinks all full meals are like $20, *huge eye roll*, they're cute, but so useless and vapid when you take away the pretty. Also, people watch a lot of content, and aren't able to pay $5-$10 for all of them, I guess she's not that good. When content creators just say hey, I appreciate blah, blah, blah, it's makes it so I'm able to create this content. I like that, it's good.

  • Bruh 5$ in my currency is able to feed my whole family

  • if I were any of these women, I would be so embarrassed

  • 5$ in my country is a full meal ...

  • You look stunning :)

  • This wig is everything. I’m living for it b

  • maybe some of us are college students in debt and dont have the money to sub to shitty streamers 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛 anyways great vid as always

  • I dont even have the balls to post a "Hey saves and shares are more effective than likes" on an ig story without feeling like an entitled bitch and these guys just..beg..for money.

  • These streamers emulate homeless people that got their life together - via 'donations' & 'handouts' - and now believe they're entitled to a continuum of other people's money for the rest of their lives. They're nothing short of sociopaths exposing their own erratic, cold hearted manipulation tactics.

  • I'm so glad I found your channel ❤

  • Watching you content is a major luxury in my life

  • God dam girl I love you thank you for showing the proof!

  • I answer every person that comments and think everyone that spends 5min of their priceless time to watch my videos- ROCKS! And ARE THE KINDEST PPL! THANKS FOR THE VIDEO BELLA

  • they wanna be fin doms so bad lmao

  • I don't really have any sympathy for these Twitch THOTs that want the money of being an actual e-girl/porn star... without actually investing themselves into the things that e-girls and porn stars do and thus sharing the content that might actually inspire more men to part with "just five dollars". InvaderVie is particularly creepy - which is sad, because normally a lithe, cute brunette would be a good thing, but then she opens her mouth and I don't know what all those people on Twitch are hanging around for. I remember hearing that she just does the "Just Chatting" section, not any actual game streams, etc.

  • These people need to go and watch chinese streamers and see the effort they put into their streaming material!!! They don't just sit there and bitch and moan.

  • Are these people fucking joking lol

  • Oh man, I can't remember the last time I dropped $20 on 1 meal! That's groceries to me!!! a $5 trip to mcdonalds is my "splurge"

  • LOOL in her comments on the stream someone said "she isnt chubby " so geussing she one of those skinny girls that think they are big to get compliments saying she isnt also one guy commented 'please dont have kids' 🤣🤣🤣

  • At 6:54 I was just like what if you are not old enough to work

  • Can I just say if I could pay you for content I'd give thousands lol

  • "$10 at most" Sis 5USD is $35 dollars in my country, step the fuck off I have bills to pay😂

  • Obscene predatory capitalism

  • it's pretty ironic how she's against pedophilia yet this video is sponsored by a company that SELLS SEX TOYS

    • And how does that correlate to paedophilia? It doesn't unless is a grown ass adult buying it for a minor.

  • I have literally been in situations where the loss of $5 would have broken me, $5 is BUS money, it's a WHOLE ASSED MEAL, it's a phone call from jail Doesn't twitch have ads? Yes, yes, they do...so just like on ESmain you CAN choose to support yours favs by not using ad blocker, which is the only way I, as a stay at home mom, can...does putting my child's well being over giving people I don't know but maybe enjoy their personality, money make me a bad person?

  • Do those kids realize that a person is not supporting them... because they're already supporting someone else? Maybe burning 50$-100$ on a bunch of other subs on other platforms? And another 5 is just too much? Do those kids think they're the only stream people watch? How entitled is that? 😂

  • Just wanted to say this look is like a bad ass majestic being. As for the streamers I think it’s even a common problem with many people who just don’t get the concept of “I don’t want to spend a lot right now.”

  • I barley have enough to pay rent

  • What baffles me is these people not taking into account that there are people with real money limitations, my monthly allowance is 10$ including the data on my phone (which is my biggest luxury) and a decent meal once or twice a month, transportation and that's it. If I have 2$ left by the end of the month I'd be proud. And save that in my closet to afford a new phone in a couple years. That's the situation of many fellow students. So no, not gonna spend 5$ on girl begging in her pillows thanks.

  • But like what if you want to spend your money on things that are actually important. Like I find you worth all my money but I still would not spend all my money on you because you are not useful in my day to day life plus you are a human and a good one so you are worth so much more than money. But I watch you on the internet and the internet is not a vital part of my day to day life so why would I spend money on those girls just sitting there. I would for example give you some money if you ever had some financial problems but not monthly. They are just as responsible for their finances as the people watching them and they all have their own reasons to spend it or not to spend it and I personally find it important to keep to what is important in my day to day life not the things I do or watch on the internet

  • This... frickin’ irritates me. I would be more than grateful if ONE person watched my content, if I only received ONE like (heck even a dislike), or ONE subscriber. I’d probably still feel somewhat accomplished with that. Be happy with what you have or put in the effort to do better if you aren’t happy.

  • This has nothing to do with the video but gorl you look fantastic in that shirt and that color hair like what

  • "if you don't have $10 you probably dont have time to be watching twitch" maam im in school

  • Omg that girl screaming asking for money. How??? I am so disgusted

  • Aight, gotta get to 500. Only 187 people is cr*p, I'm a queen. If she wants money to sit there and look pretty, she should go set up a cam girl account. - You should be working - b*tch what??? Then YOU FIND A JOB DON'T BEG FOR MONEY

  • 20 dollars is quite a bit of money Me: don't make me laugh

  • That twitch girl’s attitude really gets to me. So $5 is nothing? It could buy you 10 cans of beans or 5 boxes of pasta. I’ve bought a weeks worth of groceries for less than $10 for one person. So yeah, it matters. You say if they have $10, they have time to work. Maybe they look forward to watching you on the few hours they have off. And you’re just sitting down complaining they could be donating more money to you. $20 is a lot of money to some people. I’ve worked jobs making $6/hr and I loved anytime someone gave me a tip. Don’t care how you make your money. If you’re relying on others, don’t complain-be thankful they believe in you and are literally giving you the thing you complain about out of the goodness of their hearts

  • am i the only one who when i see entitled people like this I just think of the moment in family where peter was playing violin in the restaurant? heres the link if you need to see it esmain.info/goal/v-deo/jLGGhsaLmbR7npY

  • do you wear wigs, no hate btw I'm just curious cuz your hair changes so often?

  • A video of her lady garden is not worth the cost of a meal.

  • Its crazy that they think there content is wroth some streaming services. Like no I'm sorry but stranger things is way better than your BS

  • some people can barely afford to live, these people seem so ignorant of adult life, its a hussle to afford rent, food and clean clothes that depends on the individual and the work they do thought

  • Ik this is an old video but I just wanted to thank you. I love the fact your channel exist and it gives me some hope in social media in general. P.S. love your content (ik I said the same thing almost)

  • Did you say synthwave:) bloody love synthwave:)

  • Another thing is that they may be young, and not have the access needed to pay any money. I know when I was younger and someone would talk about their 'merch,' or to 'sub to the patron it's just a dollar,' me being a young kid didn't have access to that 'only one dollar.' And if this is the case for some, imagine how heartbreaking it was to hear that the person they enjoyed watching only wanted them for money, and not for admiration.

  • pokimane disagrees

  • In a fucking little fort 😂

  • Might just be 5$ but that’s my 5$

  • you’re hair and make up is always bombbb💗 i love the pink

  • I used to think her name was Amanda cherry

  • 11:00 You're cheap

  • Get this girl to 1,000,000

  • I honestly think a majority of the people that watch those girls are into being made fun of or yelled atz

  • Did not see the sponsor coming NGL

  • people do the "not gonna post anything until i get ___ subs lol!!" thing on youtube too under the name of like 1000 subs with no videos or whatever

  • As a young man (23) it's something I was salty about. Women naturally have a resource that is much more easily liquidated than men. If you want to get triggered look up amouranth. But it creates options in your life. As a woman you can use your youth to find a man. You can cash in on it via prostitution or treating your sexuality as a commodity be it prostitution or can girl adjacent. Or you can develop a perspective. As a guy I have to develop a perspective to have value. Nobody gives a fuck about the guy who is 50 and is working fast food. You get ground up by society. I'm cool with that. Nobody mistakes someone with perspective for someone selling sex.

  • WOW. Just wow.

  • I'm in love with that colour wig!

  • It's like they don't realize that kids without credit cards and teens watch twitch

  • I mean, if I could, I would donate to nearly every ESmainr I watch. But alas, I'm also a broke college student. Can't have both lol

  • Actually in my country the dollar translated to my coin is not 10$ but actually 100$ So...no sweetie.

  • Honestly I love that you got sponsored by Adam & Eve

  • The crazy thing is that these “fine” ladies are already financially stable, so...

  • the second girl really told me, a middle schooler, to work, just for a subscription..

  • “It’s ONLY $5 a month” “$5 A MONTH!” sis you aren’t even worth a penny so sit down. Well people can buy a full meal from $5 at McDonald’s, I think majority of the people would rather eat than watch these airheads beg for money, honey GET A REAL JOB I hope these girls realize that pretty looks don’t last

  • How the fuck do you "90 day return a dildo??? Just use it a few times, say "i dont like this one, ship it back? Like what the FUCK

  • The incels of twitch streamers

  • Looking good girl, you look gorgeous.

  • I love your videos your content is always great even if just a rant! You save my nights when I watch your videos, thank you 🙌✨ Love from Scotland! 💜

  • These brats made me mad. No one owes them subs or money

  • My brother is a streamer, loving the shit he does, he loves doing twich and actually play games, some time sings, and with his channelpoint people can wish a song! he really trys his best, and got just 3 donations in fucking 3 years of streaming! But he never cried about it or forces anyone!

  • I do like Meaghan Yeah shes a sweetheart twitch streamer I like her personality

  • Theirs one twitch streamer I do not like "galadriex"

  • Has she heard of younger people that don’t have jobs that watch her

  • i really dont mean it in a bad way but if they want more attention and money then go be a cam girl, likelier to actually turn just sitting there into money, some people might even be inclined to fork out money to hear u be an entitled demanding bitch, that might just be ur calling

  • With the second girl, I was in debt for a while trying to pay it off and having all my money going to that and my rent, barely having enough for food, but I worked constantly, I’m in construction my work comes and goes and I have no say in that

  • It boggles my mind that these girls are just like 'ugh why don't I got subs that pay actual dollars, what is this?' Like as someone who just posted fanfics and never made a dime off of it, the thrill of creating something and having people enjoy it too was always so rewarding to me. It was the same with older youtubers even though now they make bank, it seemed like a lot of them were doing it because they wanted to make content and then the money was something that came later AFTER they gained an audience by just putting out content. They had to EARN it. You cant say money for content, when you haven't done the simple grind of getting your content out there, and drawing in the people. If the people like your stuff they will come, it might not be immediate but they will come especially if you keep outputting content because that's favorable to the algorithm it keeps you relevant and it draws the eyes. I remember someone saying that if you get at least ONE viewer per stream you were doing pretty well given how filled Twitch is so it's like 'quit your bitching and just put out content and build up your audience sweetie.' Also if you're monetizing something it HAS to be worth something, there has to be a demand. Which in those initial stages of you not really earning much, or having a lot of eyes is YOU making that demand that then leads to ACTUAL dollars.

  • This is my kind of content!!!! Literally Ready To Glare always brings up topics that NEED to be discussed and most wont come close to touching. 🙏💚

  • That's how I would feel when I saw ppl on tumblr posting Amazon wishlist. It's one thing if you're struggling and the list has necessities, or if you're asking for money because you're in a desperate situation. But I've seen a couple instance of people posting wish lists, basically asking their followers to buy them gifts. I haven't seen it in a while though, so that's good.

  • Its not a "traditional " job

  • 🌌why tf do these people think they can do nothing and get money🌌


  • She says the the thing about not paying for entertainment as if the first thing on your list of things to spend is to pay some adult woman to sit in a fort, wear knee socks, and have a pretty face. Um Soooooo soooorrrry, But I think I need food, water, and clothes.😥😳🤷‍♀️

  • It's sad that my channel got deleted a long time ago and this b******* is allowed on all these platforms

  • We need to smoke a joint together

  • I think we also need to mention that also teens watch twitch that might not be able to get a job because of the state or country they live in wont allow it because of age restriction.

  • Stick to sitting on pillows and talking about other shit 😂😂😂

  • You’re so on par in so many ways. I hate the bottom feeder content (the subject matter, not YOU) but man if you aren’t such a well spoken and engaging lady 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 glad to know there are people out there younger than me that are well known and doing GOOD

  • Seeing the streamers say stuff like 'I'm not uploading regularly until I have x subscribers' reminds me of fanfics which are like 'I'm not uploading the next chapter until it has x reviews'. When I see something like that it makes me not want to review and I usually won't even read it until it's finished. I've only ever seen something like it done well once, where the author set either like or comment goals to get a chapter in a certain characters pov, but it didn't stop them from uploading chapters.

  • There's someone I watch on ESmain who just started his channel for a hobby and something he could add to his resume, because despite having really good grades he didn't have experience. At that point, he made sure he kept thinking "don't expect to make money from this" so when he had to buy a mic or editing software, he did it with the expectation of not making that money back. He also made sure to do it around his current job, staying up late into the night to finish videos and didn't monitize his vids until it was quite big.

  • They seem like the millennial version of a Karen.

  • Some people also needs their parants to aprove

  • You tube is hard. It does take a lot of dedication, time and yes, work, to make it on you tube. So yes, I would consider this a job if you want to make money out of it.

  • I don't care, if I had a million dollars, I wouldn't give these bitches 50 cents! Wtf??

  • ironic that her name is invader vie

  • If you’re begging ppl for money online, perhaps she needs to get a friggen job..lol hypocrite!

  • I wouldn't send her 20$ on my budget, but Invadervie is actually fairly entertaining to watch.