Eight & thirteen year old "influencers" get married?!

Publicado el 22 mar 2021
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  • Pasha why did not realised that he is numb

  • Why her father never took kid away from ex wife and why he did not fight for her she would of bean better with her father then with her mother

  • Am friking older than mila am friking 13 and I am no engaged

  • I guess they will end up going to Dr. Phil show🤷🏻‍♀️

  • If they are happy for each other I mean I'm okay...I just mind my own Business '>'

    • @Jons if they both were 20 that be fine But NO it's so sad ;-;

    • SHE IS 8 ✋

  • When I was 8 I was roleplaying with shopkinz with my friends.

  • This is so disgusting, at 8 years old she should be living a normal childhood life, the age gap is literally five years, at 8 years old she shouldn’t be dating or be in any kind of relationships she’s a child, who in the world looks at an 8 and 13 year olds and thinks it’s ok for them to be in a relationship of any sort, absolutely disgusting these kids should be allowed to live normal childhood lives not be influencers at the ages of 8 and 13 neither of these children can consent to this, this is insane that people think this is okay. These kids deserve so much better.

  • Is it even legal to get married -18

  • As a 10 year old and I wouldn’t even think about a relationship I checked her insta and it horrible

  • I'm 15 years old and I have insta and twitter and Snapchat insta and twitter and Snapchat is only for teens and adults

  • This is so disturbing, the fact that the parents allow this is disgusting. They shouldn’t be in an relationship in the first place, but the fact that the age gap is almost the same age as Mila is so disturbing.

  • Nobody else, Nobody else...I loved that emotion because I just saw some video of them and I'm feeling almost sick. How is this even online?

  • I don't know one child that doesn't know what hate ot meanness is. I work with kids my self and had to help raise my sister's 5 children. Shoot by the time I was 8 I knew what it was and what it meant etc.

  • Wtffff? Can’t believe it’s actually a real story. Poor children..

  • An elementary kid dating a high school kid is very strange.

  • I don't think they are ready to be parents

  • Ok so about the 5 year matter is like i don't know about that bcoz i have seen a lot of couples have big age gaps but she the 8 year girl she isn't even a teen like how??

  • At the age of 8 you just learned division and multiplication, she kisses him and she wears stuff like that, I wish i could speak their language and tell her this is not right

  • When I was eight l didn't even have a crush I was obsessed with barbie's and teddy bears.

  • This generation is really going backwards.. How sickening

  • In the early days, marriage was normal for all at 8+

  • It's pediphilia

  • ''8''8?! ENOUGH.

  • ''son,I am dissapoint'' .

  • they are children, my daughter is now 14 and I would mortified if she got married today

  • The mother is pimping her daughter out unfortunately.

  • 👀

  • I find it concerning that a 13 year old wants to be in a "relationship" with an 8 year old. Sure, kids all develop mentally at different rates, but still. This seems like an early sign to me, and an opportunity for early intervention.

  • Between the 6-13 I wanted to be Spiderman, Superman or Turn super Saiyan and the world thought I was and idiot and needed to grow up.Checkmate idiots.

  • Yes, Child influencers are Okay

  • Ayo what the actual fuck 🖐🏽😭

  • Unless it's family or friends, an 8-year-old can NOT be in a relationship. All adults involved should be charged.

  • When I was 8, I would get grossed out by the thought of liking someone a year older then me. So Imagine how the little girl feels.

  • I'm so angry at both kids parents. I really am.

  • 56 dislikes? sounds like 56 child abusers lmao

  • I'm 23 and am really put-off by the idea of being in a relationship with someone who is 18. I cannot imagine being 13 and wanting to be in a relationship with an 8 year old. When I was 13 I didn't want anything to do with anyone under the age of 12 in terms of a platonic relationship, let alone a romantic one. Regardless of what's happening in this situation, the parents are fucking up royally and need to be stopped.


  • I hate it when kids support the whole family. I can understand it to get out of poverty but the second you can take care of everyone, you should stop

    • @Omega kitten got it. Fair enough

    • I'm a actress and it is my decision who I support with my earnings, not yours. Got it?

  • Yeah, I'm Ukrainian, and this shit outraged everybody. The government said they'll do something to the girl's mother, governors where the first who acted. And the problem is there are many "child influencers", who knows how their's family plans to get clout

    • Ukrainian Government? You have not even a democratic government. They should mind their democracy first and not tear lovers apart

  • If she has that many followers at 8, at what age did they get her started?!

  • I remember at this age boys always said “ewwwww” about girls and ESPECIALLY girls did that to boys-like they “swore” they would get “cooties”(those were the good times I guess!) but here this poor little girl is being exploited to be with a damn teen boy!! And we know what teen boys are like....but obviously we didn’t know that they like children!!! Wtf but honestly he’s a victim in this-both of those kids are:,((

  • I-

  • From a 13 year olds point of view (aka me:) Any kids under 10 are practically babies and i couldn’t like anyone younger than the grade i’m in- It would still be wrong if they were the same ages but an 8 year old with a 13 year old is horrific... this makes me sick to my stomach

  • This relationship is gonna go over great for them when he is 18 and she is 13...

    • yeah, and when he is 28 she is 23. So what?

  • I’m a child model and I was taking some little kids to the bathroom when a creepy looking man tried to walk away with one of the girls, she didn’t know him but he said he was her dad, I told him that I didn’t see him before so she can’t go with him, she was like 4 it’s was gross and I’m a little to big to be in the kid shows now I can’t protect them anymore I want to but I can’t

    • You did it good. I'm a actress and one of the crew members touched a 5 year old boy on a bad place and he cried (I was 8). I shouted at him and told it the First assistant, The guy was fired and taken away by the police. But that was something completely different because the boy did not like it and he was scared. But if the boy and girl are in love, it is OK for me and I would not do anything to stop then unless I am Jelaous. But TBH a boy at 13 is too young for me

  • Yeah, this is crazy. Omg. I have heard of some families "marrying" their children as a funny joke in different parts of the world. In my own culture, as a child I was often told to "kiss my cousin on the cheek" while my parents joked about and took photos of how "cute" we were. (latam culture) also have a friend that had a whole "wedding ceremony" with a kid from her neighborhood in Russia when she was a child..so? I mean..I get the joke and cuteness of it all but when there is a transaction out of it, now we're verging on trafficking territory. That's what I think is basically happening in this story. Personally, growing up in Los Angeles, I had gfs who were pregnant w their first kid at 12/13 so I can see how things could be serious early on at that age, just not at 8. Like what? This all sounds like the parents are exploiting their children and are basically trafficking them, albeit digitally but still very harmful to do. Really hope the authorities make an example of the parents here to deter other parents from this. Although, keep in mind that in certain parts of the world (Ukraine, Phillipines, etc...) parents actively sell their children for trafficking purposes, both in sexual and labor trades.

  • Middle school these people dated and watching them “talk” gave me embarrassment it was so quiet

  • Why does a 13 year old find an 8 year old attractive????? Why would any parent encourage this?

  • Pushed for cash grabs This is sad pathetic the parents or guardians should be ashamed they are not old enough to drive cash checks balance checkbooks they know cartoons videogames if that they know nothing about life they are Not adults their caregivers should be arrested for human trafficking their careers should be over cancelled asap where is the law to step in when they need it ? Derranged sickos unfit to care for minors

  • My nephew is 8 years old and i don't think he even knows what instagram is. Only snapchat but he thinks its just an app for funny filters. I feel so sorry for this little girl who's childhood has been stolen to be the breadwinner. Her mother is a fucking c word.

    • At 8 I was on snapchat pretending because of funny filters. Now I'm baned for lifetime. Guess why 😢

  • Without laws in place for the protection of child internet performers/influencers, I hate the idea of children being involved in it. Typical child actors often have enough issues WITH protection laws (some do fine though), but with independent online entertainment in this form being so new the protection is just not there yet. They should still have to follow the child labor laws guidelines at the very least. Personally, I don't think businesses should agree to work with children online unless they are represented by a reputable agent rather than their parents, at best, with the way things are currently.

    • I'm a actress (10) and perfectly fine with my mom as my agent. I would NEVER accept a stranger (reputable or not) as a Agent. It is not your business, it is MY business. A agent has to manage more than one kid so he cannot focus just on me like my mom. And he works for his profit. Moms profit is keept in the family. Got my points? The laws are good as they are. Don't touch them!

  • The little girl has been an ‘influencer’ since she was 4! I think it is fair to say the mom runs her page! 🤬 now that I think about it, there is an age requirement for Instagram, ( idk why this 8 yo has a page) so her page can’t be geared towards children... teens aren’t gonna be interested in what a little kid is doingi... so it seems pretty clear the target audience is adults. I like to believe teens today are too savvy to fall for this ‘love story’ scam- but I could see little girls and younger tween possibly falling for it, if they don’t have good parents to monitor their media usage and explain why it is not ok to have a ‘boyfriend’ who is way older than you.

    • Why it is not okay to have a "boyfriend" who is way older than me? let's say ... 5x older? Asking for a friend ;)

  • It's even worse. The little girl can barely speak, I believe because her mother spent her time not on her development but on clout chasing.

  • Ну что за херня... 13 years old starts puberty 8 years old using shampoo from which their eyes won't sting... those two territories must be separate in every way besides sibling like relationships

  • ily thanks for always doing whats right

  • At 13 I was obsessed with boybands and thought 8yos were babies basically

  • I could barf 🤮 poor kids!


  • I think they are not in this thing cause they like each other. Their parents made them so. The relationship was not a childlike crush and then monitized, I think the parents matched them.

  • Its called adultification. This happens very often and is under discussed.

  • At 8 years old I found girls “yucky.” When the time came that was my opinion of girls had changed, then I found 8 years old girls to be babies. This story is horrid and the parents are exploiting these kids.

  • Brawndo. It's got ELECTROLYTES !!

  • Im 35, I feel Im not ready for the online backlash of being an influencer...

  • this genuinely makes me feel sick to my stomach. when i was nine i was best friends with this thirteen year old boy who lived next to me, biggest mistake of my life was being left alone with him. There is no reason for this to be happening and these parents shouldn't be allowed to have children

  • Why are much older boys attracted to minor girl models?

  • Gross. It's not just the fake marriage, the fact that the parents allowed them to move in together... are they sleeping in the same bed too??? When she gets pregnant at 11 no one will be surprised. At 8 i thought boys were gross! What the hell????

  • Where is the usual p3do comment by YouthRights or whatever is his name? Saying that childrens need to be free to date who they want ? I can't stand this creep

    • Yes, this guy is my favorite youtuber. I can't stand creeps like you, who like to decide about my life.

  • Kids this age shouldn't even be allowed to have social media. The parents sounds pretty careless.

    • So, we should not, but we do, and you cannot stop us. Move to north korea if you are against democracy where Kids can tell our opinion.

  • Influencers can be SO fake! That “Follow Me, I’m Crazy” book does a good job of making fun of them. Hilarious 😂!

  • Can you discuss Alabama Barker cuz she dresses so inappropriate for her age, won’t make her page private or block/delete the pedo comments etc. (I like her family btw)

  • Ukraine ? im not even shocked anymore

  • if your 8 year old has a boyfriend, youre a failure as a parent

  • ummmm a 13 year old shouldnt be in a "relationship" with an 8 year old. your brain is extremely diffrent when you're eight than when you're 13.

  • Her Instagram is currently down

  • its fucking outrageous ! my daughter is 8 and she is my baby ! I cannot picture her in a " relashionship " she is not even a pre teen she is still a "baby", shes always hugging me, playing dolls and reading bedtime stories so just imagining this on an 8 yo i cant...i cant...it REALLY bothers me, no kidding its gonna stay in my mind , im worried.

  • PLEASE READ. I just thought I should make you aware of the app that is platforming all of these CHILDREN, it’s called “Likee” and I believe it used to be called live me but I’m not 100% on that. Regardless this app is disgusting and it’s exploiting children left and right, it can even be used to access locations of child users around you. I’d say 50% of the accounts are legitimate children but the other half are a mix of pedophiles pretending to be kids to talk to the kids in the comment section by making them more comfortable with stolen videos on their account from children. There have been accounts of predators on this app asking children that are streaming live to take all of their clothing off. Disgusting behavior being allowed by the app stores to even have this app remain available. I would very much appreciate a video over this app as I’m sure you understand other people need to be made aware of this so this app GETS BANNED. It’s marketed as a “SAFER” tiktok for kids. PREDATOR BREEDING GROUND.

  • I hate when "parents" pimp their kids out like that, it's disgusting, it's abnormal, its so wrong on so many levels. What kind of mother would pimp their kid out and live off of them like that?

  • When I was 8, I thought that 13 year olds looked like adults, they were the "big" kids you know. At 13, before that even, I thought of 8 year olds as very small. Overall, I find this just very disturbing and unsettling.

  • I just looked at her IG... It's just sick. That boy is so much taller than her 😳 He looks like a grown man next to well an eight year old child. They look like siblings with a big age gap but then you remember they're "dating" 🤦‍♀️ It's honesty disgusting. Poor girl.

  • I just learned about this! My first reaction was, “You’ve got to be joshing me!” Then I realized that this is likely for more followers/greater social engagement. Doesn’t make it right, tho.

  • Why aren’t they taking these poor children away from their parents. I’m 20 years old and dating anyone younger than me makes me uncomfortable that poor 13 year old he might grow to be something terrible or not.

  • I wonder if the parents persuaded their own children into being influencers just to make themselves money.

  • Parents say the children should do whatever they want but if the children ask for emancipation see how the same parents will set this world in fire to get the money...

  • When i was eight i watch dino documentaries and strawberry shortcake. I drew pictures of dragons. Her parents are literally ripping her childhood from her by exposing her to this world on such a large platform

  • what. the. HELL???!!!

  • Last time I heard child marriage was banned.

  • When parents become Dan Schneider's 🙄

  • groossssss. someone please take these kid’s phones and parents away from them

  • Think about the 8 years old girls marrying 50 years old in other countries. Nasty. Yes, I don't agree with this but i bet that they will find someone else really soon. When I was 8 years old I always had 2 boyfriends. By a few months I had 2 different boyfriends.

  • Yeah, it's weird. When I was 12 I "married" my friend's 6 year old cousin because he had a crush on me. But I didn't have a crush on him, he was a baby to me even then. I'm guessing the parents just set it up because they know it will get attention, and it has. Remember, people no longer care if they get noticed for positive or negative things just as long as they're noticed.

  • Russian and Post-Soviet parents abusing their kids, what`s new

  • You’re probably so right. I have read many accounts of people saying as kids they were coerced or were trying to be coerced into having sex with other kids (for CP) because they didn’t really understand what was happening. It’s sick and disgusting and detrimental to anyone’s mental health. To me, there’s no consent of you don’t understand what it is when they adults in your life are controlling you. #saveourchildren

  • This is reminding me of that one Big Mouth episode when Devin and DeVon got married. Equally messed up, what's wrong with these parents?! Like Idk anymore 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • "Mother has been questioned by the police", oh at least!!!

  • How??? They can’t conceit

  • oh god i just looked up their instagram this is worst than i thought wtf there are photos of them in bed tgt?? this is really bad

  • I got a 10 (or 9) year old sister, (yes, I can’t remember.), so I feel ENRAGED. Such a good reason to punch a kid in the face.

  • 8 years old... bro she’s in like second grade...

  • I honestly think child protective services should take both these children away from their parents because they are causing great harm with this

  • I'm sorry, but if you're young enough to order a Happy Meal you shouldn't have an ex-husband.