Durte Dom's tiktok is...weird

Publicado el 14 abr 2021





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  • Breakdown '21

  • I’m glad he’s making jokes out of it Bc it’s gonna make them say he isn’t sorry and then he gets convicted as guilty

  • that cough syrup bit was so cringe the bottle in his hands is literally children’s cough syrup lolololol

  • Reminds me of the person who sexually and physically abused me. I was in the same high school class with him and on a school trip I was forced to sit next to him in the bus after I came out about it and he kept making sexual jokes and sarcastically saying 'oh sorry, do you feel raped again now haha' This durte guy seems like he's kinda doing the same thing by those stupid tiktok 'jokes'. They're not funny. They devalue the victim's story completely and I cannot grasp how anyone can get so fucked up as to think that's okay.


  • Julia you look beautiful today

  • I am so embarrassed to share his nationality, we dont want u

  • ………

  • He has not learned at all.... that “sorry” video was fake.

  • See the thing is with some of these you tubers they really do not care, I mean they don’t give two shits until the law gets involved and then they come on with all these apologies and excuses which are reasons layered in lies!!😩🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  • wait you uploaded this 5 days ago and i just got a notification that you uploaded it 3 hours ago.....

    • I've been getting notifications a couple days later, but also have been getting multiple notifications sometimes, like every day for 3-4 days.

  • Severely unhinged and insecure. It’s like he can’t help himself, that’s what’s really worrying. He’s going to keep up this behavior until something actually happens. It may be a completely new allegation years from now..but it’s a pattern, a habit, and he’ll eventually get what’s coming. I hope. How many more women will he traumatize?

  • I wouldn't have him around women

  • He needs to be canceled

  • ... what is he even wearing do' rags for???? Those are meant for textured hair maintenance, not white boy aesthetics. Cringe.

  • Disturbing

  • this man looks like one of those guys who asks you for money at the gas station

  • girl thanks for doin this cus i wasnt gonna look em up

  • He’s ROBO tripping on Benadryl 😂

  • TikTok will ban or shadow ban sex workers who even hint to having a only fans but rapists are allowed. I hate it here.

  • I am so happy to see how much this channel has grown! You are amazing 🤩

  • now we know for a fact that dirty dom wont go to jail, none of these youtubers ever do

  • I grew up in the same area as David, we're the same age and we have a handful of mutual friends (I use the term 'friends' lightly, more so acquaintances), I never watched his content or knew what his deal was, seeing this come to life has been informing. Literally was always confused when people at parties told me a "famous person" was there and had no idea who he was. The enabling of this behavior is disgusting and everyone involved should be held accountable.

  • how do guys like this just dont get the piss kicked out of them...all the time... I always wonder how people like this have lived so long without being....hit by a car..

  • I don't know why I got a random russian add for some program

  • Unrelated but this hair color looks really good on you!

  • TikTok is deplorable. If they had more strict rules and guidelines it could be a great platform. I just don't understand how they will allow people like him to continue to post content but then remove things by disabled influencers, plus size influencers, trans influencers, etc. It's disgusting. Are the people who run TikTok just hateful towards all marginalized communities or....?

  • Is this guy on drugs or something?

  • Jeeeez, these weirdos are popping up every week. I've never heard of most of them.

  • This is the first I'm hearing of this person. So many ppl being outed for creepy behaviour or illegal behaviour I wish fans would stop supporting ppl who do this stuff because they will probably just do it again if there are no real consequences.

  • He got off so easy for being a walking assault charge. Too bad he isn't joining a new squad in jail.

  • is anyone else getting awful PETA ads on here? they are always on glare's videos and they're super graphic :(

  • He's gross.

  • Does anyone else thinks dom looks like hes on hard drugs?

  • He obviously doesn’t care, he thinks all of the stuff he’s done is cool and funny. Such a loser!

  • Never heard of this guy before don't know anything about him, he might be as bad as the allegations claim, however how do you "get a girl drunk" did he tie her down and force drinks down her, did he spike her drinks, does the girl not have any personal autonomy?even if she was peer pressured into drinking more, it would seem logical that she got herself drunk, she chose to drink more, was he also drunk?

  • I love her, she's such a big part of my mental

  • Why is he wearing a durag?...

  • I think the point of the first one was to show off his male pattern baldness

  • I’ve always gotten sketchy vibes from Dom. I’m surprised he hasn’t been called out a lot sooner

  • Damn :/

  • I don’t know who he is but he needs to be in prison.

  • He's such a creep!! Im so sick of this guy 😆

  • Off topic: your hair 😍 hook us up!

  • He acts like that creep from 13 Reasons Why.

  • The blatant insensitive nature of his posts are disgusting. Doesn't even matter if the allegations are true or not at this point in context (although I do think they are legit) as he's still joking about serious crimes and their victims. At the risk of sounding dark, I would hope that one day he would run into you-know-what type convicts in prison, so he could see what it's like to be horribly assaulted and violated then be mocked for it 🤷 I doubt he would find it "hilarious" then!

  • He should be in jail, not on tiktok

  • Trigger warning : drug use I dont know if you can see what he is taking when not on a phone. So i figured id just quickly say i think based on matching images he may of took a certain anticholinergic where he may be boardering based on my dose estimating if the bottle was full and i found the right label he is boarding on disturbing hallucinations, delerium, heart palpitations, and higher doses or if your heart is already with issues death. I am not a doctor but i did use drugs heavily and while im all for talking about drugs. His blatant almost glorifying drug use to a probably young audience with no info about the very real risks involved is disgusting.

  • brown long hair so pretty on you

  • Can we stop calling him durte dom? So disgusting

  • she kinda looks like stevie from schitts creek

  • "If anybody is going to cancel you, it's going to be the police" LMAOOOOO but like for real though

  • I think the cough syrup thing was him trolling cuz that’s just regular cough syrup and I doubt he drinking that it like that haha but I agree on everything else said here.

  • Hi! I’m new and I’ve watched two vids (one from a year ago and this one), and I just want to say I already think you are super dope and I plan on excitingly binging your channel today! I also can’t wait for new content! 😍👍🏼🤩💚

  • Why ISN'T he arrested yet?

  • The skin, the hair, the blush, the shirt 😻🧡🧡🧡

  • I think we have a generation littered with entitlement and the need for attention.

  • Anyone involved with vlog squad needs to be shot in the head

  • "if anyone's gonna cancel you, its gonna be the police" Favorite Giulia quote

  • Bruh this guy needs jail time and james charels so many predators of all kinds being exposed lately its disgusting.

  • Mans is having a breakdown lmao. As he should be

  • At first I had NO idea who you were talking about. I usually just listen to u during my overnight shift but as soon as i saw his face I was like ‘omfg yea he’s creepy’ I’ve seen him before and always though he was creepy

  • like the content but can you please leave a waring on the flashing lights some people have seizure disorders like my self i had to pause the video and skip things

  • I say let him post then when he try’s to apologize for it it’s documented that he’s really not sorry

  • Definitely dropped on his head

  • or is that lean? it looks like bubble gum cough syrup

  • ya he's high on lean wtf

  • What a disgusting person

  • Idk why but your channel has become my like work out playlist and i cant get through them unless i listen lol

  • His name is literally DIRTY Dom .... mom pick me up I'm scared

  • Unpopular opinion im sure but unless you get someone drunk by means of deception- it's not rape. When you get drunk you know that your inhibitions are lowered. Its sleazy but not rape.

    • @My_Cousin _Mose to be fair you did imply you wouldn't climb on someone who was "passed out" so i guess that makes you whataguy

    • @My_Cousin _Mose 1) the situation is not "pretty irrelevant" as you claim. in each case something *was taken that was not offered* and in *each* case a crime was committed. 2) and of course "having sex" is not illegal (neither is having crazy drunk sex with your SO). but rape is. yet for you it's *so clear* that a crime was committed when someone helped himself to a guy's money and valuables -- like duh! but it's not clear that a crime was committed when someone helped himself to a woman's body and valuables. here's where things get murky/hazy/vague for you. each act was a crime of opportunity, i.e., the perpetrator saw he had a chance to commit the act and took it. but for you only one is illegal and i find that chilling. i notice that you conveniently drop qualifiers around the discussion of rape -- by degree -- such that each comment becomes more generalized; broadened and softened till it sounds almost harmless. for example in your first comment you write "unless you get someone drunk by *means of deception"* to the more generalized "having sex with a drunk person" to the completely irrelevant "having sex." so, based on the above, i can only conclude that you are in deep denial or confused (to a concerning degree) about what constitutes having *consensual sexual relations* -- which makes you a dangerous person to have around at a party. i also suspect that the "people" you usually "have sex" with are typically probably almost always *very very drunk* and it becomes a rape crime when -- prior to getting down -- *sober verbal consent* was not obtained. in other words, your MO looks a lot like that of a serial sexual predator/criminal opportunist. please don't have kids.

    • @dev oconnell obviously you should be charged with robbery. No offense but I think this is a pretty irrelevant situation. Stealing is always against the law (having sex is not) and I specifically said being passed out is the point where I'd agree you can no longer consent. Edit: I would also say the guy in this situation was a moron. But you would still be guilty of robbery.

    • @My_Cousin _Mose so maybe you'd give me your opinion about an analogical situation. you're in a bar and a guy walks in wearing designer clothes and a Rolex watch. he sits next to you at the bar and pulls out his wallet which is loaded with cash. he orders a scotch from the top shelf and tells the bartender to give you whatever you're drinking. so you chat and drink and he starts getting drunk. by 2am he's plowed, says goodnight to you and the bartender, tossing a hundred on the counter as a tip. he weaves out of the bar and you follow him. he opens the door to his fancy car and passes out in the back seat -- like blackout. you slip off his Rolex, slip out his wallet and help yourself to prolly 1k in cash. unbeknownst to you you're caught on the bar's security camera and are arrested. what do you think the judge will say at your arraignment when your excuse for committing the crime of robbery is: "well it was his fault! he asked for it! he willingly got drunk! _he's_ responsible!" just curious.

    • @dev oconnell Well as ive stated its not rape to have sex with a drunk person. In cases if actual rape, obviously the rapist.

  • They don't think that there are consequences, because they have never had them before.

  • I’m stuck in quarantine (South Korea), and not feeling well. Thank you for your content you beautiful soul ❤️

  • I just LOVE how guys like this can commit serious crimes and nothing happens! No investigations. No arrests. Nothing. I just love that. Nothing makes me more nauseous, give me a bigger headache, and makes me want to throw a trash can at someone more than this shit.

  • not taking up for that dom guy but, people have been saying he did alleged things but hes not going to jail/prison since the law enforcement isn't going to take claims that happened years ago. thats why hes acting all carefree. like with destery (i despise that guy more) he didn't actually commit much of any felonies other than just talk with minors. but if he sent n*des to them (like with james charles) or has gotten n*des from them and saves them then hes known for a felon, but thats hard to get on him with. for james charles though, he sent n*des to a minor (which is a felony) in which that same kid could have told his parents and got the police involved, currently we don't know whats going on with him now and it's not known if the minor permanently deleted the n*des or saved them so it's pretty hard to say where james stands if he has a felon over his head currently or not.

  • Why is he wearing a dew-rag? He’s not black, he doesn’t even have curly hair.

    • @Seggsy Boi a dew rag is a type of hair cover that’s used to keep curly hair moisturized and styled. I’m no expert, but my best friend has one for his waves

    • What is a dew-rag? Like what does it do to your hair as I assume u wear it on your head?

  • I thought his name was Dirty Dom lmao

  • vlog squad?? there IS NO VLOG SQUAD!

  • Love your hair like this!!! DD is out of his mind and so repulsive!

  • You look so so good wtf

  • This has nothing to do with today’s video but i’m not sure if you remember caroline kropp but she recently has been taking down comments of people calling her out for her grooming on tik tok, myself included, and is blocking a lot of these users making her image look clean for her primarily child based audience.

  • I wonder how Liza feels about David being outed for being a piece of shit and if she suffered any abuse or violation from him. I hope she’s okay.

  • Coooool, that "something traumatic happened that changed my life check" was also originally made by a girl who was talking about her SA too.

  • Can we please discuss why Jake Paul is being accused of rape AGAIN and mantel y anyone is talking about it. How is it possible that David lost so much for his scandal and no one is batting an eye for Jake Paul’s accusations

  • Hey could you do a video about this guy's "parody" skits where has people being outed as cheaters in a fake skit for "entertainment"? I thought it was pretty disturbing and figured you'd have some good opinions on it: facebook.com/paulvutv/videos/732662000975089/

  • I hope you are ok. Much love always.

  • Need a go fund me for the lawyers for class action lawsuit.

  • Got me right from the title lol

  • Do you have a link for this wig, I want it wow

  • WTF is going on with people? Thank you for sharing this

  • I hate when people try to get the sympathy card by pulling an onision. Then basically looking for the hate views. Trying to embrace the terrible person you’ve been outed as doesn’t do anything for you or the rest of humanity. It’s just terrible that we actually let people like this exist as so called entertainment.

  • Wait.. you’re telling me it’s not DIRTY Dom. All these videos talking about him and I still thought it was dirty dom 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Durte douche needs the ⚡️electric chair⚡️

  • I have no idea who he is, and I'm not defending him, but if he hasn't been charged with anything, why are we supposed to hate him?

  • I’m not sure she claimed that he got her drunk because she took the drinks herself he didn’t force it down her throat. I think the accusation was talking advantage of her when she was to wasted it

  • i’m so embarrassed that i ever found him/his behavior attractive

  • "This is called consequences, for actual crimes." I feel this on a spiritual level, and am so glad you put this out there.

  • I have a suggestion for you if you want it I have adhd and am often just listening to your videos while I’m cleaning, or like today I was grooming my dogs Would you be open to describing what is happening in the silent parts of the videos?

    • I've been thinking the same thing lol, i mostly listen to youtube and i feel like i miss a lot, but i dont have the focus to watch it that intently

  • I thought that his nickname was “dirty dom” which Is fitting but wait it’s actually “Durte”..nvm

  • The whole of Lithuania is covering their faces in shame because of this guy