"Don't date women who take medicine"

Publicado el 5 oct 2020
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  • I have to find this and ask him if it's okay if I date a man who takes meds. Also, sorry for being on medication so that I don't have seizures 😒

  • "Don't date idiot men" 🙄

  • "Don't date women who take medicine." So I suppose you want me to be off my meds that keep the manic side of my bipolar in check? Good to know the guy has a death wish lol

  • not a girl but sir if i do not take my adhd meds i will Not be able to even fucking hold a conversation or maintain focus so I think i'd be better to date with them but idk im just a 'woman who takes pills'

  • "Why do people need psychiatric drugs?" I take psychiatric medicine to help alleviate the severity of my seasonal allergies.. fucking duh

  • "Top of his class" yet he writes like he learned to speak English on Twitter.

  • HEYUR!!!

  • As a nurse soon to be certified in psychiatric care in Canada; On one hand, it's "pretty sad" and pathetic to see that level of stigma being shared so flippantly and under the guise of being advice. On the other hand, however, it's great so stay away because someone who possesses those beliefs and lacks that many functioning brain cells would be harmful to one's mental health anyway. The joke writes itself, you would end up on pills after being around that person for too long.

    • also... "studying the social arts" as in actual studies at a legitimate college/university or just staying within the circle jerk of groups like MGTOW etc? lol

  • oh my god kill me

  • well, I'm going to die because if I date someone because i won't be able to use my inhaler

  • can i just quickly bring to the table the weirdly coincidental fact that suicide rates are higher for men & psychiatric drug rates are higher for women makes so much more sense after reading this article?

  • omg i’ve never heard u talk italian it sounds so pretty, also great video. i feel like people who immediatelt treat/label mentally ill people as freaks or dangerous are just trying to make the point that you can choose to be happy and being on medication for something is just laziness and being too weak to pull urself up from being for ex. depressed, which is not true. who knows, what kind of shit the people who say that are dealing with...

  • As a psychologist, the quote regarding psychologists "see women as people with something wrong with them and stay away" is puzzling. People in need drew us to this career to begin with, and the more we practise the more we realise EVERYONE has trauma and baggage to deal with in some form, regardless of gender. They also conveniently disregard the prevalence of stigma in men's mental health, so it's only natural that more women will turn to psychological help than men. If anything it's great so many people see themselves as worthy and deserving of help and therapy if they need it. The author says he went through major depression for a decade, culminating in attempted suicide.... Maybe if he sought therapy he could have reached a healthier place much sooner... 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Cool cool, I’ll be like him and waste ten years of my life waiting to just magically feel better, or I can take a Zoloft and get on normally with my life😀 Idk I’d rather take my medicine and live a happy life😐

  • I agree with you. But, the woman he picked up probably scared him. I would have been terrified.

  • “As a man studying the social arts” ... oh lord

  • I’m juxera and I take meds I’m in the clear 😌💅

  • I take medication for all of my mental illnesses which were all the result of abuse from men. So, if you don't want women "on pills," STOP FUCKING SEXUALLY ASSAULTING THEM

  • Don't get me wrong. I am against personally for myself dating a guy who has issues and is not working on themself. But if they are actively working on themself and taking medicine, that is fine and I commend them for that.

  • That movie basically a documentary

  • “StOp TaKiNg ThAt MeDiCiNe, iT iS tOxIc AnD nOt ChRiStIaN, tAtOoS aRe AlSo BaD aNd ImMoRaL aNd GoD wIlL hAtE yOu AnD I wIlL gEt A dIvOrCe!”

  • i knew this would make me angry but i underestimated how angry,,,,,

  • Thank you so, SO much for putting this duche on blast (whoever wrote that shitty article). I have mental health issues, a personality disorder. This person is saying that he thinks I don't deserve love because I am on medication and was born with issues. I want to fucken punch that moron. omg. thank you for bringing this issue to my attention. personally, my past boyfriends love me still and still try to remain in my life, I just have commitment issues because of PTSD. Hey, I have a great Idea ladies, lets LIE to all men from now on about our mental health, clearly we cannot be honest! y'all don't want to see me without my meds, ketamine, and MMJ :) Im glad you handled this and this didn't happen to my face, I couldn't lololololol ohhhh boyyyyyy this fool has NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED TO ME, everyone would be on meds after that shit. thank you so much, you handled this like the mature, classy, responsible, adult that I try to be 🤪 🤟👏👏👏👏👏

  • It's ironic because skeevy guys like this usually go after women with issues because they like to manipulate them

  • Dont date women who EXIST

  • Well I can certainly say, while I am not on medication, I am a 'disaster of a person' so I'm glad I could slip through the cracks of this sad misogynist's standards. S U R P R I S E

  • “If you wanna search for that and just die alone that’s your prerogative” you’re my hero 💀

  • the stats they use "women are 67% more likely to use prescription drugs than men do" is kinda misleading. It overemphasizes the difference (made it sounds like "the majority of women" is using prescription drugs). The number depends on the percentage of men use prescription drugs. For example if 10% of men use prescription drugs, then about 16.7% of women use the prescription drugs. The difference is not that dramatic.

  • This is from a Brazillian reality show (2020). The girl takes psychiatric medication. The joke is that 2 minutes B4 this scnece she showed her pills that she even had taken. esmain.info/goal/v-deo/l2d6nrudkdp5pZo

  • The master Incel

  • Medication. Blm. 3kids b4 25. Does as much if not more coke. Met at a bar. More guy friends than girls

  • No pills and no issues smfh every one and their grandma's is on some I nd of medication and no one is without ...sigh "issues" great channel and topic! Keep up the great work and Salute from Toronto Canada 🇨🇦 😊

  • At 1:32 she said perogative. That's how I remember it. Maybe she is Mandela effected too.

  • I am a male on antipsychotic medications, and I have to question that statistic that 67% more women are on psychotropic drugs than men, but that's neither here nor there. Personally, I wish I could make it without antipsychotic medications because those drugs have some deep side effects - loss of creativity, loss of physical strength, and dependence. Maybe if when I was twenty-seven I went out and had to survive on my own I would have been able to function in the real world. I would have been happy to dig ditches. As for dating women on psychotropic drugs, I have no more trouble with them than I did with so called normal women.

  • When she said I’ve f had it and walked off hahahaha love it

  • And these are the same guys who want women to be in birth control pills so they "don't need" to wear condoms 🙄 not shitting on bc at all its used as much more than a contraceptive but still

  • I love it when people act like there was no one in the entirety of human history prior to the invention of psychiatric drugs who could've possibly benefited from them. Like it was so much better when people just committed suicide or became ruinous alcoholics amirite

  • "Aww, babe! You'd be so much prettier if you didn't take antidepressants." -These guys, probably

  • watched this while taking my meds lmao

  • As a lesbian I feel sorry for straight women-

  • me before really watching this: Not dating someone with extreme mental illness makes sense if that is something that you personally don't have the empathy or energy to deal with. Ready to Glare: states something similar within the first 3 minutes Me: 👍

  • Glare: "I've McFuckin had it" Me: same

  • UM that .02 second clip gave me an overwhelming desire to learn Italian. You are so fucking cool.

  • Idk why but I almost cried.

  • Maybe if the guys reading this article are close enough on the fence to accept and agree with it and it makes sense to them then those of us in the "medicated community" are better off without them anyways 😏 But yeah, in all seriousness, my goodness what a damaging perspective this writer has decided to interject. Yi. Ke. S.

  • Did she switch to Italian in that phone call? That was incredibly attractive.

  • He says “she may be under people’s thumbs,” I say “she has a support system”

  • 23.7% of Americans was ... They couldn't even bother to use Grammarly 🤭

  • I got a 30 minute ad for a pick up artist website that asks for your credit info. Wow what a Chad, paying for a 30 minute ad ranting about women lmao. Just pay for therapy instead

  • You can tell a bitter man wrote this article.

  • Maybe I’m just an Italian bisexual but Julia speaking Italian is beautiful

  • Wait he's been on pills and has had mental health issues..... hypocrite

  • Maybe don't pick up strangers also her problem wasn't that she took them it was that she took her self off them don't pick up crazy strangers there's a tip

  • So are you saying you want to date me off my meds lol .... doubt that will end well lol bud

  • All valid points gurl

  • Yes don't even try to date me stay out of dms lol I hate you all lol

  • Anyone that unironically reads or writes these need to stop looking for women and look inside themselves.

  • Dai sei italiana? Ti seguo da un po! Non l avrei mai detto ! Ho un accento stranissimo io se parlo in inglese ah ah ah!!!

  • Unfortunately they DO say the same shit to people with physical illnesses as well. Apparently my autoimmune diseases are only a matter of "diet", although no one seems to be able to tell me WHICH diet exactly would magically cure me.

  • This the type of guy who would get mad at his girlfriend/partner for not having sex with him because she was tired from her chemo and then he would leave her because she spent to much time at the hospital and not with him.

  • Don’t date is what this idiot is saying. Everyone is going to have something that isn’t perfect. Smh

  • Thank God women take so many pills and get therapy! It saves lives. One of the reasons that the suicide rate is higher for men is due to the stigma against mental illness, especially for men. If men got the same amount of care for mental health as women do, their suicide rate would probably decrease.

  • funny how my alarm went off to take my antidepressants during this lol

  • If you wouldn't hang out with a person on drugs or alcohol with a gun, don't trust your entire life to one who has a phone that will call hundreds of people with guns to point them at you because of the word and whim of a person on psych meds. Leave therapy to therapists and date when you are stable. How is this wrong advice? halfway through a video that starts with harsher judgement than the original point and haven't heard a reason why this isn't good advice...

  • I went on a date once with a guy who thought sleeping pills where really bad and I shouldn't take them. I was born without enough melatonin so I take melatonin.

  • He got like entirely the wrong message from midsommar..

  • Americans are deluded into thinking taking pills to make them better is good instead of just accepting life is hard and eating right and being strong from the inside out along with the tattoos it's just nasty

  • I just started on medication and this article made me mad. I waited months and tried out so many different techniques that didn't involve prescription drugs, like meditating, changing my diet, going to the gym etc. I had really big discussions with my parents and we really tried out almost everything and had multiple doctor visits in that time. These drugs help me feel better and I'm really grateful. I don't know why the author hates them. Maybe they're scared cause they don't understand it, but I don't know why they would prefer unhappy, mentally unstable people over it (I'm in no way saying this as a derogotary thing, but they clearly state that in their first encounter with a woman NOT on drugs and with a mental illness was uncomfortable for them and I would feel that way without medication)

    • What makes me even more mad is that my mom told me to not tell anyone about the medication I'm on, because they would think I'm crazy and not be my friends anymore. I don't think she's in the wrong here, she's just trying to protect me, it's parents like the author who teach their kids and their surroundings that people on medication are crazy.

  • i think you just need to take people in as separate beings and not judge all people with something in common with said person based on what they did/do. it reminds me of the whole “dumb blonde” thing...is that dumb blonde no longer blonde if she dyes her hair or if she changed from another colour to blonde? no. sure, there are plenty of dumb blonde people but not all of them are. just the same with medicated or mentally ill people. there are so many varying degrees and its so unfair to generalise a whole chunk of the population. sure there may be dependant, problematic and/or dangerous people. doesnt mean we’re all fucking ted bundy. sorry for the rant. as someone with mental health issues, it just means a lot to me :)

  • Surprisingly alot of people are taught its weak to get help. The only time I did ask for help was after I had my child in order to become a better mother. I refuse to take pills though. I ask for other solutions.

  • Idk if she says it but the whole reason women are more likely to take psychiatric medication is bc women are more likely to go to doctors and therapists due to the patriarchal standard that men should just “tough it out” rather than seek help for their problems and feelings. So like that’s not on women, that’s not a flaw in women, take away that patriarchal standard and see more men going to doctors and therapists and I’m 100% sure you will find men would be on psychiatric meds as often as women Edit: The men who say “Don’t date women w mental illnesses bc they’ll ruin your life and you shouldn’t have to solve their problems” are the same men who tell women they should stay w their toxic or cheating bfs bc “a true woman can tame any beast” or some dumb shit like that

  • I really love that hair color on you Guilia ♥️

  • Have incels and pick up artists ever tried dating men instead since they believe all these things about women? Like it's ok Kyle it's 2020 you can come out

  • 4:29 something I always say is that statistics lie by omission. Sure, if that statistic is true, then women use more psychiatric drugs but that doesn’t mean that women are by default less mentally stable. A lot of men tend to bottle up their emotions and problems (myself included) and may not seek out psychiatric help. The number could change depending on outside variables or on implications. This statistic by itself doesn’t mean anything because it’s not related to anything. I hate when statistics are said but aren’t explained.

  • Guess I'm off the market 😂

  • I’m just going to say it; I don’t believe Kiki palmer

  • 4:45 i wasn't paying attention to the screen and the sudden italian scared me lmao

  • As someone who is no longer on medication (and probably should be), pills are the lesser of two evils. Unless your idea of a dream date is lying in bed crying because you found a dead bug.

  • I'm shocked at this topic being discussed right now, it's always like a "hard thing" for "sane" people to see another person in need of medication in a relationship wow, i mean i had to live with a roomate and he would bash this girl who had this nice relationship with a guy etc. I never saw the bad thing the "controversy" on that so ofc the first thing i go with is "this guy is probably much frustrated because he cannot find love with someone else"

  • You should do a video on that creeper Roma Army 😬

  • In Midsommar the main character had a sister who killed herself and her parents. She wasn't just having "psychological issues", she was traumatized.

  • “Disappointment dealer” merch plz

  • I'm not gay!! I just hate women!!!

  • Omg my parents use Adam n eve

  • I'm not on medicine for mental issues, but I have a very severe autoimmune problem and I need to self-inject medicine every 2 weeks. My boyfriend (who is in Japan) would set an alarm to wake up at 1am just so I don't have to be alone doing it. I do also deal with issues of anxiety and depression and when it's bad, he doesn't hang up the phone while I sleep, just so that I can have someone to calm me if I ever wake up panicked during the night. If my partner can't even care about my health (physical or mental), what do I want them for😤

  • The suicide rate among farmers, who obviously don't live in cities, are pretty high compared to other professions. So his city living theory can't possibly be right, imo

  • 4:46 Italian Giulia to make you feel better.

  • It's the entire article, for me.

  • fellas if she takes Benadryl can she really be trusted?

  • omggggg you 're so sassy & intelligent , spot on !! thank you , you make me laugh !! 🤣🤣

  • I mean I gotta agree. Dating someone like me is a bad idea. We are nutty.

  • Apparently no one will ever date me according to that article's logic.

  • Why am I just now getting the notification for this? I despise ESmain. I don't even know why I'm paying for premium anymore when they won't even notify me on the same day. 😒

  • People who say don’t take pills because they got better have no understanding for anyone or anything aside from themselves. And are extremely selfish. Not everyone‘a gonna be able to live a normal life without pills sometimes. Sometimes people brains can’t physically make the chemicals needed or just isn’t wired like yours lol.

  • Tats meds actual human emotions not just blank trophy wife material is to be looked down upon And honestly I watched Midsommer I definitely didn't get don't date women with issues but to not date emotionally abusive people who shame you for not being perfect or gaslight you into thinking it's your fault they are cold assholes And don't join cults Plus the director made it to be the ultimate breakup movie

  • Depression has run in my family (on both sides) since the beginning of time. A lot of them years ago self medicated witch alcohol. Both my mothers parents were alcoholics until her father died and her mom chose to sober up (she struggled for the rest of her life with her mental health) and my dads father was an alcoholic. There has been a major history or alcohol abuse but now we all are on antidepressants instead of drinking

  • I need psychiatric help and i don’t live in a city. I wish I did. I love cities.

  • I thought it meant birth control 💀💀

  • Adoro sentirti parlare in italiano

  • "so my ideal girl is fit, not over 25 y.o., tall, blonde, educated, pure, with a job, not tattooed, without mental and/or psychological illnesses" - Bill, 45, unoccupied, lives in his mother's basement