Dogs signaled in Joe Exotic's zoo...

Publicado el 17 jul 2020

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  • 3 things, Wynnewood is pronounced wrong, Garvin County is a county away, I get a lot of news from KOCO4, KOCO5.

  • The fact that my brother doesn’t even KNOW WHAT JOE EXOTIC DID

  • I would be inclined to think there’s a human SOMETHING in the alligator poo.

  • What if.... now hear me out. What if carol took her “missing” husband to joes place and fed him to his animals. What if they worked together to get that bag? Then she didn’t give joe the money she was supposed to give him for working with her that they got from killing her ex husband. And joe knows what happened to her husband but plot twist it happened in his zoo and that’s why they can’t find anything in carols zoo.

  • Ah joe exotic that's a name I haven't heard in a couple of weeks

  • te guy's name is Mullett i-

  • The sheriff's last name is Mullet??!! That's the most country last name ever.

  • I think that dogs didn't mistake, but on the other hand he has so many animals that can dispose of human remains, ergo they won't find anything on the surface and how big of a maniac is he I wouldn't be surprised if he already had dispose of those animals.

  • That would be the craziest but dopest plot twist if it turned out that Joe actually fed Carole's husband to his alligators and then started accusing her for the murder to ruin her lol. That would add another layer to how much he feels like a character from a fictional series rather than a real life human being, and also he has done crazy shit that makes me wonder if he was capable of this or not. I know that this probably isn't likely (or is it??? I seriously don't know anymore) but wouldn't it be mindblowing if this turned out? (mind you I don't like any of these people, not Joe, nor Carole) Edit: Or what if Carloe fed her husband to Joe's alligators. Or what if they did it together but then had a misunderstanding and Joe tried to turn this incident to his advantage. Lmao ok I'm done with the speculations

  • black hair looks amazing on you omg

  • Lol "Mullet said"!!!! Priceless

  • What do you mean you don't know if Joe was accuse of killing cubs?!!? Was one of the main problems love, kpne your ears!!!

  • Well according to "experts" I googled it, Hahaha, "Cadaver dogs 95 percent accurate" but that is if the dogs are actually trained well. I like to believe paranormal investigators, but here I just feep the facts outweigh my faith haha

  • Morbid: a true crime podcast, has a wonderful episode on how CAROLE BASKIN DID NOT KILL HER HUSBAND.

  • I bet Zak made Aaron go in the pit by himself lol In all seriousness, I really understand why people watch any of those damn ghost hunting shows, they're all completely fake, it's just bullshit reality TV.

  • What if it’s Carole Baskin’s husband?!

  • Okay but what if it’s Carol Baskin’s husband...🧐

  • Damn Zach ballbaggins is still around?

  • Ok but it's a Joe exotic case and his name is MULLET

  • I can't hear the name "carol baskin" without hearing... CAROL BASKIN... KILLED HER HUSBAND, WACKED HIM, CAN'T CONVINCE ME IT DIDN'T HAPPEN

  • Joe Exotic for president...

  • Pretty sure ghost adventures is known for being a bullshit show at the best of times

  • Your videos give me life

  • Maybe carol brought some bits of her husband, and when there was an alert she took it to another place

  • Plot twist it's Carol's husband's body. Actually never watched the show but..imagine.

  • Plot twist. It is Carole Baskins husband...

  • You've gotta look at how north European zoos work (like Norway and Sweden) they're shooting animals in front of the visitors

  • Technically the dogs didn't make a mistake, they found a body. Just not a human body. I'm not sure but I dont think dead cat smells much different than dead human.

  • I am absolutely NOT sick of hearing about Tiger King

  • Absolutely love this wig, can you tell me where you got it?

  • Winnie-wood, not win-wood :))


  • I love Ghost Adventures! Ever since I was 16! I'm 28 now and watch it religiously! Zak is my all time love interest lol he's so beautiful!

  • nothing about zak bagans or any of those other paranormal shows is trustworthy either considering theyve been proven to all be scripted lmao

  • It's not the first time Ghost Adventures has brought cadaver dogs onto a location. They want to prove deaths a totally did occur on the property. Several other paranormal shows like that have done this as well. I don't think this was a publicity stunt at all. Also side note: the Ghost Adventures crew does like off season investigations at the museum and Zack is always on the look out for potentially haunted stuff to add.

  • When you said, “carol baskin.....her husband..” I literally wanted you to say, “carol baskin, killed her husband, Wacked him” 😂

  • I’m just saying, wouldn’t Joe Exotic’s alligator pit be a good place for Carole Baskin to hide her husband’s body?

  • And to think I am from Oklahoma. We are not all like this 🥰😂😂

  • What if that is where carol buried her husband and that is why she has worked so hard to get the grounds off Joe all these years..

  • Cadaver dogs are pretty accurate, so if they alerted that means they caught a scent of Human remains. They know and have trained to ID the difference between human and animal. Now there is some debate when water is involved dogs can smell scents around or in water, though its not understood how. And the conditions have to be just right. Also note that although cadaver dogs are accurate they do catch scents in the wind and pin pointing locations is difficult. The fact that they caught a scent should be taken more seriously, but the investigation should be more widespread on the property.

  • tbh even if the dogs have a false alert at the alligator pit specifically, there’s no way there isn’t remains at least somewhere on the property

  • I knew there was a deeper reason he we so obsessed with accusing carol of murder, he was trying to bring attention away from what he was doing

  • Cannot believe this shit still going on bruh

  • It’s pronounced win-e-wood. Watching people constantly mispronounce Oklahoman town names kills me every time

  • There's a doc on Netflix about the fallibility of various police tactics ( ie when dna can be wrong or used incorrectly) and one was on the dogs. Sometimes the dogs alert because they are rewarded for alerting not for actually finding something. And in places with lots of death getting an accurate alert is a lot harder if not impossible. So the dogs were probably just mistaken.


  • Maybe she had some of her husband's remains planted there. She seems nutty enough for something like that

  • I hope you aren't dodging to speak about your partner ship to price gouge face masks in a pandemic.

  • There are human remains on the property, they're buried. And ole dude was murdered. ^_^

  • See, the thing that I'm thinking of is that Joe Exotic had covered up the whole human body with the scent of the dead animal or perhaps multiple dead animals to confuse the dogs in some way or another. I could be thinking completely out of the box but I'm sensing a huge cover up behind this situation.

  • You are so pale and beautiful, goth queen 💚

  • Carol Fuckin' Baskin Killed her husband Whacked him

  • If anything, It would not surprise me that itt could be Donald XD carole killed him and buried him there.. If someone would do a search she would have more people on her side XD

  • they re real? lol. legit did not know that. 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • Plottwist :The remains are from Baskins husband, she killed him and threw his body in the pit to get rid of the evidence and now that they are found, its another thing to seemingly add to Joe's list of shit things🌼😂

  • I had actually visited his zoo when I was little. The chimps threw rocks at me

  • It could be that one chicks arm 🤷‍♀️

  • I come from Diesel lol

  • Joe was accused of having tiger and I think lion remains.

  • The thing is knowing how Zack does things. He knows full and well they stand to lose more from a publicity stunt. Because everytime a paranormal group does it they get found out. Always. No exceptions. So they might've gotten mixed messages or info during the investigation. Which has happened before. So it's not unheard of.

  • The sheriff’s last name is Mullett hahahahaha. It’s as if someone is constantly f&@king w us

  • Today's cadaver dogs must not be as good as they used to be. I saw an old video(It's here on youtube) where two cadaver dogs alert to a spot, they dig up about 5 feet and find spoiled meat but the dogs keep alerting...10 feet down they found a body those cadaver dogs could smell a human corpse buried 10 ft with the obstacle spoiled meat that still didn't throw them off. Did these dogs not keep alerting to the dirt or something? What if there's someone buried under the dead creature. I've heard of dead dogs being buried above human remains. I watch too much true crime. But those cadaver dogs were impressive.

  • Sorry but I kind of lost interest when you said we all thought Carol murdered his husband. There is no proof of this whatsoever and im kind of disappointed you fell into the trap that was Tiger king. You can't accuse someone of murder without any proof, just because it would make a good story or you don't like her. I don't particularly like Carole Baskin but she was the only one doing ANYTHING for those poor animals yet she's the one getting all the hate. I feel like everyone needs to re watch it and reconsider who the real villains of the story were, the ones who had reall proof against them not the alleged meme ones.

  • Well just because the police didn’t find anything after the dogs doesn’t mean that there’s no body

  • Nuttin burgers

  • Why’d they bring dogs if they’re just there for paranormal stuff?

  • Omg.. this has to be a *joke,* right..? Sherriff MULLET?! Lol, its almost "too fitting" involving the case this one?" lmao

  • CAROL BASKINS!!!, but they should search her zoo, probable cause.

  • Jim mullett... yeah of course they have a Sheriff Mullett

  • I'm cracking up that my art is featured on a video from my own state! Joe Exotic is the only reason people remembered Oklahoma exists and I'm honestly okay with it it's pretty accurate.

  • Excuse me, ghost adventures? 😂

  • 2020 May be 2016’s evil villain cousin but I’m not gonna lie, I don’t even remember 2016.

  • Wait which of joes husbands are missing/dead😐

  • I genuinely dont get why people support him...

  • I love Ghost Adventures!!! Omg what is this world!

  • Ohh I forgot Travis shot himself in front of that guy that wears the glasses... the only guy that seemed normal on the entire show... and then Joe Exotic took over the funeral and sang songs and made it all about himself... what a shit show.

  • Carole Baskins made off like a thief in the night with everything. Freedom, money, property, etc.

  • I'm not on team joe or team carole... I'm in Team Kirkman. Dude lost the most out of the whole thing and didn't deserve it.

  • For anyone curious, no human remains were found. It was simply an error of the cadaver dogs, which doesn't surprise me, since animals were fed and died there, which can easily throw them off.

  • If Carole doesn't even have access to the property yet, how could the body be associated with her?

  • I think we all need to take a moment to apologize to 2019

  • Wait so ghost adventures is gonna explore the zoo 👁👄👁 dude

  • I'm disgusted at the infamy of Joe "Tiger King" douche bag "Shock Dock" He used lions, tigers & additional big cats to entertain his benefactors. The "Tiger King" abuses & exploits those Living, breathing beings that he has some use for. Although, once your monetary value has expired you are murdered, killed dispensed of. As you can see this is disgusting, and can not be allowed to continue. Animal abuse is hideous, egregious and must be eliminated. In a civilized society we must encourage every living beings right to life, existence lest we deny out own. ♥

  • "2020 is like 2016's evil cousin" is it raining or is someone SPITTING FASTS?

  • wtf is that comment about the dogs needing to go back to school supposed to be - they detect cadaver smell, not whether it's a human cadaver or not

  • Maybe it was the leftovers from that employee's arm got fed to the 'gators -- gotta pinch those pennies, right?

  • No way in hell carol killed her late husband.

  • Seems strange, Carole gets the zoo and there are human remains on the property? Could this be her husband?

  • Something for folks here to consider. Cadaver dogs have previously scented human remains embedded in solid concrete. I forget exactly which episode, but it was covered on Forensic Files way back when, involving a case where a husband incorporated the body of his murdered wife into the concrete of the garage floor. They ended up having to use some kind of sonar device (they said the name of it, but I can't be assed to remember what it was LOL) that can map out images of objects below ground in order to determine that a human body was, in fact, under there. Wouldn't it be INTERESTING ... if something were being hidden within the concrete flooring of the gator enclosure, knowing the remains of animals fed to them could possibly be blamed for any "false positives" the dogs flagged...? 'Cause the problem is this--it's VERY difficult for a professionally-trained cadaver dog to confuse animal decomposition with human decomposition. Forensic experts will confirm that the odorous bacteria generated within a human body is very notably different from those of most other animals. It produces a VERY distinct scent. The only thing that could possibly be even remotely similar would be the decomposing remains of another large primate (such as a chimp, gorilla, or orangutan). If they signaled repeatedly and confidently in the area, it's VERY unlikely that the mysterious animal remains found were what triggered them. Without a visual of the search or a detailed description, somewhat hard to tell--because there's a visible difference between a "confident signal" and a "tentative signal". The dogs' body language differs a fair bit. The latter is usually from a dog still in training (or very recently graduated, and thus not having a lot of on-the-job experience yet). Lack of detail also doesn't tell us how many times they had the dogs search the same area. If we knew how many times they signaled in the same area and knew the degree of "certainty" the dogs displayed while signalling, there'd be MUCH more room for speculation. BUT ... in lieu of this specific information ... I think it's important to remember just how strong and accurate a dog's nose is ... and the myriad of different ways human remains can be (and have been) concealed. Just some food for thought, hope y'all found this an entertaining read. =3

  • @2:50: There are also allegations against Joe that he did that as well, because 5 tiger carcasses were found buried on his property that appeared to be shot to death. Whether he did that because they were no longer “cute” and “profitable” (and otherwise healthy) or because they were ill and it was part of a humane euthanasia (as he claims), remains to be seen.

  • Have you seen this channel??

  • Now I’m getting all excited to see what the Ghost Adventures special is gonna be like lmao

  • That black hair looks so good

  • There have been several maulings at that location, enough for people to loose limbs, and THAT'S what's on the official record. The chance of some drunk/high worker messing around and falling into a pit is pretty high. That or it's a false positive because of the whole red-meat diet everything there eats.

  • Being that Joe Exotic hired a lot of homeless people and people with addiction problems or otherwise "unemployable" people it wouldn't surprise me if someone died that didn't have any friends or family and they just quietly got rid of the body on the property instead of giving them a proper burial. The way he treated people was just as deplorable as he treated the animals so nothing would surprise me.

  • I don't trust cat people NOR panther people.

  • 5 of joesphs charges was shooting 5 healthy tigers

  • You are so me! I’m listening and thinking “yep, checks out”.

  • It wouldn’t surprise me if there were human remains found but I also wouldn’t be surprised if this was a publicity stunt

  • Plot twist: Carole killed someone she knew in common with Joe then paid one a couple of his employees to throw the body into Joe's alligator pit so he'd look guilty.