Did this guy confess on TikTok?

Publicado el 3 jul 2020
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  • The missing emotion, for me anyway, happens to me when my depression gets really really bad, usually before I make an attempt. That's why I try to stay attached to my emotions and feelings about things and explain stuff.

  • I understand this guy actually. He makes sense to me. I don't think this is made up.

  • Pretty sure the guy is trolling. His entire shtick on TikTok is serial killer related content so having an "I was going to be a serial killer" angle is supposed to be an sales pitch of sort to get people interested in his content. Either that or he's playing 4D chess and hiding the fact that he's a serial killer by being the most obvious person for a "there's no way a serial killer is THIS stupid" strategy. Either he's an edgelord (which is what I think is happening) or he's a galaxy-brained serial killer.

  • Just one serial killer on tiktok.... haha.......I would say dozens at least.....and most likely thousands of mass shooters

  • Sounds likes hes quoting George Carlin, he has a bit about how to go undetected as a serial killer

  • Wait tiktok is for kids...

  • "My life is a never-ending battle." That's called life, dude.

  • Maybe my adhd is acting up but why did he ask his friend to stitch him up?

  • 17:30 me too. It's like when someone hits you and you don't realize it for a few seconds to a minute

  • "When I was ten years old, I decided I was going to be a serial killer. But I didn't want to disappoint my parents." Disappointing your parents is failing a math test. Being a serial killer is illegal and terrifying

  • Wait why is outing himself to the entire world like this? 911!!!!!

  • "Don't have a specific type of people you kill. Don't kill people the same ways." Most serial killers do that

  • When he smiles, I want to shove myself under the pile of blankets in my closet with a lighter

  • Is that Onion???????

  • As an honours level psych student... Yeah nah. You don't "grow out of" Sociopathy.

  • This what you call white privilege. Imagine this happening in a country where you get shot for sleeping while black

  • Anyone else who is interested in true crime and already knew these facts? Also the smile is making it very awkward and weird

  • The way he talks about it makes it sound like he's a try hard wanna be serial killer just to seem edgy and cool. He wouldn't be talking about personal things like that.

  • Lol! I really don't think you just stop being a sociopath, it doesn't work that way. You either are one or your not. Lol!!! I think you just got trolled. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hey look up David wood he tried to murder his own dad but came to Christ in prison

  • lol this man watched teotfw and dexter once-

  • Shaking my head because his energy is THE SAME as so many guys I crushed on/dated back in highschool 😭😭😭 (NOT the serial killer thing; the introspective, tortured soul vibe) I'm with a wonderful, uplifting man now😊 I hope he's okay though :(

  • Julia please don’t self harm! You’re beautiful, talented, and you’ve worked so hard for everything you’ve got! I know it’s easier said then done, but please try to not hurt yourself.

  • hes been watching too much anime

  • He’s a troll.. definitely not serial killer material. He is just a bored boy that has watched too much Criminal minds.. 🙄🙄 he’s not interesting to me

  • i kinda understand him bc i lost my dad but younger and he was murdered. also everyone had at least once a murderous thought. you wont feel better soon a parents death either that will be an everlasting pain and grief. my dads case has been cold for over 7 to 8 years i want to open it up but im currently still a teen so i have no money nor authority to do so. so yes i kinda understood him.

  • I 💯% agree with the way you see helping (saving) someone from a dark place. It really has to do with reminding them what they can do on their own with their perspective.

  • If you think that's concerning try watching the guy on tik tok who says hes opening a secret circus and wants ages 15-22 boys and girls to run away from home and be themselves. Hes 100% got something wring with him and I can feel like hes gonna kill someone. EDIT his username is @koureysimmons and he calls himself candy jack but it freaked me out so bad because he found my tik tok and that's how I found him and I deleted my tik tok.

  • This dude looks like he's reading the whole time !

  • He is just edgy incel

  • Some people have mentioned that his story is the exact script of a Netflix show. That much might be true but we can’t take this at face value. It’s quite possible he’s using that as a cover up for what he has/will done/do. I’ve personally known someone who used a book or script to form a false life story for themselves only to turn around and do things similar to what they’d already claimed after they’d been outed as a liar.

  • reminds me of onision for some reason

  • Has anyone ever told you that you can't believe everything you see on the internet? Such a fake story.. literally sounds like the end of the f***king world series..

  • He's creating a character.

  • "I get urges" my dude, those are called intrusive thoughts. Everyone has them (I sincerely hope).

    • Not everyone... But I also suffer from them , and I hope if you do, then I hope we both get over them ❤️

  • Another edge lord. . . . . . Tbh it seems that he has a lot of issues. I hope that he finds the help that he needs.

  • The endless comments about how he's just being "edgy" don't sit well with me. Maybe he's developed a persona for himself that makes him feel as though he's distant and aloof, but there's something about that series of videos that seems pretty genuine to me. I'm no psychologist, but it really sounds like this guy has dealt with some emotional struggles and depression, especially around losing his father. Hopefully he continues to do well and can figure things out for himself.

  • nah he's just making shit up

  • I like your content generally. But this isn’t good, you reach too far on your judgments/comments. It’s good to bring to light and expose but this is not well done.

  • Just trying to dig his own uninspiring groove on tiktok.

  • ok but why does he have likes

  • He is just a creepy guy who probably just wants the attention. All of this is just attention seeking. If you listen to his voice, he changes his tone lot. He is also looking down to his phone a lot, as if he was reading something. Nervous fidgeting hands, lip smacking. Probably lying. Also he probably watches too many crime series.

  • being anti-social is a personality disorder......?

    • No- ... Look up anti-social personality disorders, it's actually really sad :(

  • Just to say about suicidal depression, my way through is always to identify what exactly has me feeling so oppressed and approach that issue from a human perspective. Please remember you can and often do have the upper hand in almost any attack that comes your way, whether psychological or emotional. Get well soon

  • wow i like dexter too dawg

  • Hi, I have bipolar disorder, and to me it's obvious he made up the history to gather attention and/or virtue signaling. First of all, psycopaths do not try to kill themselves. This is just not part of their system, they simply can't have these urges because of the nature of their mind: they do not doubt themselves, they do not feel shame, embarassement, guilty or despair, and they just stop themselves of satisfying their desires on personal cost/benefits calculations, not on right/wrong, deserving/undeserving bases. The guy told the history of an anti-social and self-centered kid who refused to grown up and still needs attention and to see the world on a good end narrative logic.

  • it made me think of the show dexter.

  • every seriel killer is laughing at this wana be

  • my bong cant be on a tik tok video but THIS giving killing advise is allowed???

  • I agree with the commenters who say he’s playing a oart like Dexter. This is just playing around. The cheesy little smile is so funny. It’s all a joke.

  • bet his fav game is yandere simulator lul

  • He is fake as hell. I joined the military to get my "killing feed" taken care of. It worked. I now have a daughter of 19 and a good life. I never took a life that was not ordered in the military.

  • What a little edgelord. This shit is so cringey

  • The unedited "I'm weird, I'm a weirdo" Riverdale speech

  • I love how these dudes think they're such intimidating and edgy ppl but all I see is lonely boys seeking attention from girls who 'simp' for Bundy... also does anyone else get "Spree" vibes from his whole identity? He definitely owes Joe Keery some royalties lmao

  • At one point of my life I was diagnosed as aspd and the first time I truly felt empathy I had a panic attack. I do think this guy is just an edge lord but the clip with him talking about his father did seem really sad. Idk I think he may be depressed and struggling with emotions and doing this for attention

  • That last part made me tear up tbh.

  • He’s a fake. His videos have more cringe to them than anything.

  • I really hope he’s just hardcore trolling man. Otherwise call the P O L I C E

  • TLDR: Potential domesticated is quite an apt term. He’s never given in to the urge, his eyes are wrong. It’s easy to not think your a monster when someone loves you. When she leaves him someone else might pay for it. He’s a paranoid predator, you can tell from the twitching, so they won’t get to see him coming.

  • he reminds me of that one greasy band nerd kid in HS who longboards on the weekends. " i don't feel emotions" wow so edge ***legit is wearing a naruto shirt ***

  • I mean I’ve got emotions but I choose to not show them and keep them to myself because it’s easier but, people like him scare the living shit out of me. I had a friend like him and he was very strange but nice but he’d be able to change very quickly

  • This dude just gives me “The End of the F***ing World” vibes and idk if I’m living for that

  • he's so awkward😂😂

  • It’s just another Onision. I don’t think he is serial killer?

  • I just found your channel and I have a lot of videos to go through. Lol. Looks like he is trying to get attention or he’s picking up vives from movies. 🤷‍♀️. Also do you have carpal tunnel ? I have seen some videos with your wrists covered. Just wondering. ☺️.

  • She went on a whole “Bless the Child” rant....same girl...same.

  • Why can I see a bunch of my elementary school classmates becoming this dude

  • 2:48 here it looks like he’s just imitating another tiktokker (i forget her username), who does psychological facts in that same format, but idk, i haven’t finished the video so i’ll keep watching and if i change my opinion i guess i’ll edit the comment lmao, just wanted to point that out :^)

  • I just want to know where tf the bearded babies are

  • I've never heard of someone having no emotions at all. As far as I understood, even psychopaths and sociopaths feel things but on a selfish level, they just don't feel empathy or fellow feeling towards the experiences of others. But they can laugh or feel jealous or whatever. That's always how I understood it

  • "at 8 I went to my dad" sounds like a Dexter larper.

  • Everyone's clowning on him but I dunno, I thought he was kinda sweet with just a dark sense of humor.

  • This is just his twisted humour. A lot of people watch killer/serial killer shows and movies, so why not tiktok

  • Guessing from the first few minutes. He just wants attention, and knows a lot about this stuff. Most of those , "tips"are really fucking easy to find online. (From here on is after I finish) Not only does his story constantly show emotion. But as many comments state he's just plagiarising. Also with him looking at his phone all that time so it could be he's reading a script not telling from his memories, or he just needed one.

  • this is NOT, fucking MIIIIIINT.

  • I feel like he binge watched Dexter but stopped watching after season 4 when Dexter and Rita are married.

  • I think the smile is intentional for the purpose of trying to make the audience uncomfortable, given the subject matter. It sounds like he has a lot of codependency, if he is being honest, which isn’t a bad thing, but it can be helped through therapy and I would suggest that if he isn’t seeking therapy already.

  • look up "duper's delight."

  • 8:25 I’ve never heard of a serial killer who knows their going to be a serial killer, most serial killers don’t even plan their first kill. So hopefully this proves that this isn’t true. I’m 99.99% sure his “my life as a serial killer” thing is not at all true. He’s still a terrifying person for even pretending to hurt people and be a murderer.

  • 😮 MA’AM. THIS WIG MAKEUP COMBO??? this is it. Holy fuck I’m bi

  • I have seen videos that I feel are not appropriate on tik Tok, actually gave me these creepy vibes, I feel like I could be something more to it, and then I stumbled across a comment re: the topic of my concern on another video, not even related to the ones I'm talking about which had me thinking more into it...I don't go in "looking" for anything negative in particular, I just end up coming across something that stands out and it's downhill from there...... I see something off I go to comments and that leads me into 2 hours of putting connections together...but there's truly disturbing videos of children that I can't for the life of me Imagine tik Tok wouldn't notice or that they would allow it...I will tag you the @ I would love to know your outlook on this particular video that I really feel something is off about, I want to know if you catch the creepy things I did.i mean there's too many 🤔🤔🤔

  • I feel like I get stuck in my own mind, am I overthinking or do I watch too many documentaries, or movies...but I often see things like this as a in your face sign, like "I'm telling everyone and making these videos to gloat while there's actually someone I just drowned in the bathtub and no one even catches on, hahahaha" I mean you never know. That being said, I tend to read into things a bit much and it is because of some of the documentaries I've watched that are true stories about how evil and twisted people can really be. Some things you can't truly believe happens in real life REALLY happens and it's a sick feeling in your body that you can't really explain.

  • Honestly, this reminded me a lot more of the edgy kid in high school drama being assigned to do a monologue in terms of acting ability and believably of the subject matter based on his performance. And the reveal at the end that he's never killed anyone after previously saying he is a serial killer does seem quite designed to bring in views until the end. And tbh, while I'd believe him as 18... he looks a lot younger than 26. The constant "I planned to do it once I turned 18" seems very juvenile to me, too. Like, it falls short of having the foresight to try your first murder when you still might be tried as a child, but also the hindsight that people look upon their dumb teenage decisions as. It really sounds like something a teenager would write an older character as saying, rather than something a 26 year old might actually say. The constant "when I'm 18"s honestly really, really made me think he's some high schooler. And not to generalize, but I have a hard time believing that a guy who would say "here's some pro serial killer tips to not be discovered I know because I am one" is the type of person who would say it out loud-- and I think if he's really put that much thought into how to be a successful serial killer even if he hasn't done it, then he'd know it would be a bad idea to confess he gets urges to kill people where it would be public record if he ever actually snapped at did it, if he was what he says he is. Pretty sure this is an edgy teenager.

  • This is what would teenage Voldemort do if TikTok existed in this timeline lmao

  • I get what you mean by laugh nervously, I kept laughing throughout the tick toks skmdskin

  • He rlly thinks hes JD from the Heathers or sumthn

  • But like good for him for finding love, I wish them a happy marriage

  • he was that one kid in school that walked weird

  • That neck click was faker than Kim K’s ass. 🙄

  • "I was born without emotions... So, I got so emotional about my lack of emotions that I threw this emotional tantrum." Uhuh... Uhuh... Bullshit. This guy is an attention seeking little snowflake. This is not how sociopathy works.

  • I know this might not be the main point of the video... but he straight up said "Jeffrey Dollmer". Someone deadass said the same thing in another comment section a couple days ago

  • Well to be honest i don't believe this guy in the slightest, seems like hes trying way too hard to paint a picture.

  • What happened to him? I cant find his page anywhere and it makes me sad honestly. He seemed like a genuinely good person who was doing his best to not give into urges and it made me happy seeing him tell his story because alot more kids can relate to that than most people want to acknowledge. I think his story is helpful to others with struggles of harmful thoughts. I miss his account 😔

  • This guy seems like Ayano Aishi, only feels good things around their lover

  • But isn't this basically the plot line of Dexter.

  • In the words of the immortal Hermes Conrad, "It's fake mon"

  • when i read the title i thought you meant he confessed his love what the fuckkk