Did this guy confess on TikTok?

Publicado el 3 jul 2020
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  • This is just an act; serial-killing is a compulsion like rape. They're born broken. It is extremely rare for a serial killers to be able to choose their method and/or especially their victimology. Hopefully just in case somebody has sent all this stuff over to the FBI or the local PD if area is known. He was really annoyed but then he had no emotions. The pathology of a serial killer is a lack of empathy not zero emotions whatsoever. The odds of that happening are even rarer than a serial killer that can choose their victimology and methodology. There it is again he cared about what his parents thought if he had zero emotions they would not enter his mind the only concern would be of himself. This is a delusional personality with narcissistic tendencies. If he was antisocial he wouldn't be posting.

  • I don't understand how can you believe this is real

  • He proclaims he is a domestic serial killer...but then from whAt he's into,he may be more of a SOPHISTICATED potential serial killer

  • his usage of “domesticated” makes me think “wolf” or “predator animal”, not “human”. i hope that guy and the people in his life are okay. great vid as always!

  • I swear, It might seem cool to be a sociopath, BUT GOD NO IT ISNT.

  • Old reddit story almost ver batem.

  • I have a genuine question 🙋‍♀️ how do u know u have no feeling when u never have it in the first place ?

  • Is he just doing Dexter? This feels fake idk

  • he seems autistic. not in a bad way, im not insulting them. but i have a couple of autistic relatives and im autistic myself and he seems like hes in the spectrum

  • is this man still in the ´air ?? i mean he need to be out of the streets..he is for sure and real Not joking or needed attention for his deeds..actually he screem *STOP me* ! that's why he say and play with what he do on line !! POLICE DO YOUR JOB, pls ! I'm soo freaking sure !

  • That smile gave me so much anxiety

  • Why does this guy sound like hes related to Onision :|

  • This guy is so fucking cringey 😬 I can’t handle It

  • He doesn’t understand that children up to the age of reason (between 5 and 8) are literally wired to be “sociopathic” as he named it in this video. Children have no recourse to tell adults what they need, and they do not have the brain function/knowledge/words/or frame of reference to even name their feelings. He’s just a try hard idiot troll.

  • Why does his story sound like a knock off of Dexter? Lolol

  • He's just full of it. Little kids don't think like that.

  • ''How many times have you seen movies where the little kid is actually like Lucifer in disguise as a little kid because little children are pure, But then one day the little pure child says something really ominous and the family is like 'Oh fuck''' *Me everytime I see a kid*

  • Tbh I don't buy into the idea of being a late bloomer in terms of emotions. I also don't know how emotionally intelligent and introspective you can really be at 10, you have so little experience of everything. He may have processed emotions differently, but I don't believe you can suddenly blossom into having feelings during adolescence. Imo there's a huge difference between lacking the ability to express/process emotions and being totally void of them. It might be the case that he has a Personality Disorder or something, but if he was really concerned then he should seek professional help, not post 'I'm 14 and this is deep' level content on the internet.

  • I also can barely feel emotions it’s not a symptom of being crazy I can’t feel cause I have depression and so does my friend. We both have self harm issues.

  • Is this guy just rewriting dexter?

  • lol he fucking thinks he's dexter morgan.

  • imagine searching for a guy you went to highschool with and seeing this

  • I learned the hard way about the savior complex. I dated a woman 10 years ago and was convinced she would save me from self hatred. Turned out we were fundamentally incompatible and the relationship deteriorated. More so when I made awful decisions in fear of losing her, including a suicide attempt. I spent so much time expecting her to be my healing rather than working on myself that it took around 6 years to start working on myself. As for the dude I think he thinks he is serious. But he is most likely using the "confession" as a form of therapy and if it helps him heal, that's great.

  • He watched henry portrait of a serial killer. that is a line from that. (old ass movie w/ the dude who cuts off his hand in the walking dead)

  • Tip number 4 for serial killers: change your DNA and replace your fingertips. In fact, shape shifting. 🙄 This guy is delusional and grandiose judging by those videos. And the smile is unnerving because it looks like Jokers from the comic books.

  • His body language is conflicting very badly with the stories that he's telling, not to mention the (usually used to identify someone speaking the truth to some extent) lack of hand movement. He seems more like a person that's suffering with anxiety and depression rather than a 'serial killer', that's just my thoughts on this whole thing though

  • 3:13 nah, he's just reciting something he read/watched about Israel Keyes. 8:40 "I didn't want to disappoint my father" - Shame/guilt/pity These are feelings. The guy is full of shit.

    • @MissPiggy it was pretty much word for word what he said in his police interviews. Although I get how those not into TC may not be aware of it!

    • I thought about I.Keyes as well.

  • Also doesn't his story sound suspiciously like the dexter character arc

  • I've noticed that some people with "developmental issues" act like this, he's obviously not normal at all.

  • 5:43 - 5:54 me 😂😂 oh man this is why I freaking love your content hahah ♥️

  • I'm just sorry the little fuck didn't succeed the day he tried to off himself. We can sympathize with these people for awhile then we need to stop and think about all the tragedy and pain these people will cause down the road and actually feel for those folks instead of unsavable tragedies like this guy and others who are like him.

  • I def feel like he made this up but there was one really small part that unsettled me: He was talking about the serial killer facts and how Jeffery Dahmer didn't wear glasses to his trial and he said "because he doesn't like making eye contact" instead of "because he didn't like making eye contact" and idk that made me feel kinda weird.

  • Came to the vid thinking it was a cutesy video of a couple proposing, maybe even they faked proposing for views. I didn’t finish the video yet, but this is definitely not what I signed up for.

  • "The human take my father from me" So cause of his father death is murder?

  • Isnt this Dexter? Literally down to the ages and father's support, this is just dexter right?

  • If it's satire it's so thick 😅

  • What an edgelord 🙄

  • Meh seems kinda cringy

  • not to discredit his story, Idk if it's true or not, but you can't be born a sociopath, and when he said "I was when I was younger" it annoyed me bc sociopaths typically are created due to their environment

  • He said ✨diversity✨

  • Every cut was him going back to check the script lmaoooo

  • I LOVE SASSY GLARE THE MOST!!!! LOL "Bish what?" LOL Love it!! You need to be sassy more often!! It suits you!! Esp when you are discussing losers like this dude LOL

  • Ay Giulia you are so naive! No wonder that idiot who faked his own disappearance (italian dude reporting on kuckian) fooled you a couple of years back🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

  • This dude is a really bad actor 🤣🤣🤣 no serial killer would confess so boldly and openly... horseface just wants clout amd followers but his method is not original

  • As a 10 year old WE DONT THINK LIKE THIS

  • This is weird. I feel strangely sorry for him, just being able to sift through all the "i am a serial killer who doesn't feel emotions, rawr" type mess. This is definitely like... he wants attention and for some reason it reminds me of myself. i've always wanted that sort of narrative, someone comes into my life and "saves me", maybe "from myself" as you mentioned. I feel like i could never be bended too far to ever reach some sort of breaking point but it would be nice to have someone... but i know thats not how it really works and stuff. Other than that he doesn't seem like a bad guy. Maybe the story really is fake to which the sole reason he would have told it was for attention which still makes me feel bad. lol. I do definetly feel like he requires some sort of, professional help but i do not think this is sociopathy.

  • Ps...my dad is a medical doctor and when i showed him this he was like he fursure needs medication weather he is faking it or not. Bc he is still taking the time to film and talk about these things.

  • I remember these kids in high school...i was the evil cheerleader who picked on them and was prob on ur hit list🤣

  • Hes like trying to hard to come off as creepy with his smile and facts and long pauses and wanting to be mysterious and all 🤣👌

  • He’s smiling on purpose to make it creepy. I’m sure he’s joking about being a serial killer. 🤷🏼‍♀️ And his types are.... well accurate and a good idea. I think you are over thinking this. Much more ppl than you think are psychopaths, 99.9% of them lead normal lives and do not murder; it’s just their two hemispheres are not firing back forth in the right areas to each other therefor not feeling feelings. He said he was annoyed at not feeling anything.... that’s a feeling. Why would he just randomly decide to become a serial killer? Doesn’t make any sense. He’s just making TikTok a imo. He’s not a psychopath if he feels, sociopaths do however feel feelings and are thought to interchangeable with psychopath but is not. I believe his father did die and he was angry about it but i don’t think he is a sociopath or psychopath at all. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ Like why would you plan to murder at 18 when you’re an adult.... why wouldn’t you murder as a teen so you could get off easier? Idk none of what he’s saying really makes sense. I think he is making a fake TikTok story time basically. Maybe he really was depressed but made it more interesting? Lastly.... isn’t this the story line to “The End of the Fxxx World”? 😂😂

  • The present tense in the sentence about self harming makes me hope you're okay. Been there myself, to stifle overwhelming emotions I couldn't handle, and I believe no one should go through this. You've got this.

  • I feel like no one in the comments actually finished the video.

  • I honestly believe these white dudes who think they're psychopaths have just never had to deal with any real trauma or adversity in their lives and so they come up with shit like this 🙄

  • this video kind of sucked ngl

  • So this is actually why I study the psychological mind, most killers are not usually born with no emotion (like school shooters) and is due to a slow or quick decline of sanity until the anger and other emotions are so built up, that it just leaves and the person feels nothing or despair fueled with anger. The thing is that once a kid kills an animal, that's when it is especially serious and not a phenomenon but an absolute curse from feeling the same as other kids and born with no empathy towards any living thing.

  • that is the plot of dexter yo

  • Fun fact, all children show psychopathic tendencies until the parents TEACH them what emotions are and what empathy is. How many times have you seen a child laughing because someone got hurt? There you go

  • I sincerely hope he's trolling.

  • Yeah my first thought was oh shit his dad's dead did he start killing cats or what

  • I find the fact thousands have liked his videos disturbing

  • Honestly it sounds like this guy is on the autism spectrum. I have a cousin who is very much similar to this guy. He’s not able to identify his emotions or display them correctly. That could indicate his smiling at the end of each fact. Along with his own ability to understand how to process what he was going through with his girlfriend. The tantrums and the sudden understanding of Physical pain toward himself = feeling something Vs causing physical pain of others to feel something. Unable to process traumatic events... among a lot of other things that are just too many to list here that really remind me a lot about my cousin and her diagnosis On the severely autistic spectrum though looking and speaking normally she’s extremely intelligent and seems like a normal person until she explains what she’s feeling.

  • i don’t think he’s actually a serial killer but definitely depressed and somehow gives me the vibes he might have narcissistic personality disorder and maybe a god complex in a way. idk i’m not a psychologist it’s just an opinion.

  • "As someone who self harms,"- I hope you're doing okay. ❤ And 17:13, me too. I struggle with it still

  • You can't cure sociopathy. This kid just wants to be different and it's BS. He thinks it's cool and I would be mortified if I were that poor girl and he's posting this crap for everyone they know to see.

  • So I actually really relate to this dude. I experienced trauma early in life that severely stunted my emotional development. I still have issues attaching to people. The only thing I believed I ever undoubtedly loved was my dog.... I would think about killing people. At one point at the age of 7 I was violent and saw the concern that gave my mother. So like this man, I shut those in when I couldn't hold it back anymore I started to self harm. I tried to kill myself multiple times...more of like a cry for help. I was older and still had very little connections. I never really wanted to die. In the hospitals and clinics I would try to keep the murder stuff out of the conversation for obvious reasons. I believed that was just a result of me wanting to feel something. Numerous misdiagnoses, constantly changing pills, and bad therapist I rage quited treatment. I was a high-school junior at the time...it got really bad after that and I actually attempted to take my life. I honestly thought I was going to kill people and needed to die. I didn't succeed, obviously. My mum knew how much I hated the psych ward so she took me to another practitioner. I actually talked about my thoughts of wanting to hurt people and found out I have a rare form of OCD. Besicaly constant intrusive thoughts. Those who are undiagnosed believe that's just who they are. Despite actually feeling normal I still got sent to a psyc ward for being homicidal. I was told it was the hospital or police so....that was awkward....had to talk to a bunch of school people and shit. Luckily, but kinda concerning, I was never seen as a threat. Probably has to do with me being a chick. I'm sure if I was a guy that whole situation would be more invasive. So like yeah, I understand what he's saying. There's definitely something going on with him, he really needs to be on some sort of treatment.

  • He deleted his account lol

  • Starting a horrortok today. So happy I watched this because now I can AVOID


  • Im calling BS you don't go from being a sociopathy to not being a sociopath. Mental health gets better it doesn't just go away. You learn to deal with mental health and live with it. You can't just turn it off. Attention is the new addiction people want views and likes by any means necessary. And will lie, cheat, degrade themselves or others and all types of other ish. To get it.

  • This guy low key looks like one of my college professors 😂

  • Dude the story line to Dexter

  • Kinda reminds me of how the series Dexter and his convoy with his dad

  • this is beyond stupid. psychopaths have emotions!! otherwise they wouldn kill smh it s common sense. they just lack emotional empathy, guilt or shame. it s that simple.

  • The End of the Fucking World + Dexter

  • nope. I don't buy it

  • Wtf even is a domesticated potential serial killer..? Like opposed to what, a wild one lmao

  • His acting sucks and is grating on my ears...

  • he just seems like the edge lord from high school all grown up now and cant let go of the persona they used to scare everyone off growing up.

  • Let's just hope the girlfriend remains one.

  • Doesn't feel.....but can't hold it together while telling his story?? MAKE IT MAKE SENSE. Idk......trying too hard.

  • He’s literally just been watching too much Dexter

  • Trying to give people eebie vibes.

  • I think he’s been watching too much dexter

  • Woah there, I hope he doesn’t cut himself on that edge

  • It's a cry for attention, guys most likely an insecure loser.

  • Glad most of the comments realise that he's an edge lord and taking the mic. I laugh so much at what he says, and that smile was funny. Why? Cos this ain't how they are. Serial killers don't act normal. They are just weird. There are just certain people that you know to back away from. The only reason why you would back away from this dude is because he's probably a downer. Brings the whole room down and acts edgy to come across as what he thinks a man is and what you need to have done to gain respect. Those people are tiring. Glare defo got the wrong end of the stick with this guy. Hes not even that good at being edgy. Edit: although he is good enough to have fooled Glare. So fair play for that. Its kinda like an ARG.

  • He's trying to be an edgelord with a fascination with serial killers. Since that's a thing apparently. Fun facts to read or ignore: People who have antisocial personality disorder don't understand what they're doing wrong because they generally lack remorse or guilt. But it's not complete lack of emotion. They don't necessarily want to kill people (duh) but they may seek excitement so they can feel something or break the law because they can. Could go on by referencing case studies but basically, he doesn't sound like he fits this description. He sounds like he's being edgy and thinks he'll get attention this way. I mean, Jeffrey Dommer being awkward isn't fucking fascinating, that's how he was. I may be bias towards never trusting tiktok videos but I'm not sure he's being fully genuine but yeah as you say as a normal person it will seem creepy.

  • The problem with saying 'he's just trying to be edgy'... is that it furthers the notion that there's something cool or commendable about actually being a serial killer vs being a 'poser', like how a person pretending to be a cop usually tried to be an actual cop and for whatever reason couldn't, if faking being a person who kills people for enjoyment is a lower 'identity' than actually doing it, the only deterrent to doing it for real is the fear of getting caught, which means if they think they can get away with it, if police budgets are cut back in their area, or they get diagnosed with a terminal illness so they're going to die anyway, or they lose their career over something stupid they do or say online, there's nothing to stop them.

    • Also, what's the 'not having emotions' thing, but also 'temper tantrums', which is by definition an emotional display.

  • umm you should also look at yourfavoriteseriakiller on tiktok too

  • I think The serial killer tricks was a play on OnlyJayus, she does psychology facts in the same way on tik tok

  • •¬•

  • The missing emotion, for me anyway, happens to me when my depression gets really really bad, usually before I make an attempt. That's why I try to stay attached to my emotions and feelings about things and explain stuff.

  • I understand this guy actually. He makes sense to me. I don't think this is made up.

  • Pretty sure the guy is trolling. His entire shtick on TikTok is serial killer related content so having an "I was going to be a serial killer" angle is supposed to be an sales pitch of sort to get people interested in his content. Either that or he's playing 4D chess and hiding the fact that he's a serial killer by being the most obvious person for a "there's no way a serial killer is THIS stupid" strategy. Either he's an edgelord (which is what I think is happening) or he's a galaxy-brained serial killer.

  • Just one serial killer on tiktok.... haha.......I would say dozens at least.....and most likely thousands of mass shooters

  • Sounds likes hes quoting George Carlin, he has a bit about how to go undetected as a serial killer

  • Wait tiktok is for kids...

  • "My life is a never-ending battle." That's called life, dude.

  • Maybe my adhd is acting up but why did he ask his friend to stitch him up?

  • 17:30 me too. It's like when someone hits you and you don't realize it for a few seconds to a minute