Destery Smith "responds" a month later

Publicado el 17 mar 2021
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  • i hate how he say that 'in the ideal world you are innocent until proven guilty' tho this true in a lot of crime but in case of child grooming and sexual harrasment we should believe the victim first until the proof come out. also there is Three side to every story which is my side, your side, and the truth.

  • lmao at him saying he’s disabling the comments to prevent people from fighting and spreading more negativity. like NO you want to disable them so the people who don’t really know what’s happening can’t find out the truth from the people who do

  • I just this video... A month later in... Yikes👀

  • Holy fuck. The part where he said if IM making YOU uncomfortable say something communicate like yes your responsible for my abuse. No YOU did something wrong. Like we need to sit and explain like power dynamics to these you tubers, your fame isn’t a dating service. Yes I watched him like ten years ago I was in that era of scene kids and some of my friends had met him and didn’t have good things to say flat out


  • I think people sometimes forget they people on a video are humans and while I can't say I'm not biased in my opinion I can say that I try not to take things too far and try to understand whats going on to the best of my ability. Destery's allegations true or not have been addressed in his video and while it is very comparable to previous "apologies" I think sometimes we just label them as bad apologies and don't listen to make our own opinion. I sympathized with him while watching it and while you guys may not feel that way I think he's trying to change. This is not to say what he did was true or not its just to say I think he is changing.

  • I thought I would just let you know that it looks like Destery Smith has recently posted a new video on his channel. I haven't watched it but it's a Q&A style video (he had a popular series of silly comedy Q&As and I think this is him bringing it back) and a house tour. It came up in my recommended and I was shocked that he had posted something so soon after all of this. After being such a huge fan of his and now finding out about all of these allegations, it's hard for me to try to watch this video without a yucky feeling in my tum. Samantha Leaone also posted a part 2 to her story about Destery that you might want to check out as well. Thanks for all the time and hard work you put into your videos and spreading awareness 💜✨

    • Yee it also seems like comments are most definitely being deleted since they are exclusively positive on his last videos

  • So are any of the victims perusing any legal action?

  • Sounds like he just googled "genetic apology template' and stitched the first two results together. So vague. This apology could be used for everything from make-up drama to murder. Ugh. Such an arrogant man.

  • I think all he wants to address/“apologize” for is what Nate was speaking about. He’s hoping all the rest will be swept under the rug and forgotten I believe

  • When i first saw his “apology” video i was under the impression it was the allegations of him being a cheater and bad friend. Cuz that was the only thing i saw on Twitter. But the end of his video where he says “if you decide this is where we leave off thank you for watching” i was like hmmmm lemme do some more digging and boi i was fucking shocked. I immediately unsubscribed and unfollowed him on everything.

  • But.... these things weren’t his past. He talks like it’s decades ago..... or minor things. I grew up on Des&Nate and Shane Dawson all of these things are just fucking horrible

  • I’m sorry but this whole look in this is so flawless I just had to say something . You’re glowing! 😍

  • This is a completely self-involved man. He to this day gives absolutely no care whatsoever to his victims. How humiliating for this vile person to show no remorse or care for people harmed by him. I hope shame crushes him.


  • He made me feel icky when he said he felt blessed to have been a part of my life. Like ew.

  • "I used to be a terrible person" equates to "I'm not taking accountability or responsibility"...

  • U are all too sensitve....grow a spine........

  • I'm an 18-year-old woman who has been a fan since middle school and is STILL a fan of Destery. I say this because tho I do believe his video made for a terrible apology video I think it makes for a good defense video. You spoke on his lack of accountability in the video apart from being a "shitty" person but I think that's fine. Because you can't take accountability for something you didn't do, (allegedly of course) his best course of action was probably to just defined himself. I've seen instances where singers were branded as a rapist because they kept their mouth shut out of guilt of only being "shitty" person. It seems we both know being a "shitty" person doesn't automatically make you a child rapist. So I'm sticking to my guns that he is innocent until proven guilty. As someone that experienced sexual abuse as a child, it seems absolutely crazy that I'm siding with him. However, just know that once given tangible evidence my thought process will absolutely flip on a dime and I'll grab my fire and pitchforks but for now, he's the same guy that helped me through tough times and made me laugh when I needed it the most.

  • i wanna know who does her hair. it looks so good

    • She uses wigs in most videos so she probably styled it before she put it on.

  • 3:54 , literally can attest to this. I had NO idea what was going on until today. Just decided to check up and see if he posted (because I was subscribed) and saw his "apology" video and still had no idea what he was talking about. So no I'm binge watching all the videos talking about his allegations, I unsubscribed, and now I'm completely disgusted with him. I cannot believe I supported someone like him 🤢🤢

  • I don’t think pedos should make apologies, they should just leave

  • "even if it exonerates me but throws someone else under the bus - i wouldn't" wow thank you for your harrowing sacrifice mr groomer it truly means so much /s i was so young when i watched DesnNate and i stopped after Nathan started appearing less bc Des gave me .... vibes and as a victim of CSA it's so sad to see what happened. Absolutely disgusting. I am BEGGINGGGG adults who make content to fuckign just not interact with children entirely bye

  • He didn't even address the claims properly! And OF COURSE the comments are TURNED OFF. Okay then. But wait - IT GETS WORSE - he's trying to be a rapper now and put out a song called 'Weak D**k Game'. NOT A GOOD LOOK LMAO, not a good look....

  • Why is every emo looking guy a creep who hits on children?😂

  • SO FAKE TONE, SO MUCH "MINIMIZATION. e does NOT sound like he's changed from being a shitty personn, and he's trying to make it sound like whatever the fuck he did WAS shitty, just infinitely lower levels. and this is from somebody who has seen one take-down of him, i love your research. (and your wig was awesome may i ask where it's from? i also bought my friend a customized hair/body setup because she's been having issues too and whichever vid it was had that as the sponsor.0a

    • She has a second channel called ready to glam where she talks about clothes and her wigs

  • please communicate with me ☹️😗 but also i disabled comments ❤️

  • This is disappointing. I can’t believe this. It just makes me sick (if it’s true). What the fuck Destry?😫🤢😠

  • watched a video of his past friends talking about his behaviour and god he's acting like he's changed when he's still a terrible person, plus even in 2014 there were allegations against him for grooming. Hes friends with shane, are we surprised?

  • Omg this is horrifying I used to watch him

  • Kinda reminds me of cryaotic’s apology, which is a bad thing.

  • Desabling the comments to prevent fights??? So preventing fights is to him more important than people having a discussion on this in the comments so they can form their own opinion about it? Disabling the comments forces people who don't know about the allegations (that he doesn't mention at all in the video) to only have his perspective, making it the "acceptable" one, it's so manipulative

  • The way he said anyone online is guilty untill proven innocent and he doesn't support that idea tells me a lot about his values

  • Shego shirt? Shego nails? Hair? Shego IRL. Beautiful!!!

  • When he says “ive made lovers. Ive lost lovers” 🤮🤮 That wording is terrible. Who tf uses that term “lover”

  • it’s crazy because when i first watched destery’s apology video i had no idea what the allegations against him were so i literally just assumed it wasn’t something that serious. thankfully people are talking about it because the accusations and stories the victims have shared got back to me and i realized how fucked up the situation really is. but it’s really scary to think that i would’ve kept supporting him had this not been talked about so much.

  • Where can I get that Shego top? I need it 🤤🤤

  • Does anyone else remember when he did a WTF News and he would brag about being one of the OG youtubers who had not had a scandal?

  • Come on people change

  • I love your hair and your shirt😍

  • This is probably best with I've seen on you...unless this isnt a wig. Either way it looks r good.

  • There is no black and white to what he is being accused of ...

  • Wowww I watched this guy all the time when I was like 15!! Sad to see who he's become... a pathetic manipulator..... child groomer.... omg!!!!

  • This is A ESmainr’s video who was involved with Destery... Destery words it as if this happened years ago... this happened a couple months ago... (HeyThereImShannon)

  • Destery looking like a straight up neckbeard creep now! Wow!

  • This guy is still a “big piece of shit” if you ask me... (His words, not mine.)

  • This is so scary to me because the time when my friends and I were underaged they definitely had massive crushes on this guy and many other types of youtubers who eventually were busted as creeps. Like they would seriously watch them religiously for the emo/scene/skater alt band boy types. Same girls who were in love with All Time Low, Sleeping With Sirens etc. I always thought it was weird how they had an obsession for these mild looking unfunny cringey guys but I digress.

  • The fact he basically says “oh it made me who I am today and I wouldn’t be here without those mistakes” like wtffff so those people who went through your shit were just stepping stones to get you to where your at and now you just wanna forget it happen and not address exactly what it was” like he said “Im not those things anymore. Whatever I was ” like just say you don’t wanna be a child groomer anymore and move on. Like let the words out your mouth bro

  • how lovely of him to basically reduce the people he has hurt down to a 'lesson' in his life. people don't exist to make you better, destrey. stop being a shitty person.

  • Why is it his AUDIENCE’S responsibility again to communicate it to him if HE makes a mistake??? HE should realise HIMSLEF and hold HIMSLEF accountable, he’s not a baby

  • "I have receipts but you don't get to see them."

  • Also glare I don’t know If you’ve watched it but hey there I’m Shannon made a very important video. That u should definitely watch

  • I truly hate judging based on voice but what is it about that nasal quality that would feel like a red flag to me regardless? For some reason I thought that was an adolescent/high school vocal indicator, so maybe that’s why I’m surprised to hear it from an adult? Who knows

  • For some reason, this is more upsetting to me than the Shane cancellation, maybe because his fan base is smaller, so it feels like we’re closer to him

  • He didn't even apologize to us, either. Basically said "I should be innocent til proven guilty" even though at least a dozen of us have come out against him already. Disgusting and a TOTAL smack in the face to those of us that he manipulated for years.

  • lmao he's really talking like it's other people's responsibility to tell him what's right and wrong? like bro ur an adult, you should know... and if you don't then you should be interested in finding it out for yourself (seeing that you want to distance yourself from being shitty i'd say educating yourself is a good start??), this isn't something his fans should have to educate him on...?

  • Pretty distasteful that in his video addressing allegations of him being a pedophile hes talking about his "lovers" and cheating

  • Oh my GOD "I won't even try to apologize and it's everyone else's fault that I won't do that because the world has already passed judgement on me, also if I said what rEaLlY happened it would make the people who have come forward look bad so they should be thanking me" literally that is how he sounds

  • "Communicate with me if I cross a boundary" says the man who removed any forms of communication surrounding his video. "My brand has always been and will always be weird sexual humor" says the man who wants us to think he has changed and grown as a person because he repeated it fifty times. Skeevy, reminds me of my ex.

  • This is why you should NEVER idolize someone. You give disgusting people like this more power when you look up to them and sooooo many ESmainrs and celebrities are exactly the same way.

  • Watch Shannon's video about him manipulating and cheating on her and other girls about 4 or 5 months ago.

  • HE strikes me as the "you're just gonna leave me like everyone else :(" guy. The victim complex is really showing here destery.

  • Eish! Surely...what is even this response mara?! I am now so immune to this responses and's alarming how nothing I feel...

  • I find it funny that Destery said he's changed and that his channel has changed when he's literally had the same hair cut and has made the same type of content for 14 years.

  • He’s acting like he’s guarding state secrets not sharing the “receipts that prove his innocence” and crazy how he never once acknowledges the worst of the accusations so how can it possibly be a real apology

  • is he implying that its the childs fault for being groomed? this is so gross

  • There’s nothing worse than a non-apologetic/insincere apology. People who make an “apology” or a “response” video/post when asked to really aren’t sorry. When people need to be told to apologize they aren’t sorry. They’re at that point just trying to save their reputation. Nothing makes me as a person more angry than someone apologizing or making a statement because they are asked too. It’s ridiculous.

  • Welp, I posted a comment that was actually important, but I guess that it was instantly deleted, so there's that :/

  • He tried very hard to make it sound like he actually said something didn't he? 💀

  • and ofc he worked with shane dawson 😩

  • I just noticed the Shego shirt and omg I want one

  • so I dated a really narcissistic mentally abusive alcoholic for a couple years. His response to me breaking up with him sounds so eerily similar to this (aside from the grooming allegations) “If this is where we part ways and say goodbye, well I’m just glad to have been a part of this journey called life” So gross 🤮

  • I hate how in apology videos people always ask a question about themselves then answer it instead of just making a statement. I guess it’s not super important, but it really annoys me.

  • I feel like he tried to gaslight all of us lmao

  • He completely ignores the power dynamics that come with age gaps and fame. He blames people being offended on his "humor". Bitch, wtf does crude humor have to do with GROOMING. That video was the biggest non-apology I've seen in a while. I know someone like this irl. This sounds like he doesn't think what he did was wrong. He's only "apologizing" because he's being forced to.

  • Wowwww just listening to him.... So much vagueness and distancing, placing blame on this other person who is his past self. Such a manipulative, gaslight-y move

  • I watched his apology video before I knew about what was going on. (Not sure how I missed it but ok 😅) I would have NEVER guessed he was talking about grooming and pedophilia. So you're absolutely right, it is manipulative and I think greatly misrepresents the gravity of this situation.

  • Shannon Taylor just came out with text message receipts of destrey doing LITERALLY the same gaslighting multiple girl bs, even though he’s a ‘changed person’. These receipts are from LAST MONTH. he hasn’t changed.

  • seems like all of Shane’s former friends has something in common when it comes to younger viewers 👀

  • The accusations made on repzillas channel are disgusting. Kimmie talks about how destrey ADMITTED he had a hard drive with CP on it.

  • Hi..Could you possibly look into Lillee Jean and her fake following. She’s also falsely copyrighting ESmain videos made about her or if you dare say her name on Twitter she’ll report it. She’s doing everything in her power to get anything negative said about her deleted or reported. A bigger creator needs to speak on all her bad actions (and believe me there’s a lot) so she can stop getting away w it.

  • This look is my favorite of yours

  • He is deflecting, not acknowledging the major accusations.. And is he insinuating that he's protecting a predator? He is dense if he thinks he's coming off as noble. It's a damn shame, I was a fan. Of course, I would like more proof, but he is making me feel that he is guilty of something.

  • Oh my god his apology pretty much sounds like the same thing that the person who predated on me said. Like word for word. They all follow the same script

  • Who writes the script for these types of videos. He/She needs to be fired. They all seem quite similar regardless of the you tuber or the situation.

  • I’ve said this in other comment sections before but he is giving himself away by not talking about it. He has no way to defend himself so he’s not even addressing it, thus protecting himself from prison due to him admitting his crimes.

  • He says it’s always guilty until proven innocent. When it comes to children’s safety, that’s how it should be. These ESmainrs who are hurting are youth need to be held for accountability by not only ESmain, but also the law.

  • I’m gonna go off topic and say I love your shirt. Your physical aesthetics have always reminded me of Shego so much.👏🗿💚🖤

  • If someone lied about me being a pedophile to damage my reputation and ruin my life, I would go scorched earth legally on them. I'd ensure that person could never defame someone again.

  • Jolyne Kujo roasts groomer.

  • Jolyne Kujo roasts groomer.

  • Thank you for bringing attention to this, we need to keep this shit current. He wants this to all be rug swept. He will get his wish if we don't keep it current ♥ Also pretty horrific that he places the responsibility of being "over the line" on the women he is aledgedly creeping on. I mean what the hell. Who does this man think he is.


  • you'd think that people in his comments would understand that what he did was wrong but then there's david and the comments on his channel and social media even videos about him just prove that fans would do anything to protect them

  • This is eerily close to Bradyszuhaj’s apology except this one is way less genuine and with no facts whatsoever.

  • God when I was young I had a huge crush on him, I’m really glad I wasn’t allowed to have social media because knowing him he would’ve actually responded

  • “On the internet, you’re guilty till proven innocent and I cannot except that idea” yeah.. because you’re the one looking guilty, no shit.

  • He never addressed the allegations cuz people will twist words and state something that not even be true.

  • The only thing this guy is missing is an old van with no windows anda side door with a sign displayed “free candy”

  • his video sounds so manipulate-y