Criminal starts an OnlyFans

Publicado el 16 dic 2020
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  • What if a 32 yr old father of 3 raped a 14 yr old girl - what’s the difference again?

  • I love your dark hair 💖

  • do countries outside of Australia not have laws against stuff like this ?? In Aus the age of consent is 16 BUT if you are 18 or over you are only allowed to have sex with some 18 or over (there is a Romeo and Juliet law that does allow it under circumstances ). just wack how different countries don't have these basic laws

  • If journalist insist on using "sex" in context to adults basically raping kids, they aught to be using "sexual assault" to pound it into peoples heads that this isnt right

  • love the hoodie! you gonna drop where you got it from?

  • Yes! There's nothing like a "sex with a teen boy" thing. Children can't give consent. It's RAPE. And even when children are into it (because some of them are, because of grooming or just developing a romantic bond with the abuser) it's your job as an adult to stop it. Set a boundary and explain. A child's life won't be ruined if he/she/them wait a couple of years until having sex. But his/hers/theys life can be ruined if they go in something they have no idea of.

  • Man that's so fucked up- I know I def had a fake Facebook profile as a kid and imagine someone using that to justify what she did...

    • The way she basically bragged afterwards is just disgusting..

  • Juliet you are adorable

  • is that an oodie? they're an australian brand

  • 5:50 when she said the world “lied” it made me think there was a glitch 🤣

  • Vomiting

  • Doesn't matter if he had been 16 an adult with kids sleeping with a kid not ok


  • unrelated but youre my comfort youtuber, youre like the cool older sister i never had

  • Sooo good to see you smiling again :-)

  • Okay but... she looks sooooo good in this video, like, drop that skin care routine👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • This story you're covering is enough to send a horrible feeling in my stomach... oh and also the place where she's from is pronounced "Gloss-ter-shure" or "Gloss-tuh-sheer." So, now you know! Also the hoodie promotion between you and your husband was so cute, I can tell how happy he makes you! Like, I'm sure that your face just beams with joy!

  • I knew a guy who had "a thing" to 15 year old girls. He was 20 when I met him, we texted about nasty things. I'm glad that nothing happend. Then I thought it was normal and that I was "in love" but now... I'm 22 and 15 year olds are like children to me. She has problem with her mind. Really big problem.

  • PLEASE tell us where you got a full length blanky jumper, I have been searching for one longer than knee length forever 😭

  • This is so disgusting, I am TWENTY TWO and when I see an 18 year old I’m still like “A CHILD” and she’s THIRTY TWOOO?????? With a SIXTEEN YEAR OLD 🤢🤢🤢

  • Omg that beginning with your husband going "new merch!" Was too damn precious and gave me life.

  • Where i live in europe age of consent is 14... So consider urselfs lucky over in usa

  • It’s like on Dawson’s creek where miss Jacob’s has an ‘affair’ with Pacey and nobody said shit. Nobody turned her in or did anything. I can’t believe that was allowed on television- that she was marketed as his great first love when she was in her 30s or 40s and he was 15 AND NOBODY SAID ANYTHING AND SHE GOT AWAY WITH IT. It’s even worse seeing these things happening in real life, I hope this boy gets justice against his predator!

  • I remember when I was 14 a guy (who was 25 might I remind you) dated me. Him "destiny how are you?" Me "oh I'm 14" Him "oh well that dont bother me if my age doesnt bother you" We dated for a about a month, in my child mind I felt 'oh wow this older man likes me must mean I'm mature'. Little did I know what he was doing to me was beyond nasty 🤮

  • That's the first time I've ever heard someone say they look like a wizzard in camo lmao. But I really love that hoodie. High five ur hubby for me I just showed mine your hoodie ♥️

  • His Facebook account has NOTHING to do with this. She lured him into her house while he was playing soccer with his friends. The only way that the Facebook account could factor into this was if she saw him there beforehand and then targeted him specifically, which is even more disturbing than this already is..

  • The worst with this topic, is all the creeps in the comment section, trying to justify ''dating'' teenagers or that 18 is just an arbitrary number. Go to hell, creeps

    • @Rayene Boussetta No it's not. It's the age of majority in Europe. 18 is pretty young imo. Anyway, they needed to choose a number. You may think that it's arbitrary but as the brain is not fully grown until 25, under 25 is young, but at least at 18 you're major...

    • To be fair 18 is an arbitrary number.

  • I once had a Myspace page that said I was 99 years old, and I was 13. I don't think anyone would be fooled by that obvious (joking/obviously hyperbolic) lie. 🤣😆

  • Just to clarify child marriage is actually a massive problem in the USA that most people don't know about. In most states the age restrictions for marriage can be waived by parental consent and so many children are married off well before they even reach the age of consent (some as young as 13), it's really messed up and it would be a good topic for you to cover.

  • I’m from Seattle and went to school in the same district that Mary Kay Letourneau worked in for a year. It definitely made all of us more aware. We had several situations like hers with male teachers as well, but they never made they news. I just don’t understand. I have an 18 year old daughter and I would go mama bear on someone if they were to touch my daughter inappropriately. I see her guy friends and they are little boys in my opinion. It’s gross. I don’t understand this lady in England. She’s taken no accountability.

  • Reminds me of that one 17 year old on tiktok who made an OF and people bought her content not knowing it was CP... n now she’s 18 and is doing it once again like wtf

  • I’m 34 and 20yr olds feel way too young for me, let alone 16 😫🤢🤮

  • If I had seen ur channel like 4 years ago I would of never dated older guys...

  • I love! Jacobs energy 👌🖤 and it's just so great to see how happy he makes you 🖤🖤🖤

  • This is just disgusting on so many levels.

  • I'm 27 years old and I've never been interested in a teenager; nor will I ever will. I'm interested in men and women my own age or rather aged 25 - 30. I'd never even THINK about being with a minor and the fact that I have to state this is giving me the creeps.

  • Off topic but does anyone know where she got that long hoodie?

  • Just because the Judge looked at her and saw "Female" "Single Mother" and looked at the "Boy" and said, "Ok, shes a female and that's a lying boy. Release!" It needs a retrial.

  • @Ready To Glare where did your Hub get this hoodie from? Please please please!! I've searched for it ever since you posted this video. I need one of those in my life!! & Thanks for all your hard work, your channel is one I check daily...

  • I absolutely need that hoodie

  • I think she was tricked into sexing that minor, even it is indeed distasteful for a woman that age to desire any under-20s.

  • ive been him. i believe him.

  • 666k subs ✌🏻

  • I wonder what her opinion would be if someone did the same thing to one of her children. Disgusting

  • What now she is going to r-word boys and say that "well, I thought they were 18, since you can only sub to my only fans if you are 18". Yeah, because no teenager has ever lied their age to watch porn online. Ew.

  • Oh, wow, this teen lied about his age when setting up a Facebook profile? I bet he also lies about his age to watch R-rated movies, and that he says he is 18 when entering a porn site. Wow, this lying boy totally had it coming

  • At the moment I'm watching this, you have 666K followers lmao

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  • Hello youtube can I see the comments ⁉️👁〰👁⁉️

  • I've recently found your channel and I think your content is so insightful. As so much goes down on the internet I miss. Your break downs and how you actually do your research I commend you keep up your journey.

  • He's actuality definitely closer to her children's age than hers. She's 18 years older than him. He's 14. Even if her kids weren't even a year old, he's only 14 years older than them.

  • Did Y'all forget MARY KAY LETOURNEAU?!?!?!.... That was HUGE NEWS back in my day!! Spoiler...MKL died. Vili Fualaau has to deal with his baby girls (as he SHOULD HAVE...DAD RESPONSIBILITY...Even as a BABY HIMSELF). ....THE END! ....Lesson?: LISTEN TO THAT INNER VOICE. ....Just from experience. STOP PROCRIATING! WORRY ABOUT YOURSELF AND YOUR FUTURE!!... When u are ready..U R READY! MARRIED AND STABLE...enough. We never know when enough is enough...

  • I am so glad I'm not the only one who's started to use "Sure, Jan" as a dismissive statement of someone's stupidity.

  • Love the wizzarding hoodie dress 😍😍😍

  • I have a friend who’s 23. He went to a friends party and met a girl. They ended up chatting and she wanted to go back to his place. She said she was 18, and my friend asked to see her ID just to be sure before he took her home. She gave him an ID that said she was 18 going on 19, so they went to his place and spent the night together. Her step dad found out and flipped, turned out the girl was actually 16, and the ID was a fake. Despite finding the fake ID, despite her admitting to lying, despite them both saying it was completely consensual, the charges stuck. He won’t see the outside of a jail cell until he’s 30. And this b-tch walked away free as a bird after misusing a young child.

  • UGH the beginning was so cute

  • Your husband is so cute! Love the ad for your merch!

  • in another article it said that she lured him and a friend over after a soccer game, and that he had told her that he was 14 and still in school then while she was on him he pushed her off of him, and his mom came up to vincent and confronted her

  • It is absolutely appalling at the age of consent in the UK is 16 it's like Alabama and Florida.

  • I’m 30 and 18 year olds look like babies to me. She should have been locked up. Had it been a man and a female 16 year old, he would have been locked up. She should have been.

  • I'm 19 and when I see kids younger than me I'll treat them as a baby brother or sister. People that take advantage of kids are disgusting!

  • Can he say that every time you have "new merch" LOL

  • I wonder if Onlyfans would ban her account if they became made aware that she's on there and what she did. Maybe just hopeful thinking

  • My boyfriend got me a sweater blankie too! I live in it now 😁

  • The grown ass woman is playing victim. A person who KNOWS BETTER is playing your not a victim, your an adult who thought about and made those choices.

  • My ex (who is a r*pist) started a bumble with his wife to look for another woman to add to the relationship. I reported his account for numerous reasons. I support poly relationships 100% but I do not support local r*pists who are pieces of shit. ✌

  • I was watching this in the background while I ate and when you said she was 32 it made me really sick... thats like me getting with someone who is 16.(I'm 30) I couldnt even be with someone who is 21.... GAG

  • Shes trying to claim its entrapment basically but if it was and if it was actually ruining hers and her family's life she would have sued because those are serious allegations. If he withheld his age he could be sued so I dont believe her at all

  • The whole she didn’t know his age thing is bullshit. Your telling me you cannot tell the difference between a 14yr and a 16yr? WTF

  • The age of consent CONSENT THE KEY WORD. So some people have "double standards" saying "men and woman are my the same" is fucking bullshit rape is rape and pedophilia is pedophile weather the pedo be a man or lady it's still fuvlinh gross as an adult you should never want to have desire towards a child...its so fucking gross

  • Awwwww I've never seen Julia smile like that, or maybe even smile at all..... either way that moment at the beginning was so cute :) love to see it

  • Police: "We are here to arrest you for illegal sexual interactions with a 14 year old" Woman: "He was 16" Police: "You're not helping your case and just amited openly to 3 officers" Woman:....Bugga Edit: And just like Glare said, why would a 33 year old mother would go after a 16 year old. Clearly she have some type of predictor behaver no matter how you slice it. (even if it's legal in the UK)

  • That hoodie is ugly af

  • first off i loves how your hoodie made you do happy. it was super wholesome to see. also I don't think the term sex has anything to do with if both people consented. it just refers to the act. im not arguing that what she did wasn't a horrible disgusting thing I'm just saying that the way I've heard that word used has never meant anything other than the act of "doing it"

  • Like a wizard 😂😂😂

  • (U.s.a California(age of consent 18))100% looking back it was totally weird when i was then 19 and a 37/27 year old man(2 different men) fucked me n attempted a relationship with me

  • I want that floor length hoodie more than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life..

  • Who wouldn't want to Roc9k,? camo/wizard attire? ❤️🤗🧙‍♂️👌😆😊❤️🧙‍♂️

  • Giulia: "I invented fashion" GURL WE BEEN KNEW,U BEEN DROPPING THESE EVERYWHERE 👑👑👑👑👑

  • That's an invisibility cloak

  • it honestly sounds pretty realistic for the boy to be like "oh yeah i'm of age" in the moment and then realize that he was taken advantage of and tell her his real age after the fact. she should have had more sense than to pursue someone who could have easily been underage

  • ive just turned 20 and i see 16 yr olds as babies, let alone being a 32 yr old mother of 3 kids. imagine if this was a 32 yr old father “having sex” with an alleged 16 yr old girl, the outcome would have been drastically different, at least i hope it would. whats the point of the justice system anymore honestly

  • Even if he lied and came onto her it was HER RESPONSIBIKITY TO SAY NO

  • but if we use your logic that 18 does not mean it's good just because it's legal neither 21 means it's good just because it's legal

  • The fact you use Its Always Sunny clips makes me appreciate you even more.

  • Oh she cares about kids all the sudden? Thought they were demons?

  • That floor length hoodie is the greatest thing ever! I need a floor length hoodie, I wanna feel comfort all day while looking like a badass magician

  • Please look into The Bestia Amore on Twitter and ESmain! They are a bestiality podcast!

  • I thought you were talking about my mother to be honest

  • I was bout to say i love that hoodie...then u started talkin about it & its floor length!. I need it! Where he get it?

  • Good to see a smile from you at the beginning and i hope you are doing well. You are not alone with your problems.

  • Wait he would still be under age at 16 in the UK. Also I didn't even see this in the news and I actually live in England 😶

  • I heard the beginning without seeing it and thought it was markiplier! Love your videos!

  • I want to be a wizard lol🥺 where was the sweater gown from?

  • Off topic; but when you said “what is the reason? What is the reason?” a video of Cardi B popped up in my head 😂

  • What hoodie? I don't see it? Can anyone tell me what it looks like, please? :

  • I think back to all the situations I put myself in that could have ended up so much worse... honestly creepers are everywhere and I experienced them first hand without realizing it.

  • I’m 31 and can’t even imagine having sex with someone in their early 20s. Something is deeply off with this woman. I feel so bad for her children