Cosmopolitan's totally not toxic tips

Publicado el 12 abr 2021
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  • This is cheating for girlbosses. I hate this, it’s gross. If you read this article and agree with it you do not love your man/partner and you have no respect for them. I’m with you on cheating being black and white.

  • Any and all cheaters are 100% Manipulative gaslighters

  • Cosmo advocates cheating because lawyers get paid they make money bussiness contracts Cosmo gets commission from clients I guess money over morals let's hope not there are boundaries that need to be respected

  • Well I kinda agree that when someone cheats there is an issue in the relationship but some people can have the happiest relationship and still cheat. My ex cheated on literally ever single girl he has been with. Also even when the issue was addressed he would still do it just try to be more sneaky and lie. He is 100% a narcissist or has antisocial personality disorder.

  • You're super cute! Love your content :)

  • Ive been cheated on multiple times and I’ve actually seen a few things in that article that it seems like my ex’s would do, so I feel like that says something.

  • love the shirt

  • I love that t-shirt. It's cute

  • this pink is definitely my favorite hair color on you!

  • oh its just for woman so men cant?

  • Cheating destroys the trust..

  • I didn't know Shallon Lester was writing for Cosmo now 🤷

  • Idk if im ill informed or if its just the sad reality but this is literally how i see modern feminism. Like, I can literally imagine modern feminists going "stroke the poor boy's ego" or reacting like "yass kween if he's being inadequate u have the right to find someone who'll treat u the way u deserve to be treated".

  • Kosmopolitan is a disgusting magazine. They glorify the Kardashian family like they’re relevant royalty. They even had them on the cover one time and called them “America’s First Family.” Not even close ! I can’t stand that magazine and I used to have a long active subscription. I cancelled after they got a Kardashian/Jenner boner.

  • the way i HATE cosmopolitan with a passion

  • A Zero Two shirt? Woman's got style.

  • The fact that really baffle me in all of this, it's that growing up I realized that cheating is a lot more common than I thought. Like, when I was in high school half of my then friends ended up confessing to me they cheated on at least one of their previous/current partners. And I was like why?? You can just break up if you aren't happy?? I think I'll never forget when I caught my ex best friend cheating on her boyfriend... I was so shocked, she was just like 'it was a mistake' and when I asked her about tf she was thinking, she ended up confessing to me that she had cheated also on her previous boyfriend. And her current partner cheated on his ex-girlfriend with her?? I severed the friendship a month later because it was too much to handle for my simple mind.

  • My dad cheated/cheats. I've been holding his secret since I was 19. I'm now almost 32. He let me use his truck for work and going to my bfs. A box of 24 pack Her Pleasure condoms fell out and I had just got to my bfs. Had a full blown panic attack. Later opened the glove box that day and a little bottle of lube was in there. I don't know how much longer I can let him go on without knowing what I know. It has done A LOT of damage to my psyche, and I've just now realized this over the past year. I'm trying to reverse what it made me. 😔 My family and I already to no fault of my own has become brittle and broken since October. Let me stop before I cry.💔 Any advice?

  • Wait do you watch anime

  • Weren't they the idiots who wrote "Establish Dominance by Eating Off His Plate on the First Date?" Best response: Establish Consequences by Leaving Her the Bill. I have seen hells doors open before but, these lust-crusts will have a special place by the fire. Tell your sig what happened, maturely apologize, tell them why you did it, gtfo and never expect much from them again. That's all. If they cheat once, they'll cheat twice. Remember, if you come crawling back it's a disservice to them and yourself. If they give you a second chance, you'll likely worry they're cheating on you. You also will be scrutinized, justifiably. In short, put on your adult underwear and end it. I'll stress the need for conclusion here... Now, learn from your damn lack of will power and work on being a better human being. Fin.

  • Wow, the title should be: "How to be a terrible person" ... How it is the guys fault if the girl cheated, isn't that victim blaming?

  • 2012 was the end of the world. This is the simulation

  • I got cheated on enough times that I gave up on having meaningful relationships for about two years. Thankfully, I gave it one more chance and met my awesome wife.

  • As a child of a cheat, it's only black and white, the only reasonable reason to cheat doesn't exist but let's say he cheats because she won't have sex with him, I would rather talk to them so I am either with them with sex or leave them and have sex with someone else that I'm in a relationship with, 2 people aren't practical, right and no one leaves 100% how they went in. I'm fortunate they weren't parents or couple martial so I'm okay with being a single parent kid while we don't have the hurt the would have continued to have causes, painful at the start but for the best for our family, now I have 2 parents that have instilled in me never to cheat, a dress the issue the moment the thought arises as it's a talk that's inevitable.

  • this is the embodiment of “gatekeep 💁🏼‍♀️💁🏼‍♀️ gaslight 🤪🤪 girlboss ❤️❤️”

  • You should have done some research before you talked about this. I agree cheating is not an option but it’s not opinions that count on this.

  • Cheating also is such a traumatizing exsperiance for the person it happens to and its so sad how it affects their future relationships and trust.

  • Cosmo used to be so good but now its so gross

  • Mhm. And yet if Cosmo was giving out advice (targeted at women, it’s Cosmo, let’s not pretend) for when you’re cheated on the first bulletpoint would be “Dump them, stupid!”. Then they’d half assed play devils advocate. Then finish with once again tell you to leave them and giving the whole spiel that “oh you’re so amazing and you deserve better!” Like stop. Glamorizing cheating isn’t empowering anyone.

  • I think sometimes cheaters can love more than one person, but they dont respect either of them.

  • I've cheated only on one person because he said if "you ever leave me, I will k!ll myself." he was super abusive. I had to break up with him over the phone so he wouldn't lash out on me. I was so scared he would go through with his threat but he didn't. I don't feel guilty at all

  • this wig is GIVINGGG 😌✨

  • At the end of day, ultimately, polyamorous relationships LEAD TO JEALOUSY AND ACTUAL H8. Look at the Girl, "with the 5 nerds" they DID NOT WORK OUT. Also, "Nerd" is a DEROGATORY TERM


  • Ahh your pink wig and Zero Two shirt look lovely on you!

  • Wow, worst advice ever.. and now we see where being feminazis to men while doing the exact things to them we fear they will do to us has gotten us to. Explains why we now have MRA and MGTOW!

  • Once we talked in the family what will happen if one will cheat or get cheated on, my mom and dad said they will forgive and forget (they are together for 35 years never had any problems like that because both are antisocial and pretty much only like the family) me and my sister where pretty much “NO” now I don’t plan to be in a relationship, like never (am acearo) most likely if I ever get married it will be for taxes reasons and most likely I will just say “yo go and have fun, Idc” but this is not cheating because it’s an agreement.

  • My husband and I love your nuanced videos!

  • I was already pissed at the double standard and sexism they really said “stroke the poor boy’s ego” I’ve never rolled my eyes so far back before

  • What i get from this is, if the guy cheats, it's the guys fault but if the woman cheats then it's still the guys fault

  • Cheaters don't admit to cheating because they want to carry on cheating

  • I had thoughts about flirting with other people besides my S.O. and I was so freaked out about it because I truly love them deeply. I was like "wtf is wrong with me??" so I told my sister. She adviced me to be honest and talk about my thoughts and feelings with my S.O. and so I did. We figured things out, they were super understanding and it's been 2 years since without me ever thinking I wanted to do anything with anyone else. Turns out the issue wasn't even in my relationship, it was in myself and my own insecurities. So, people, ffs just TALK !

  • I love your 002 shirt!

  • Cosmopolitan: how to gaslight

  • ive never cheated myself nor have i been cheated on so i can speak first hand on neither. But ive listen to a few stories that make sense, especially when it involves overwhelming emotional vurnerable periods or states that cloude either judgement or hinder mental health. People dont indeed “fall” into kissing someone for example , but in mistakes generally, normal people arent actively thinking “yes, let me hurt this person, I have it SO clear right now im gonna cause harm”, no. Many times you dont think about consecuences until after, especially under psicological distress. And some people (probably the least amount, i do get that, but some) do it to harm themselfs as well, to self sabotage, to prove to themselves they dont deserve a stable safe relationship with a good person. And its very damaging to choose that as a method cause you are causing pain and trauma to another, but Ive listened to at least one person who had this as reason and it was sad.. and it was believable :/ (The person told his partner soon after) Cosmo is super fucked in the “dont tell” thing

  • Cosmo is so disgusting. There's enough material there for a whole series ripping on the stuff they put out there. Haha, actually I'd watch the hell out of that.

  • Just saying you are not happy and talk about your relationship instead of cheating will still keep your trust intact.

  • whos gonna tell them this is emotional abuse

  • Who is even keeping Cosmopolitan afloat?

  • I see Zero Two, I love it

  • This is like cheating advice from an emotionally abusive person.

  • Imagine if a dude said that in a guy's magazine.

  • Do people actually think cheating is self care bc I think that’s called being a sociopath ?

  • This sounds like advice toxic friends in high school would give you

  • the dont tell him point is so dumb, because talking about it allows you all to figure out if the relationship is even worth it. like if you cheated you have to tell him because then HE can decide if he wants to put up with your bullshit or not. i know someone who was once going through a hard time with her husband and she almost cheated on him, but at the last moment decided not to. she went home that day and told her husband, and this allowed them to work through their issues to make both parties happier than they'd ever been. like its just ridiculous to claim that hiding it 'saves their feelings' because realistically he's gonna find out. just get it over and done with and end the relationship as opposed to hiding it for years and years and inevitably making it worse when he eventually does find out

  • I got cheated on 7 years ago and it still affects my mental health. This is absolutely disgusting.

  • Cheating is a form of SELF-CARE? I'm sorry, WHAT?

  • Ok.... cosmo isn’t even worth addressing. But cheating not that simple... First, yes Cheating hurts. Period. But The sad truth (that I didn’t hear you acknowledge), is that HURT is generally inevitable. In a monogamous union, you will NOT make it to spending 20, 30, 40 years with someone without hurting them. That’s very ignorant of self-righteous of anyone to assume. If you’re a human: you can and WILL hurt someone in some way, eventually. You haven’t had your darkest day on earth yet, it will change you, it will cause you to hurt and I’m sorry but it’s true: hurt people, hurt people. If you’re lucky, or strong, it’s a phase that will pass - but you may have done something totally out of character during that time. There’s financial cheating/hoarding/lying, there’s also emotional infidelity and neglect, selfishness...the list goes on. Our society (and especially Cosmo) focuses so much on sex and the sexual behaviors of people - but what kills the soul more than anything is emotional devastation of committing your heart to someone who one random day goes cold on you, loses attraction to you, finds you less impressive or interesting or worth while than they used many other relationship deal breakers that truly scar a person, that have NOTHING to do with sexual infidelity. If a relationship has been solid (meaning mutually healthy and satisfying) for X amount of time, the two people still want a future together, and one person quickly, completely admits to fucking up (not bc they were caught but having the balls to say it), the relationship does not have to be “over” as you said. There is a difference between a bad act, (single incident) and a bad actor (pattern of incidents.) There’s also a difference between a healthy, confident person who chooses to (conditionally) forgive someone who admitted to fucking up, and an insecure, anxious person who doesn’t know how to leave a relationship.

  • Video aside, can we just take a moment to admire this queen and her hair thanks 💅🏻✨

  • Cosmo logic: if a man cheats he's a pig and its the mans fault But if a woman cheats she's 'unfulfilled' and...its still the mans fault.

  • Cheating isn’t self care, it’s self sabotage.

  • There's a macro going around comparing 2 Cosmopolitan covers, one from 1920 or so, and one from 2020. _That's one sobering comparison._

  • This comment section gives me hope. I'm a Gen-X-er who grew up in a time when cheating was almost unanimously taboo and frowned upon by the media, and that was certainly the dominant cultural viewpoint. Sadly, a disagreement about this with my best friend not only really hurt my feelings but damaged our friendship beyond repair. He wanted me to create an account on an affair-hookup site, and got angry with me when I wouldn't (I suspect because his own sex life is filled with cheating with no qualms, or so he says, and he didn't want me to 'suffer' with my husband's low libido.) I can't and won't condone hurting the love of my life. And like many of you, I hate that this is becoming normalized.

  • I would like some 80s cosplay as Ready to Mugler

  • I was never cheated on, but I was lied to for a whole ass year by someone I wanted to make a family with... I was stupid to stay in that relationship past that revelation. Sure he has "problems", but now he gave me problems. I never said this out loud before, but FXXK HIM. Screw all the people who betray their partners and give the excuse of "but it's cause of my problems and I didn't want to hurt you"....

  • I feel like when a guy cheats on a woman we (rightly) blame the guy, but when a woman cheats on a guy we also blame the guy for “not trying hard enough in the relationship/ not satisfying the woman”. It’s a massive double standard tbh.

  • There is cheating and cheating. I don't condone it at all. But cheating on an abusive and mean boyfriend to seek love and affection is different of cheating on a loving, caring person. I understand how you can be stuck in an unhealthy relationship with an abusive boyfriend and you can't leave because he threatens you to commit suicide if you do so. I've been here. Not proud of me, it happened once in my whole life and I was 18 yo. But I didn't know how to handle the situation and I was lost. I can't understand how you can cheat on a loving partner tho. Anyway, this article is disgusting and so condescending towards mens victims of cheating gfs

  • I religiously loved magazines like cleo or cosmo, and I was so mad when it was an article where like, eg Bella Goose was in Knife, to live with her dad, and her old friend Jakob, but she met Jedward and fell in love. They just change the name and location, and this was in like 2004 it was trash.

  • that pink glitter background for the text is fantastic, thank you specifically for that, i'm sure it made my day 15% brighter

  • There's a terrible loop in our culture where people just lie to not alienate their paying demographic, just make shit up, smoke it, and blow the smoke up our asses, thinking about ad revenues more than integrity by a landslide. Edit: I wrote this before the yes-man statement, OK absolutely yes, just reiterating G's point now I guess, lol

  • Thank you for the plug about polyamory =/= cheating, mad respect and thank you for yours! xx

  • I’m pretty sure my mom cheated on my dad multiple times and that’s one of the big reasons they split. My friend is the one who had to tell me since she knew my parents wouldn’t. My mom pretty much admitted that my dad was no longer making her happy in the relationship after they split and she got her apartment. My dad loved her so much and I gel like they could have had a better split then how it went down.

  • When you feel ✨disappointed ✨ by yet another idiotic cosmo article, just look at✨ Zero two✨ and all your troubles will go ✨away✨

  • I used to have a subscription to Cosmo and Glamour, but they both share the same content over and over, but just change the title. The sex stuff is nothing new all just regurgitated crap!

  • The only thing I disagree with is that Cosmo's demographic are women looking for monogamous relationships. Unless things have changed, back in the day Cosmo was pretty much always about the opposite. It was the magazine of choice for your friends who wanted to play around and not "settle" for only one person.

  • I thought the whole tone of the article was really entitled and assumptive

  • I don't understand why these days there is such a large amount of people who are completely fine with the idea of cheating on their partner, I know countless people in real life who come across totally normal, kind people and still do it, whilst I have the same opinion as RTG that I would **never** do that, and would never forgive it done to me. Maybe these people are genuinely poly and it needs to become a more mainstream thing so that they can engage in these behaviours, idk. I just can't comprehend how it's such a common mindset.

  • Was this article ghost written by Shallon Lester, by any chance?

  • You look so pretty 💕

  • I use to be friends with this girl and I wanted so much for her to be happy but she'd cheat and destroy every friendship and relationship in her path I'm pretty sure she was a sex addict and a pathological liar there was definitely deep rooted issues she cheated on every bf she had for no reason and I never understood why.

  • I think the most problematic part isn’t the unethical non monogamy.. it’s how toxic it is “let the guilt be your burden to bear and don’t tell anyone!” Its shaming into silence and completely unhealthy for the psychology of the individual cheating lmao like what on fucking earth

  • if you cheated it doesn't mean you're a horrible person but it does mean you did a bad thing like theres no justification for cheating

    • ive been cheated on btw

  • Im sorry but if someone cheats on me there are no "if, ands, or buts" we're done. End of story.

  • ,,I know I cheated but do you know who really is suffering in this situation? me ''

  • My dumb self thought you were talking about the drink🤦🏼‍♀️

  • Honestly the whole article just screams toxic feminism... Cheating is horrible, no matter what your gender/sexuality is.

  • Not telling your partner you cheated is risking their health with an std.

  • I love how your face in the thumpnail just perfectly sums up our feelings about this shit , completely D O N E with it lmaooo

  • No! My emotional support extra-marital relationship!

  • amazing hair length and colour. My fave so far.

  • they treat cheating like a woman just trips and falls vag!na first into a pen!s

  • dr. fucking weiner the expert on how to get away with cheating. mad respect to you for not calling them a weenie

  • The people who run Cosmo are the female equivalent of incels. Imagine, if you will, a parallel universe where a magazine called 'Manosphere' has the same funding/reach as Cosmo. Likely they call it 'Mano' for short. It's a scary thing to contemplate.

  • Funny story honey. It seems I tripped & fell inside your childhood friend Stephanie. Isn't that wacky?! 😂

  • "There's usually a problem in the realtionship" - isn't the _cheater_ kind of the problem?

  • The idea that we would get our intimate AND relationship satisfaction from one partner is still relatively new: the Victorians started it.

  • I love you and your channel so, so much. I completely respect your opinion. I do want to gently suggest that you look at the work of Shirley Glass, mother of Ira Glass (NPR fame), and her research into cheating. Her research actually showed that many people, especially men, who cheat on a partner, aren't necessarily unhappy with their relationships/marriages, but are just...horny. It doesn't ma

  • Hey where did you get the case from

  • I'm not usually That Girl, but if ever there was immediate evidence to strengthen the argument that Narcissism Culture is becoming a thing...whelp. "Ooooh, but it's okay you cheated; you were feeling insecure! Don't beat yourself up about it, boo." - your toxically enabling friend, aka Cosmo magazine.