Cosmopolitan's excellent "love" tips

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  • Links in relation to justice for George Floyd & BLM more generally as well (such as Homeless Black Trans women fund): Good starting points (include more links within/phone numbers/etc): Petitions: Donations: Homeless Black Trans women fund:

    • Lisa Patrikeyevna so what, doesn’t matter if it was 200 years ago. Does that make it less relevant? It’s a hate/kill symbol and should not be subject of a joke or profit. The right thing to do is to not use it.

    • JS is a vile human. Can you report him directly to ESmain for using hate symbols? Good luck! :-) הודיה בר יוסף

    • @Shayne B. Just like MM gossip.doesnt belong to lame vixion ! And she took the from ready to glare , graphics ect. Kettle calling the frying pan

    • @rachel moose The intro is from a movie, it doesn't belong to Ready To Glare in the first place

    • So for the saliva, spit in your mouth and get a water bottleand just use a small sip... sometimes I cant carry lube its very smooth. also they forgot with the ass pocket is to use your ass like a puppet when you talk, and he cant say anything because your in public. my ex boyfriend did that to me all the time, he was so inappropriate, and it was amazing

  • The nipple toe one just like. SO many "why?"'s. But imagine cutting your nip on your mans toenail, and having to explain to the doctor that you were poking his toes with your nipples. Just picturing that exchange has me dying


    • I mean these two are couple goals, not the love tips

  • "This is bootleg lube!" 😂😂😂 I died 🤣

  • Ah yes my man is fat, disgusting, useless, and depressed, that's how I know he's not cheating.

  • Here after 3 months.

  • Yowzah

  • lmao im fuckin done.. This is hilarious

  • I love y'all so much. The 2 of you are so much fun.💜

  • 69 dislikes People who disliked: I have won but at what cost

  • 8:07 mood

  • I can’t stand when people refer to genitals as “bits” all I think of is chopped to bits

  • Y'all are cute.

  • Omg I should not be eating while watching this 😂

  • Disappointed you didn’t call that spit tip “lubeshine” 😂

  • 🤣🤣🤣 your laugh is so cute and mskes me laugh also this kind of video i like lol 😆

  • Please do more of these with jacob!! Please! Also, please do a longer video of this nature. This was hilarious and I was disappointed it wasn't longer (no pun intended).

  • Ok but the visual of someone to tickling someone's foot with their nipples is hilarious.

  • Tell the meaning behind your tattoos,

  • The saliva one almost made me click off.

  • Lube wise, never use saliva, ever! I use coconut oil 🥥 it never disappoints. Would highly recommend trying it out.

  • The author(s) of these tips have never been in a relationship ever.

  • Aww it was nice to meet your husband ,I was always curious



  • when I saw jacob in the thumbnail, I thought great/awesome, finally another episode to Mephistopheles Corner.

  • the spit one almost made me tap out i was gagging the whole time

  • 7:10 is Hannibal to Will

  • to be fair, eco-friendliness is kinda important.

  • Y'all are my OTP!

  • cosmo really said "put backwash on his dick" with that saliva and water quote 🤮 i literally shivered

  • i heard once from someone that she knew a girl who'd swish around some mouthwash before blowing a guy

  • Your husband has gay shopping buddy energy...

  • I gagged for the saliva + water tip

  • Ugh. Story time. I suffer from severe depression and my previous relationship was particularly abusive. Any time my depression would finally let up for a second and I acted even a little happier, my ex would accuse me of cheating and all this other bullshit and literally ask me "why are you so happy, who are you fucking? What are you doing while I'm at work?" [I'm disabled and can't work] Yeaah, I'm glad I finally got the fuck away from that shit.

  • best tip drink pineapple juice you and your partner both and eat clean. be thoughtful and kind to each other and be open to each other about feelings and fantasies. you will never have more fun in the bedroom than with someone you be completely open with.

  • im gonna say its for flavoring, lol. i like to use ice or pop rocks 😉😂 but I don't think my man wants me to ping pong his pole lmao

  • You two are adorable!

  • I’m sending this to my boyfriend. I’ll edit this later for his reaction

  • 5:18 It’s 2 am and that make me say “wtf” like five times. Just why...

  • I can’t stand spit just listening to you talk about it made we want to vomit lol

  • I think the writers of these columns are sick bastards setting people up on purpose, and then laughing at the thought that anyone does this bazarre shit... and the ones that enjoy it/receive these well.... welp, your a small minority. Glad ya found what works for you at least?.... ugh..

  • I'm ace, why hot krispy kentucky fried fuck am I watching this? it's funny tho...



  • Have fun with those mangos🤣🤣🤣

  • Please do a video about the blue whale challenge 🥰

  • That was great fun. I'm sending it to my daughter. (She's grown.)

  • They're adorable... I love this

  • I enjoyed this very much!! I will not be pinching any man bits or eating mango before taking him in my mouth. This is good shit.

  • So the other day I gave my boyfriend a handjob and now I realize why i couldn't make him come faster. It's because i didn't slap it hard enough 🤦‍♀️

  • You look super happy when Jacob is around and this is a great thing to witness

  • That spit part. My husband and I have been together for 27 years so we've done IT ALL - except for animals and shit! But thee most grossest thing is SPIT - the thick gross spit that he once used on himself and I had no idea and I went down on him and I fucking gagged! The smell along with his spit in my mouth. Mood turnoff! I literally gagged! That's the ONLY rule in my bed - no spit! I can not imagine mixing flem with water. Fucking sick! I'm no longer horney. Good night.

  • Your husband? What a good looking couple!

  • not a video to watch dinner to 😂

  • I completely agree with your husband....Men are simple.. I swear if I did any of this my husband would think I was replaced by something, or someone!!!! None of this would work in a good way lol!

  • OMG I love you guys!!!! This is the most awkward conversation.... And just how you were like MOM Skip Forward lol you are the best!!!! I cant stop smiling!

  • Please don't use saliva as lube it is not a good idea. And please for the love of God DO NOT USE OIL AS LUBE. Both are horrible ideas, one because of the risk of infection and the second because it is not meant for orifice use.

  • "Find the least well-groomed, least hygienic person, and then you know they're faithful." So basically my bf ☠

  • It seems like the hets need help

  • I love the warning tag for your mammas 😂😂

  • Dunk it in Powerade is one of the most alarming things I’ve heard in relation to a penis

  • I don’t know if they still do, but my friend and I realized as teenagers that Cosmo’s sex tips articles ALWAYS suggested putting your finger up his ass without warning or lube. We counted something like eighteen months in a row of issues that all suggested this in some part of the magazine, and this was way back before the whole “millennials eat ass” trend, when 99.9% of straight guys had never had their ass touched, and it probably really freaked a LOT of unsuspecting men out as a result.

  • These are written for virgins. I can totally relate to these as a young virgin who’s mom didn’t talk about any of the basics, so my information had to come from my friends and the internet. And we all know how reliable those sources can be! 😂

  • This was fucking hilarious 😂😆

  • wouldn’t you have to be 10 feet tall to do reverse cowgirl and then lean back and tickle his feet with your damn nipples???

  • The first one was the worst

  • I've never laughed so much at one of your videos, this was great 😆

  • okay but deadass cosmopolitan was my only source of sex education growing up... some of their tips are good but jesus these are horrible lmfao

  • you both really complement each other ☺️ love the videos of yall together

  • Shouldn't have been watching this while eating breakfast.....

  • Man, I love him hahahha. The pain only a husband knows lol.

  • So my guy actually enjoys the nipples on the feet when I'm in reverse CG. He doesn't have a foot fetish, he's just obsessed with my nipples and knows when they're touching him lmao and I'm too lazy to sit up all the way

  • The one with x-rated talk of she said that to me I'll think she's a cannibal trying to eat me and I would have called the police

  • "no you're fine" "Well ill decide that" HAHAHAHAH

  • OMG!!! When Jacob said “you’re not tenderizing it!” I started laughing out loud and my son asked what I was listening to because I have headphones on and teenagers want to know everything when you’re laughing

  • This article (and super woke love life tips) sounds like it was ghost written by Shallon Lester and one of her 15 yr old boyfriends. 😳😰🤯🥺

  • Mom and dad giving me "the talk"

  • I can't believe I used to read this trash. If you really need to know how to please your partner pick up Kamasutra, they got it all covered. Please don't take tips from this dumbass magazine.

  • 6:31 That’s just Sixteen Candles right?

  • 1 Tbs of saliva. Is this a DNA test?

  • Who comes up with this stuff?? And worse, who pays people to come up with this stuff? I feel like the people who wrote this have ever been naked with another person...

  • Oh the horror. I am internally screaming too. Imagining a super cringe couple narrating their every action at dinner like they're in a cheesy erotic novel.

  • The saliva lube one made me feel absolutely nauseous.

  • Otp

  • *COSMO IS THE WORST!!! Who the hell is reading that crap? That’s what I want to know. I’d read that article...*

  • "His man bits will taste like fruit loops!" I drink out when I heard that haha

  • Love seeing you two together in a video!

  • 5:01 EW

  • I'm a lesbian and even I know you don't do that to a penis. Jeez...

  • The amount of cringe is vast to say the least

  • I have never seen your Husband but I gotta say you two are super cute together fr fr... PerfectMatch

  • Me, a 17 y/o watching this 👁️👄👁️

  • the chemistry in this video is so cute

  • In the mist of all the horrific stuff happening. You and your husband genuinely made me happy. Thank you!

  • You're smiling so much. 🥺 i'm so happy your husband did the video

  • Awww the way your husband looks and laughs at you brings me joy. You guys are a super cute couple!!

    • Also omfg I was eating some pani puri and I literally gagged when he was reading the one about viscosity 😭

  • So I thought this video was going to be nit-picky... How wrong I was lmao.

  • OK, I'm 5'0. My husband was 6'0 (I'm widowed). In reverse cowgirl, my boobs didn't even reach his knees, nevermind his feet. How long would a woman's torso have to be and how pretzeled would he have to be to be boob to foot? To keep a marriage good: Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty. Simple.

  • More videos with Jacob!!! This was so fun to watch