Cosmo teaches us to overthink

Publicado el 30 jul 2020
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  • I like you because you talk about ideas and not just people. 🖤

  • Can you believe that a lot of these writers at Cosmo actually spent money on college just to end up writing trash like this??

  • This is a cringe article!! I just don't feel like talking sometimes and I get overwhelmed. I want to be in my own world, watch ESmain videos like the great Ready to Glare and make music. My energy drains in social situations especially if the person is extremely talkative. I want to be in the right head space when talking to them because I care. Also if people respond fast they're not putting in thought of what to say next. So if your crush doesn't text you back fast doesn't mean they are not interested. They could be thinking of something next to say to impress you to not embarrass themselves. I noticed that I'll respond back more quickly if I'm really bored so yeah.

  • I'm with you. I'm rational enough to understand they have lives. Their house may be burning down or they may be binge watching a series & need quiet time. Its not about me, however, I do often worry I've said something wrong.

  • Yeah that's a weird article lol I've been talking to this guy (just as friends). We often use hours to respond but none of us get worried about it. That's just how long we take. Both of us are also not the most positive minded people so we sometimes just have to take breaks. Sooo that article was weeeeiiiiird

  • This is why you friend of me lmao

  • This article seems like my logic when I was 12-13 texting my first boyfriend LOL. Now at 21, I literally don’t give a fuck or even pay attention to reply time

  • do you think someone when to college and interned for a company for yrs just to end up writing that article

  • Imagine studying journalism and being in student debt in order to write this 🤦‍♀️🌝

  • With having BPD(Borderline not bipolar)and anxiety i do over think way too much for messaging time and usually reply right away to anyone amd everyone bc i need human contact most times but other times ill have a bad day and ignore everyone for day amd llse all my streaks and people get mad at me for it and say I just dont care about them but in reality I am i cant find the energy to socialze and im drained from my own emotions i cant even deal with any other people around me or talking to me, that even includes my boyfriend who's the only person i wont ignore for texts bc he gets worried, hes the only one who gets when i send my mass 'im going offline for a bit no energy to socialize or do anything' he knows i just delete the whole snapchat app and re-download it when im ready to talk to people, he will just send me memes or cute stuff for when I do and he'll usually just show uo at my apartment and bring me snacks and stuff and then keave bc he knkws I just wanna be alone

  • What company does she do her VPN promo for ?


  • The terrible pick up artist men need to date the women who believe this article ! Ok I’m done now.

  • I know women who are like this. Cosmo is feeding them and gaslighting their neurosis

  • At the age of forty eight I am starting to have a real issue with the fact that articles are no longer professionally written. They don’t even look edited. It’s one thing to want to speak to the young. But magazines, articles, and news outlets should sound intelligent as well.

  • Cosmo dissing PUAs was really funny, because they’re basically the female equivalent of PUAs.

  • They could have ended it with the title of the article, really. Also would like to note that pessimism rules my life and I’m grateful for that.

  • Nice, how they put "someone cool (you)", in a strikethrough, like yeah you're reading this, you're not cool

  • I've had people take 20 minutes to reply and feel the need to tell me they weren't ignoring me. I rarely think that because I don't walk around my house with my phone on me unless I'm expecting an important call. Due to the fact I'm on a cheap & awful government phone which may dump every text & voicemail I've gotten all day on me all at once in the evening, I can sometimes take hours to respond. I'll apologize for that only if it was something requiring a timely response. But I'm 50 and got my first cell phone in my mid-30s, so I didn't grow up with it almost being an extra appendage the way many younger people have. I think that makes quite a bit of difference.

  • They're just reinforcing reading too much into timing of texts. That's dangerous.

  • Let me just note the creepiest guy I ever talked too was the one answered to me immediately always asked me every detail of everything I was doing and we didn’t even know each other on that level so it was mad fucking wierd , we were talking for literally 2 days and was trying to control me already before even meeting me (we never even met thankgod) that was just too wierd for me . And when I cut him offf on day three he called me a cunt and a hoe 🤣

  • Cosmo lost me when they said you know you found your Twin flames or soulmate .

  • I definitely disagree with the article, especially with the reply within a few seconds or minutes. Like im replying that quick bc 1: i will forget our convo if i dont reply 2: im trying to keep the convo going but you dont need to reply that fast either Also head space is SO important, i accidentally forgot to reply to a friend bc life, then never texted back bc idk what to do and if we see each other I’ll probably explain bc i get text anxiety too. And if they think its a dumb excuse then so be it, sorry for making you worry for a while and have i hope you have a nice life!

  • It’s interesting how cosmo acts like guys who are and follow pick up artists are the worst (which they kind of are) even though that’s what cosmo is but catered more towards women

  • ready to die

  • Heck I get anxiety even about how I walk. Example. “Do I look stupid from behind when I walk away?”

  • Love your tshirt


  • overanalyzing texting habits ruined my sanity and my relationship back in my teen years. I stopped giving a shit and am in a much better space and relationship tbh. I ghost people on purpose if they get annoyed at me not texting back in 5 mins. Don't have time for that shit

  • You're too beautiful 🤩😘😚

  • Your shirt is a perfect description of how everyone feels with how 2020 has gone thus far Also where'd you buy it imma needa buy one myself lmao

  • I can't really be friends with or date someone who doesn't text back within a few hours and never picks up the phone. It's impossible to make plans.

  • Sometimes my friend texts me but i don't respond immediately bc i feel depressed, but then forget that i even got a text and i don't ever respond 😐 Tbh i hate quarantine it's so hard to talk to people via text, i can't keep any conversation going and i'm incredibly boring

  • What language was that when you called your mom?

  • 7:54 you'd be forgiven for missing the subtle nuance here 😅 but it's easy really. Your mistake was equating the value of your time with everyone else's. Those few minutes are definitely important for you to judge and overthink the place you should give that person in your life, but remember that your time is more important than theirs. A few minutes means nothing to them, but to you it might mean the difference between a soulmate and an annoyance. Note: The views expressed above are the results of speculations following observation, and are not intended to accurately represent the author's opinion in any way, shape or form 😅

  • I thought you were going to talk about Cosmo from fairly odd parents. I feel dumb

  • Honestly, if they don't text back eventually they aren't that interested.

  • She could have said “he waits exactly an hour” which would be noticeable for the average person. But 67? Who has the time to figure that out. Lol

  • Oh my god. I was like this in 2017 I had my first boyfriend who was always on his phone but when I texted him it took sometimes 6 hours for him to answer an emoji and it felt like: pls leave me alone. I have ever since worked myself out of those overthinking patterns as it conserned myself too much and wasnt healthy at all to check his location in the snapchat map every 15 minutes. Glad I am doing so much better without him and I know the red flags. Afterwards I have learned he tried to get a girlfriend the whole time we had this relationship but because we were guys and it was his first relationship with a guy too I think he got scared and was that why looking an exit and a new relationship. At least I can see the red flags now better and not put myself into similar situation where I let myself become very vulnerable and dependent on someone's actions.

  • I am so glad I never let those smut magazines influence my way of thinking.

  • This is so dumb. Sometimes ppl just don’t want to talk and that has no bearing necessarily on whether they like or dislike you

  • My cousin waits till the five minute mark EXACTLY the five minute mark to reply to anyone and honestly- its really weird

  • This whole article reminds me of middle school lol

  • I often text back after only a few minutes/seconds but BECAUSE I have nothing else to do Other times it takes me hours just bc my wifi is turned off/ I'm sleeping/ cleaning idk You can't interpret in the time😂

  • Personally, I just think it ain't that deep. It all depends on what's normal for that person. I have one friend that takes hours to text back, but I have another that is so prompt that if she takes more than 2 hours, I'm probably going to assume she's been in a car crash and now she's on fucking life support or something. When it comes to guys, until I get used to their text pattern, I generally just chill until it's been a day or 2... After that, I just figure I've been ghosted and I move on. Life is too short to get that analytical over how long a guy takes to text you back.

  • I can get annoyed at people. Like, I can like you soooooo much, but talking to people too much just drains me completely. Usually I don't text people a lot, and I don't go out often at all, so I mostly don't rlly have a problem with this. But I lately have become pretty close friends with this group of people and I sometimes am just completely drained. I then need to take off a couple of days and just tell them "yo, I'm socially drained, I won't be answering for a couple of days, don't worry about it, I'll be back later." How drained I get has nothing to do with how much I like you. Though I get drained more with people I like because I simply talk to them more. People not responding for a few days doesn't nescesarrily mean they don't like you. There could be multiple reasons for that and maybe they don't feel like you're close enough that they should tell you they won't answer for a bit. Because we don't owe texting to anyone. (I only realised I needed to tell my friends about this because we had gotten quite close at one moment and I just disappeared because I needed a break. And I suddenly saw dm's from all of them asking whether I was OK, what had happened. They even asked in the groupchat whether someone had heard from me. I only rlly feel the need to tell people if they otherwise would worry about me.)

  • This is gonna sound outta pocket and backhanded, but watching a white person who is comfortable with their physical beauty without appropriating *and* doesn't commit microagressions is pretty major ♥️

  • I love that Gulia is so into romcoms, same girl

  • Me: **texts my boyfriend** ...I’m bored Him: **doesn’t text back** Me: a’right, he’s busy. Cosmo: he’s cheating on you, he’s horrible Him: **3 minutes later** sorry, I was cleaning

  • What, when I’m ”just chilling” I’m usually watching something, reading, or eating.. All of which are activities where I don’t want to sit with my nose in my phone. Also, who deletes numbers?

  • Yeah... I usually take a day to reply. And it's because I treat texts more like emails than anything else. But I know some people get annoyed with that. I'm not overthinking it to this point.

  • Your channel outro song and aesthetic reminds me of Robot Unicorn Attack

  • God this just feeds into a borderlines mind. I remember reading cosmo as a teen and it being like the Bible. I probably ruined quite a few potential relationships over the shit I read on cosmo.

  • I’m glad I came across this video because my dumbass found this article exactly when I was worrying about someone not texting me. I feel a little silly that I worried so much. Thank you for this video because it’s exactly what I needed from one of my favorite ESmainrs

  • I normally don't get annoyed or anything if someone doesn't reply, I have a life just like they will. The only issue I ever have is when I'm texting someone back and forth very quickly and then like 5 texts in they fall off the face of the earth and literally never get back to me. It drives me insane.

  • I just came from a MAP vid of yours and the ad that played before this video was voiced over by a young child.... yikes

  • I could genuinely careless as to what someone is up to but if you know you won't be able for a day or two please tell me. I worry that something bad has happened and no one will tell me, especially when its long distance friendships or relationships.

  • I have this really weird habit of verbally responding to text messages and then putting away my thinking that’ll reach them some how.... or I’ll type it out and never send it

  • My irl friend texts me 3 days after I text them and it’s one word

  • Yo I dont text back my friends for DAYS sometimes but that's mostly because I burn out very quickly so :/

  • Cosmo is garbage, run by vile men.

  • Please cover Classically Abby on ESmain! I think you’d have a field day with her content

  • Idk if I like this take from you tbh but iono that’s just my opinion

  • preach it sister

  • Back when I was dating, I hated people who replied immediately because it made me feel guilty for not doing so. It also made me feel like they had nothing else going on.

  • If he read a horrible book about how to be a pick-up artist it probably came from cosmopolitan.

  • Remember trash Publications publicize things that are meant to get you to click on them.

  • Cosmopolitan makes articles for people who are the problem. Like there's one common factor in all these "horrible" people you've dated and that's you.

  • Cosmo makes women look like ✨dum dums✨

  • If I don't text you back right away and you're upset about it then goodbye forever.

  • *me watching the video while having like 4 unanswered chats since 10 am* *nods*

  • Of they text every 20 min, they’re on Call of Duty...

  • More Italian!


  • maybe greg is a gamer? like he does a few matches and then responds

  • The thing that blows my mind is that actual adults write this shit.

  • Man this cracks me up because: a. I never learned solid communication skills, and often forget to talk to people who aren't immediately in front of me. b. Have pretty bad anxiety, which makes all forms of phone communication uncomfortable. People really do be thinking too much into this...

  • "Get yourself a bottle of wine....or 7." 😂😂😂😂😂👏our girl speaking the truth with no buffers and were here for it!

  • Dude I had a friend that straight up ghosted me for 3 years and then just reappeared once like "hey sorry my mental health was bad". I forgived them and we talked and hungout like once even though they would only message back like every 2 days so it was extremely hard to make plans. Not to mention they bailed on plans and didnt tell me once. Just blaiming it on their "mental health issues" but I'll message them on snapchat. They'll leave my message unread but their snap story is constantly being added to.THAT is disrespectful and rude and unacceptable. At that point just tell somebody you dont wanna talk or hangout or be friends. I kept talking to this person bcz they were a childhood friend and I cared about them. But I think it's safe to assume they just dont f*cking care. But if it's like OmG hE hAsNT tExTeD me baCk In 10 MiNuTeS hE hAtEs Me. That's silly. (Not including if you have an anxiety disorder etc. Because I do too and when my boyfriend doesnt text back I get afraid something happened to him. But that's not what I'm talking about here)

  • When she said "ti posso richiamare tra dieci minuti" i really felt that 😔💕❤

  • My guy friend and I had a minor discussion about this, and he said that he's often busy and doesn't play time games with texts. He also has a gf, so I always urge him to respond to her first if he only has a 5 min break. It's just easier to be on the same page and actually talk about it if you're prone to this anxiety.

  • Did Rita Skeeter write this? 😂

  • I once chatted with a 'Category 1 & 2'. Deep conversation for months, seeing each other, finally spent the night, and immediately after I had been blocked on everything, and later found out about his girlfriend. Now, thanks to Cosmo, I know we truly were soulmates.

  • That Italian interlude gave me LIFE.

  • Whats your first language? Or is there a video I can refer to? Also, love your videos and the looks you do.

  • My boyfriend and I used to live in different countries. We'd text a lot when we were not at work. But occasionally we would start texting, and after a while he would only read my text, but take very long to respond and when he did, it would be short answers. I like texting, and I would already write a lot more texts, and a lot longer text than him. I would do all kinds of stuff during, but interrupt myself to text. So it made it seem even worse when he'd suddenly stop responding and hardly talk. I was terrified of being overly clingy and I tend to overthink almost everything. I had a pretty bad relationship before, and was just scared of everything. But at some point I mustered up the courage to ask him. And he explained that he often plays video-games. Games with friends that he can't pause. So he'd read my texts during the game and whenever there was a small break or the game was over, he'd text me back. He never thought that it could make me feel so terrible. That it made him seem uninterested. Because for him he was actually trying his best to respond to me during and he really enjoyed that I wanted to talk to him so much. Now I wish I had talked about this earlier with him. Would have saved me quite some panicky times. We now live together, and don't text much any more. I miss it sometimes. Maybe in future, when I have a different job, we might start texting a little more. But nothing beats the feeling of when he gets home, and I can actually see and touch him, and we can have actual conversations with each other!

  • Who are these people that have lives? #askingforafriend

  • I still call it an improvement from their "I fucked my dad" articles

  • What do I do if someone took 3 years to respond, cosmo? Lmao

  • * Love that Italian* I was not expecting that @ all.

  • If he is legitimately interested in you, you'll know. I used to obsess over texts, and way overthink, but when I met my husband there was zero question that he was interested.

  • lol me and my friends take 24 hrs to respond to texts

  • The point you make about social interaction is so true. I over-analyse my social interactions, whether it's a simple 'hello' or a glance. Also, I don't know if other people can relate, but does anyone else have that moment when they're about to fall asleep, and then suddenly all of their perceived failed social interactions come back to haunt them? Yeah, same.

  • Wow!! Cosmopolitan is bleak!!

  • I don’t date lol but sometimes I will over analyze someone not texting back when we had been talking pretty rapid fire for a while and then they just stop mid conversation and then I over analyze it to be the worst possible situations like what if they were in a car crash or got murdered.. stupid shit like that

  • I always see meme pages posting meme about the person who takes lots of time to answer. And one day i got tired of it and decided to comment "stop caring about how long people take to respond". Then a lot, I mean a LOT of people replied my comment with the clown emoji, like saying that i am a clown. And even a girl replied to me that she texted someone who saw her message and didnt say anything for like 2 months, and she was all like "uh you'd be sad too bla bla". But i genuily dont care how much time you take to answer me. UNLESS its about school/college projects. But then for that matter we usually make a online group on whatsapp and everybody makes their part.

  • I hate texting. Even if I really like a guy, chances are I wont reply right away. Has nothing to do with the other person, I just hate texting

  • My gf didn't text me back for a week bc her phone got totalled and I was honestly about to call the police for a welfare check when she used her roomate's iPad to log into Imessage to check up on me

  • yes i hate cosmo like my man works two jobs and watches his siblings he doesn’t text back in 2 seconds

  • Cosmo is obviously The Iliad of our time