Concealed Case: Amber Tuccaro

Publicado el 12 mar 2021
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Script written by my husband, Jacob.
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    • Giulia, I love ur glasses, they suit u so well

    • RTG, I love your sweater! Where did it come from?

    • @treason6661 exactly, mental illness and substance abuse have become epithets for victim blaming.

    • @Christa Goins look up “man camps” it’s horrific

  • Man, the RCMP should be ashamed of themselves. This is a disgrace.

  • If you want a lighter and heartwarming story, check out Nabwana Isaac and his 2020 action masterpiece _Bad Black._ His movies destroy my sides, there’s always something to laugh or cheer about-I’m dead serious-and his story makes me cry every time I hear about him. But it’s not because it’s sad, he wanted to make movies, so he sold everything he owned to buy a camera and it wasn’t enough, so he made bricks by hand and sold them to earn enough to buy it. He built his PC with scavenged parts, and he had to _delete his movies to have space to edit a new one._ He’d made multiple movies without ever setting foot in a movie theater, and oh god I’m gonna lose it. He’s such a gem. _Bad Black_ is so astoundingly outrageous and insane and it has perhaps the best joke ever to put film in it. You’ll know it when you hear it, and probably need to take a break to recover after it.

  • ive followed you for a while and just wanna thank you for covering this, Im Indigenous myself and its so reassuring to see people cover our cases that get swept under the rug. Chi Miigwetch (big thank you) in Cree

  • That's crazy to think more than 4 bodies were dumped in the same place & there's no leads in who the killer is. So frustrating!!

  • #MMIW is such a big issue all over north america, but also very silenced as well. I appreciate the coverage of this issue so much. it gives a little more hope, no more stolen sisters

  • Imagine if we didn’t have the audio how much more injustice this case would have and the fact that it was released so late is so heinous.

  • Just heartbreaking 💔

  • Current statistics show that if you carry a fucking loaded gun, you have a better chance of surviving #womenforguns

  • Canada and Alberta specifically treat native people horribly, the police don't look into any of the mmiw, there have been two separate times recently that medical staff have let native women suffer, and one die possibly due to a lethal dose of morphine while they mocked her, also just this weekend protesters from Calgary came to Edmonton to protest they're church closing. they needed up parking in Enoc and when they were told it was private property they began using racist insults.

  • Seems like Canada isn't so great...

  • This case is so sad. Just feels like the police just don't do enough. Disgusting police work.

  • I didn't want to watch this one because I'm an Indigenous woman in Canada. This is infuriating. It's true that most of the time we have to be cautious or else it could be us next. When I have to walk around, I usually call someone as I do. I'm so afraid that if I go missing, the police in my city will neglect my case as well. Please research: "STARLIGHT TOURS" this is why I don't trust the police in my city.

  • Will you be covering more of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard case ?

  • Manitoba, Alberta and British Columbia all seem to be hotbeds where native women and girls get abducted and killed ..unfortunately a lot of them are working girls and make for easy prey. I assume the guy on the call recording has done this before and knew what he was doing just like in BC Robert Picton "pig farm" so easily murdered over 40 women (I think). It's absolutely disgusting.. I live in Ontario and I dated a native girl for a short time I was 20 she was 18 and she told me stories about how her mother would have guys over and they would abuse her and her younger sister it's so awful and heartbreaking.. it's no wonder why suicide and addiction ends up being the road a lot of natives go down. I feel so sorry for you all who have gone through such atrocious things.. blacks in America think they've got it bad with racism everytime I hear that I always think if anyone deserves reparations it's Redskins this was their land long before Dutch, British and French colonized it...

  • Giulia! Look into MMIW (Missing and murdered indigenous women) you will be shocked how many of these cases happen. Indigenous women are very frequent targets from the US to Canada... And it needs to stop. :(

  • :c

  • Its ironically despicable how the literal native inhabitants of the land are treated like outcasts and abused by their system. There's so little being done about it, meanwhile these women, keep on disappearing into thin air. No effort made in protecting them, or trying to find those responsible. My heart truly goes out to these women and their communities and families. No one deserves this utter lack of humane treatment.

  • I can't finish this video because this hits home. But I really appreciate that you covered her case. My family is Indigenous and we have lost too many Indigenous women on the Highway of Tears. It traumatized my family and I. It haunts me.

  • It’s horrifying how the police literally did nothing to help and just looked at everyone and said, “Oops, our bad.” I can’t imagine what it must be like for her mother and her son. The police are usually the ones we trust in cases like these but I can’t imagine what it must be like to realize the police don’t want to do anything to help you. I feel so sorry for both Amber and her family.

  • Nah. It is historically known that the Canadian police (government, etc.) do not treat the indigenous people like human beings. In fact, if memory serves me correctly, this happens all around the world to the First Natives of many countries. They are treated as less than citizens and are overlooked when crimes happen to them. Speaking of police mishandling a case, this is not the first time (nor sadly will this be the last time) that they have botched a case so horrifically. I recall hearing about a case from one of those crime shows, where a teen disappeared from in front of her house, right from her car, and the police chalk it up to "runaway". This was a sixteen-year-old who was on her way to her job! The driver's side door was wide open, her cell phone, purse, and LEFT SHOE were still in the car and yet the police called it a "runaway" case. (I believe I have mentioned this before on this channel). It was a MIRACLE that they managed to actually solve anything in this case. I mean like at all. And what was the most infuriating about that case was the fact that not once but twice had they actually been notified about the killer. When the killer had been arrested, the prosecution had received a letter from prison (I believe it was from his cellmate) that he had confessed to everything. They found the letter at the bottom of her case file (the box containing her case was seriously lacking in any evidence or notes). I wish I could remember the second thing that pointed to the killer but it was something very similar to that. They cannot follow every lead in a case, which is understandable but this was from another inmate who contacted who he believed would help... and it was folded and put away... never to be brought up during trial or even disclosed in discovery.

  • As a Canadian woman I have no faith in our law enforcement. They could care less about indigenous woman or even any woman that are living on the streets or are sex workers. They always say the same thing, "oh they just went off partying or they wanted too disappear 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️ Also our justice system is a joke.

  • A shocking thing about this is that in America, databases containing missing persons statistics exist for every other demographic except for Native American, it's explored a lot in the 2017 film Wind River, which I won't recommend to everyone as it contains some strong depictions of both self-harm and sexual assault, nonetheless, still an unbeleivable gap in the system

  • It makes it so much weirder and scarier when the story takes place in the same city you live in. And from my personal experience, the police in edmonton barely do anything, and a lot of the time things are ignored until they find a body or something :/... and dont even get me started on how the indigenous people are often treated... so cases like these are not that uncommon...

  • This is very typical for the rcmp. They do not care about indigenous women. If you are first nations and go missing, do not expect to be found.

  • I'm from fort Saskatchewan Alberta outside of Edmonton. Alot of mistreatment

  • The RCMP's foundation is rooted in systemic racism against Canada's First Nation's, Inuit and Metis folks. Too many women have gone missing and murdered and they're don't even bat an eyelash, so disgusting 😡

  • This deadass sounds like my dad, I wouldn't be surprised if it was him doing this shit

  • I live in northern Montana, USA (directly south of Alberta, Canada) and _so many_ indigenous women have gone missing in this region. It’s terrifying. And unfortunately, the Montana-Alberta region is _extremely_ rural, with hundreds of miles/kilometers between towns, so if you don’t have a car your only real option is hitchhiking. I suspect a lot of the murderers are interstate truckers, but some could also be locals taking advantage of the same risky circumstances. Both the Canadian and US governments NEED to be working a lot harder to stop this, but the feds don’t care because they see it as the middle of nowhere.

  • An RCMP probably picked her up and did it. Why else would the personal belongings of someone predicted to be dead be destroyed.

  • Thanks for using your platform to cover this! The RCMP are a joke when it comes to MMIW. There was another one of our sisters found murdered. She was 6 months pregnant and found in a suitcase 😰

  • I moved to Edmonton from California about 4 years ago. I have definitely noticed prejudice against Indigenous people. Its similar to the racism I saw against Mexican immigrants in Southern California. Pretty crummy.

  • I live about an hour away from where this case happened. Honestly our system here is absolutely ridiculous, there’s a ESmain video posted of a young man who was homeschooled, he was in a tractor and was ripped out and beaten by our police last year, because we have to submit to a breathalyzer without cause and he didn’t understand, they destroyed the transmission in the tractor on top of it. And just recently in red deer AB a woman posted a video of a dispute with the police because they asked why he was speeding and cutting people off then slamming his breaks on in front of them with bad road conditions, ended with both of them being arrested. I believe there was also I guy beaten to death by police near Edmonton last year but it wasn’t publicized much. We hold some of the most dangerous city’s in Canada here.

  • Thank you so much for talking about this. I’m First Nations and this means the world to me.

  • This is terrifying , I hope the truth comes to light and those women get justice atleast when it is too late.

  • Thank you for talking about this ♥

  • Did Canada learn nothing from Willie Pickton? When people go missing 👏you👏take👏it👏 seriously 👏

  • From BC to Alberta. RIP to those souls lost. I live in BC, canadas notorious Highway of Tears is here. Indigenous women have gone missing since 1970. Thank you for shedding light on these cases as they are overlooked often. The RCMP doesn't care about native peoples of Canada, it's heartbreaking.

  • You look like a female version of Ben Shapiro

  • That man is so slimey.. the audio recording is chilling

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  • i’m painting my nails neon green from inspiration from you lol i just love the look !!! thanks for the idea !

  • Hey Julia, thanks for covering this story. I'm from Fort McMurray and live Edmonton. This story is too close to home. I haven't watched the whole video yet, so I don't know if you've mentioned it...But, you should look into The Highway of Tears. We have way to many MMIW in this country.

  • It's horrible things like this that make me angry when fellow Canadians try and say we're better than Americans cause 'there's no racism in Canada' Really? Look up residential schools, look at what cops in Saskatchewan do to homeless Indigenous in the winter (if you actually do look that up be careful, it's horrific). Canada might beat the US on some stuff, but racism is a big problem here too.

  • You should talk about more MMIW cases. The amount of unsolved cases involving indigenous people is horrific and needs more attention towards it.

  • Amber is from my hometown, and disappeared in a city I've been to a million times. It's such a scary thought to think that this could have been me, or my mom, or a friend... Although, if it was a white person who had gone missing I can guarantee this story would have ended much differently. Indigenous people are often either brushed off or harassed by the police, as they are a large portion of our homeless population. It's become a horrible cycle for many Indigenous people in the community, and our government and many (white) civilians try to sweep it under the rug like it's not happening. I hope we see justice for Amber one day, and that this systemic racism can corrected. My heart goes out to her family

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COVERING THIS!!!!! I was already a fan of yours but even more so now for bringing up Amber Tuccaro's case and bringing up the MMIW

  • I live in Alberta and cannot even begin to tell you how often the “authorities” don’t seem to care about anyone indigenous. This case chills me to the bone. I think of amber and her family quite often.

  • I feel bad for her she did nothing wrong

  • The guy identified by the three women has a website dedicated to warning people against him and a sexual predator with multiple crimes. I'd like to be certain that the police really checked him out.

  • this happened in my city wtfff... I'm not gonna sleep now..

  • Police: *Asks for publics help identifying voice.* 3 random women of the public: *Identify the same person as the person having the voice* Police: *Must be a coincidence.* 🙄

  • Should of taken the rage blanket seriously....

  • I grew up in Alberta and so many of my friends hitchhiked- mostly guys but I knew some girls who did it too. This is so sad.

  • I live close to where this happened. There is a 15 year old indigenous boy that’s been missing for a few years now and nobody cares about him either.

  • I myself am a Native Canadian (Ojibwe) and it's so sad how indigenous people here are treated. Many cases of missing indigenous women aren't taken seriously by authorities or are deemed low priority. It's one of the main reasons I want to become a police officer, to help find these victims and bring them home.

  • The RCMP do not care for indigenous people. They stood and watched as people attacked indigenous fisheries because 'they are posing a threat to the ecosystem because they're fishing out of season' despite a treaty being signed stating that indigenous people are allowed to fish to feed themselves year round. There are over 40 First Nations communities that are without clean and consumable water and some communities won't be able to have clean water come out of their taps for years.

  • When my happy hometown of Edmonton ever gets on the news, or youtube videos, it's never a good thing. :'(

  • as an indigenous woman in the Alberta area this is both so heartbreaking and terrifying. although its great to see this case reach so far and get recognised on bigger channels. i can say first hand how frustrating it is that all of these Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women cases can feel so small and insignificant, especially in the cities where the crime took place, so thank you. i already loved this channel but i now love it so much more.

  • I’ve heard that call so many times over the years, and it remains incredibly haunting and infuriating. Indigenous communities, especially women and children, deserve so much better.

  • Blatant racism on the half of the RCMP. Disgusting.

  • I remember when this happened. All women on reserves are 100% hyper aware of the dangers of going missing becuase it happens often and we know those cases almost never get solved

  • Definitely a serial killer in my humble opinion. Very scary stuff. The man sounds to be a well spoken white man. Crazy that they just don’t take these murders as serious as they do others. There are volunteers that drag the bodies of water in parts of Canada for missing native women due to the neglect from authorities.

  • I’m from Edmonton. And the police did shit for them. It was sooo sad Especially when they found her body. And the guy still has never been caught. this case is still talked about and is now like a warning for other girls.

  • How many indigenous women have to go missing for the police to care? 😞

  • Love shudder js

  • I live in this area and was maybe in 10th or 11th grade when this happened. No one talked about it then and they still don't now. My local paper didn't even do an article about it until the RCMP "apologized" in 2019. It's so disheartening to see that 10 years later, nothing has changed.

  • I’m Canadian and I can tell you that the RCMP rarely if ever take any woman seriously and they rarely actually do real investigative work.

  • Isn't it a common thing in Canada for indigenous people to not get enough help or acknowledgment? If I recall correctly a indigenous woman died in the hospital because of racism from the doctors and nurses and they insulted her while she was dying. What a fucking world we live in that someones background or race is more important then the human life itself.

  • This case breaks my heart

  • boondocks

  • Three different women identified the same man and yet this case is unsolved? Are you kidding me!?!?

  • This is happening all over in Canada and the US to indigenous people. In Canada, there’s a river called “the Red River” where people regularly dump native bodies. From time to time, you will see native families walking up and down looking for a missing relative. As of three days ago in the US 109 people went missing in South Dakota, 77 of those were indigenous. #MMIWC #NoMoreStolenSisters

  • Thank you for bringing awareness to indigenous women cases!

  • Thank you for posting this. Why this isnt more well known is beyond me.

  • Canadian here!Two things for anyone interested in looking into this and other unsolved cases of Indigenous women. Research The HIghway of Tears and also why the RCMP was initially formed... Canada has a lot of dark secrets.

  • Me: 🙂 Me as soon as I hear ready to glares voice: 😕☹️ I already know it’s gonna be bad

  • What harms investigations is incompetent officers. Not our best work; So what is them shooting each other in the Jimmy every 5 seconds, useless assholes.

  • I am sorry but they had that audio recording and they still wanted to take her off the Missing Persons Case List? That thought just glitches my logic straight to anger there.

  • There’s a stretch of highway in BC we call the highway of tears where over 70 indigenous women have been murdered or gone missing. When you drive down it the side of the road is covered in names and memorials for the missing and murdered indigenous women and it’s hard to drive the road without crying. The response from the RCMP in those cases was similarity horrific. How can the police ever say that “adults can just leave on their own accord” when there is a clear pattern? Well we know why I guess. It’s so disgusting.

  • So police basically gave a murdered a 24 head start? This is not the first case I see it in - men,women, kids - police always takes an easier route of assuming that that person is “partying with friends” or “run away”. Why are we just swallowing these mistakes that potentially cost people lives. What if she could have been saved?

  • It’s so weird hearing you talk about my city and people bc nobody ever talks about it 😢 thank you for speaking on this

  • I wish us Indigenous/American Indian/Canadian Indian people were actually treated with respect, but no, we're just swept under the rug

  • Omg thank you!!! 🙌🏼 I think your the first ESmainr I’ve heard to talk about indigenous issues in Canada!!

  • Thank you, as an indigenous woman this case has caused so much hurt in our communities. As with many others, the RCMP refuses to do their job when it comes to missing & murdered indigenous women+lgbt

  • As someone who’s Métis (white and native) and born and raised in Alberta all my life missing indigenous women has been something that’s hung heavy on our community. 10% of all missing people in Canada are specifically native women. This is a horrible injustice for our people and for our country yet nothing is done and most cases are pushed aside. We like to think that racism and different treatment doesn’t happen in Canada but it’s very real.

  • That happens a lot here in Mexico, thousands of women disappear but police says “she loved parties” and “she’s with her boyfriend” “she had a tattoo” and police clean their hands and that’s it. Also there’s a lot of indigenous women who had the same treatment but it’s even worse because police doesn’t even try to say that they’re looking for them

  • The RCMP are incompetent. It's unfortunate but a truth most Canadians who ARE indigenous already know.. :(

  • Trying to be careful with what I say, but I know someone who swears they know who that voice is. She had reported it to the RCMP like over 5 years ago. They never got back to her, the man she thinks has never been mentioned anywhere, her husband had the exact same thought when she showed him the recording. I have been trying to convince her to reach out again, but it’s very scary for her and traumatic. She grew up with Amber and knows her family. After she explained everything to me I whole heartedly believe her.

  • No matter what country it is, the police will only give a shit if the missing woman is white, hence the term 'Missing White Woman Syndrome'.

  • THREE WOMEN identified the SAME MAN and they just let it go? This doesn't seem right at all.

  • While this is an ongoing problem in Canada, I had an experience in Alberta, Canada (we live on Blackfoot Territory). The RCMP came to interview me, with great interest, over a case of a murdered indigenous woman. RIP. Victoria Crowshoe

  • wow ! thank you for covering Amber's case. Her phonecall is very upsetting. I live in Alberta, this one is close to home.

  • Proof that ACA in fact B, and Canada is no fucking holy white knight in shining armour. It is also built on a racist and anti indigenous past and still continues to perpetuate these systemic inequalities to the modern day just like USA

  • police: ask for help identifying the voice of the man in the recording three different women come forward identifying the same person police: no not that one i mean... hmmm

  • wow thank u so much for this video.

  • Thank you so much for speaking on MMIWG♡ Means a lot coming from a content creator with such a large platform like yourself

  • There are a number of felonies which are often linked to serial murder, that carry a max sentence that (with 2/3 served) would explain the gap in bodies being found in that specific area. It looks like perhaps he was indisposed for 12 years, and perhaps this was his first out of prison. That's always a possibility. Whatever the case, I really hope this case is solved soon, so that her poor family can have the justice they deserve and so maybe her poor son can get the closure he is gonna need in the future.

  • OMG thanks for doing this topic! Not enough coverage at all outside us Native folks. I love to see a non Indigenous creator with a big soap box step up and echo us!

  • Well this filled me with rage.