Cole Carrigan is hacked by "professional" hacker

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  • Cole has only been involved in mess since I’ve heard of him

  • This is beyond stupid.

  • i’m two weeks late lol but i see a lot of comments about the professional hacker line. while it does sound silly, people do hack accounts to force people, mostly companies, to have a securer system. calling yourself that and only going after younger people on the internet though i’m not sure haha

  • nice shirt (not related at all but wanted to say it)

  • The guy "hacked" himself, flaming his everything, to give credibility to his drama. I've worked with a waitress who did that to herself because she got the idea from a couple of her friends. They did it to get other people in trouble. But, it backfired. That Carrigan guy, he probably did it with an IP changer so he's not immediately outed. I was hacked only once but that guy was clever. He did it from my computer, remotely, while I was online. I have a resource monitor and I run enough software to slow my PC down when things I'm not doing intentionally run. I simply disconnected my PC from the internet... physically... and ran all my security software from an especially reduced Safe Mode. I re-uninstalled a troublesome WIndows update (again) and the "improvements" it allows through my firewall. Carrigan's hacker was his drama-addicted self with IP changer and his own knowledge of all his passwords. Hobbyist hackers are far smarter, professional hackers do it for a living so they are epically smarter... but most professional hackers are either ID thieves or a special paid type of troll of foreign governments or corporations.

  • I'm sure 28484443 ppl have already said this but yahoo sent me an email saying it was apparently compromised n that all accounts linked to it needs to have its password changed immediately

  • How can a professional hacker not know how to set up a VPN 😂

  • I am a legal assistant and we have never and will never text opposing counsel lol. That’s literally so stupid.

  • If he's supposedly known this so called "hacker" since high school either he's in a yearbook somewhere or someone Cole knew from high school might also know this person, wouldn't be too hard to find his name. Make it make sense

  • He’s literally only known for being a liar at this point lol

  • Shoot I don't even recognize Cole without makeup on!

  • I’m not sure who this is but as soon as he started talking , I knew it was cap.

  • Those are some big ass pupils!! He seems coked out lmao

  • All of this smells extremely sus

  • Girl why we using yahoo in 2021 😹😹😹

  • Yo I live in frisco 💀

  • me trying to tell my professor that i deserve an A: “and i had to concentrate so fucking hard”

  • Okay this is weird i saw this video in my sub box and watched it when it first came out, but im getting a notification for it now???? Its happened with other creators too, but its weird.

  • The scary thing is he seems like he’s telling the truth and it seems kind of crazy

  • LOVE YOUR SHIRT! :o :o

  • Texting lawyers is a thing btw

  • Oooh girl. Not to take away from this fantastical video in any way at all but I just gotta say DANG, the look today is a serve. I'm all the way here for it! 🖤🖤🖤

  • I think I could see his pupils dilated af. So I mean

  • Maybe the hacker is trying to send a "message" (assuming it's real)? But he doesn't seem to know why it's happening so that doesn't add up either?

  • They’re both annoying I wish tans would disappear off the internet lol

  • To me, the way that Tana seems, she would WANT him to know that it was her (but not be able to do anything about it).

  • No guys tana had this guy helping her for years Bc people would hack her I guess

  • I'm glad I'm means that I don't know who 99% of these "influencers" are. Nor am I interested in knowing. 😂

  • Second hand embarrassment....Ihad to concentrate sooooo hard to change my password 😂 all my yahoo’s 😂 tana mongoose 😂 help I’m not relevant anymore.

  • The only thing I could think is that this hacker is an idiot, or they purposely let their IP be visible so it would bother Cole while still not being enough evidence for Cole to get him arrested (Cause it could be anyone in Frisco)

  • I had a lawyer literally message me on Facebook to let me know my sister was being sued for some rent money lol it was very unprofessional but it happens

  • Omg I’m from Frisco, TX ♥️

  • on a side note, i really do like the bleached buzz cut on cole.

  • Cole is definitely lying. He doesn’t know the guys last name but knows him since high school? Tana has said in videos from a long time ago she has a hacker/guy that helps keep her accounts safe

  • Ok why do I feel like this is all a paid situation to divert the attention to someone else so David Dobrik and his privilege posse can get out of the spotlight on their illegal bs! Like hey we can get 2 super problematic influencers to create a story so ppl focus on that!

  • All of this sounds like a third-rate reality show that even Bravo would reject out of sheer embarrassment.

  • But did he say “ Eli I wish I knew his last name” then followed by “I know him I’ve known him since HS” so what one is it you don’t know him personally or you do? Also I get we don’t remember everyone we went to school with and def not last names! However this seems like this Eli is in the same circle so if you have known him since hs and he is in the mix of a lot of mutual ppl you know I feel you would know more!

    • I’m also commenting as I watch so honestly some of this may be addressed and answered if so just disregard 😂

  • I can admit wholeheartedly I am nosy af, also like most of us we all have an attraction to the gossip/tea, drama and all that has some dirt involved hence why media reports mainly on the bad bc salacious sells! We all have moments of where it’s sad and we question why we even gave it attention but we are all human and may regret after the fact we still turned into watch! Hollywood is corrupt, politics is corrupt and so is social media influencers **not all!!! But a great majority that have made their way up the chain well more than likely did it with some amount of evil involved! I have never liked the vlog squad to me they always seemed like privileged frat boys doing dumb stuff and the females are just wanting to soak up all the attention and also do really ridiculous things to just for those views! It can be cringe and other influencers I do like but that whole group is just a NO I will PASS for me IMO! ***WRONG VID I DID MEAN ALL EXCEPT THE VLOG SQUAD I ASSUMED( we all know what that does) before fully watching oopspsy

  • That’s exactly what I said! A “pro hacker” would go undetected and would know better than to let 2 factor authentification notify him. Smh I really think it’s coincidence and Cole is just paranoid at this point. Plus HOW MANY SCANDALS AND LIES HAS HE BEEN INVOLVED IN NOW? Nope sorry he constantly tries to ruin others lives for attention and clout but NOW we’re supposed to believe him?

  • You’re not saying anyone is lying but I am saying cole is lying lol

  • Sometimes I think, "I'm just being mean. They can't be *that* annoying." But then I see them (this type of social media persona) talking...and I remember why they exasperate me so much 🙄😬

  • Why do these people have platforms :(

  • Does he really believe Tana cares enough "hack" him? I'm not a fan of either person but really she's too busy making up her own b.s. to care about him.

  • Just throwing it out there, but most VPNs can let you choose where it makes you look like where you are from..

  • please, make a video of Michaela Pink!

  • Is he bald or am I trippin?

  • The only realistic part of this is Tana hiring a completely incompetent “hacker”

  • i remember in one of tana’s way older videos she mentioned having an “anti hacker” to keep her accounts safe.

  • Allegedly

  • I was born here. Raised here. My great grandma remembered the 1906 earthquake and having to live in a tent in Golden Gate Park afterwards and eating beans out of a can. He said Frisco. I was instantly ready to cut a bitch. Quarantine is getting to me. 😳

  • C to the O to the L to the E! What does that spell? LIAR! 😃 In all seriousness, this guy really does just seem like a clout chaser. I mean, suddenly he got hacked and tried to tack the blame onto Tana??? What???

  • I loveeee this wig 😊😍

  • So A wanna be Jeffrey Starr got hacked by washed up Tana? Who gives a shit

  • Hi..Could you possibly look into Lillee Jean and her fake following. She’s also falsely copyrighting ESmain videos made about her or if you dare say her name on Twitter she’ll report it. She’s doing everything in her power to get anything negative said about her deleted or reported. A bigger creator needs to speak on all her bad actions (and believe me there’s a lot) so she can stop getting away w it.

  • Hi can you possibly look into Lillee Jean and fall into that crazy rabbit hole please? It’s a wild ride.

  • So much drama 🙄

  • Why wouldn't the hacker use a vpn

  • Why would Tana hack his account? This ia all so very confusing 😕

  • i'm sorry, but someone using a yahoo account in 2021 is just funny to me lmao.

  • Her whole look today is absolutely amazing. I think it’s my favorite look I’ve ever seen her do!

  • “You are commanded to provide this notice to him or her at once.” Is a huge red flag for me, whoever wrote that is not a lawyer & that’s not how shit works. They may text their own clients but not someone they’re attempting to sue. Not only would they not text you but they wouldn’t use such verbiage in a non legal situation. A text can not be used as a Subpoena which is what a lawyer would need to send for him to remove those videos, it’s not a cease-and-desist either which is what they would need to file to make Cole not be able to talk about her. You can’t text those things and they need to be served in person to be valid so that whole message is just a big old 💩💩💩show.

  • I wouldn't be surprised to find he's lying

  • We stand a person that is nosey because girl me too lol

  • Is there a reason you haven’t spoken about the David Dobrik stuff going on?

  • you can tell Cole's demographic is kids because no one who understands how the real world works would believe him

  • imagine thinking youre important enough to get Professionally Hacked when ive literally never heard of this guy before this video

  • Tana isnt smart enuff to do that. I only hear about this dude when hes making drama and allegations trying to cling onto whatever relevance and clout he can get.

  • In the case that Tana isnt behind this, wouldnt making this kind of claims be considered slander? Wouldnt Tana be able to sue Cole for it?

  • I dunno, This wouldn't be the first time they've messed with someone for laughs. They're kind of messed up like that. But also, this guy sounds like he's jumping to conclusions.

  • I like how ur hair is different in every video

  • I find it suspicious that someone who’s profession relies heavily on social media would use yahoo for all his accounts and seemingly the same password for most. But then again he is pretty stupid, so maybe he does use the same password 💀

  • Its almost like he showed *too much* “proof” to feel real. The screenshots of calling the fbi, the lawyer text, the yahoo premium thing, its all like he was trying too hard to make it seem real. It just feels so extra. I understand some of the screenshots and posts make sense for if the story was real, but seriously who the fuck is like “im calling the fbi about being hacked, see???!!!!!!!” In order for someone to buy something via hacking your email, wouldnt they have to confirm credit card info? And how could he immediately know it was tana and eli? Like how did he jump to that conclusion and automatically know? Its so ridiculous and feels like such a reach. The whole “coincidence” of the hacker being the guy he knew since high school is crazy too. I dont buy this story. It feels like people were calling bullshit so he kept trying to prove it more with even more extreme screenshots like the “fbi” one.

  • Like- I hate Tana but...this dude. It’s just such a stretch??

  • Interesting that the "text from the lawyer" and Coles subsequent posts, share the same linguistic errors.

  • This hacking seems a little fake to me im not sure why but it just dose

  • look into cole’s background before he was popular and you’ll see exactly what kind of person he is. people from his high school have come out about a lot of things, he even lied about his dad being dead... also what kind of professional hacker would give away their location?? and they so happen to live where cole grew up? sounds suspicious 🤨 and no way they got into his bank account... like come ON what’s the point??? and does anyone even have proof of the bank statements, drivers license, or photoshopped messages? i haven’t seen any

  • I haven't heard the words ' yahoo account' in a while lol

  • When Cole thinks he’s important enough for Tana to want to hack him. Lmaoooooo

  • Wouldn't a 'professional hacker" use a VPN? I don't think that's very "PROFESSIONAL". That's literally the main advantage of a hacker I would assume, isn't it { the ability to cloak yourself and hide your IP address }. What's the point in hacking someone only to leave a huge trail pointing directly at a source said "hacked" person's friend from back in the day - o.k so NO Cole honey that's not believable and if it did happen to be your 'friend' then Tan's paying them waaaay too much. IF YOU HACK - YOU DON'T LEAVE A DIRECT TRACE!

  • Sounds legit. The first thing I do when I'm being hacked is to post a minute by minute recital of the hacking to social media. But, I wouldn't do it like that loser, I'd do it in all haikus.

  • Who the hell still uses yahoo??? 😂🤣

  • A hacker that doesn’t use a VPN 🤔 Suspish

  • 𝓉𝒽𝒶𝓉'𝓈 𝓈𝓊𝓈𝓅𝒾𝒸𝒾𝑜𝓊𝓈

  • side note.... love the shirt!

  • oh my god? WHERE DID YOU GET THAT WIG?? this stimmy check is just burning a hole in my pocket lmao

  • I know someone who went to jail for hacking, they don’t do it anymore but I personally have seen them do it to a relative who was using drugs and wanted them to stop..he is very educated with computers and how the internet works he’s going to college for doing things online now I’m not sure what exactly..they would never leave a trace, a “professional”hacker would always use a vpn and leave no trace..sorry but I don’t think tana is capable of doing cole being an influencer I would assume his passwords were very secured but if someone knew enough about him all they would need is his email and if he did the 3 questions thing if they knew the answers could get into his email

  • Your wig

  • FBI has a 1-800 number?

  • How does has he known this “hacker” forever and not know his last name? He could just look in his yearbook no? Idk I’m homeschooled so I’m not sure lol

  • I’ve not heard of him prior to this video but, gotta say... this is already too much

  • all I’ve heard abt cole was drama. like does anybody actually watch his content bc they want to ? or just bc he stirs up shit. i absolutely don’t agree w/ ppl hacking/doxing him . that’s fucked up, anyway you put it.

  • To bring some positivity to the comment section I’m just now catching up on videos because my boyfriend of 4.5 years proposed on St Patrick’s Day 💙💙💙

  • He said in the video that had known the guy since high school but doesn’t know his last name. Seems sus to me

  • The cosmo and wanda eyeshadow 😍

  • Am i the only one who thinks the texts about the login attempts seem super odd like someone just texting him that and not a legit automated message. The wording is off so it's the number? Usually it's not a phone number like that??

  • Love your mint green nails Gulia :)

  • Thank you, this was super useful information. Not that I’m that interesting to hack but you never know!

  • Who still uses yahoo?

  • Cole, not everyone who manages passwords or are good with phones/computers are freakin hackers lol. And out of alllll people, why would Tana Mongeau hack Cole Carrigan? Booboo noooo......

  • Tana's mentioned in podcasts that she has people who make sure her onlyfans content doesn't get posted anywhere else