Clothes suited for the circus (very ugly)

Publicado el 16 oct 2020
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  • Oml those three-toed-muppet-footed-lookin-ass shoes should be burned at the stake🤢🤮 #cursed

  • I kinda liked the snakeskin boots, and I hate animal print.

  • i actually really like the one at 8:00 tbh.. but yeah i agree the colors could be a lot better

  • I think you should check out r/it’scalledfashion , it has similar stuff to these

  • Frumpy on the last outfit? Understatement, it looks like someone twisted half her body so that her arse is at the front! That's absolutely nothing against the model, it's clearly the trousers...

  • The snakeskin boots just scream Jotaro.

  • Those chicken shoes were nightmare fuel

  • Bad color palettes can really ruin an outfit

  • Grandma gets bread needs some sort of contrasting trim or something.

  • The pink frilly matador outfit would bother me less if they didn’t feel cut off at the bottom. She does look like a sea slug tho.

  • The party city shoes are constricting that person’s leg. I feel pain looking at it

  • I love that your family collectively hates a fashion brand, I feel like that's very on-brand for you.

  • I like the concept of wearing mold clothing cuz it sounds like an interesting concept But yeah that shape is not cute I'm sure they can make it better tbh

  • i could sit under your shade and take a nap on a hot day, it's so refreshing. it's *pop* noice

  • That one pair of shoes looked like Scooby Doo's feet in that live action scooby doo movie

  • I think the only person allowed to wear the rainbow dress is Miss Frizzle.

  • oh for a moment i thought this video would be bashing juggalos or something lmao

  • No. 1 Jojo Siwa boots and the chicken strip shoes make me think of when they dress up scooby doo as a grandma in the live action movie.

  • 2:11 from the front they look like t-rex hind legs

  • coolest intro award

  • I’m such trash that I basically adore every piece of clothing in this video. I mean they’re so freaking extra

  • That Vegas Chapel suit seems like something David Bowie would have worn


  • How did she not comment on the bangles on the sleeves for the snake outfit

  • The pink bodysuit thing reminds me of the vag trousers from the janelle monae pink music video

  • Why do I kinda want that denim look tho 🤣

  • it looks like the denim jacket has skin tags lmfaoooo

  • i didn't even know those were bows in the first image, i thought that was a three toed boot. taking us back a few million years, before the asteroid.

  • i... i kinda like the rainbow dress... like imagine that with huge daisy earrings or just the rainbow design on pants with a white sleeveless turtleneck and the daisy earrings i like it im sorry

  • I just wanna head ready to glare talk in italian passionately for approximately 15 min

  • The nude colors one, if the pants were darker than the top i would totally love it.

    • I don't mean the HORRIBLE baby girl one 🤮

  • The first shoes will def work if you are dressing up as a flamboyant dinosaur.

  • Oh, dear Lord. That first pair of shoes. We're in for a ride! 😂

  • The first shoes look like dinosaur feet

  • I could see a kinder/primary school teacher wearing the dress that looks like curtins, kids would love it

  • Am i the only one who likes the dolce & gabbana dress and the snakeskin boots😂 everything else is a mess tho

  • Bogetta venetia 😂

  • those shoes are gonna haunt my fucken nightmares

  • Awe my name is gone 🥺😢


  • Lol those first shoes you showed reminded me of Sia but make it terrible

  • 8:25 I'm dying because it is Gucci.

  • Hair is gorgeous😍💋👌 as always❤💜😘🤗 These clothes & shoes 😂 😶 first shoes..definitely no

  • It’s the way she announces the Italian brands for me

  • 5:17 the crab claw w/ rotten joint look 😅

  • Pink outfit is post Malone x lil nas x red carpet

  • For that Dolce and Gabana dress colors are VERY reminiscent of traditional Korean hanbok styles. I know that my baby dress's sleeves were striped like that. I love the colors. Very bright and springy.

  • i love this!! do more videos like these

  • Those chicken feet creeped me tf out

  • The outfit Gigi is wearing I actually like it. lol

  • Gucci used to be nice years ago. Like when i was in High school. It was classy. But being that Jeffree Star love Gucci just says how unclassy the brand has become. Some purses are really nice though.

  • The Dolce one would only look good on a very tall person. If youre like me and 5'2, even though I am a toothpick, I would not pull that off. I would look like some chic clown. lol

  • The title of this video made me think of a Trump Tweet

  • Your hair in this is stunning! Freaking seamless. Looks like a pro did it😍 stay cool

  • That elvis one looks like fish gills to me

  • Can I please have some fashion that says grown ass adult?

  • 11:54 The model didn't execute.

  • 10:52 Ew

  • The first pair of shoes looks like shiny roadkill lizards

  • 9:31 Gross

  • 8:07 I like it.🤷🏻‍♀️

  • The way she says "Gucci" though.

  • 8:20 Damn, who knew MatPat was a model?

  • i actually liked this video but i disliked to make it 69. sorry.

  • 8:15 on a black person could look AMAZING! Cause nude on a white person from distance = They’re nude. On a black person = Looks like they’re actually wearing clothes and the contrast of their skin color and the nude color is MWAH 😘

  • Those Gucci pants, at first I thought it was a new brand of joggers made by LulaRoe.

  • lowkey like the print of those gucci pants but like, if it was a blouse or so i would wear it. as pants not so much, maybe on vacation lol

  • 4:05 the only person who could pull this off is lil nas x, honestly

  • ok, i get what you're saying, but i LOVED 7:04, that outfit?? just *chef's kiss*

  • i love the way she says gucci🤨

  • Giulia: These cases are military grade. Me who's in the Navy: so it's crap..

  • frills on the jean jacket look like belt loops lol what the h?

  • The striped dress works a little but only in the context of ‘middle aged woman with a giant hat on a mediterranean cruise’

  • LOL that ugly rainbow dress is like triple the cost of my wedding gown- that’s way too expensive for that curtain dress

  • I think those things on the denim jacket are belt loops...that made it worse for some reason. In the "Grandma goes to get bread" outfit, the arms of his glasses were over the scarf. Why? As a wearer of, just, no!!

  • I hate certain tie-dye patterns because they look like mold. 🤢 Stuff that looks like mold just freaks me out.

  • That denim jacket must have been made with all the left over belt loops in the factory

  • High fashion is really just designers trolling rich people lol

  • You look a lot like Laura San Giacomo

  • I think the rainbow dress is the dress Jennie from Black Pink wore in one of their mvs. I think its from Dududu (P.S.- sorry if i spelled that the wrong way)

  • Genuinely vibed with the pink ruffled one but maybe that’s bc I secretly wish I could run away to the circus. :/

  • i love most of these. the gay mindset of "holy shit this is so ugly, i want it" is ruining my fashion sense

  • Those first shoes came up as a Facebook ad for me and it said to buy them before they sell out and I was like um no lol

  • 8:50 can we talk about the person behind him?!

  • That wig though..send It over to Italy girl lol

  • Those first boys look like dinosaur feet if you don't look really close...

  • I love when you post the price so we can be even more disgusted.

  • The rainbow dress gives magic school bus vibes✨😌

  • Oh, Id wear the dress - the second peace of clothing. And I adore gucci looks! But the pants on their own are awful, you're right; and the skin print with the headscarf. But the coat with the bracelets there??? Without the headpeace? That would be great! The babygirl outfit is disgusting thooo the text or not :/// And so is the rest - ew

  • The guchi pants look like joe exotic's merch

  • I haven’t started the video yet but I already know she did not lie or stutter

  • The rainbow dress could be worn at a funeral 😂

  • bro the Elvis costume thing looks so much like fish gills

  • The “nude tactical wear” was so cute to me lol. I can see where the designers were going.

  • The rainbow dress reminds me of jason and the technicolour cloak 😂

  • I just KNOW Sarah Paulson would make the curtain dress look incredible

  • 😂😂😂

  • I love horrendous 70s colors. I have been mocked for it but it only makes me love them harder. Also, denim on denim is easy if you don't think too hard about it.

  • I SCREAMED at that chicken strip toe situation

  • Devi essere senza vergogna per vendere una cosa del genere 2:41 a 5000$