Chrissy Teigen is a bully

Publicado el 19 may 2021
I checked to make sure I corrected all pronouns to they/them in regards to Courtney Stodden but I apologize in advance if there's a slip I did not catch.

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  • If you want a full deep dive on Chrissy let me know. I’m aware of her other tweets but I wanted to focus on Courtney Stodden as they recently explained their thoughts and feelings on their experience with Teigen!

    • Yes please do a deep dive and can you pls mention quvenzhane wallis Bc a grown woman with millions of followers bullying a 9 yr old(who didn’t get much work after that)NEVER sat right w my spirit

    • @meg racks Courtney Stoddard’s pronouns.

    • @ColSanders Yes !!! Thank you. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s questioned her connection to Harvey !!! Very sketchy and concerning !!!

    • YES !!! Do a Chrissy Tiegen deep dive. I’ll even send you a tweet from her saying she was on her way to eat a “four year old cheese pizza.” You may be able to find it yourself but I don’t know if it’s real or fake. What even is a four year old cheese pizza and why would she eat one ?!?!

    • I have a great idea. How about we just ignore Ms. Teigan here like we did Elizabeth Taylor and all the other“greats”of Hollywood and leave them to their racist millions

  • Like I can be a total ass... but NEVER, NOT ONCE have I EVER told someone to kill themselves. Like even when I was a teenager I'd never and I dont think most people would. Because its evil and gross and for the stans making excuses... just accept that she is a shitbag who is super rich and doesnt need your moral support when it comes to apologizing for her disgusting behavior.

  • I would never believe anybody saying "I'm sorry" after having done me wrong. If they were sincerely about their apologies, they wouldn't have done that those things in the first place. Bullying someone is not something you might do accidentally, like stepping on somebody's foot or bumping into someone. It is actually coming with a malicious intent. The only reason why they're apologizing all of a sudden, is because either they got caught or they have to face consequences. They're not sorry for what they've done to you, instead, they're only sorry when there's a price to pay.

  • We hat was the appeal to her? She is not exactly attractive.

  • Thank you for this video. Tiegen is a horrible person.

  • Chrissy only hated on courtney bc Courtney is too old for Chrissy's taste.

  • I’ve literally hated Chrissy Teigen for years why is everyone so late to the game

  • Maybe Chrissy hates Courtney so much because she didn’t accept the pizza 🍕 Chrissy offered 😏

  • Broooo I’m 3 mins in and this was the hardest video to watch of yours. Idk if you messed up the first recording redo it?? I love your channel but come on… the editing on this video is WACK.

  • She’s just like the rest of the left, just a cruel and evil

  • I seen a tweet from Chrissy Tiegen (can’t confirm if it was real or fake) that said she was on her way to have a “four year old cheese pizza.” So I tweeted to Chrissy recently asking what that was and why she would eat one, now Twitter won’t let me back in to my account until I attach a phone number to my account. Which I refuse to do. I’ve had that account for almost 10yrs and have never had to add a phone number. But I also rarely use Twitter and have probably commented to tweets about 12 times in that almost decade. And tweeted even less. Just seemed weird !

  • Literally who is this.

  • respecting their This world is so stupid, now.

  • Short answer: no Long answer: hell fuckin no

  • I knew it only a matter of time before we saw the Legends' mask slip.

  • I’m sleepy because of antidepressants but your videos get me awake! So interesting

  • Is Teigen still a model though? Everyone keeps calling her that but is she still???

  • To add, chrissy got put on blast by another Twitter user (which started shit off again) and chrissy blocked them too👀 This is a very common thing with chrissy

  • I’ve always thought Chrissy was overrated and incredibly mean spirited, does anyone else remember her attacking Jay Mohr for naming his son Meredith? Like c’mon, he did nothing to her and she’s making fun of someone she doesn’t even know and sending her idiot fans to go attack him even more when he responds back to her.

  • Good take on this! Very fair and balanced!

  • yeaaaaa just gonna slide those chrissy teigen cookbooks and cookware into a hidden closet now yikes

  • what a nasty girl this tiegan is..

  • why is Courtney Stodden they ?! she is one person.

  • Chrissy tiegen.thinks highly of herself. She is a rude and nasty person

  • Shes been just as bad if not worse to others...she told Farrah Abrahams... Im trying to make this less graphic then what she said....she told her to slice her wrists open...thats just putting it gently. Tho the girl was attention seeking no one took her seriously. Then to bully her or Cortney because they would be easy targets is disgusting. The tweets were disgusting. I wanted to throwup

  • I have a great idea. How about we just ignore Ms. Teigan here like we did Elizabeth Taylor and all the other“greats”of Hollywood and leave them to their racist millions

  • I don't think any mother, in good conscience, and unless she had been previously severely abused herself, would have nothing to say about her 16-year-old daughter marrying a 50 year-old man. I think it's more likely she was interested in the money. Despicable. But so is Chrissy

  • ain’t the same woman who said she was getting “turned on by a 12 y/o boy doing the splits” 🤢🤮 straight up disturbing.

  • She’s sorry she got caught. At 26 bullying a 16 year old is pathetic, honestly didn’t she have anything better to do?

  • "They."

  • I always knew she was a mean girl. She just has that vibe. But a 26yr old woman telling a 16yr old awful things is just disgusting. But she's only apologizing bc she got caught she doesn't regret any of her mean tweets. She's just caught now she's saying I've grown I make mistakes. Disappointing fans means losing money. So she needs her fans her following for money. So all these stans, she could care less whether you live or die. Don't go to bat for a complete stranger. Worry about yourself and the ones you love not these celebrities.

  • "Courtney Love called me a "whore." - Well, if that ain't projection, idk what is...

  • A singular person is not a they. Come at me.

    • @Shu Cao nope. I won't call one person 'they'.. not even if they paid me. Why can't stupid people who identify as a 'them' can't just ask to be known by their names. I won't call Demi a 'they' I will just call Demi, Demi.

    • It's it.

  • I’m confused did Harley Quinn take over the 🤔Channel or does ready to glare have a stunning new look😍 lol

  • I very much appreciate your pov. Always well balanced, inclusive and fair. Quite extraordinary

  • she has also said some REALLY icky stuff abt kids that was actually shocking

  • I love the hair and eye look!!!! OMG

  • I think she is a beard for John what's -his name

  • That apology’s language was so selfish and so self interested, barely mentioned Courtney, focused on how she works hard, boohoo we should feel bad for Chrissy because she just tries to give us joy, minimizes by saying she’s just a “troll”, characterizes a willful public series of actions as mistakes (when none of them were accidents) and barely mentions Courtney or gives her the real respect and apology she deserves

  • Who cares

  • I always wondered why chrissy was famous I’ve never seen her do anything for the culture except marry John legend

  • Things she’s accused of, not surprised she’d shame an underage women being groomed.

  • Whoa people really aren't who they seem to be

  • people we cannot accept other people apologies should not have their apologies accepted. If you cannot extend grace to others, you don't deserve grace.

  • Shes isn't sorry. Case in point, she deleted 60,000 tweets of her talking nasty about children. If she was sorry she wouldn't have delete those last summer but she is afraid of finally getting caught. She is a disgusting human being. I worry for her children.

  • Courtney genuinely looks 60

  • honey just do a retake , i can barely fucking watch this christmas color clusterfuck

  • I thought Chrissy was just famous for being married to John Legend. I legit didn't know she was famous before that.

  • Let me just say to anyone who defends Chrissy Teigen’s actions saying “everyone says dumb things online”, I have had MySpace, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and every other social media I can think of and yet I have not one time told another person to kill their self. She and anyone else who thinks that’s just a dumb thing people do on the internet have something deeply wrong inside of them.

  • Its just funny though how a couple of years ago she was the internet's darling and now suddenly everyone has turned on her. Of course she should not have done that to Courtney Stodden- she should have gone after her parents and husband instead- but until then ALL YOU GUYS LOVED CHRISSY!! Ooh, she's so edgy and funny and tells the truth!! Oh she fell asleep at the Oscars, how funny!! Is it a race thing?? That how dare fatfaced Chrissy go after a beautiful young blonde?? When we let Trump get away with saying much much worse things- dangerous things- and you guys let him get away with that for YEARS but one silly bitchy little model has to be reamed out for what was essentially a catfight in cyberspace?! It's not even like with Ellen, who was being awful in the real world....I dunno, it's just weird and depressing how mercurical the internet can be, what goes around comes around I guess. Thank goodness Chrissy seems to have a hubby who loves her...and who has enough brains to stay off social media lol

    • What's with the generalisations? No we did not "all love Chrissy" lmao, speak for yourself. And to downplay the situation with Courtney by saying "is it a race thing?, oh fatfaced Chrissy going after a beautiful young blonde"... Um no, again, maybe YOU see everything through the lens of race and appearance, but people clearly have a problem with the Courtney situation because of the disgusting things Chrissy said towards A 16 YEAR OLD, and we obviously didn't know about it until now. And it's not just "a catfight in cyberspace", she's been awful for so long and she is finally getting properly called out for it instead of praised.

  • It means a lot more to be a kind and decent person in the first place, than to say "sorry" afterwards. If you drive a person to suicide, saying "sorry" doesn't mean much. The person doesn't come back

  • Mrs Teigen Is just her husband's wife . Dont know why everybody hice a f about her

  • Chrissy tiegen is evil. Ya know those people that believe in Hollywood conspiracy theories? Yeah, the ones like "they consume blood of innocent children", "celebs are lizard people" or "that celeb is.involved in human sex trafficking"....I'm vaguely familiarwith these lol..... yes maybe you have NO clue but Christy tiegen makes me believe these have some them. Maybe not the lizard people thing but her weird tweets about kids, babies, and children and of.course Jeffrey epstein connection.....

  • Chrissy had a huge loud freak out on her husband at Kim & Kanye's wedding. Where she basically beat the shit out of her husband John, because she wasn't the prettiest girl in the room!!!!!

  • Chrissy is your typical mean girl

  • I absolutely never liked chrissy Teigon I always wanted her to go away .. she never brought anything to the world we couldn’t live without

  • The irony of that fool 😂😂😂

  • I've never liked chrissy before. Everytime I saw her anywhere and I thought that she wasnt sympathic as well. Now I knew why I didn't liked her. Karma will get her, to bully a minor and other people. Her face is the mirror of her character, Ugly. 👍

  • If somebody criticizes you does that mean they hate you? Rhetorical question.

  • I never liked Chrissy

  • I think its about time these woke as a joke lefties get theirs. They have been bullying, saying mean hateful things to people for the past five years its good to see them eat their own an get the karma they so.truly deserve

  • Can anyone recall her miscarriage media post? I found that soo odd. Why put something so personal out in public? I never liked her and her actions are so abhorrent.

  • This eye makeup 😍

  • The fact that a teenager got hate for being groomed And the groomer didn’t get half the age she they got shows what kind of society we’re living in

  • tbh a 26 year old woman telling a 16 year old to kill themselves isnt even bullying imo that is just straight up evil. like what kind of hatred in your heart do you have to have to be so fucking cruel.

  • Of course I feel sad for all the direct victims of her abuse/bullying, but I'm also sad for her kids since one day they'll be able to find all of those atrocious tweets online

  • I have never understood her appeal at all

  • I was truly horrified to read about what Chrissy Teigen did. But I remember watching Anderson Cooper making fun of the poor teenager on CNN and was shocked. I have not watched Anderson Cooper since. I have not heard any of them apologize. CNN still has on Anderson Cooper. Wendy Williams still has her show. Joy Behar etc. And don't get me started on her apology. Stating she hopes Stodden can finally heal now knowing how sorry she is??? Thank you so much for so graciously giving your victim permission to heal. Seriously???

  • Nobody had an issue with what chrissy said when she said it that day so why do we care about it years later

  • i’ve never liked her at all- being terrible online isn’t cute. her twitter (and to a large extent, she) has been so popular bc she was so outspoken about Trump... people will overlook a lot when they’re angry about politics.

  • Nah nah nah sister, you aint using the word “troll” to get out of almost getting a trapped child to kill themselves.

  • She literally only apologized because she was called out

  • All her"fans" are stupid !!🤷‍♂️

  • The word :sorry !! Means nothing to her ! When she says sorry its only damage control !

  • She has always been problematic. And extremely annoying.

  • Tell that girl to put on more clothes!

  • How is she even a thing is beyond me.

  • I've always disliked this woman.

  • Brah it is pedophilia. Yeah death threats i get is wrong but still

  • Her apology sounds "professionally" written. From what I've seen of her tweeting, she ain't that articulate. In fact, most twitter apologies sound like they got some help. That's just what I've seen from others. I don't have twitter and if I did, I wouldn't follow her.

  • Just thank you! we were all thinking this you said it! thank man Chrissy and her making America great again bullshit makes my skin crawl

  • She didn't even really apologize to Courtney. She had them blocked, not once @ed them, and the "apology" was focused entirely on Chrissy herself. I guess she's only comfortable addressing Courtney directly when telling them to commit suicide. She didn't even say what she was apologizing for, and watered her focusing so much effort on bullying a child to being a "troll", which cause fans to leap to her defense without knowing anything that happened.

  • Nah no apology needed if you think and care before you leap. This lady does not care

  • not the kool-aid hair D: you're cool either way, but try adding something new to a story everyone is already covering. like, come on. you have an opinion, right!?! share it!!! be an individual! go for that!!!!

  • its funny yall loved when she bullied people yall dont like yall called her "Brave"

  • I am so glad to see a video condemning her behavior without diving into stupid Pizzagate conspiracy theories.

  • Has her husband said anything publicly? I know of Teigen but never followed her normal life nevermind following for her shenanigans. Idk what the hell goin' in. Stodden (sp?) Is a blast from past so why is this being brought up in 2021? I'm clueless

  • wow, you look great. as always

  • yeah i had to block anything about her on twitter. she was too much all the time.

  • Nah, but for real Chrissy who?

  • My favorite part of Chrissy's non-apology was where she hoped Courtney "could heal now" that she knows how sorry Chrissy is. As if Chrissy's being sorry was all that was keeping Courtney from being whole. The unadulterated arrogance! 😬🤥🤮

  • It's OK to say "she". Stodden is obviously a woman, and "she/her" goes with women. No binary is a cope to deal with gender expectations the suffering thinks they have to abide by (hint, no they don't. Most people don't want to be forced into gender stereotypes), or NBs are are narcissists who get off on forcing people to pretend we can't see and hear what sex they are. It's gaslighting.

  • Not sure why we are talking about 2011 comments. 2011 was a way different time online than it is now. What’s going on with her in recent years? Genuinely curious

  • Wait COURTNEY LOVE talked shit about her too? Wowza.

  • Chrissy was engaged to John Legend already in 2011 so she was very much in the spotlight 🙄

  • Why didn't you include Teigen's questionable child ab*se tweets?!

  • i myself happen to be short and weird and im the coolest ever. ;) LOL i really loved this though. shorter ones tend to be all I LEFT HIM AFTER HE SLAPPED ME WITH A DOUBLE WHOPPER CAUSE I FARTED AFTER BEANS. the this one was refreshing :)

  • Why us she famous wtf. Dunno who she is. Can't we all just be human ?????

  • never forget the hamster she impulse-bought and didnt listen to ppls advice about

  • I want a deep dive on Courtney Stodden, tbh. Nobody thought they were 16 when they appeared, and if they were, what happened to them as a child? Their parents said they were a "naturally sexual child" and that they figured their over-sexuality was a "gift from God". It was so weird and so strange.