Chad Daybell's past is being looked into

Publicado el 22 abr 2020
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  • The guy is guilty but you can die of natural causes when you are young and healthy. Some people can have a undiagnosed heart defect that will lead to random heart attacks. It's actually not uncommon for professional soccer players to die from this. Google "List of association footballers who died while playing " and a lot of them die from heart attack or organ failure.

  • I know this is later and we now know what happened to the kids. You forgot to mention the fact that approx 2 weeks before Tammy's death, there was a masked gunman that approached her, attempted to shoot her, but the gun jammed or something. These are not all coincidences. No jury in hell is going to believe that. I still can't believe no murder/attempted murder/conspiracy to murder charges have been filed. I know they are bound by what they can prove but people have been convicted on a lot less than what we know.

  • Here after 4 months.

  • When my grandma passed away after a 12 year battle with mylofibrosis, a rare form of cancer that causes your bone marrow to harden, my grandad announced that he was marrying her friend 5 weeks later. It tore my family apart, my grandad wasn't really involved in our lives until 2007 because of what he did. I can't begin to imagine how Tammy and Chad's children feel because there wasn't the intrigue around my grandma's death and the proceedings weren't rushed because she was told by doctors that she should have been dead ten years prior.

  • I definitely think he's guilty and my first initial thought from another video you did when they were talking about how the coroner didn't do an autopsy I found that to be that he had something to do with the fact that he knew the family or something

  • the stink of premeditation all over this

  • LDS is jacked up as is

  • Ok I'm only to the part talking about how fast Chad buried his wife and all of that....I lost my mom and we had her memorials or celebration of life for them towards the end of the month she passed on, but not like TWO days after her death...when someone, especially someone so close to you dies you typically are in shock for a while and slowly and quickly work towards the funeral, but this seems weird over how fast it was alone...and then to marry someone so quickly after...I don't buy that they're innocent.. PS this was just my experience with losing a loved one, but hell even people around me didn't move THAT fast to bury a loved one...

  • 11:32 "Do you think Chad was involved in the mur- I mean death of Tammy Daybell" I'm screaming.

  • In the 5th grade, my music teacher's wife died of cancer. Not even a month later he was married to a new 20 year old woman and moved to LA for her college career. I think sometimes it happens, but I think Lori's husband 100% did something horrible.

  • They just found them

  • They just announced that they found those poor kids bodies at the Idaho home of Chad very sad indeed.

  • Hope you do an update on the case... those poor fucking kids.

  • update on the case: chad was taken into custody; and human remains were found on his property and identified as tylee and jj. I hope those fuckers rot in jail.

  • The bodies of the children were just found. Relatives: Bodies found are 2 kids missing since September

  • Two bodies have been found.

  • We need another update!!!!

  • They found remains at his house 😭😭

  • The coroner's job is just to examine the body and record down the cause of death, any injuries, etc. It's NOT their job to be the detective and make conjectures. That's probably why, despite the suspicious death, they just wrote what they found.

  • Yeah I really hope this gets solved soon! Keep us updated!

    • Monique Shorten The remains were just found on their property.

  • HELL YES IS WAS SUSPICIOUS. Crikey it's scary...

  • I think Chad messed up not cremating Tammy, I think he will turn on Lori.

  • Fatal dose Liquid Idaho woman murdered husband....lori inesberg arrest big news b4 Tammy death...i believe is how Chad murdered his wife

  • I'm convinced that Fat Dumbell got the idea how to murder hack by the murder of Larry inesberg in Idaho by wife Lori inesberg around same time

  • RTG: “let me know what you think, was he involved in the m-death” Me: 😏 you were gonna say murder weren’t ya girl😂 I LOVE HER CONTENT SO MUUUUCH

  • i’m

  • Can I ask...are u advertising raycon earbuds by RAY J????? cuz i luv u and ur channel but i absolutely do not support anything about Ray j . He is a mysonagistic pig. Sorry...but not sorry.😞👏

  • live in idaho. everything i know about rexburg cops i've heard in relation to the BYU-Idaho campus cops, and theyre completely negligent. one of the missing vallow kids is adopted or something and the cops did a welfare check. except they didnt cuz whoever answered the door said he wasnt there and they just went oh okay bye. so not much confidence.

  • they bought the wedding ring BEFORE SHE DIED. BEFORE. SHE. DIED. they were still MARRIED! it HAD to be planned there's no other way

  • Do you speed up your voice?

  • Your videos are the only thing giving me serotonin right now 😂😂

  • I’d be surprised if the coroner had anything to do with it. The don’t thoroughly examine bodies unless they are deemed suspicious so if he killed her with say some kind of poison that could something like a heart attack or her to stop breathing then it would make sense for it to be ruled that way.

  • she hacked a lung and died smiling - uh, no

  • Totally man. Like So far out

  • You forgot to talk about the zombies and how lori and Chad grade people. From light to dark.

  • I don’t know how anyone can think Chad didn’t have something to do with Tammy s death. This is the most bizarre case. Between Lori and Chad there’s a lot that needs to come out. I really hope the children are alive, but it’s c looking less likely.

  • And the Death that follows Tammy! Two sisters! Two ex husbands, her brother!

  • I am with you there! I am sick of hearing about this death following Bitch! Where are the kids? Dead or alive they can’t just disappear. Why are family not asking. What does Melani know! I have an aunt with two kids (grown now) but ffs as kids if they were missing I wouldn’t let up until they were found x

  • Lori purchased her and Chad's wedding rings 17 days before Tammy died...... Isn't that a f**king coincidence........ yeah right!

  • You watching love island>>>>>>>

  • My son died in his sleep at age 23. He was healthy. According to the coroner who performed the autopsy, it's not so rare. He did say that it could have been undiagnosed sleep apnea. Rip Noah, I love and miss you.

    • @Edith Beale I understand, just pointing out that this can happen.

    • I am sorry for your loss. With regard to Tammy, she was 49 years old, training for a marathon and had given birth to five children. All of this is in addition to being married to that total idiot. I think she was healthy.

  • Cool intro music! Chad murdered or coaxed Tammy into being “sealed away” . No doubt. Absolutely. The witch he married has been killing full on, for years. Total psychos

  • Im hoping for the feature film with zombies and all. Those people have lost their damn minds. And this fake religion they made up is the weirdest thing i've ever heard. This chad daybell guy has put some evil thoughts in these peoples heads. Shame some people end up being just followers!

  • I'm wondering ....are these daybell children wanting answers to their mothers death . Or Have they just accepted what their father has told them as the truth? Hmmm!

  • Thank GOD she wasn't cremated.

  • It is quite common for families to not order an autopsy and just because they don't shouldn't make them part of a crime.

  • i think it is so obvious that Chad and Lori are guilty of murder or conspiracy to commit murder at least but if they will actually find evidence to prove that in court is a different subject. Im with you on this one...just want to hear them say they have the goods on them and they are locked up without the key. I wish they would find those kids alive though but prob not going to happen. Sad.

  • Did you see that it’s now coming out today (May 1st) that Lori’s sister died mysteriously back in 1998? The plot just gets thicker and thicker. Please keep us up to date on this catastrophe. I’ve been waiting for months for something to happen to these two jackasses.

  • the lady coroner has a high school diploma and nurse training.small town idaho.

  • This story was suposto be about his back ground not what we already know! It was very good as far as what's going on but doesnt say much about him! And his past! It's also already been shown that he was seeing Lori Vallow before his wife died so we already know that too! Thats a proven fact!😂😂😂

  • Love your reflection and agree with your reactions. Lori and Chad.... no words can communicate how many people they have hurt.

  • Love your channel! You are awesome 👍 just popped up! He so fucking guilty! They both are! Honestly your speculation on coroner was a thought I had too!

  • Lol @ “even if ur not a cynical Bitch like me”

  • We are going to find out even worse about these ghouls. Believe.

  • What you talkin about. I die in my sleep every night that's like the last phases of the coronavirus where it's trying to kill you in your sleep and it all depends on your will to live that puts into reference on how long life expectancy will be.👌🤣

  • Lori and Chad knew each other for more than a year before Tammy's death. In fact if you watch the storage video you see Chad give Lori a playful swat on the rear, they were banging before Tammy was murdered, er died.

  • Well, “natural causes” is a biiig blanket term. My brother was a healthy individual yet passed away suddenly at 16 from an inter-cerebral aneurysm. Basically, he died of a stroke. At 16. And he was healthy. Basically he was born with it and it just grew and grew as he did until it burst. We were devastated by this though and wanted to know what happened to him. In California, where we live, all deaths of minors must be investigated by an autopsy, but had it not been, I feel we still would have requested one. That’s just natural for a family to want answers when a sudden, seemingly inexplicable death happens. THAT SAID, I’m not sure, but I seem to remember LDS has some restrictions on medical operations (e.g. blood transfusions, organ transplants, etc.), so the lack of an autopsy on Tammy could have been due to religious reasons. What’s most suspect to me is how abrupt the funeral arrangements were, as though he was expecting the death. When my brother passed, it took us nearly two weeks to scrounge up the money to bury him and to plan the memorial ceremonies. The funeral business is not cheap. It is VERY EXPENSIVE. And it takes some time, so that is sus as HELL to me how fast he got everything done. When you’re grieving, especially for a sudden death, choosing a loved one’s casket and burial plot is hardly easy. Add to that that his new wife’s children went missing and- excuse me, what??? He’s definitely hiding something.

  • i think she took her own life.and left .because she knew he was cheating on her with lorie vallow

  • So I come across your videos in my recommended now and then and I always watch them. Not sure why I havent subscribed before but i did today. I think your content is amazing.. your cut through the bullshit perspective is great.. Your presentation is always thoughtful and well presented. Your instincts are right on .. on this one. This whole story has been one bizarre incident after another.. the shooting of her husband by her brother.. the missing children ( who unfortunately are most likely dead), the weird match up of Lori and Chad.. their bizarre beliefs, the death of Chads young wife in her sleep???? the weird marriage in Hawaii.. the whole thing.. insanity. These 2 are evil and i Hope that investigations turn up the truth on what has happened to those children.. and how Chad's wife died.

  • I don't understand WHY no autopsy was performed. Her death was not medically attended to, which should automatically require an autopsy be performed for cause. The coroner just signed off on the death certificate based on Chad Daybell's wishes. Chad Daybell made a mistake, he should've had her cremated. These people are evil and I HOPE they don't get away with it.

  • To answer your question as to why the coroner would rule her death as accidental and not perform an autopsy: A lot of coroners don’t even have medical degrees. They take a course after they are elected to the position. That is why a lot of them have been found to have falsified information on death records and have let bodies pile up. A lot of them have no business doing that type of job. It is a completely different role than a pathologist. It is insane to me that this is how we still elect these people instead for hiring a qualified individual.

  • I mean.... I knew a kid (~19 yrs old) who was healthy and had no preexisting conditions that were known to him or his family, and he ended up passing away in his sleep from a brain aneurism IIRC. It was terribly tragic and no one saw it coming. Now this, this is super suspicious. The likelihood of Tammy’s death being a result of “natural causes” is very low. She had to have been murdered.

  • thank you for your brutal honesty...I only hope the truth comes out. there is nothing christ like about this situation except for those who have passed on. that would be Tammy, jj and type. not sure about Alex cox. he murdered some people ...not good.

  • Chad Daybell is an extreme Mormon, and I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of law enforcement, lawyers, and even judges are also Mormon and he may have ties to them or other dirt that may cause them to be tip-toeing around him. Think BITE model.

  • Wasn’t there a wedding ring thing too! Like didn’t he look up and purchase wedding rings before Tammy died? Or am I thinking of another case?

  • He killed her!!

  • OK! I have become CYNICAL over all of this...... Can it get any worse? YES.... I just hope all of the attention and scrutiny about this continues ..... and WHERE ARE THE CHILDREN?

  • This some Tiger King: The Mormon Edition shit

  • Didn’t they all go to Yellowstone together right before the kids went missing. Maybe that’s where the children’s bones are

    • JJ was seen after that visit. I don’t believe that Tylee was though. She might be there, I guess.

  • I think Chad definitely had something to do with Tammy's death.

  • same for Charles Vallow shooting. Self defense, shot 4 times? - notice noone knows anything till it happens. lots of secrets. where there is one there are more .

  • He was DEFINITELY involved in her death!!!

  • I don’t think the coroner is in on it, was his passed wife over weight at all? I’m sure he had his reasons to deem her death as such.. but it’s important to note that they are now taking a second look at it. Usually when this happens that same coroner will say he has reason to re-examine the body. I know a 48 year old man who suddenly dropped dead this year of a heart attack. He was completely healthy to the normal eye

  • "Weird" is just putting it mildly.

  • this is a disgusting situation but makes me think my life isn’t that fucked up at least

  • I think he smothered her with a pillow.... Chad and Lori have known each other for awhile. They were having an affair..

  • When this first story came out, I was hoping that the children were in some doomsday bunker. Then I heard about the weird comments Lori made about her kids being zombies and not prepared to handle the end of days. The confirmation that these children are gone, for me, is how many times she has gone to court to get bail lowered. If she is that desperate to get out of jail, all she has to do is have someone produce the children. She cant.

  • Im shocked that Chad hasnt run. He has money, he could easily vanish and I only say this because how have the cops NOT ARRESTED HIM🙄 I have seen funerals happen that fast. My husband died young and his Dad kind of took over the funeral planning. The home really pushed for the opening they had 2 days after he died and we had to be like "um no family members who dont live here need time"🙄 That was 3 years ago. I am not remarried, in fact I have not even considered dating. I am still deeply mourning, have daily nightmares about him and cannot fathom someone remarrying a few weeks after your spouse dying. Hell, I can't even imagine doing anything a few weeks after your spouse died. I was such a absolute wreck for the first YEAR after he died and still miss him so much. We began dating when I was 14. So we were together almost 14 years when he died.

  • I don't know about Idaho but if they killed her in Utah there is a death penalty there, and if she has killed several people and her kids for money, it's a firing squad for her.

  • The coroner had already ruled in Tammy's death plus she was already buried, getting the order to exhume and re-open and investigation took some legal heavy lifting. They actually did so pretty quickly as these things go so they must have had some compelling evidence to give a judge. You can be sure the cops smelled a rat from the git-go but they have to follow procedures and get solid evidence to prove a case.

  • It's about time they looked into this poor woman's early demise, especially after learning that Lori bought the wedding ring BEFORE Tammy died!

  • Love Island Australia!!!! OMG that shows so bad I think its a straight to streaming show here in Australia. That's worse than straight to video in the 80s....

  • I’m Native American and we bury our dead on the 4th day. We have prayer services or wake on the 3rd day, and the funeral on the 4th. Is it not normal for the daybells or other people to have quick funerals? We do it no matter how the person died.

  • The good, naive person in my says "maybe he remarried because he is religious and thinks he needs a mother figure to raise the children" but the cynical" real-life me thinks that they planned her murder for "LOVE" because divorce would be oh-so horrible

  • Do you listen to Marina and the Diamonds, RTG?

  • I just came across your channel and totally dig your style and u being so blunt u r saying what everyone is thinking...this whole case is beyond amazing this is the true definition of Truth being stranger than fiction and yeah I believe Tylee is in Yellowstone park somewhere and I don't know where they put the boy but I don't forsee a positive outcome for these children I mean her own brother killed himself but everything about her just seems oh la-te-da like buisness as usual and same for Chad neither of them grieved when their spouses died Zi mean my ex I don't like him as a person anymore but he is my 2 son's dad and if he died it would affect me because there was a time I loved him but also my son's losing their dad that would break my heart and this Chad and Lori characters r mind boggling narcissistic psychopaths it is utterly stunning that the cops r actually playing catch up but what can we do but sit and watch this crazy ass horror show to it's conclusion anyhow I think u rock❣️🤟

  • I think in one of your other videos there was proof that Lori Vallow ordered her wedding ring and dress from Amazon on her dead husband's account like a week before Tammy Daybell died.

  • I stopped watching your channel for a while but have always liked you so I stayed a subscriber. I enjoy the more relevant content of things that have been happening recently in the world. Always enjoy hearing your perspective

  • i have been following this case forever! i’m so glad you are doing these recaps 😅

  • Murder charges?! Ya think 🤔

  • In Ireland those funeral arrangements are normal. Wake and funeral are held two/three days after the death. Is it different in other countries?

  • I work for a funeral home and it’s sad to say, but doctors hate signing death certificates. And half the time they just put “natural causes”

  • I don’t think any of this is a coincidence it was all planned

  • Well if they don’t catch them for the kids. They will catch them for the other things they did.

  • Your pretty HOT, Please dont put any Tatoos on your Beutiful Face or Neck ! Second: If NO Autopsy, How does the Coroner Determine Death was of Natrual Causes ?

  • Chad is the master mind behind all these deaths. He manipulated people to believe that he hear spirits talking even if his "visions" is nothing but his own manipulative mind talking and projecting his own plans. Like his life is somehow so much more important than any body's else's...

  • I think the coroner is too ‘poe dunk townsy’ like inexperienced or not used to foul play. It was a big mistake for him /her to just accept ‘natural causes’. It sucks that she got embalmed and everything / it’ll make it harder to find traces of poisons. Please please please let them find the truth. Chad Dinnerbell porky pie look alike was tapping lori’s butt in storage park video whilst his son was on an honest LDS mission??? I want this guy in JAIL!!! He needs to say where those beautiful kids are right now, or I’m driving over to his stupid unstylish Idaho house he’s hiding in and slap that ugly look of his face ohmygosh my blood is boiling 🥵

  • Omg you love my countries love island yet we here like yours lmfao

  • 11:29 when she almost said "murder" lol

  • I do honestly think the children have not been alive for a very long time.