Bodybuilder ends marriage over a new doll

Publicado el 26 mar 2021
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  • Breaking-News: Fems are using cam-products to extract power from boys to suck all the way to nursery school to circ boys. Don't think this lady is special. It's in the face. The uglier, the less talented. That's why it's called A.I. It's artificial. They use Henry-Fs., for a lack of a better description, to propel more male-on-male competition because they don't want their castrated guard dogs to know of sexual Mormonism.

  • I really love your t-shirt ♡

  • EW NO. Stop just stop!!!!!!!! The thing with the chicken and the full grown man in his underwear is A NOOOOOO. please help us all

  • Plot twist: she cheated with the repairman.

  • Maybe he's attention-seeking for some reason. :/

  • This guy sounds like the kind of "Kazakhstanian" I would hear about from the movie Borat.

  • At least he's not hurting anyone physically. It's just emotionally scarring to watch it. The chicken thing is probably one of the worst things in the world though

  • This might be a psychosis brought on by steroids....or maybe hes just like this naturually. But, steroids is a possibility

  • Chicken boo ended up bad

  • Margo cheated on him, I bet. 🤣

  • "And someone drops them off like they're uber eats or something" HELP

  • I think this man belongs in the madhouse

  • So like the movies, the sex dolls only move and talk when he’s alone with them, but freeze up when other people see them. So Lola is a harpy?

  • Wtf is wrong with people? Jesus

  • This man can't get an actual girlfriend? HE IS A BODY BUILDER!

  • As a pansexual, we don’t claim him 😌💕💕

  • Just... who hurt you, my man? WHO HURT YOU

  • that chicken video is disturbing

  • This is my favourite video you’ve done so far😂

  • This sex doll is saving a lot of women from coming in contact with this dude! 😒

  • This is... ungodly

  • I saw a mini doc a while ago on new sex dolls and they really are becoming more and more like sex robots! Some have programmed phrases they can say and their faces move etc, so that might be what he means by “Margo breaking down”

  • IMO people could use some limits these days, you know...

  • lets go kazakhstan 🇰🇿 lmaooo

  • My face during the whole video: :0 ???????

  • Why did I watch this? Just why?

  • Actually, HE'S a massive chicken for not even attempting a relationship with a human. There is, after all, someone out there for nearly everyone. Having some setbacks or disappointments while searching for that special someone is part of life. But it's worth it to have loved rather than been stuck with a sex doll. And those Kazakhstan man's IG posts make Borat look relatively sane.

  • Well, this was something to wake up to ,xD

  • this is honestly reminding me ALOT of necro-zoosadism and thats extremely disturbing.

  • Maybe it's a joke...?

  • 🤮🤮🤮🤮

  • This is the best video ever! LMFAOO

  • 5:41 says it all 🤣

  • Omg!!!! He has come up on this TikTok cringe page I follow 🤮 I call him nipples!

  • why am i just getting notified of this now? youtube tf

  • I must have done LSD before clicking this video. That's too much for me to process as real. I blame imaginary LSD.

  • Well, I’m happy that he found someone else

  • Why did i click, knowing very well what was at stake? I think I low-key play pranks on me XD

  • I checked out mentally at “naval can be used as vagina”

  • I have a lot of questions I don't want the answers to either. Ugh.

  • I’m sorry Lola is an actual chicken body??? I don’t understand

  • Have you seen the movie Lars & The Real Girl? Starring Ryan Gosling. - he falls in love with a sex doll. And it follows their relationship. It’s a great movie!

  • Freedom was a mistake

  • What......why do people......WHY IS HE ATTACKED TO SHIT LIKE THIS & WHY DOES HE POST IT???!!!!!

  • LSD, mescaline and shrooms have been determined to actually be pretty *beneficial* for anxiety and depression, there've been a lot of studies on it. Same goes for ketamine. Members of The Native American Church, which often uses mescaline (aka peyote) in rituals, are shown to have significantly lower rates of depression and anxiety than the rest of the population, like there's genuine therapeutic benefits to hallucinogens. I was told to never do acid, shrooms, etc. because I'm cRaZy, but have had nothing but amazing, insightful experiences. And, no, it's nothing like what you seem to think it is, you're taking bad movies at face value.

  • Some ppl need to be neutered

  • Imagine divorcing your wife for a chicken carcass.....

  • Um..... the NAVEL!? NO

  • Ok this entire thing is asinine!! Seriously🤦🤦

  • As someone who owns chickens, I am extra disturbed by him rubbing a dead chicken for sexual pleasure. Also, that can't be sanitary. Geesh! Get this guy on Dr. Phil! He needs help.

  • this is your natural hair right?? like, no wig? ITS GORGEOUS!!! OMG😍😍 i would order THAT exact hair as wig

  • You know the guy from Cloudy with a chance of meatballs that got stuck in the chicken? That’s his sister

  • That was a trip. However, this is obviously a journey and, as weirded out as I am, I’m looking forward to more...why?

  • Hi. Can you react to Lil nas x new video/blood shoes??

  • she probably broke because youre not really meant to put them in stressful situations on the dolls joints over and over again. only know this because yandere dev broke his doll too

  • Well I was not prepared for any of the chicken stuff....

  • Really hurt him? He fucked her into repair and blamed her for not being reliable?

  • Your hair looks *chef’s kiss*

  • The PROTEIN😂😂

  • has he got an alkonost kink or something?

  • I'm Sorry sir, Is that zoo/necrophilia?


  • ''it had a chicken head with duck feet, and a woman's face too''

  • ''and it was waiting in the bushes for us,and it ripped off your dad's face''

  • You are the only person I know who still side parts their hair

  • He likes them chicks.

  • beautiful.

  • A whole new meaning to "this is my chick"...

  • Wait..what?? You are joking right?! It has to be a JOKE!😳🐔🐔🐔

  • This dude needs to see a therapist ASAP.

  • This odd

  • I heard this story before somewhere...Oh I know!

  • Sticking around for part 3...

  • 😔😔

  • tried psychs, cant say its anywhere near as bad as this...

  • It’s weird, but I’m not mad because he’s not hurting anyone else...well I mean you had to research this lol but not physically hurting anyone else?!

  • Love your channel, READY TO GLARE! Your hair looks awesome like that, by the way. I love the waves/curls. :)

  • _I’ll bet that poor chicken got covered in slime and eaten for supper.._

  • Im confused

  • Oooh wavy haired Julia?! 👍

  • In the first video you made, you said this wasn’t hurting anyone. I can’t help but disagree. This is hurting him. Something is mentally not okay here.

  • He broke up with Margo before Christmas because she broke and also apparently had a sexually stimulating experience with a chicken which is why he decided to have Lola custom made. Gross because now he even has another doll that's a "small cute asian girl" and she looks like a child like 12

  • Glare, you have a really nice smile & laugh. You feel slightly closer now, in a way. Whenever I see nice things in people, it makes me like them more. One such thing is behaviour ofcourse, that goes without saying. Best wishes btw, enough about my thoughts :)

  • Imagine being a chicken, being killed and THAT'S what happens to your corpse.

  • Sounds like fleshlight should make a plug & play version for this dude...

  • Damn someone likes the ooccoo (human head chicken body) of twilight princess of zelda.... (That thing gives me creeps). And so this man.

  • 5:38 - I think we threw up in our mouths at the same time, are we best friends now?? lmao yukkkk!

  • The 1932 movie freaks is all I’m gonna say

  • obvs he does this for attention. don't feed the troll. he's a trisha paytas 2017 "over 9000" lol

  • I can only say... wawaweva

  • This guy is a master troll

  • Okay I went and looked for the chicken thing and you don't have to and you really shouldn't. I can't give you a full breakdown of the video because when I saw a real dead chicken that is used for eating it was all I needed to see. And I think that sums it up. The chicken wife idea came from an actual chicken experience 🤢👀. I'm going to bleach my brain and eyes. Bye

  • during two-digit years i've spent on the internet, who would've thought that there are things i still haven't seen... is it considered kink shaming if i say that that asmr with chicken is disturbing?

  • I have seen the chicken experiment abort! turn back now!

  • You should do a video about the Aimee challenor reddit situation I feel like it's not getting enough attention or reaching enough people. Its incredibly disturbing that reddit tried to bury the story at first.

  • Honestly if he’s not hurting any living people or animals, I just don’t care. Weird guy. But hey, the world is full of strange people. (Granted I get that putting it online for everyone makes it our business sort of)

  • This wasn't a story I expected to hear as a first thing at 6 in the morning, while doing makeup. What a weird start of a day 😅

  • You look so good with wavy hair !!

  • No. To all of it. Nope.

  • NO! Noooooo! he definitely cheated on Margo with raw chicken! dude definitely stuck his wang into that uncooked chicken! What is life? no like seriously... why are we here?