Bella Thorne is back at it

Publicado el 18 dic 2020
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  • Yeah but who pays 200 for nudes like come on thats just sad

  • no not more bella thorne

  • I only see you smiling with your dog, that says a lot about people c:

  • “My dog is here again…Can I help you?” Lol this line sent me

  • Thanks for uploading! If you have a second, I posted a cover of Lana Del Rey. As a fellow music fan, I'd love if you would take a listen. It's on my channel. Hope you enjoy!

  • Who is Bella Thorne? I can’t name a single project she has been in. Don’t care to either. She sounds like an egocentric person.

  • Your hair, makeup and earrings look perfect on you!

  • I'm so tired of people confusing body positivity with objectifying yourself. Maybe she should watch a Soft White Underbelly interview and get a psychotherapist instead. Histrionic much?

  • OnlyFans might have put the last nail in its own coffin with the $100 tip maximum. It makes absolutely no sense to punish the entire user base for one easily traceable bad egg.

  • I guess you could say, she's a THORN in everyone's side!!! Eh? Eh???? I'll see myself out....

  • My soul kind of wants to leave my body at the thought that people wanted to unlock that nude for 200 dollars. Just think what could be achieved with all that money, but no people are THAT thirsty

  • "Penilised" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Omg youtube sucks. Just turned the bell off and on so hopefully I start seeing your videos again

  • Narcissism and ego is a bitch ain’t it? Lol

  • Personally I started really hating her for cheated on Tyler Posey and then playing fake bi for publicity with her best friend? (regardless of if shes actually bi or not, she fetishized it for likes and used 2 people who loved her to do so.) The fact that Tyler jumped on the OnlyFans bandwagon weeks after her and theres an implication theyre hanging out again leaves a bad taste in my mouth. She's basically like Miley Cyrus at this point--talented, but settling for keeping her name in peoples mouths by pulling stunts and using people. And she was clearly lying about the nude hack thing too. just. yuck. shes using so many people and ruining actual peoples professions and lives for it. I started out not really caring--now Im very anti.

  • Dude most of the time I swear celebrities should just donate money to reputable organizations in order to make a change and use their platform. Taylor Swift, Michelle Obama, any of the bands who have recently done Planned Parenthood fundraisers... None of them engaged in any fuckery like this.

  • Cool hoodie, Glare.

  • Well her last name says it all really, Thorn = sharp, prickly. One might even say Prick.

  • what have we learned today? 1. Bella Thorne can eat a cucumber and go home. 2. You look amazing in red!!!

  • today she do be lookin like kakyoin

    • thats what i thought!

  • omg, i LOVE this look on you giulia!!!!!! 100000/10 accessory and hair coordination!

  • Amanda Cerny now has an OnlyFans adding fuel to the fire that OnlyFans is trying to break their own site and replace the sex workers with celebs.

  • I'm sure Bella is not loaded like people think. Disney screws the young stars hard. I'm guessing this was a stunt so she could pay her meth dealer

  • Bella wasn’t lying when she said her OF “stunt” was for research. She was seeing how much money she could earn on OF for teasing a picture. And she wasn’t lying when she said “no clothes.” Because it was lingerie. Which isn’t considered clothes. The loophole in her statement. That’s the tea !!!

  • Great video so far

  • She is a shit person but exposed the scam that happens on OF a lot even before she did it, so yeah if OF did something about this type of crap before maybe the hit to legit people wouldn't have been so bad.

  • Shows how much of a narcissist she is to think she started the OnlyFans trend when it was on the up-and-up *_WAY_* before she did her scam.

  • Damn you look badass in this video

  • she's the most irrelevant celeb but thinks she's so relevant

  • OH MY GOD YOUR HAIRRRRRRRRRR I LOVE IT red is my favourite colour C:

  • I like how u look like her doppelganger with crimsonred hair edit: liking own comment, almost put content because she did lmaooooo

  • Lol...bella who? Soz but I actually dont know who she is

  • Bella: I wanted to destigmatize the site and get people to join without backlash! Also Bella: omg all these people joining and when I did it I got backlash 🙄

  • Red hair looks so good on you! My hair is black rn but I want to dye it this color🍒

  • Where did you get your weed wig though soo pretty 🤩

  • Paying for Bella Thorne's OF, is like paying for Oaxis. False promises filled with misinformation.

  • Why is this person famous again? I’ve only ever heard of her regarding what she does with her/who is touching her bits. 😅

  • Why do rich people feel the need to have an onlyfans? It really should be illegal to have it for them.

  • tbh. i completely forgot Bella Thorne existed. So maybe she should check her ego.

  • She did date Tana Mongeau so she's not known for making good life choices.

  • is she wearing a mask in bed? wow lol

  • First time seeing this channel and I must say I ADORE your hair! A few years back I had the exact same color and it did NOT look good on me. So happy to see you could pull off what I had in my head💖beautiful 💕

  • I'm pretty sure the official Bella Thorne account and the account scamming people aren't the same account, look at the names, they aren't the same

  • I don’t even know this girl’s claim to fame

  • Is this a dude?

  • Bella Thorne thinks she’s soooo important.... sis, you’re not even a major celebrity, chill

  • Love your hair.

  • you're an awesome, beautiful person!!!

  • Kakyoin earrings are 10/10. 🥺

  • Your red hair & earrings contrast really well with the black hoodie!

  • Why aren't y'all speaking on the influx of everyday people to only fans that also contributed to ruining the model for people who were using it prior as well so are y'all issuing apologies to those people as well. Probably not because y'all don't wanna talk about that. it only benefits your narrative to publicly shame celebrities and not everyday people coming to only fans expecting to make major money for showing some t and a with the least amount of effort and women and men who actually put time effort and precision into their content suffered as well. Stop only blaming celebrities blame everyday people as well. and as a person who's s/o did only fans WELL BEFORE the pandemic and made a pretty good income doing so only fans was constantly changing for the worse for people who used the platform pre pandemic even before celebrities started making accounts the influx of new users made them change a lot of shit and it got worse from there once celebrities joined so everyone who wasn't on the site pre pandemic has contributed to the decline but y'all don't wanna have that conversation

  • Bella throne is just human waste. Just throw her away

  • Oooh, red looks so good on you.

  • So now we are bullying women for not posting nude pictures online. Okay. So what if she scammed a bunch of porn addicts? No one is entitled to a human body. Not even if they have paid money for it. Also, blaming an individual for OnlyFans decision to put a cap on tips. Bella didn't hold a gun to their head and forced them to do it, it was the company's decision,

  • The nude pictures screenshot has been proven to be an account pretending to be her. Bella Thorne's account had a profile picture of her and had her first and last name capitalized. The fake account had no profile picture and the last name lowercase. Also this isn't saying I don't think those Instagram posts weren't arrogant and such cuz they definitely were

  • She's the worst

  • To be fair... If you are paying that much then your need to sit down and re-evaluate your spending...

  • Wait i thought that was a fake account or something *remembers that it was from a tobi video* nevermind 😬

  • *Celebrities shouldn’t be making onlyfans.* The entitlement to treat someone’s income as a joke or “research” is just 🙄 She didn’t even make onlyfans popular either. She just hopped on the bandwagon

  • Jesus, ur hair is fire🔥❤

  • Always love the redder pops so much on you😍😍😍✨

  • I’m sorry but I have never liked BT. Major bad vibes right from the start.

  • I did not even know this woman was famous until the scandal broke out. What an ego to think you're relevant enough to make huge back and forth claims, when most "fans" only know you as a former Disney star.

  • Never liked her...glad people are seeing what a narcissist and trashy person she really is

  • always thought she was a “pay attention to me!!!” girl even from the disney channel days 😒

  • Digging the cherry earrings. They legit reminded me to buy some for a thing. Thanks for the reminder, hehe

  • Omg I love the hair Red vibes ♥️🌹

  • LOVE THAT WIG!!!!! Where can I get it?

  • I thought she charged $2 not $200 😬. I have a brain tumor and I get confused sometimes. Just checking to be sure. How much did she charge?

  • Looks like Bella picked up some tips from Tana and just somehow did it worse, they both just treat it like Insta knowing that their name recognition would attract ppl anyways while actual sex workers who need OF income pay the price Also this is off topic but I truly can't even comprehend how she and Lil Peep ever dated, in my very biased opinion he seemed so genuine

  • You are so gorgeous, I love the hair 😍

  • Can we appreciate the 69 dislikes lmao

  • I didn't know that she dated Tana but I guess it makes sense

  • i cant believe the entitlement celebs have... so SO detached from reality...

  • Let's not forget that Bella Thorne wouldn't have been able to scam like this without her already existing fame. In reality there's nothing unique or special about that chick. Sorry for stating the obvious.

  • Are we going to pretend that we don't know that she was r*ped (knowingly by everyone around her) for like a decade as a child actress? Edit: like she's clearly not well and has no1 around her to really tell her to snap out of it, is the way I see it.

  • i am LIVING for the wig and the hoodie🖐😤

  • She’s so beautiful but such a waste of space. Thoroughly annoyed by her

  • Bella *who the fuck are you* Thorne can take a hundred seats behind the BLACK WOMEN who normalized sex work through onlyfans...I made mine after hearing the savage remix and actually STOPPED doing onlyfans after Bella Thorne made it not worth it anymore. Blac Chynna literally made that platform what it is not Bella *wash your stank coochie* Thorne

  • I’m loving the red hair with the cherry earrings🍒❤️

  • Oh my!!!!! Chica I need this hoodie!!!! Where did you get it from? This girl is loving it! Lol

  • Also, didn't Sean Baker say that there was no movie with her? Like the excuse was a whole ass lie. She wasn't and isn't sorry

  • it sucks that Andy biersack put her in his new movie paradise city

  • Stunning as always

  • wait i just noiticed... you say let's get right into the fanart.. but then you show us the patreons!! you LIED to us...

  • How many bleeding ads?!?

  • Only fans is a sex work site or not for safe work. Celebs shouldnt be scamming people period

  • What’s odd is that her wiki says she grew up poor, but we don’t know for how long, or how accurate that is, but she also says she was sexually abused as a child. And if that’s true, it’s a little scary, I think, that she’s now using her body to take money. So is that taking back power or falling into the abusers trap? 🤔

  • You have a Tumblr...

  • Hey, girl, your cherry earrings are hella cute!

  • Everyone gets so mad at non-sex workers who have only fans accounts, but the thing is, Only fans wasn’t created for sex workers. It was created for celebs to connect with fans without having to deal with normal social media trolls. The idea being only your fans are going to pay to follow you, trolls won’t. Because sex workers took over, now everyone is getting mad that the rules are changing and are not supportive of sex work. Maybe sex workers should make their own website specifically for sex work.

  • wow love your hair, looks amazing


  • Girl It’s the flaming 🔥 red 🔥 hair and those beautiful 🍒 cherry 🍒 earrings for me ♥️🖤 would love to know where u got them! 💓

  • Okay but like the real question, can we see the dog?😂

  • I knew only fans first than Bella lol

  • Lmao this why I always liked Zendaya over Bella in Shake It Up.

  • Are you okay? You sound hella shakey in this video.

  • your cherry earrings are super cute 🥺

  • Imagine being the stupid people who bought her onlyfans😂