Another weird tiktok situation

Publicado el 10 jul 2020
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  • Everything about the pillow thing is perverse. It made me uncomfortable and I’m an adult.

  • I saw that Umbrella clip in a tik tok cringe compilation

  • If you look closely (you might not want to your eyes might bleed) in the tiktok with the pillows you can see his BARE ASS HIP. This creep is wearing NOTHING behind that pillow!!! I hope someone breaks his face! X(

  • 1:16 the way he grabbed her just makes me afraid of what happens off camera

  • If my brothers did this to any of my kids (my son included) they would never be allowed to be near my child again. I’d literally body block a bro.

  • The way he grabbed his niece in the beginning, made me whisper a literal “Oh My God” under my breath. That’s already so many red flags, like it was just the beginnings of abusive behavior. Does her mum or father even know he is treating their child like this?

  • My family used to always to bathe me when I was a kid. I even bathed with my dad when I was really young. There was nothing wrong with it because it was pure. This content he’s making is never okay.

  • Every time I see your intro I can't tell if your cartoon is wearing a bra on her head or not... 😂😂

  • I hate how people don’t take pedophilia seriously on tiktok.

  • My best friend and her cousin were upset that tik tok was getting banned but when I showed all the horrible things that were on tik tok they immediately changed their minds and were happy as that it was getting banned like me But all her older cousin said to our reasons why we're happy tik tok is getting banned is "Well, that's just the bad side, why can't they just get rid of those bad accounts and just keep tik tok? I mean it's not like we're doing it" and I was like; "What the ever loving f*ck? Says the person who literally TWERKS TO VERY SEXUAL MUSIC!" [note: I didn't exactly scream at her, I just souded reall upset/angry] You can already tell that me, my best friend and her cousin were happy about tik tok getting banned and that we'll never hang out with her Though, I do feel bad for all those wholesome tik tokers and those amazing (not spicy) tik tok artists

  • Yooooooo ..... just that first TikTok makes me wanna never see this guy on TikTok again... 🤢

  • The Male and Female couple are the energy vampires draining the child's essence. I wish them to recoup their effort in similar ways.

  • Hey! I love your videos, and I'm going through them and binging them. In the future if you do videos like this could you blur out the child's face out of protection and respect for the child? It sounds like these videos were removed from tiktok, but now you're immortalizing them in your video...

    • @allie Yeah I guess I just feel like the kid's face shouldn't be on the internet period because the kid has no say in the matter.

    • The kid's face is on their ESmain videos though

  • They literally could have worn the pillows over skin colored or plain clothing. why naked??? like the idea alone isnt weird but the context is just... odd?

  • This is so not harmless. When I was a kid (6ish) I had a crush on an older family member and all I can think about is how if my family member treated me the way he is treating his niece it would have just encouraged my crush and make me, as an immature child, more willing to be manipulated in a way that could lead to abuse. THAT is why this kind of shit is wrong. As an adult you need to draw boundaries with kids and not cross them. If he is actually gay or not it creates a really unhealthy dynamic. Side note: my crush was over in less than a month because my family member did nothing to encourage it and kept up the boundaries between adult and child.

  • I miss ten minutes ago when I didn’t know this existed

  • If he’s this comfortable in public, I’m afraid for what he’s comfortable doing in private

  • a little girl does not (should not) understand the concept of a mans penis size, so there is no reason she would look down his pants and mock him. This whole concept is stupid and makes no sense, he should not be allowed alone with children and he needs to deal with his penis size issue in another way that does not destroy innocence

  • I've been seeing some people talk about this in the comments, and whether or not this guy is a pedophile it's still not okay. Just because someone's not attracted to a child doesn't mean it's alright to have said look down their pants and do tik toks practically naked with them. Even if the intent is innocent it's still highly inappropriate and causing this girl to think these actions are okay, which just puts her in more danger.

  • I think that (audio) is dez black doing a vine. (Umbrella)

  • Love that you advocate against this crazy pedophile community that seems to be popping up recently

  • This is creep as fuck 😬 (also was wondering what your intro song is?)

  • This is a family of narcissists no doubt. The ONLY people I know that aren’t aware of the full dangers of the internet are much older people who didn’t have the internet growing up and can’t fully grasp the complexity of it. These people clearly know what they are doing. This is inappropriate behavior all around, whether or not they posted it to the web this is still unacceptable. My brother is 7 years younger than me (he is 21) and he knows better and would never do something like this. If I ever caught him posting anything about my daughters on the internet I’d knock him the fuck out. When my children were babies I had a Facebook that was private and even then I still only allowed a select few relatives to see what I was posting if I posted anything about my babies. A couple of relatives (even after explaining to them that I didn’t want them posting about my children at all on their Facebooks because I didn’t know the people on their friends list and quite frankly didn’t 100% trust their judgment) would save and then repost some of my pictures on their Facebook even after being told not to ( their logic when being confronted was “well if you can do it then so can I”), this behavior took place only from my narcissistic relatives who were more concerned about getting attention than they were about my children’s safety. After that I deleted all forms of social media and don’t send them pictures anymore. I don’t take that stuff lightly. Not to mention I don’t agree with this because the children aren’t consenting to their lives being plastered on the internet for the world to see. They are people too and deserve respect and privacy, they are not objects to be used to get views and attention. I’m also so fucking sick of people saying “Oh I’m gay so that’s not what I was doing”, being gay doesn’t mean your not a sicko.

  • I feel uncomfortable seeing kids being used in TV commercials.... so this is alarming

  • ok but what’s your wig 😳

  • 155 people are p3do sympathizers that need to be added to a watchlist.

  • The “Tuesday, Wednesday,” tik tok was so- Disgusting

  • You took the words out of my mouth at 4:11. I was wondering if people who think it's "just a 10 second clip" would think otherwise if the sound was off. This little girl had to have been director and practiced this for way longer than 10 seconds. This guy is a creep. In no way is this appropriate. Her parents?????

  • this world just makes me sa sad someitmes :I

  • As a mother, if it was my child that dude would have dissappeared and I will have no remorse. And where is her parents.

  • Wth no what the actual heck like what

  • Creepy ass dude that's not an ok thing to do. I dont understand why these people are surprised when they get in trouble for this shit. Makes me cringe even more knowing he used one of my favorite Viners/ESmainr audio-_-

  • Honestly as a csa survivor the first clip definitely gave off really bad vibes. Like adults like that don’t tend to stop there.

  • What in the actual fuck eeewwww that first tiktok made my soul sink

  • I can’t believe how that little girl is going to feel when she grows up.😫

  • תודה

  • I want to burn myself alive after seeing those guys videos. Only the crimson flames can clean how dirty I feel.

  • Look when I was 13ish my step-dad once asked me if I was wearing a bra. When I said no he made an appreciative face and said, "hmm you are developing nicely". Now I didn't like him, he was a jerk. However... he was not a pedo. While his comment was certainly inappropriate, nowadays he would have been lynched online much like Jason Mamoa was for having physical contact with his daughter's chest. It's the same as seeing people yell at dogs. We immediately get mad b/c we don't know the relationship between the dog and owner and assume it's abusive. If I have to reprimand my own dog, I know it's innocent and comes a from a loving/trusting place but OTHERS would see it from the outside and probably get mad. YOU DON'T KNOW THE SITUATION BETWEEN THIS MAN AND THE LITTLE GIRL. It's innocent I'm sure. When you look from the outside and make everything sexual, it makes a lot of things ugly that shouldn't be.

  • The "ha ha ha" one would make Daz Games so upset, that audio is his from his Vine, and that audio was supposed to be "the only real way to sing Umbrella"

  • Wth, my mom's uncle used to tickle me very playfully with no ill intentions whatsoever but I was still EXTREMELY uncomfortable at 10 years old.

  • WTF??? Omg that is disgusting!

  • I have nieces and if I even try to record something like that [something that I will NEVER do], even if is for the family to watch, their parents will kill me on the spot. That is. So being family is not a free card to do shitty stuff like this to kids.

  • my guy, a clip of mickey mouse laughing in the background is NOT making the situation any better, *thank you very much*

  • This makes me so sick, and it makes me furious. Nothing about this is normal. Not to stereotype, but this guy screams gay to me. That doesn't change how inappropriate and not okay this is in the least.

  • When i was little i would go around shirtless all the time around family. This is a different situations of course. But my thoughts is that a prepubescent girls chest is in no way sexual just like a boys chest

    • Of course showing them on the internet is completely inappropriate

  • I’d kill anybody who did even this. My brother, or any other adult. If my child was being exploited like this I would be taking them out back like a dog.

  • what's up with your hand lady?

  • I watch tiktok for the cosplays.

  • This dude is creepy af. I'm sorry it's weird and inappropriate behaviour. WTH why won't tiktok take this down! People have reported him over and over.

  • hey, so youtube is planning on taking away community captions, if you could start making your own captions on your videos, that would be amazing!

  • Her parents should see that Tim toi if they haven’t already.

  • I got one look at my step daughter's TikTok and said "fuck no." Too bad mommy and nana are retarded. One way ticket out of my house. The years I wasted trying to be her dad DO NOT negate my responsibility to my two much younger children. Any parent that allows their kid on this trashy ass app is contributing to the coming apocalypse that is the current 30-something's old age.

  • "He has a following" sounds so cult-ish 😬

  • when it comes to protecting children on the internet i'm for being too careful before regretting not having been so

  • Nooo 😭 my name is Jordi

  • I just hate how people are defending him because it’s a “different culture.” It is definitely not an excuse and so many people r trying to normalize it.

  • If I find my children’s uncles in any way doing anything like this I’m instantly beating ass. This is not normal!!!

  • Personally, those videos creep me out, they seem super inappropriate and you should never put a borderline "naked" minor online like that, EVER. It's never appropriate to do that and it's openly sexualising her on the internet, and normalising that behaviour in her mind. It also creeps me out on a personal level because I was molested by my 18 year old cousin when I was 7. Being a relative doesn't change anything. If someone wants to be predatory, they will, and they'll go with whoever is closest and easiest to groom. Her Mum needs to keep that child safe.

  • What's even more disturbing than the content is that there are so many watching and enjoying it! (After i typed this and Right before i hit "post" on this comment you mentioned this)

  • This is so not normal. Had this happened in my family I think he would’ve been sat down and had to discuss his actions and thoughts seriously. My grandpa and grandma always made sure nudity and anything remotely inappropriate never happened in their family and all of my family carries the same ideals. Kids are not to be seen in that way and shouldn’t be exposed to it either. Once you’re an adult then do whatever but if your a child and especially a young one it’s forbidden. There was a time my 5 year old cousin pulled down his 3 year old brothers pants down to be funny and my grandpa sat him down to explain why he should do it. Because next thing you know, as a child he could think it’s okay to pull down a girls pants or something while in the middle of shopping or a public area or something which is not fun. He should have never had the idea or power to tell her “hey we’re gonna make a video and your gonna pull on my pants and look down there and I’m gonna do it to your shirt” or whatever that conversation went like. It really makes me uncomfortable to even think about any of this 😭

  • Oh my gosh what the heck

  • Your channel is literally my favorite and I wanted to leave this here to say you’re the best and I love your content ❤️

  • 6:38 If that kid wasn't there and it was just him and that woman who appears to be of legal age this wouldn't be as creepy. But once again he has the child there and is implying she's naked. This shit just ain't right.

  • I'm sorry but why is this man filming himself dancing while wearing only a pillow while his niece is doing the same thing?

  • I think you missed a big issue by focusing on him looking down her shirt. It's strongly implied that he exposed himself to her. That is sexual ABUSE full stop. I do hope Spanish authorities are giving this guy a really, really close look.

  • I more concerned about him having her look down his pants!

  • unrelated to the video, also a bit late, but love the merch.

  • Creepy AF !!!

  • The whole laughing at the genitalia thing made me soooo uncomfortable. Children shouldn’t have any awareness about those kinds of things. The whole laughing at his d*ck size and him laughing at her chest and looking down her shirt is wrong on so many levels. Children shouldn’t be aware of sizes like that. That’s something he would have had to coax her into and explain. Children are not sexual beings, they are innocent and should remain that way until they come of age. But even if she was an adult, this whole video is disgusting because they’re related. The only reason adults laugh at smaller parts on someone’s body, is to infer they cannot sexually perform properly. That’s something a child can’t and shouldn’t even begin to understand, so I think he should be in huge trouble for that video alone, because he’s painting a child in a sexual light. If you aren’t a pedophile, then doing something like this wouldn’t occur to you.

  • It happened to me.....

  • I totally agree with your point. Just the fact that he made those types of tic tok's whether it be dressed/undressed state, is just plain creepy.

  • Hopefully his "gear is getting checked" by his cell mate...

  • Do any of you realise what tik tok is? No1 should use this app, it's a data collection app that steals way more data then is legal or necessary but 4 an enemy government with ill intention & tik tok is owned by the Chinese government & they now know everything you are doing if this app is on your phone.

  • I don't think he is a PEDO but his addiction to get "likes" and views in his channels don't stop him to put his niece at risk and get PEDOS watching her in the worst way. His excuses of being GAY, yeah so what... whether is is not not gay, whether the parents of the girl give consent or not... he is exploiting his niece.

  • What happened to your hand?

  • I’m shouldn’t be exposed like that. So unnecessary to do this kind of video with a little girl... this is so creepy cuz just a few days ago my niece asked if I have a tiktok account, and it makes me think of she’s using it, and what kind of content she’s watching... I dunno... the internet is full of weirds and pedophiles...

  • I like how you walked on eggshells when you said you thinks it’s funny when people fall 😂 I just imagine you cracking up at people falling 😂

  • I think what disturbed me the most was making his niece look down his pants because you KNOW he had to explain that to her. The grooming going on in just MAKING that video is disgusting and I don't know how anyone could look the other way or try to justify it.

  • Omg...what is going on with this world. I am so angry, this shit's been going on for years and it just keeps escalating and we just keep letting it. God help us all, especially the children!🙏❤ Thank you for covering things that actually matter.

  • All of those clips made me sick 🤢🤢 and especially the first one just made my stomach drop 💔💔

  • One part of me sees the innocent side of this, where when a kid does something inappropriate and in a split second reaction you mimic them. She grabbed clothes, he grabbed clothes. BUT, when he reviewed the video he should of seen how it looked and not uploaded it and never did anything like that again. Lesson learned. But the rest of this.... Why?

  • that spanish guy with his little sister is much worse. He holds her as if she is his girlfriend, kissing her. If I see this I wanna throw up. 🤢

  • I used to agree with u but this is getting ridiculous just like the video where u talk about the "serial killer" in tiktok but is clearly a joke and a tiktok about the series dexter For me you are the one with the pervert vision here... the first tiktok was stupid yeah,but the other ones where normal like????? She wasn't undressed and as I kid I would have fun doing this kind of shit so yeah this is getting problematic


  • A bunch of us reported him a while ago.Thank god hes gone. Creep.

  • where her parents at

  • I downloaded tiktiok as a joke. Then I stayed bc im gay and there is a huge gay community on there. So im on gay tiktok. IS THIS WHAT STRAIGHT TIKTOK IS???

  • I like the hagalaz rune on your hand

  • Hey can you please report the story of hazel who is being abused by her father and his friends. The mother is trying to get help on her Instagram but I know you cover stories like this so please take time to check out her Instagram page and cover her story on your ESmain channel please it would help spread so much awareness the mothers name on Instagram is @sobercab

  • WTF!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dude um...I have a huge family, and NONE OF US, think that's ok! Hell no!

  • A child’s mentality... well it was ok to look down my uncles pants and then for him to look down my top, soooo.... this guy seems nice enough and brought me ice cream, I guess it’s ok to look down his pants and let him look down mine 🤷‍♂️

  • the pillows weren't too *TOO BAD* since it covered her body at least- i'd rather have that over a bikini or some other weird shit-- but the looking down each other's shirts/pants was definitely weird and didn't need to happen...

  • Im calling the pol-eeh-ece!

  • My nephew is only six years younger than me and I was involved on his up bringing to the extent that Jordi seems to be with his niece. That being said, I didn't do things like that with my nephew. My nephew wasn't allowed to even just go into a room where I would be undressed because people have boundaries. I certainly didn't broadcast

  • i played this with a friend, we asked for “satisfaction” and the app sent us to a car accident near my house. my old principal was the most badly injured (she was a bitch)

  • This makes me want to throw up.

  • Me and my brother will change around eachother since neither of us really care not often but sometimes and i now like a child and young as her may like bathe or take a shower with their mom or dad or guardian . but like, wtf your recordeing your almost naked neice like tf

    • Like i dont have a problem with family nudity as i feel nudity shouldint always be a sexual thing but the diffrentce here with like taking a shower with a parent its just your and them (maybe the expetion of other people if its like a gym or a pool shower) even a mom posting her naked newborn in the hospital i wouldint find odd cuz well ofcourse its naked it just came out of the womb. But actively show this girls near naked body is just wrong and is putting her in danger of child predetors its just wrong.

  • You didn’t mention anything about her looking down his pants, which I’m sure he orchestrated. That’s disgusting also. She does NOT need to see that, and is being desensitized to possible future abuse and manipulation. As a mom of a child who was molested by a neighbour who engaged my toddler to do such things I find this very disturbing. Luckily we got justice and my son wasn’t traumatized-he’s an adult now and doesn’t remember it, however this child is old enough to remember and later be mortified by what she was manipulated into doing. 🤬🤬🤬

  • You're 100% right in how u feel regarding this. Hopefully the father of this little girl beat this guy to a pulp and posts it on Tik Tok. He is disgusting.