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Publicado el 20 mar 2020
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  • Last time I checked the LGBTQ was about gender not age and that's why they are a no no

  • Fucking fuckity fuck maps

  • seriously, the only healthy cure to them would be dating those adults who dress like babies. they’re adults that can consent. i don’t know. would that work?

  • to any MAPs who have come across this video i beg you to please seek a therapist, therapists will not shame you and they will help you get rid of that attraction to children

  • On top of maps being completely disgusting and perverted they also try to wiggle their way into the LGBTQ+ community😖It sheds a bad light on the community and makes people even more homophobic/transphobic 😔

  • fucking 2 to 12 what the fuck

  • As a child I couldn't consent so tf is she talking about

  • As apart of the LGBTQ+ community we don't accept her


  • I can't even trust a kid choosing a flavor of frozen yogurt, why would I trust a kid choosing sex?

  • Don't forget to like the video

  • Burn them all

  • 2 to 12 wtf.....

  • 516 Dislikers Pedos And dumb humans Need to die

  • As a Member of the Pansexual community, we do not claim them! 🏳️‍🌈🖐🏼 💖💛💙

  • Is it just me, or have y’all been getting a lot of amber alerts too, it has gotten REALLY bad ever sense MAPS became a prominent problem. It has been leaving me sleepless for about month now. Watch you backs guys, there are sick people out there who can harm you for their sexual desires. Please stay safe...

  • Ugh the world has gone to the dogs, even more after learning about these MAPS.

  • Age ain't a gender wtf

  • I'm scared

  • Pengis

  • wow disgusting

  • God I hope someone finds the woman in the thumbnail n straight up jumps her 💅🏻 I could spot someone that fugly from a mile away

  • its the fact im still young enough for that person to like me for me

  • Thank God I'm over 12!!! Still the term "MAP" should not exist. Call them by what they deserve to be called: a pedophile. Also MAP should be used for "Multi-Animator Project", not this shit.

  • As a minor. This is repulsive. I just wanna look at memes on Instagram.

  • Children are not a gender. How consider that a sexuality.

  • so as someone who "consented" when I was 14, no, you cannot consent when you are younger than 18 or even 21 tbh. There is nothing I regret more in my life.

  • I’m 12 & female ..... gulp 🏃‍♀️💭

  • For the ice cream, ice cream is just a one time thing that won’t effect you, but sex could scar you and ruin you forever, I’m a minor and those people deserve to be in hell

  • as someone who is also trans, we don’t claim her. being trans has NOTHING to do with pedophilia.

  • It's like giving botflies, helminths and tunga penetrans instagram

  • Age of attraction starting at 2 years old? Excuse me while I vomit up my breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

  • Again this is the danger of identity politics. We're seeing just how we can degenerate rapidly into hell with these games. When do we start drawing the line?

  • Ah sh*t not another one


  • "Age is just a number." jail is just a room -_-

  • How about diesexual

  • Age is not a gender identity, therefore, pedophilia is not a sexuality, it’s a fetish a philia

  • In regards to them forming a community, i am split on that. on one hand I don't want to see these things thrive and think their illness will ever be acceptable. On the other hand, I also want to see them easily identifiable and rounded up for experimentation and forced labour with castration to boot....ah these moral dilemmas.

  • i love the stipulation "if you are older than 12 years old" you don't need to fear anything... so the facade of "loving children" is out the window. lol

  • Thank you so much for not supporting these people and spreading the word. As a victim of this behavior from adults, it makes me happy that there are at least some sane people here. Thank you so much.

  • i don't think this person is pedo (like the paraphilia), but is definitely f-cked up

  • That chocolate or vanilla analogy made me SOOOO livid. Decision-making on an everyday basis is TOOOTALLY different from consent!!! Most children above the age of 5 are able to make coherent choices like what they want to wear, what they want to eat on the kids menu, what “flavor of ice-cream” they want, and that’s because they have a limited mental understanding of that. A YOOOUNG YOUNG YOOUUUNG kid cannot and may I repeat CANNOT make the thought out, adult decision to have any kind if relations with someone significantly older than them. Most likely they don’t have a CLUE where babies come from, they barely know how their own bodies work, they haven’t been on this Earth long enough to be able to understand what’s right and wrong and the consequences of their actions because their brain is NOT developed enough. If some MAP is pushing their filthy and hideous wants on some innocent child and they say “yes” they most likely ONLY say it because they don’t want to make anyone upset and don’t know what’s about to happen to them!!!! They say YES because they don’t know what you mean!!! And if they do they are probably too scared of said MAP to say NO!! And THAT, MAPs, is the truth you *apparently* aren’t ready for. You’ll *definitely* find out in prison. 😤😤😤😤😤

  • Wait...who tf gave maps a flag

  • "Age is just a number" And jail is just a room of which you will never escape from and will always be beat my the other prisoners who feel personally attacked by you

  • Jeffrey Epstein and Joe Biden are the maps’ closest friends

  • First vid here, you’re pretty cool. I completely agree with all of this stuff. I’ll stick around.

  • Instagram is probably pedophile itself for not even taking those accounts down.

  • I wouldn't block. Report, yes. I would keep tabs on these sick fucks. Especially if they are local. Children should block to stay safe.

  • 2:21 why does this person sound like those people who say, "if you haven't committed a crime, you shouldn't be afraid" Just me?

  • Im a kid and i think most of my classmates don't understand what it means to 'consent' and the amount of trauma that can happen, so im happy that the age of consent is 18.

  • This is sick - this person needs to be jailed. Isn’t this the same as someone stating the crime that they will commit?

  • If this tells you anything I got my Instagram removed from a dumb Ebola joke but these pedos can still live there smh🙄

  • Curb stomp is a cool action dont you guys think

  • It's terrifying how pedophilia is being so normalised that 'people' like these are proudly and openly admitting to their disgusting desires without any fear of consequences , how have we as a society failed so drastically.

  • Hipidy hapidy Children are not a ✨ S E X U A L I T Y✨

  • CHILDREN CANNOT CONSENT I am a young teen I cannot consent I do not understand the implications of having sex. If I cannot consent HOW ON EARTH CAN A TWO YEAR OLD CONSENT!?!?

  • ah yes, if kids can consent, then kids should go to work, like into government

  • I'm Bi, I'm 14, I can think for myself right? I say Don't touch me "Maps".

  • Chris Hansen...we need you

  • If the lgbt community was a club, maps are the homeless person who sleeps in a dumpster in the back of the building who's also addicted to meth.

  • As a young faced 13 year old I am really scared (young faced as in I look way younger than 13 and I am short) #shortgang

  • When it got to the part where it said ( dear MAPS this isnt ur flag use the following ) a joe biden ad popped up

  • Age is not a gender. Therefore, not a valid sexuality.

  • It is kind of funny that you have to clarify kids can’t consent. Why is it people can’t just get over themselves and be alone 🙃

  • It just adds to my theory that most sexual deviants were sexually abused as children and that the slippery slope does exist.

  • This is just sick.

  • what if a kid did know how to consent and they said no how would the cartographers react

  • as a pansexual i can wholeheartedly say pedophiles, maps, rebranded nonces whatever get the fuck away from our community :) if any pedophiles read this -please get help -kids can't consent -and anyone who thinks touching kids is okay there's a special place for you in hell :)

  • We need to start getting the police to get these pedos, degenerate fuckers.

  • Actually on twitter there is a major problem with a thing called #MEGALINKS and it's a child porn ring and they dm each other and exchange this disturbing content, I myself have not interacted w them but have seen some things and am not disturbed more of disgusted

  • Look. We should lower it to at least 6 months old. Its perfectly fine.

  • 2020 is going down a never ending rabbit hole :/

  • As a 16 years old I look waaay younger I look 10 . And I still get catcalled by grown ass men ??? Also I was sexually harassed when I was 8 ( by an old woman) wtf made them attracted to me .

  • 2? *GAG*

  • "Age of attraction: 2-12" Me: Mom, come pick me up I'm scared

  • As a person who has been touched as a child, take in note I was never fully raped, I was just touched by an older man. I think maps are disgusting human beings who don’t deserve any rights. This is not a sexuality, it’s a ticket to the mental institution. Also being a pan sexual female, I demand our flag colors back into our hands.

  • Anyone who supports this map shit should be removed from the gene pool. Violently.

  • 4:42 got me XD , Thats so funny

  • I'm 12 ;;;-;;;

  • as an Asexual i say this, MAPS Get a Job Get a Haircut Get a Life Get a Soul Get a Dignity And Get your own flag! Creepos!

  • And thus another name on the hit list. Not you though, I meant the person you’re talking about.

  • Are you trans?

    • @Craig Vanet Also it’s good that you’re not a hater because if you couldn’t tell you’re talking to a trans guy rn

    • @Craig Vanet I don’t know. Some people just seem like they’re trans when they’re cis and act cis when they’re trans. Also I’m bad at guessing so I’m not gonna lol

    • @Kara Persico i know but do you believe her. I dont. Its cool that shes trans. Im not a hater.

    • 6:22 is where your answer should be

  • On the bright side: They are no longer hiding... Making it easier to hunt them down.

  • My father used me to get promotions, money, and favors. Didn't tell anybody till I was 19 and that's only because my brother went through my phone and thought I was lying about being abused.

  • You want to know what else is a number 911

  • When these sickos go to jail, be happy knowing they’re gonna have a hard time because inmates don’t like them either

  • Where is the representation of people sexually attracted to animals

    • that’s also fucked up 😃

  • Great 2020 providing us with more garbage, this time in the form of disguisting degenerates. These people need to go back to whatever hole they crawled out of.

  • What the- im 11 why do people make that its so disgusting No, when a map would be my parents i would die on the spot


  • I'm 10, and whenever I see a *bigchungusphile* I want to hit them in the head repeatedly with a *REAL AXE* .

    • Me too what the fuck they should die its not an sexuality

  • “Age is just a numer” Lethal injection is just a needle

  • Children can’t consent.. why? Just search the definition of consent! if they can’t consent then you could never have the right 🤍 you’re just tryna take what’s not yours you’re seriously sick get a fucking help you freak!

  • Why "respect" this person's desire to be called a woman? She/her is an honor this human garbage can does not deserve. It/tht is far more appropriate for child predators tht wish to not identify as their biological gender. Seriously. Thankyou

  • If people say pedosexual is a gender then we will bury them and call it gardening

  • Keep it plain and simple, boys FUCK YOU MAPS

  • oh. I thought the title meant multi animator project *boy was I wrong*

  • background reminds me of pixel gun lmao

  • 3:50 *DISGUSTANG*