Another issue with a cat

Publicado el 11 may 2020
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Anyone with information about the Kenner’s death is urged to call the Colorado Springs Police Department at 719-444-7000.
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  • Honestly I don’t give a shit about humans. But if someone abuses/kills a animal I’ll be mad af.

  • Ok bitch I subscribed

  • Excuse me while I go give my fur babies all the hugs and kisses.

  • Roses are red Let’s not let him see his mother again He should be in jail for life And *YEET* the key to space I need to meet him to beat him up like I did to my brother last night cuz he took my iPad Oh and can you please send me some chicken? If I was the mom I would be like “PACK YOUR BAGS IM PUTTING YOU UP FOR ADOPTION YOU BITCH GO DIE IN HOLE”

  • I can handle so many things but animal abuse is something I cannot handle EVEN if it was an animal I don’t like. No animals should be hurt/tortured/murdered.

  • I know this guy. Very upsetting...Makes me sick every time I think of him now.

  • bring the child to me. i just would like to have a word with him.

  • May that cat find peace in The Summerland along with the others. So many horrible people harming these sweet creatures.

  • Its like the person who did this watched the show “End of the fucking world” and just took it alot further. Thats the scary thing about making shows/movies about murder because you never know, maybe you’re just giving a sick person an idea.

  • Why did I hear about this?! I live in Colorado Springs. Colorado Springs mental health hospitals are pretty much just holding places. With insurance my longest stay was 5 days. If you don’t have insurance they kick you out after 3 days. That’s why he wasn’t committed. Mental health treatment is a problem out here. They recommend therapy places that give you 25 minute long sessions. I legit had to put in some work to find a good one. My first psychiatrist took me off a med that helped me since I was 8 years old cause I accidentally misspoke. My mom asked if he read my records he said no. As for the legal aspect they’re not serious either. I was a 7 time dv victim out here. He was supposed to be a felon after the 3rd time. This last attack broke my back, they gave him 6 months still not a felon. Also they are supposed to be drug testing but I know they are not, cause my ex repeatedly has broken the protection order talked to me and told me he’s doing drugs. Colorado Springs is not a smart town.

  • As someone who lives in The Springs, this whole case does not surprise me!

  • I do know when u stay up for days on meth, it does put you in some sort of psychosis with prolonged abuse. BUT there has got to be some underlining mental health or dark thoughts going on. Especially with the voices. jesus it isn’t just drugs. Crazy.

  • It’s ppl like u that caught Luka. I admire, and am in awestruck by you and the ppl that get these ppl caught and the stories out. I can’t imagine what you guys go thru seeing and investigating these things.

  • He probably had a warrant for failure to appear to court but they don't break down doors for failure to appear warrants.

  • If that my child he would be disowned and I would testify against him. It’s just as bad as killing a human kid. Small animals are defenseless. Even if wasn’t my cat still disavow and disown

  • I support your channel and appreciate your investigation on horrible humans. With my PTSD and love for cats, dogs and all creatures I can not watch this one. WTF is wrong with this fuckers hurting children and animals? Please just stop if this your "thing". Thank you respectfully.

  • geez i watched the "dont f*** with cats" documentary on netflix a while ago and that left me shook like i still cant believe someone like luka could even exist let alone someone being inspired to do what luka has done ? and lukas mother not saying anything or even being fazed by her son killing cats ?? anyways .

  • @readytoglare Just did digging The killer (wont give his name breath) was dating Kenners 16 yrs old daughter

  • Animal cruelty is a red flag that someone is not right in the head.

  • if somebody killed my cat i think id kill myself, shes one of the few things keeping me from not killing myself currently. also id probably kill them too.

  • The fact that some murderers started out by killing animals is actually pretty common. There’s the McDonald Triad which consists of three things that can lead to someone being a serial offender I think? The things are bed wetting, animal cruelty, and fire setting

  • Someone at my school cut a persons cat into pieces and put it through his letter box

  • One I don't feel bad for the mom. If her son was doing meth she obviously wasn't paying enough attention. I feel bad for the cat and I'm mad that a persons life was taken because of sheer negligence of authories taking proper action.

  • "I am...confusion" is definitely a mood for me

  • Sup you salty asshole

  • he got away with it cause hes WHITE (if hes not GOD KNOWS how he got away with it).....i seen a lot of your videos be mostly about white people coincidental im just making a fair point that white people ALMOST all the time DONT suffer consequences and get away with what horrendous acts and crimes they commit....At the same time, SOME do get caught and given a punishment....just an observation as any race is capable of anything, race shouldn't determine the question is.....if it was a coloured person who had done these acts would they have been punished if not more severely.... ?? sadly, i think so. #BlackLvesMatter support us ;) if not your a part of the issue... BTW i LOVE your left video is ALWAYS one of yours....algorithm is working for you hun...carry on educating the world that crazy fucked up shit DOES hqppen in REALITY....gosh im such a fan

  • I been wanting to adopt a cat for the longest time but i cant due to money issues. While this abusive serial killer pussy has a beautiful cat and fucking abuses it. Im so done with this world.

  • schizophrenia maybe

  • I love cats so much :( I don’t understand how people can be so cruel

  • The number of signs that this teen put out, at least some of them had to be neon with pointing arrows. He was so clearly on the path of being a murderer, it was paved with asphalt

  • CATS ARE PRECIOUS. PROTECT THEM. im so mad. These poor animals....they do nothing wrong. I woke up this morning with all three of my cats laying on me. I needed it. I felt loved. These innocent animals dont deserve this. Stop these psychopaths many are hurting cats now....

  • Imagine being the mom, and the only reason your son didn’t kill you was because it wasn’t doable.

  • I almost stepped on my cat's tail yesterday and I felt bad :( can't imagine..

  • If someone would kill my pet I'd torture them to death. No one hurts my family without consequences.

  • Let stop giving him meth

  • This is great in my neck of the woods I guess I will be on the looks out for someone inviting a person over to film gay sex only to kill and butcher them check am check

  • if i found someone who did that, i swear to god i would punch them in the fucking face. -owner of four (unofficially five) cats

  • Luka was a horrific excuse for a human!

  • why do cats seem to be treated so much worse than dogs?? people let them out alone (which is horrible in my opinion, they always end up killed, injured or diseased, and you don’t let your dog out at night alone), are more frequently abandoned and less adopted, are hated superstitiously and used for sacrifices, declawing exists (horrific mutilation that you can pay for), and overall subjected to more horrendous violence like this sicko. i love dogs, by why are cats so hated and punished for being cats?

  • r.i.p. poor kitty.

  • internet rule: DON'T F*CK WITH CATS!!! NOT OKAY!!!

  • I know this sounds like...... really fucked up for me to say but even if it was my own child or a family member or someone close to me, if they STABBED, SKINNED, CHOPPED OFF A PAW TO MAKE A NECKLACE THEN PUT IT IN A GIFT BAG FOR ME TO FIND. I would probably yes have a mental breakdown from the shock of my beloved pet being murdered in such a cruel and disgusting way but.... i'd probably grab something and beat the absolute shit out of them until they couldn't move anymore from the pain.

  • Stop bailing out your kids who do violent acts. If you truly love them, protect them from being free to do worse! My best friend's ex set her car on fire in her driveway, when his mom bailed him out for that, he shot and killed her after a failed kidnap attempt.

  • Sounds like the system failed as well.

  • But Luca is such a loser

  • At my high school some kid got beat the hell up cause he snuck into this girls lot and kicked the shit out of her dog so naturally her entire possy spread the word and ganged up on him so I'm honestly surprised the mom didn't do anything about that because high school kids are obviously dramatic but KILLING and mutilating a cat would get someone's spine snapped here

  • I work for Hallmark, and now I’m gonna wonder what other disturbing things people have given in our gift bags over the years...

  • why is it always cats. I mean, like, I don't want *any* animal to get hurt, but it seems a lot of people just have a burning hatred of cats. what did they ever do to you?

  • off topic but what does your current natural hair look like i know you wear wigs a lot so i'm just curious

  • My cats are literally like my babies. This is so sad 😭😭😭

  • Ayy, what about the crazy cat lady? She's another one going on at the moment who's crimes are eerily similar to Magnotta's

  • Please look more into the Crazy Cat lady from Tik Tok. I know it's intense but there's a possibility she's back and scarring more kids right now.

  • Wtf is in Colorado's water lately????

  • Aside from how awful the situation is, I love your wig and tattoos. You're literally so gorgeous and I could probably listen to your voice all day.

  • We get it...dead skinned cat plus gift = bad

  • I don't know why people think taking drugs will fix their problems? I am serious when I ask this. Smoking cigarettes doesn't benefit your health, crack doesn't help you deal with life and the only drugs anyone should be taking is medical drugs like marijuana or over the counter drugs, like Advil or Tylenol. You will either be dead or crazy over drugs that only harm you.

  • Crazy kid i love all animals especially cats my favorite .this kid must had been under bad influence or something I had friends put firecrackers up a cats rear omg it was nuts.but neibor friend I got beat his behind for it.

  • just imagine how much pain the cat was in......

  • Pls cover the omegle crazy cat lady..its really closer to

  • this is why we shouldn’t give these types of people attention. it inspires other psychopaths and creates copy cats

  • The 16 year old that was arrested was his girlfriend and the nurse's (victim) daughter. I heard on a local tv station that they stabbed the nurse to death. Nice young couple, right!!!

  • the cats have done nothing wrong man they don't deserve this

  • 😔

  • It's common knowledge and proven with research that animal mutilation and killing has a very high likelihood of escalating to murder. It's unbelievable that local police still don't take it seriously when federal authorities take it seriously. As long as local cops let things like that slide you're going to get more brutal murders of humans, too.

  • Makes me realize how bananas carrying around a "lucky" rabbits foot keychain that all of us late 80s/early 90s kids had. And it was cool to have multiple in different colors lol fucking yikes. I know most were fake but still.. It's still morbid as fuck and the fact that no one ever batted an eye and it was _cool_ to have the more the better.. lol Jesus fuckin Christ


  • Love the color contrast between the hair and the eyeshadow! 😍

  • Someone live streamed herself killing a cat in a group I’m apart of on Facebook and was arrested within an hour, thankfully!

  • I couldn't imagine.. My favorite boi Colby is my profile pic, I Iove him to bits and we have have a bond. If ANYONE hurt him.. I honestly don't think it'd be in my heart to forgive. Ever. Especially knowing what he means to me.

    • That’s so sweet. My cat means so much to me too, It makes me happy when people know how to love and treat animals!

  • Was the suspect in a hospital or rehab at some point and that was where he met the nurse?

  • The police messed up with not getting the first time, they are too busy messing with innocent ppl I guess.

  • I watched the documentary about Luka Magnotta cuz we had the same name.. boi do I regret it.

  • These stories make me wanna hold my cats close jesus

  • So according to what people are saying on his fb, the nurse was his gfs mom. And the gf needed money. So supposedly, she helped kill her. This is just what I read In the comments. Not sure how factual it is.

  • More people in the comments are concerned about cats than their fellow species lol pathetic.

  • If I had any child who killed my beloved cat, I wouldn't have a kid anymore and his new room would be in an insane asylum. Its appalling how he was even able to kill someone after the mom knew what he did to her cat.

  • I once accidentally sat on a grasshopper I cried for like a whole day And that's how I know I'm not a homicidal maniac

  • The paw thing just makes me think of Ed Gein. How long until he'd start collecting trophies of his human victims...?

  • me watching this w my cat:👁👄👁🐱

  • I get the horror of the gift bag. It’s the cognitive dissonance of it. Kind of like when you’re watching an extreme horror scene in a movie and happy, upbeat or childish music is playing.

  • I will never understand why people totally freak out about people abusing and killing pets while at the same time they pay others to turture and kill farm animals so they can buy their parts and eat them

  • sick disgusting animal abuse ..

  • U must get recommended some crazy News giulia

  • Luka (erik) grew up near me , which is also a couple of blocks away from paul Bernardo and karla h We have a lovely neighbourhood 😂

  • I’m just going to say it cause nobody else is this kids a psychopath or at least he exhibits psychopathic behavior and needs to be put in a juvenile detention center at least

  • This guy is a real jerk

  • You do be lookin like your intro art today

  • Why tf does youtube constantly censor things that need to be talked about lmao

  • my own child or not but hurt my cat and you're dead

  • I saw the title and thumbnail and my heart sunk. I don't think I should watch this because these type of topics are extremely disturbing and upsetting to me but I hope that horrible things happen to that man.

  • I’m sorry, but serial killers start out at a young age tourturing/killing animals. It’s a known fact. Not a stereotype. If (one of) my child(ren) killed an animal, whether it’s the family pet or not (although it would be worse if it was the family pet !), would concern me on a massive level. And I would not brush it off as an accident depending on the way it was killed. By this child meant to kill this cat and also made ornaments from the remains ! This is the most obvious red flag that there is something wrong with their mental state. And they need psychiatric help ASAP ! For the safety of not only other animals, and eventually other children/people, but more importantly the safety and mental health of the child ! Like how is that not an issue with the mother ??? WTAF ?!

  • I think one of the most terrifying things about the whole luka magnotta case was the fact that THE WHOLE TIME his mother knew he was killing cats and did nothing about it makes you wonder what else she knows I honestly think she should be in prison too or at least serve some jail time if she had brought up the cat slayings to authorities Luka may have not gotten the chance to murder his final victim..

  • I love the way she talks

  • fuck, just the title with the thumbnail gave me an anxiety attack! won't be watching but wanted to thank you for bringing attention to this, i'm sure you did the kitty justice!

  • My mom ran over a rabbit and she wasn’t even able to sleep she even cried that day how do these people fucking live

  • Im not for violence but if he ran over…

  • You look beautiful today, this is sad subject matter

  • This is serial bad ,Animal Cruelty Becomes Human Cruelty

  • Clare, I agree! Something should have been done after he killed a cat. The problem is our mental health system in this country is SHIT! It has been for so long. What small mental health facilities we do have are overcrowded and understaffed. I know this first hand during my daughters teen years and my mother was an RN at one facility in Florida. Its sad. We need better mental health in this country. Sadly, most serial killers or even 1 times murderers start out killing animals. They do it BC they are curious to what its like taking a life. But animals don't usually satisfy that psychotic feeling or need to take a life. That's when they move on to people. If we had a good mental health system, we could stop it or at least attempt to stop it before it moves on to Killing or torturing people. Sorry, I studied psychology. lol When they put enough thought and time into putting a dead loved pet in a gift bag to someone close to you, usually stems to deep hurt or hate towards that person sadly. He did it to deliberately hurt and upset his mother. Someone would need to dig deeper into his past to find out why. Him gifting his mother her dead tortured pet does not usually mean "I'm hearing voices" but more of an excuse. The nurse could've been a nurse volunteer where he was somewhere that wasn't very nice to him or he admire her. But I don't believe the nurse was random.

  • How can someone hurt innocent animals, my puppy will hurt himself and i cry of guilt