Another (f) teacher & student mess

Publicado el 25 sep 2020
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  • My sister had a female English teacher who openly voiced that she expected her male students to be into her. It was weird. What kind of teacher says that? The oldest students she could have was 16.

  • South Park cops be like: "Nicccee"

  • Oop that’s in my town

  • i live in nj and i am sadly not shocked

  • my history teacher from 8th grade was voted coolest and he made sexual jokes a lot in class and he touched a girls thigh. he was never reported and is still working there. hes said he views his students as more of a family and prefers being friends with kids because they understand him better lol. he was pretty gross.

  • could some of yall in the comments help? my adult sister (23) has friends that are teens and has dated a teenager (17-18) before but when i confront her she just gets mad lol. she makes gross jokes and says nasty things about minors pretty often. what do i do?

  • "Cool teachers" are creepy my year 9(for non uk people that's ages 13-14) biology teacher used to tell the students about his sex life and make really disgusting comments and everyone would always be like hes such a cool teacher but I hated being so uncomfortable in that class so I reported it with some friends and it was such a horrible experience because so many people found out and got angry at me and acted like I was the bad person and I'm still blamed a year later since he's no longer a teacher at our school and people blame me. I'm still 14 (15 in 2weeks) and it's horrible that I'm being attacked because I was disgusted by a grown man talking about his sex life to minors

  • FBI man listening on the phone 📱 😂😂😂😂😂 so damn true.

  • Notice how the article says that the to "had sex" instead of the boy was raped, because let's be honest, he was.

  • *all my gym teachers have been p*dos, literally, every single one of them. they would stare at me and my friends all throughout class and make the girls run more than the boys just to watch, sometimes they would make specific, obviously more feminine boys run with us as they literally just wanted a "show" this is why I started online school.* *two of them were women and the rest male. we changed teachers alot because most of them got caught.* *edit: just a story. one of the smaller girls on the frail side was running with us, it was her first day at the school and she was extremely shy. I'm pretty sure she had adhd which makes this even worse- but she asked if she could be excused in the middle of running, the teacher refused and told her to keep running. keep in mind, I didn't have to run because I had a broken ankle, and was on the "stage" (it doubles as a theater so yea) behind all the teachers. I watched the whole thing, she was literally so pale and looked terrible, I felt so bad. she ended up passing out and having to get put in the hospital, I know it seems like alot just for running but she had alot of health problems and since she didn't have a "doctors note" they said she was lying. in conclusion, I hate people*

  • Ok, but can we start talking about bosses who have sexual relationships with their employees? It’s very similar and I know it’s a hot take but I don’t personally think it should be allowed because of the *massive* power imbalance. I’ve worked manufacturing for years and it’s a huge problem, specifically in male dominated careers. Not saying men are the problem, but it’s generally a problem we should be exploring more.

  • "gloss-ter"

  • I know a teacher that definitely fit the "cool teacher" trope. My best friend had told me that she had a crush on the teacher. I was 15 and she was 14 at that time. This teacher was 27. The first year of tuitions went quite well. During the second year, my best friend's grandparents died which put her into a fragile state of mind. She and the teacher,(I'll refer to him as T now onwards) started to chat on the phone a lot. T used to talk about how he married his wife and how much he loved his infant daughter to death during class. Anyway, during their chats, T started being lovey dovey towards my friend, sometimes referring her with loving names. I told my friend that it's really weird and creepy and that she should stop before things get worse. After a couple of weeks she had told me that she told T that she doesn't want to speak to him about anything inappropriate. Anyway, a year passes again and I noticed that my friend started wearing bolder clothes to class. I didn't think much of it. I also felt something weird whenever she'd give her notebook to him to get it checked. Highschool ends, she finally tells me that she had been in a relationship with him for three years and that they had started being intimate when she was 15 and they had sex when she was underaged. I was shocked. I told her that T has a wife and two kids now. She said that he'd always been respectful towards his wife and that he loved his children, which is what made her feel more secure with him because according to her, T was different than the typical fuckboys who talk shit about their partners. I tried to talk her out of it because I felt that she had been groomed by T. She didn't take that very well emotionally for a week but afterwards she told me she doesn't care if he raped her, that he's "not a bad person" and that she wants to marry him (we're Muslims so polygamy eh) They're still together, she's eighteen, he's 30. I feel bad for his poor wife who doesn't know that her husband slept with a kid when she was 8 months pregnant... I've been keeping this a secret because my friend doesn't want me to say anything. She says it's her thing to deal with and that I have no right to tell anyone anything. Her mother knows of everything he's done to her, but she isn't speaking up because where we're from it's always the girl's fault. Either she was a whore or her mother didn't raise her well. It honestly sucks and it feels awful to know that the "cool teacher" I knew raped my best friend.

  • the scream after “teacher scandals” lmfaoo

  • Gloucester is pronounced GLOU-ches-ter

  • It's pronounced "Glosster." ♡ This case is super close to home for me...literally.

  • I love your hoodie!!

  • The fact these assaults always turn into a relationship that continues for months instead of a one time thing is even more disgusting

  • 2:12 me all the time

  • love the highlighter girl

  • All of my friends go to this school except for me because I can’t afford tuition... interesting how they’re paying all that extra money to be taugh by perverts.... All the students knew what was going on and my friends had no reaction to the news!!

  • Why do they keep saying "sex" instead of "rape" just... disgusting

  • Your videos are the best part of my week

  • Amen! I just had a rage moment about this Issue last night. I was watching Degrassi with a male relative and there was a “romance” between a female teacher and male student. When I started to get worked up about it, he said it didn’t matter because they were both “hot” and because it was a “fictional show” and just a “fantasy.” My issue is that it still depicts a power imbalance and romanticizes this type of assault when it’s just as bad as an adult male assaulting a female student, or a same-sex assault. It’s really disturbing that this is a common storyline in teen dramas.

  • I bet she was voted cool teacher because she was goodlooking

  • Seriously home school your kids!

  • In France, first if you are a teacher it is illegal to have a "sexual relationship" even if the student is of legal age, because of the power dynamic that it implies. And second, if a teacher, or anybody else who has some kind of authority over a minor (being a parent, a tutor, a doctor, etc...) sexually assaults the kid, then it is considered "aggravated sexual assault" because once again when you have a certain power over someone, it is considered to be coerced.


  • I'm guessing te "coolest teacher" thing was her acting relatable and chill with her students in order to lure them

  • I honestly don't think there's anything wrong with an 18 or 19 yr old dating whatever age they choose. Same age, older or even a lot older.. what's the issue? They're adults and capable of making those decisions for themselves.

  • 3:45 the reasons why these predators can’t find hot singles their age is because they are not looking/attracted to people their age...

  • A jersey bitch? This is y no one likes us. I don't understand the need for this it's disgusting

  • Earlier in 2020, Mary Kay Letourneau (a female teacher who sexually assaulted/abused and later married the male student when he was of age) died at 58 years old. And I'd argue that was the first "big" case that brought light to female teacher-male student sexual misconduct/abuse, to which created the discussion for newer cases like the one in NJ. Oddly, the brief details in the article (shared in the video) seem to imply the relationship may've been perceived as similar as Letourneau's case.

  • "Get in a cannon and be shot" lol

  • Oh so after the 60th time he finally admitted it? Clearly he enjoyed it. Only abuse in the eyes of the law

  • In the wise words of Katya “Please ma’am, I don’t want to cut up your body and make a bloody mess....give me your highlighter and I’ll be on my way”

  • This subject makes me incredibly uncomfortable, the levels of depravity of these individuals is sickening.

  • yeah let's pull a mayu from corpse party and get blasted at mach speed into a wall together



  • This was my highschool. She was still there and everyone's favorite when I graduated in 2015. The sad thing is that this wasn't the first one of my teachers to get fired and outed for this.

  • I love the matte black nail polish. I can’t sit still long enough to let it dry completely. Looks great when it’s done right!

  • I'm not surprised she was voted as the coolest teacher sadly. Quite often predatory teachers use manipulation into making other people liking them, perhaps to use as a shield towards rumors and/or allegations. Other students/faculty might be like "No, x would never do something like that, they're so nice!" etc. Just shows that they're good at manipulating people, including their victims. It also draws victims to them, their good reputation might make some students consider doing things they wouldn't normally do. Initially that could be activities like meeting up with them after school hours, opening up to them about personal issues etc. Eitherway I'm happy to hear that this teacher actually got fired, seeing as that doesn't always happen...

  • ill never understand how these cases, when they are brought to the media, feature seemingly otherwise successful young adults with extremely ideal life accommodations regarding their career and personal life. That means that these woman who do these things feel as though the sexual encounter(s) with these young boys are worth all of their life's accumulating achievements. I don't understand. The only thing I can think of is that their may be a cathartic level of redemption or validation when these women feel they're getting older and may be losing their youth and beauty only to be thought of as "hot" all over again by a young student. This would create a feeling of confidence, rediscovered self worth and esteem, and most of all the 'I still got it' mentality one could have lost from age and her body after having children. I can only imagine that feeling being so powerful that it renders ones self control nearly nonexistent, and of course leads to multiple attempts to seek it whenever possible.

  • Ready to Glare: "I just don't understand how people keep murdering people :/// Or ROBBING people. Or committing crimes, like wtf-??? There's been like, at least ten cases already, isn't that enough?Like how is this STILL happening? It's 2020, hello, why are we still seeing cases of people breaking the law? I thought we'd run out of them by now and everyone would follow the rules."

  • this is so frustrating! but i love you girl

  • haven't seen the video yet but wanted to compliment you on your highlighter it's sooo pretty, you look great

  • Honestly no matter what gender the student or the teacher is or what they identify as if the student is underage it’s still disgustingly appalling.

  • *Insert South Park episode where people don't believe Ike is being taken advantage of by his teacher* Also I can atest it isn't easy to meet people on dating apps, I think they're shit at meeting people.

  • At this point I'm not sure I'm still ready to glare :((((((((

  • I was always uncomfortable around teachers just because of my experience back home. I’ve been molested by my babysitters granddaughter and my father so I don’t really take sexual harassment (like weird and uncomfortable glances/touches or people saying/implying inappropriate things) as serious as I should because I know it could be worse and in my head I’m like as long as it doesn’t get to that point I’m good. Idk I know it’s not pc to think that way I just assumed the majority of people were like this and I’d be exhausted pointing every little thing out. Like me and my friends laughed at the fact I almost got kidnapped in middle school. I usually took the public bus/walked to school and home since I was in middle school so men trying to kidnap me/pressuring me to get into there car was normalized (not that I ever excepted a ride from anyone but I didn’t talk about it with an adult). I also (along with some of my classmates) constantly got catcalled/harassed by older men and a hand full of women. I’ve had a few of those encounters with these teachers. My math teacher would walk behind me over my shoulder breathing hard and pretended to check the problem I was solving on the board, (he never did that with anybody else. His ass was on that chair waiting for them to sit back down). Sometimes he would stroke my back or squeeze my shoulder, arm, and waist but I didn’t say anything. Someone did cuz he got fired during the school year for sexual assault. I also had this gym teacher move my side bangs (when side bangs/scene kids were the trend) away from my face in front of everyone in the cafeteria. He did other cringe things too but that moment stuck out because I felt embarrassed and people were staring at me (I hated attention to the point I get anxious). It’s like he had an out of body experience and didn’t realize where he was, but then he proceeded to say “you look too beautiful to have your eyes covered”. That was all in high school don’t get me started on my figure drawing 👀 instructor in college. I’ve had other minimal encounters but those were the ones that are vivid in my memory and they were all labeled “the cool” teacher.

  • I know she’s done videos about Shane’s different series but I’d love to see her dive deep into his past about his old blackface videos and his creepy asf child predators “jokes” id love to see her opinions on it !

  • I wanna say she was probably considered "cool" among male students probably because of appearance, or possibly because of lack of boundaries. When I was in high school guys would flock to a certain teacher beacuse they all thought she was hot, so thus being "cool" to them.

  • The big problem, at least in my opinion, is the huge discrepancy is the sentencing of pedophiles (and yes, if anyone is having sex with underage people, then they are a pedophile and they should all be punished the same) who are teachers or anyone else in a position of authority and power over a minor. The female teachers have historically gotten lighter sentences vs male teachers (some female teachers have been punished appropriately, but there are just way too many female teachers who have either gotten light sentences, or in some cases no jail time and only probation), and so they feel that, if it happens, then they won't be punished as severely as male teachers, and I believe that this is a big part of the problem (other than the wiring problem in their brains that make them think that having sex with a minor is a good thing to do). Personally, I believe that, if all teachers (male and female alike) were sentenced equally where being a pedophile is concerned (in the cage, throw away the key), then it might make them think twice before they damage the life of a child for their own twisted sexual gratification. Just saying.

  • How many cooling rooms do teachers need?


  • she may have been voted as the "coolest teacher" because she was nice to her students so that she could get inappropriately close to them.

  • Major deja vu, genders reversed but SWIM had a blatantly obvious emotional affair with the "cool teacher" (to the point where other students were calling it out but nothing provable and didn't make sense to 14/15 year olds) hadn't thought about that SWIM and that teacher in a while. I think the "cool" trope is another factor in getting away with this non-sense because their power extends to the other students they influence. I'd be curious to know if this ever happens with the strict hated teachers because as I can recall it's always the cool sweet ones but I don't want to assume.

  • Gloucester is pronounced like 'gloster' , rhymes with foster. They just put extra letters in there for no apparent reason.

  • There’s a teacher at my school who has weird relationships with his female students, but there’s no sex as far as I’m aware*, and they all say he’s one of their favorite teachers *I hear about girls walking his dog for him and then just hanging out at his house with his dog while he’s at work (he’s also the city commissioner), which is weird and inappropriate, but definitely not illegal

  • I'll admit I have liked some of my teachers, but it's their responsiblity to uphold the boundaries. My teacher noticed and the day after immediately announced he was engaged, while looking at me. Crush insta-died.

  • Can we stop pretending Raycon is good sound quality now

  • I need a t-shirt that says “I survived 2020 “ I swear 😂😂😂😂

  • i literally just saw ur comment on a diesel patches vid and ur super prettyyy damn share some of that

  • Watching this video as “That’s My Boy” is playing on the Telly. 🤔🤔🤔

  • What?! A sex scandal associated with Catholics?! I've never...

  • Supermarket Commercial "mom thank you for not being dad" 😤 😤

  • Please look into ESmain striking Mamamax for exposing predators.

  • I mean he kinda had the power over her though. He turned her into the police when he was totally down with it before. She probably broke his heart so he used his power to get her in trouble. In my opinion I don’t think there’s a power imbalance with this one..

  • This does not surprise me coming from Camden NJ. worst part of the entire state for so many reasons! Iykyk

  • Can you research and talk about all the woman's and girls that have disappear in Puerto Rico do to human trafficking. Nobody is talking about that and is frustrating

  • When I was in high school one of the high schools I went to the teacher that was known as the cool teacher and did get voted coolest teacher in the yearbook ended up being found out to have been having sex with a few of the male students a couple years later right after I graduated. And it really did make a light bulb go off in my head, like oh yeah definitely why everyone said that she was the cool teacher. So I have no doubt that this woman has probably been doing this for years and there are probably multiple more victims, unfortunately.

  • I totally get the mindset that dating someone who's barely legal is a bit off-putting. My fiance and I got together when he was 27 and I was 20. We've been together for a decade so far. He said that he'd been interested in me for a while, but didn't feel comfortable pursuing a relationship with me when I was 18 for a number of reasons. 1. He thought it would be inappropriate to date someone who's still in their teens, 2. In your teen years your mentality is likely not mature enough for a serious relationship, and 3. He's just not that into girls who aren't at least in their 20's. I guess I got a keeper. Haha.

  • sounds like you could use a red pill of knowledge. Hos gonna be hos, don't matter which profession they choose.

  • If it was a man the headline would be disappointing ugly fat gross full grow man asulted a child that was his student

  • I’m a high school English teacher (female millennial under 30) and this absolutely disgusts me for many reasons. One, most teenagers in general lack basic proper hygiene. Two, it’s illegal (!!!). And three, as a teacher, I’m placed in a position where my #1 job is to protect and advocate for students...this is the opposite of protection and advocacy. Pursuing a relationship with a student is not only an imbalance of power, but it is grotesquely oxymoronic and compromising to all students in the classroom. Not to mention it’s pure evil, but it digress...

  • i do kind of think at least a little bit of inappropriateness has something to do with the coolest teacher thing imo

  • off topic but,,, "I've cried to Taylor Swift's Folklore many many times" i felt that

  • 02:08 I lost it, that was funny as hell LOL

  • I just recalled a case in my elementary school many years ago, a female teacher had a affair with a student from high school (he had 17 or so at the time) and never was called out for it, I just know at time because his sister was my friend of other class and told me, I saw them one day many years ago too at a gas station with their kids. I don't know how his parents allowed this relationship in the first place 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • I thought this was in VA for a sec because of it being Camden County and also Gloucester lol didn't realized NJ and us down here had so many similarly named towns. Had me reeling wondering how this missed the local news. Anyhoo, no hate at all. I'm dyslexia and can't pronounce or read things correctly myself but Gloucester is pronounced "Gloss-ter" most things ending in "Cester" is pronounced like "ster". Love your channel and attitude toward all lifes fucked-upedness ❤

  • If women are just given power, the feminist say, the world will be a better, different place???????????

  • Just gross.

  • Are those wigs or does she die her hair regularly

  • Oh

  • My alternative high school math teacher slept with atleast 5 female student...all the students knew (less than 100 kids went to the school) he never got in trouble.

  • You know what's really sad news articles used to use words like had sex with student when it was a female teacher sexually assaulting a male student but if it's the other way around they always use sexual assault and other words that make the situation sound as bad as it is

  • All the men who scream “what about MEN??” whenever women speak about rape and harassment are getting ready to call this child sexual abuse victim “lucky”. 💀💀💀💀 The boy reported it, he obvious wanted help. He got VERY VERY unlucky. He probably thought he was okay with it because a 16-17 year old just biologically doesn’t have the same decision making skills as an adult. She took advantage of that and he paid for it. I hope he finds healing and peace going forward.

  • “I have to say I do like the extra drop of depression” LMAO

  • Back in school I used to stay away from “cool” teachers!

  • "Glosster", or "Glahstah" or "Gluhster" or "Gluhstah" "Glor-ster"...these are all the variations I've heard here in MA. It's like the pronounciation of "Worcester":, wooster, worster, woostah, wuhstah Nothing is pronounced normally, here in New England. It began as a big fuck you to the original England, i believe. Now we're just weirdos. 😂

  • She may have been voted "coolest" for having more of a 'friend' vibe with the students compared to other teachers. My sister had a teacher when she was 14, who she did not like and she would describe him doing things to try to be like "a pal" with the students. My sister left the school a year early to do other studies but that next school year it was found out that teacher was having an inappropriate relationship with a student that had been in my sister's year. I also have friends who are now highschool teachers and they always emphasise that while they are friendly with students, they are always careful not to blur the boundary between teacher and student (eg they never add students as a Facebook friend)

  • I am 33 years old and would never date anyone under 25. I was the 19 year old with a 35 year old boyfriend.

  • I am glad you call at female abusers. Many people think men are only abusers.

  • Anddddd she was released from jail. 🥴🥴🥴

  • I love how you address this topic. Yes. In New Jersey, 16 is the age of consent. TECHNICALLY with the victim being 17, the age gap was not illegal, but THE POWER DYNAMIC IS IMPORTANT!!! Also, I was 19 and dated a man in his 30s. He has now been dead 10 years due to his severe issues. I have turned 30 and I basically have ZERO INTEREST in even being FRIENDS with anyone under 23 years old, now... Though I am dating someone 10 years older than me again. But hey at least our age gap of 10 years still has the younger being 30!

  • Also don't blame you for not knowing how to pronounce Gloucester County.... I'm in New Jersey and I think even the people from there have 4 different ways to pronounce it 😂 we are a weird state

  • I know this is off topic but HOW do you have your hair colored differently every video!? Like even if your hair is bleached out and you use temporary coloring, how do you strip out the temp dye FULLY to get back to platinum, without your hair being tinted the last color or just getting fried completely??

  • oh my god gloucester county is shit (also pronounced glou-chester) its the middle of nowhere and shit