Amber Heard & L'Oréal - a rant

Publicado el 24 may 2020
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  • Completely agree! Well said!

    • Incredibly Average - Brian. Are you going to make any future vids about the UK case? A comparative between the US deposition and her UK evidence would be really interesting. Totally shocking how her evidence has changed and been so embellished in the UK.

    • I hear the news about Heard’s racist joke on Twitter and the protest on Trump’s ICE policy she’s in. Also, O’Loreal fires a trans black woman. Sounds so hypocritical...

    • @Incredibly Average I watch every single one of your videos, you are amazing! Keep doing what you're doing and thank you so much for the amazing content! Take care :)

    • Been a fan for ages. So happy you're being recognized for your amazing work!

    • Praise!

  • And the cigarette burn. Don’t forget that. Who burns their own spouse with a cigarette?!?

  • I can’t believe they’re letting her be in more movies, her career should be over. Plus her acting is worse than lele pons.

  • L’oreal should get their sh*t straight.

  • Amber: L‘Oreal Actress & Humanitarian More like: Bully, Psycho and liar

  • my mom is like, convinced that ambers innocent,,,, and its like nO. NONONONO. ITSOBVIOUSTHATSHESINTHEWRONG

  • Shes horrible in all ways. I dont know whats so attractive abt her... She used to look blandly pretty and girl next door before the plastic surgery. Now she looks bloated and mean. Allthe red lipstick is just ugh.

  • Wait what She punched Jonny fucking Depp

  • This was obvious before and it's so sad so many people hated and attacked him. It was public knowledge she abused physically and mentally her former gf. So why did everyone suddenly believe Depp who never had a single DV charge ever was abusing this woman who has DV chargers? Sounds like Amber from Teen Mom OG to me

  • If Shallow Hal saw Amber Heard he would gouge his own eyes out and never forget what he saw. Amber’s “inner beauty” would scar him for the rest of his life.

  • She’s so abusive not only physically but psychologically too!! She’s so toxic!

  • I think the word self-titled intelligent woman Amber Heard was looking for was opinionated... Not opinioned (sic)... though, that may just be my opinion... Holy Shit, talk about how hilarious it is that in the same sentence she expresses how she feels having her opinions heard would be of value, she simultaneously displays just how inaccurate & poorly informed her opinions likely are...

  • You're so beautiful, Loreal should hire you☺️ Best regards from Germany 😉

  • Amber is an abuser. I really feel for Johnny. I hope he changes the divorce to annul.

  • She’s not an actress. She used to be a stripper.

  • Completely irrelevant but your pronunciation of L'oreal Paris is beautiful

  • I never believed any of that shit. Tim Burton would never be friends with a monster

  • Well she still living her fullest fabulous life

  • ....and take a crap on their husband's bed because he was late to her birthday party like she's 12.

  • Finally someone who doesn’t victimize amber. Everyone was telling me that I was blind just because Johnny Depp is my favorite actor of all time. Yes he’s sometimes shady but amber ADMITTED to abusing him yet he lost everything for it

  • You seem like the type that wears makeup, I hope you throw out all the L’Oréal crap. I am for sure not using their stuff anymore

  • Me and my mom are gonna have a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon as a sign of respect for him. The money is probably not gonna go towards him but, still. I loved Johnny Depp when I was a little girl in Pirates of the Caribbean and Rango. I miss Johnny so much and I hope that wherever he his, that he’s safe and healthy.

  • And then the pedophilia stuff came out..

  • I love this, you are bang on lol. I feel your rage and agree f&*k Amber Heard. I knew she was a lying sack, something about her is very off.

  • #justiceforjohnny #boycotlorealscamberheardtheturd

  • You won me over here Ready.

  • Well this video isn't aging well with all of the evidence coming out with Johnny's trial huh.

  • Girl: aRe yoU a bAbY

  • They also need to take her off the cover of the first Aquaman. I realize you can't remove her from the movie but they can change any new prints of the covers, posters, ect.

  • Maybe they have to, I dont use Loreal but perhaps the wording in her co tract was done done well enough to drop her. I would think they would want to since I see alot of people "boycotting" them. But I also saw alot of people like me who just dont use that brand.

  • Amber heard makes me so angry the rage that i feel towards her abusing my favorite actor and then have the AUDACITY to make false accusations towards him saying he was the one bwing abusive make me so fucking mad she needs to be locked up and to never be let free again. People dont understand that women can be murderers and abusers too smh.

  • I'm so angry I fell for her lies. She's disgusting and also has a history of abusing partners. No such thing as a perfect victim but this is sickening and she hasn't been held to account. Double standards doesn't go far enough. Injustice is more appropriate.

  • Nobody was in thier relationship but the two of them so there's truely no way to call either of them "innocent" looking from outside in.I'm not a fan of amber heard so I don't really give a fuck about her I'm not defending her at all.

  • Très bel accent français ! How did you get that accent ?

  • the sad thing is, when the allegations against him first started popping up, you could easily search up the situation and there were already reports of people saying that that wasn't true. this information has been out there for a long time but people were just so fast to support amber, and some people still support her despite tons of evidence backing johnny up. always try and believe the victim, since allegations this serious are usually real or have some sort of substance to them. but in this case, believe johnny, because he IS the victim. it blows my mind that people can see all the proof and still say that amber is in the right.

  • I remember when everyone was boycotting Johnny Depp and screaming he was abusive to her.

  • Johnny is a LEGEND he will go down in history as one of the best actors ever!! He was. Way to good for her and he deserves better

  • You saying "..ok,.Loreal!", Is the best ever!

  • She beat the shite out of him, she cut his finger off, she shat on his bed and withheld his medication. And she will get away with it.

  • Honestly hard to watch, of course it is terrible for these false allegations to ruin Johnny’s career, but also think of all the actually abused women in Hollywood and now it is that much harder.... ugh

  • This crazy woman chopped off his finger and some people don’t see a problem.......let that settle in

  • I'm a big Johnny Depp fan, but if he was truly an abusive terrible person, then I would most likely be like "Yeah, he's an asshole." But I couldn't buy this story, mainly because his exes came out in his defense. If he was abusive, why would they defend him? No one does that. It makes me so angry; I know Johnny Depp's not a perfect person, everyone knows that. But that doesn't mean he deserves abuse. It's terrible. I can't tell you how many times people got on my case because I was "defending an abuser."


  • I will literally fight for johnny depp until I die. the man is fucking crazy and I respect that #boycottamberheard

  • I feel so angry that people are defending her, there is so much evidence that she is an abusive little fuck. On top of that, his statement should be enough, our first instinct should be believing the victim regardless of gender.

  • #LOréalnotworthit

  • I stand with you on L’Oréal being fucked for praising or featuring Heard. But the widespread opinion is against Amber Heard. And there have been multiple women come out and defend him. So it’s not necessary to act like people aren’t getting it. We all hate amber. We all are sorry to Johnny. You don’t need to act like ppl are seriously thinking her abuse is okay.

  • People be aware also of L'Oréal s major brands and boycott them as well. Such as lancome, ysl ecc. Search them all.

  • I thought this whole situation was at least acknowledge by the media and at least for marketing purposes they wouldn't give her anything more. Then I saw on the Italian TV the new L'Oréal advert with Eva Longoria and this blonde girl that it seemed Amber. I was so mad that I had to go check if the video testimonial was really her cause I couldn't believe my eyes. A fucking brand that praises itself for women equality, at least in the media, that had in the past fired people for controversy, had the never to give a job do a damn abuser that the whole world wants to see in jail?? Like WTF??

  • The only convincing role she ever played was Seth Rogen's abusive gf in Pineapple Express. 🤔

  • Police dont wonna arest anybody thes days not even if a guy is exposing hes self the police still dont wonna arest him yes police are becoming cowards

  • It is so infuriating, the industry started bashing Johnny before anything was even concluded, just for allegations, he deserves so much better. Really gross..

  • So I didn’t really follow this story when it broke out, but I still feel bad that my first instinct was “oh he probably did it.” I’ve grown up a bit more since then, and I’m cringing at my first response. The fact that I didn’t keep up with the story has nothing to do with it. The fact that I was just so ready to be like “the man did it”, even though I’m aware that women can be just as abusive, saddens and sickens me. I hate that I raised in a way to make me kind of hate men (super religious household), and I’m hoping therapy can help me with this. Also, I’m glad she’s being called out, and I hope Johnny Depp finds healing. That bitch doesn’t deserve shit after the way she manipulated the entire situation.

  • I know gut feelings can be wrong but when i heard about the accusations against Johnny I didn’t believe them for a second, abusers can’t hide their need for power and control that well in my experience. In every interview with Johnny he is consistently gentle and thoughtful, even in his mannerisms. Not to say a seemingly gentle person can’t abuse but these facts combined with ambers past made it very hard to believe

  • To all men who lust for young, beautiful women... good luck.

  • Can’t imagine how the other women, also celebrated by loreal feels. ‘What, Loreal put Heard in the same place as helen mirren etc’.... who did Heard sleep with in Loreal for them to keep her despite all these backlash. Is a woman doing illegal acts exempted? I’m not even a Depp fan and i feel so sorry for him.

  • That beginning section made me anxious lmao. Growing up with a lot of fighting and abuse makes me twitch when people raise their voice.

  • Honeyyyy, amber heard is not pretty inside sorry not sorry. Johnny Depp was a Legend hands down my favorite actor of my generation!

  • You're a magical creature that suits all hair colors

  • She should have been arrested for domestic violence. When you put your hands on somebody, it takes it to a whole new level.

  • whenever i hear those audio recordings my mind gets instant flashbacks to _pineapple express_ and her character "angie anderson" *amber heard left a turd on johnnies side of the bed,* *her and her fellas then went to coachella and blamed the dog instead.*

  • Johnny deserves better

  • "I didn't punch you, I was hitting you" oh yeah Amber that's totally makes a difference

  • 🖤🤞🖤Can we please all flow Mr Depp some loving powerful peaceful thoughts today? Where one may be weak... Many can be strong.. And universal united energy is some powerful stuff. And if anyone has candles at hand.... Please burn one for him safely as long as you can manage.. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.... Just focused and transfered... Let's do that for JD. Let's all focus for the next few weeks. And keep posting positive videos about him. That will help dislodge the black cloud that was placed on this life challenge of his. Keep it positive 🖤 Control the narrative with courage, honesty, hope and most importantly... Love. Love conquers all. Hate starts out strong and scary but... It tends to fizzle and warp into messed up shapes that are weak and sickening.. .. While love... Love builds and intensifies and holds stronger and tighter the more it permiates 🖤💜🖤

  • Omg, she choped of part of his finger?? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn"t know, I'm so shocked! Why isn't she on the news for her abuse, in courts and stuff???

  • I remember learning about this and just being sick to my stomach. The double standard has gotten so bad that I remember having a talk with my niece one day about how “boys can’t hit girls” doesn’t mean she’s allowed to just hit boys, and that I don’t want her hitting ANYONE unless its in defense. I also told my nephews this. If you’re an abuser then you’re an abuser. Its innocent until proven guilty, and people having their jobs and other things taken over allegations without evidence is honestly a joke. Yes we should take any allegation seriously and look into it, but we shouldn’t reach a conclusion beforehand based on the notion “believe all women.” Women are just as capable of lying and abuse as any man.

  • I mean Johnny Depp takes racist roles which hurts me because I want to love him, but obviously she cannot abuse him and get away with it. Domestic abuse is abuse.

  • Wow thank you so much for talking about this, you are so right! i couldn't even wait for the video to end to click the like button

  • She needs to be cancelled period

  • He's so traumatised by her he can't even say you punched me in the face. You hit me in the thing... jeez

  • Thats the problem i have with this mentality of people thinking its always mans fault. I know quite a few real psychos and they are actually women. Like can we PLEASE STOP GENERALISING PEOPLE ????????

  • the fact that his EX WIVES came to defend him says ALOT

  • visit and search 40 or so brands that are owned by a Loreal. To boycott them, you’d have to do some major research... hopefully they will drop her soon.

  • I agree with you 100%! My hearts been breaking the last few years at how everyone has been treating Johnny based only on ALLEGATIONS, it's enraging and it's even more enraging how Amber just gets a pass for her PROVEN abuse. I'm boycotting L'oreal even though I already don't buy their products.

  • injustice does not justify another injustice

  • Agreed since day one.

  • Johnny didn't deserve any of that omg.

  • THANK YOU for making this video. I always get so mad when reading through evidence or even seeing people still supporting her. I also think that people who are still supporting her don´t WANT to see the evidence and never wanted to because from the very beginning there were enough statements and "evidence" that should have raised suspicion towards her

  • Well said. Amber Heard is evil.

  • Thank you for bringing attention to this! Johnny Depp is an amazing actor and while nobody is perfect, it was painfully obvious who the abuser was in their relationship. The fact that his career has suffered and was essentially cancelled is disgusting!

  • Update it’s still on their Instagram

  • #LorealSupportsAbuse

  • You go gurl!

  • I'm With You! Johnny was abused and she needs to be held accountable

  • I love u in that wig

  • At this point Amber needs Jesus, its really sad #Justiceforjohnnydepp

  • That Umbrella Guy has been covering this case a lot too.

  • “Her quote makes it sound like there aren’t many powerful, beautiful, opinionated women” Maybe start by looking in the mirror Giulia, just saying

  • Where do you get your wigs?

  • *babe* ‘BITCH’

  • You should see PierreXO's video on pretty good too.

  • 💯!

  • L'oreal: Girl power Amber heard: *shits in Johnny Depp's bed and nearly severs his finger*

  • 4:55 "inner beauty, bitch where?"

  • "Powerful, smart, opinioned [sic], taken seriously, even if they are beautiful" Fits Ready to Glare perfectly!

  • Johnny is getting old and it’s disturbing seeing being abused. It’s like hitting grandpa💔

  • I am embarrassed that I supported her, then this came out

  • Emma Roberts and Amber Heard NEED TO BE LOCKED UP.

  • So few men admit to being abused, someone of Johnny Depp’s status keeping silent in the facets all he lost because of her is testament to the depth of character he has. As he merely ashamed to have been a victim of domestic violence or had the toll of the abuse silenced him. How many of the roles which he was dropped from because of he poison against him have offered him back his role? Amber admits hitting him and even attacks him for not being a man, by telling him to man up and not be a baby. Whether or not she punched him is a mute point. No one male or female has the rite to put their hands on another....

  • this deserves a veil lifted episode