Amber Heard is being paid to talk about DV

Publicado el 21 dic 2020
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  • "I didnt punch you i just hit you with a closed fist" what a fucking creep. And anyone hiring her is a dumbass

  • Are they in a 1-party recording state?

  • i died in the dried piece of toast vanilla!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yea she a liar and abuser. But she doesn't need to worry, people forget. Look at chris brown, his videos have hundreds of thousands of views, and he's been violent to more women since rihanna (which was enough for me to hate em). She'll be fine.

  • Dry piece of toast 😭😭😭

  • Wait... "Johnny Depp isn't a saint" Neither is/was mother Theresa, but that doesn't make his claims any less valid. In fact, I find Johnny extremely credible... Unlike blonde bimbo Amber Heard. She's the abuser. Period.

  • Amber turd

  • I have been seething about Amber Heard and her lies for weeks. I take it very personally. I just escaped violence a few months ago. I saw the headlines about JD being a "wife beater" and didn't read because I didn't want to know...not right now. But, eventually, I listened to the audio tapes and was aghast -- I heard Heard (heard-squared) on those tapes and I heard my husband. The goading, taunting, gas-lighting...excuses...BLECH....I was terrified of my husband. At the end I was afraid to look at him. I certainly did not goad, tease and cajole him....I did not hear a victim of abuse on those recordings -- I heard an abuser a severely out-of-control one. There is so much that is wrong here. So much. Now, she jumps on Evan Rachel Wood's bandwagon -- she has to co-opt everyone else's story because hers is coming apart. She has already been revealed, yet there is no accountability. I don't understand this world.

  • I've seen a lot of true Crime and it is scary how much incriminating evidence its thrown out b6 judges

  • More like looking FOR a contribution. Not looking to make a contribution.

  • Dude...the fact that she admitted in the audio convo in 4:06 that she hit him makes me sad about Johnny Depp's predicament

  • It's also important to note that Johnny depp didn't have any prior issues in any of his past relationships with abuse and his ex's actually came out and supported him...

  • can we talk about how amber heard doesn’t have comments enabled on her insta 👁👄👁 she k n o w

  • What defines a phone case as "military grade?"

  • Ughhhhhhhh!! This makes my blood boil soooo much. I am someone who doesn't have social media and don't really care about celebs or influencers but this is bullshit. INjustic nicol did him wrong. UK did him wrong. The SUN can go to hell. Have never watched HER movie and NEVER will.

  • Of course she's a feminist... Gender based violence eh?? She committed it against him so how the hell she's a spokesperson i don't know.

  • Male r^pe and abuse victim here. I can see straight through amber heard, she should be in jail and never let out. She is dangerous.

  • Amber Heard claiming to be a victim when she is not and being used as a speaker for actual domestic violence victims is why domestic violence, rape, sexual assault, and other crimes against males and females is not taken as seriously as it should be

  • Amber was charged with assault in 2009 of her girlfriend at the airport. Misdemeanor so she has a pattern of abuse. Those audio tapes are exactly how an abusive woman talks. I speak from experience

  • It’s sad that because he’s a male no one is putting his situation into perspective. He was in an abusive relationship. He did drugs to cope with it. Amber herd is a pos in my opinion. She’s crazy, which is fine but she’s also abusive making it NOT okay. I’m binge watching your videos btw. Lol Idk if you will actually see this but thank you for your insight and open mind. You are super cool and one of my absolute favorite ESmainrs 😊😃

  • turdy💩💩💩 lies are slowly being revealed e.g the charity donations, the judge's son works for a radio station owed by murdoch who owns the sun. J4J🤟👌👍

  • If a man did what she did, he’d be in jail! The hypocrisy just pisses me off!

  • She’s so trash. Ugh.

  • People should be convinced now that it’s been exposed she never donated the money from the divorce. Gold dig much...?

  • ...oh yes, imagine if every time an abuser did something abusive, they would take an oath first to make sure everyone knew they were abusive for real

  • The amount of VICTIM BLAMING towards Johnny is disgusting

  • It’s because people don’t actually care about being a decent person, it’s all about appearances and unfortunately we’re seeing that a lot of people aren’t capable of seeing things past a surface level

  • Do we believe anything A.H. says ? The woman seems to be a pathological liar......just my opinion.

  • That recording brings back so many memories(and they are not good). You can't argue with a narcissistic person, they twist the truth so expertly. #JusticeForJohnnyDepp

  • Love you.., can’t deal w today’s wig... those stiff braids!!!

  • Who the hell are the idiots paying AH to do these talks? They are morons.

  • Ok so youtube has recommended your channel randomly. This is going to be interesting. I like to see what young ppl are talking about (grandmother here)

  • 100% agree!

  • Yes.. Hire her if you'd like to hear a bunch of lies

  • My hunch is that they were mutually abusive and I agree they should be great the same.

  • the media are really trying to spin the narrative that shes winning, but she every job she gets there is backlash and petitions to have her removed. while johnny depp was kept by dior for savage and sales were much higher than usual? the whole go woke get broke thing is true with this one.

  • That dreadful woman needs to be silenced. She makes a mockery of D.V. her entire behavior is absolutely disgusting

  • The notion that "women" and "victims" is synonymous is one of the insulting aspects to this whole thing to me. It's been insulting for a long time. They say they "stand with women" when they should say they "stand with victims." One of the worst things I've seen is that womanhood and victimhood have been equated, that by default you will be a victim of something at some point in your life as a woman *because* you're a woman and I've seen that used to dehumanize victims of abuse, violence, and sexual assault that aren't women trying to share their conversations and young girls not speaking up or saying no because they've been conditioned to think that *saying no is going to be worse than just letting the inevitable happen.* I saw a young girl recount an incident where she was mistaken for older and she wouldn't straight out say she was underage and uncomfortable. It was an internet encounter and in between her quoting messages said "I wasn't about to get killed for refusing him!" Literally this toxic mindset of being a woman and being a victim as an inevitability is fuckin *dangerous* and sickening. I have had problems with warped memories and when I expressed this exact sentiment on a tweet saying "being a woman is realizing fucked up things happened to you in hindsight" someone said to me "you'll realize your moments eventually." I had self edited memories of an abusive friendship into me being a fucking monster over what the person who abused me said to me and so I know how bad memories can be warped. If you convince someone that they must have been abused and think not a single girl or woman is going to rack their brains for anything to look at differently and warp it because they feel excluded or want to think that the "inevitable" is behind them, I just... I hate when people say they support women when they mean victims because to stand with a woman like Amber Heard is to, at the very least, stand against the woman who was her victim. The cognitive dissonance of it all is irritating to say the very least.

  • Ugh yes, toast.

  • That condescending tone" I don't know what the full motion of my actual hand was" followed by "but I wasn't punching you I was hitting you" like is that not emotional manipulation and gaslighting


  • Listening to all those recordings etc./other evidence. It's so obvious she was a manipulative abuser and Johnny was the calm reasonable one. Sad

  • "He's no saint" is just a manipulation/gaslighting tactic. Not a single person is arguing that he's a saint, we're arguing that he was abused by Amber. Don't let anybody try that on you.

  • I agree that domestic violence against males should be taken seriously. It doesn’t matter if his partner didn’t leave a bruise or not; it’s still mentally abusive. And it certainly wouldn’t be okay the other way around! I hate to say it but my mom was that woman who screamed rape and domestic violence against my dad. Later after his passed away I found voice recordings and a diary he kept documenting the incidents. My dad was lucky that his job wasn’t constantly running background checks on him or else he could have gotten fired which is not only bad for him but everyone he took care of. He was the bread winner. He paid for our health and dental insurance and anything big that us kids needed. We would have been screwed. Furthermore my current fiancé has been in a mentally and physically abusive relationship. Since he had kids (and it wasn’t just him) none of his friends opened up their homes for him to get away from his situation. As a result he kept calling all the domestic abuse shelter and nobody wanted to take him in because he was a man. As a result he just stayed. They were separated but lived together. He didn’t move out until I moved into town. And even when he left he endured hours of verbal abuse when he dropped his kids at their bus stop every morning. I didn’t get it. He was free but he was still taking the abuse. I hated it! We had things to do but his ex was taking up his time... I guess it didn’t hit her that he’s gone gone until he physically left. But she should have known better. She had a boyfriend anyways 🤷‍♀️ Why should he stay? Anyways update on him she no longer has a hold on him and she’s pretty easy going when she’s dating someone. But a bitch when she’s not.

  • Can't even finish this, she makes me so angry. I hope she gets what's coming

  • Thanks to Amber Heard I no longer #BelieveAllWomen

  • So she’s teaching classes now about DV and how to play the victim in your own DV cases ??? WTAF ?!?!?! I hope Johnny Depp gets justice and Amber Heard gets recognized for being an abuser. Why she’s being painted the victim and getting praised for her bravery as a victim is beyond me !!!! They are so twisting the shit out of this situation. So sad ! #justiceforjohnnydepp #amberheardisanabuser

  • I don't give two shits what that judge says, if you are THAT HEATED in a conversation, you're not going to lie. You're going to say exactly what you're thinking/feeling, and that can be more truthful than being under oath.

  • Let's not forget - they have actual evidence in the form of police reports and audio recordings of the night she sliced his finger off and he's STILL losing work while "her star" is on "the rise". Are we at all surprised that Hollyweird supports abusers though?

  • Ick

  • Yeah for me victims are still victims regardless of their past. Male and Female etc Btw I hate women getting off for stupid reasons. Women should be treated Equal to Men. Not Glorified, just treated equal and based on merits. I'm sorry but I'm not at peace.

  • My grandfather was an alcoholic, but he was the sweetest, most caring person, and I was glad to have had him. Saying someone had substance abuse as proof for them being abusive to other people is harmful.

  • I am surprised at how little press was given to Amanda De Cadenet's withdrawal of support for Ms. Heard, after hearing the audio tapes of Heard's admission of abuse.

  • Stand w survivors, not just a gender **p e r i o d**

  • She’s advocating for abuse survivors of all genders....? That is some IRONY

    • Yes, even blacks, she's such a hero.

  • Charity Thief

  • imagine if readytoglare is a lawyer and criminologist in a few years from now. IT WOULD BE THE END FOR EVERY BAD PERSON OUT THERE oml

  • She’s a Psycho Jezebel Girl #justiceforjohnny🙏 Pray

  • Who is paying her thirty three grand?? Why is that money not being used to actually help those who are escaping abuse? As a DV survivor myself, it makes me extremely disgusted to hear this.

  • Is that your real hair? BRANDO

  • This is terrible, Amber has admitted on tape that she hit Johnny Depp, but HE gets rolls pulled and not her? This is so messed up. It just makes it more difficult for male victims voices to be heard and taken seriously. 😡😔

  • Amber Heard destroys all the work survivers of DA etc. Have done... Because now ppl have a reason to say "thats why we shouldnt believe all women" Even tho that phrase (from my perspective) just says "if a women tells you she gets abused, believe her as much as if she would tell you that she got robbed" And the problem is not (just) that women get away with DA bc they are women.. but that abusers get away with abuse and that almost always the victim gets punished NO MATTER THEIR GENDER! Our society punishes victims for speaking up and puts abusers on a podestal or pretend that their career is more important than the health and/or safety of the victims/survivors

  • It’s wild looking up amber heard or even something about her being an abuser and getting almost nothing but articles that don’t mention anything about the situation or completely leave out and detract from the accusations against her. I’ve seen so many articles that brush off her detractors as sexists trying to silence a woman, as though it’s not about her being an abuser

  • What?! I.... have no words.

  • You just now realize what the left does when it's someone you like? Huh. Interesting

    • @Jackson Jones this conversation is making my head hurt

    • @Emily Davis all you need to know is 4 things. Demoralize, destabilize, crisis and normalization. And welcome to your new normal.

    • @Jackson Jones um okay lol. i’m just trying to learn more about both sides because i currently know very little. thanks for your time though, i guess.

    • @Emily Davis I would love to have that conversation. But I was kicked off ESmain once for dropping facts. I was limited on Fakebook for trying to send a private message showing Hunter's laptop nudes. They literally shut off my internet access and erased the messages, and any way of communicating with the guy on FB. I can't even mention the site they were uploaded too as Instagram immediately blocked it. The censorship is heavily monitored on social media. It's not even worth it anymore. It never changes anyone's mind or they would do the research themselves if they really wanted truth.

    • could you explain your point a bit further for me? i’m curious in hearing your stance.

  • All I see when I look at amber heard, is someone who took a shit in Johnny Depp’s bed. And thought it was genius.

  • Amber Heard is so evil i hate her. and it doesnt matter what Jonny Depp has or hasn't done right or wrong in his life. he does NOT deserve this shit

  • holy dhfjs tbh i've never owned more than 2 phone cases at a time ... lmao right now i only have the one bc i have a galaxy s8 active, and like, the ONLY cases that exist for this guy is those black and red ones that look like your 40 year old middle class dad uses who drives a camero or corvette and wears those sunglasses that wrap around your head

  • women like Amber Heard are the kind of women who ruin the entire female gender for many men.

  • Women are saying he drove her to hit him.... Didn't she like sh!t in his bed and stuff? Like she's nuts.

  • Can't we just skip ahead to the future when Amber Heard gets what she deserves and Johnny's good name is restored?

  • Okay but people saying "JD is no saint!!1!1!" And pointing to his substance abuse??? Substance abuse does not make someone a bad person. Idk if he's done something actually bad but that's such a bad point

  • I kinda want to see her talk just to hear how hypocritical she sounds

  • Ugh, I am person who believes in believe the victim. Depp is the victim I believe him. A lot of people believe Amber because she is a women and don't believe Johnny because he is a man. I as a feminist won't stop believing people because of their gender. That is not equal.

  • The problem is, it was a libel case. It was JD against the sun. She wasn't on trial, but soon will be. She's an abuser, and has prior cases of it. He's never been secretive about his drinking and drug taking, he was in the viper room ffs. She planned to marry him, to defame him, maybe even kill him, then say it was self defence to get his money. She makes a venomous snake look like a fluffy kitten in comparison.

  • I will not be supporting Amber Heard, and the shows and movies she is going to star in, because abusers should not be supported.

  • O.J. didn't do it. Look into it. I dare you.

  • This whole situation is just so infuriating

  • Amber has elon musk money on her side now.. Remember she was bonking him for a doubt he left her with some expensive lawyers n connections

  • have you heard about the marilyn manson dv claim? evan rachel wood spoke about it and people think its manson,even though she didn't name him specifically. im curious to hear your thoughts on that.

  • My ex : i didnt leave your hearing permanently damaged Me who cant hear from one ear: ????

  • As a survivor, it’s offensive to see companies trying to virtue signal by hiring her.

  • As a DV survivor, she makes my blood boil. Watching her body language when she was with JD and during the can see she’s a toxic human. I don’t buy her story, it didn’t sit right before the tapes came out and it really doesn’t sit right after. I hope she gets removed from the movie and I hope that, somehow, DV organizations can undo the damage she has done for future victims of all genders.

  • There are a few million people in the world, and we had the misfortune of having to see Heard going 'I'm a weak woman, how can I abuse a man11!!!1!' and numerous clowns in their own circus acts defending her. It's like saying cats can't maul you because they're cute widdle fwuffballs or that not wearing a bulletproof vest 24/7 is just asking to be shot with a gun. If Santa were real, she's be getting coal for the next fifty decades or so, and hopefully, a visit from the Krampus.

  • Thank you - I absolutely agree with every word you say. Just because you are a woman, doesn’t mean you are not capable of violence and abuse.

  • She was the abuser

  • How is Heard admitting hitting him ONCE devalues her statement that he abused her? She was so much younger than him and no one talks about that, and I’m pretty sure if I was abused I would try to defend myself and would absolutely hit back when harassed.

  • 🤬 are you serious!? Oh 🖕🏻her

  • Her: An idiot thats what you are 😂 Me: then you must be a lovely beautiful idiot ❤

  • In lighter news, Tim Burton has come out staunchly supporting Johnny (big shocker i know) and has stated that Johnny Depp will play Gomez Addams or Burton walks. I hope the studio listens, because lord have mercy at the person stupid enough to say "No Tim Burton. You don't know how to cast a movie Tim Burton."

  • I can not imagine seeing my abuser become a spokesperson against abuse. That's disgusting, and I am in awe of JD's resilience. I hope everyone who supports her fails miserably

  • This is absolutely disgusting. This just shows that victims of abuse aren’t being taken seriously.. to have someone like amber heard being the voice of domestic violence is really a slap in the face to those who are being abused and just shows how fucked up it all really is. This makes me so angry

  • This whole situation infuriates me I wish I could do something to help him. His whole career and reputation was ruined for something he hasn’t even been proved to have done.

  • I dont want her speaking on my behalf...that is just gross and disappointing...

  • Gods... As someone who has adored Johnny Depp since I was a child, I admit to having a bias. Regardless, I still feel the need to comment. Johnny Depp is one of the most positive male stars who have shaped my view of what a good man should be. For example, No one is going to be perfect. Everyone has their flaws, and drawbacks. Everyone makes a mistake. Everyone has a decision that they regret. But, they can still strive to be better for themselves and their loved ones. Johnny Depp has struggled. But he has also faced so much. Honestly, I don't think he would abuse anyone. But this case, is ruining him. He is being stripped of everything he has worked on and for. Yes, he should be investigated. All domestic abuse allegations should be looked into. But I hope and pray thngs settle enough to investigate properly.

  • man i havent seen the name amber heard in a long while

  • You're part of the Italian vampire family from twilight aren't you 🧐🧐


  • my peanutbrain: casually reads the title as "amber heard is getting paid to talk about donny vepp"

  • The icing on the cake was when I read her ex-assistant’s testimony; not only did she experience YEARS of physical/mental abuse by her, Amber sat and listened to her open up about her own abuse story, then literally snatched pieces of her assistants TRUE story and warped it into her own horrific experience that she had with Johnny. Just sickening.