Addison Rae compared to THE Britney Spears?

Publicado el 16 abr 2021
To be clear, I see this more as empathizing and drawing parallels as opposed to a direct comparison. There is no comparing to Britney, full stop.



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  • This came up on my recommended and the fact ur a Britney fan too makes me respect you even more which I didn’t know was possible 💜

  • She literally only released one song like bruh and here she is acting like a celeb 😒

  • TikTok...Humanity's future is fucked. I feel that some of them are making fun of their fans now, with the dross in their videos. Like, their fans will love anything they do, so they do less and less. And the tongues, the side-mouths, the palm rubbing...🤣🤣🤣 They're allllll the same.

  • Britney Spears literally has no rights right now and Addison Rae claims to relate to her??

  • No just no. Do people have eyes? Or EARS?

  • Iv never not seen nothing but " I'm all that and more than a bag of vegan pop corn " or " I am the cats pj's" or something else actually fucking dumb like " I'm the bees knees fur sure " and actually believes this shit fully

  • "She is everywhere" *me, only knowing the name cause Valkyrae talked about how people were saying it was her, not this Addison person, who had said something bad about Dream, or something* I'm clearly not in the know with this woman, and I think I'm okay with it 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • She wasn’t being hounded by paparazzi, she got outed for calling them herself and telling them where she was going to be.

  • Am I the only one who finds it kinda weird that she hangs out with someone who’s literally twice her age? Not in a creepy way but just.. Like, what does she and Kourtney even have in common besides being famous? She could literally be Addisons mom.

  • Omg that hairrrr! 😍😍😍

  • WTF

  • The title is very clear. It says super famous person "relates" to other super famous person. How someone could conclude that means AR is going thru the EXACT same thing a BS is beyond me. And the fact that you started this off in a tone of "no way your suffering is as bad as someone else" is kinda lame. I thought that was the kind of judgement we were trying to get away from.

  • Addision is highly successful, no doubt about it. But fame like Britney Spears comes very rarely.

  • It’s like when a popular tiktoker who’s only 17 compared herself to Marilyn, like these kids are bold

  • Britney is an icon, she’s not. The end.

  • I’ve never even heard of this girl lmfao

  • Wow I actually got an ad on one of your videos... 😱

  • shes so delusional.

  • I don’t think any celebrity has ever gone through or is currently going through half of what Britney did and is still going through. It’s fucking sad.

  • man some of these tiktok people got alot of ego for only having a speck of clout lol

  • Also, the paparazzi explosion when Britney was at the height of her fame, no one had ever seen anything like it. These were the times of 400 paps following her to go get aStarbucks, almost driving stars off the road, like Princess Diana. It's not even close to that today. They are not the same 🙄😒

  • I didn't even know who Addison Rae was before R2G made this video

  • Did I read that caption correctly... Addison better not EVER disrespect the queen in her life ever again. Maybe if she lies to herself often enough she’ll believe the lies.

  • Sometimes I feel like your videos are just you reiterating your point several times

  • Giulia, I thought you were against this whole twitter 'cancel culture' stuff? I don't even know who Addison is but it took me 2 minutes to search the article and find that she actually said she could "relate" to Britney. That's it. She said she could "relate" to one aspect of her life, so what? Why is this even a topic of interest? She didn't compare herself -- everyone is reading these media headlines about her and taking this 'cancel culture' mob mentality because people want something to be mad about. From previous videos I got the impression that you & your channel were pretty differentiated compared to others when it came to these topics. I still have respect for you, but I just didn't expect you to be apart of this mentality let alone perpetuate it with a video

    • @Miraim Exactly, it's ridiculous. everyone preaches about the mental health of celebrities after something awful happens to them -- but the same people are so quick to jump on the hate bandwagon just because they're bored 🤦🏼‍♀️

    • At least someone read the article! Everybody is judging her based on the headlines but not what she actually said in the article.

  • Britney was groomed as a child from a young age by greedy parents, addison took advantage of the rise of Tik Tok

  • Yes, your life is just like Princess Diana’s was. Sit down honey. We know you’re an “Instant Star” (great show btw, anyone?) but it doesn’t mean you’re talented. I saw that 2 TikTokers involved in some scandal performed on Ellen the other day with Travis Barker and I wanted to throw my phone.

  • Britney’s every move is analyzed. She can’t wear a red shirt without it meaning something sinister to stans. Don’t get me wrong, Britney’s videos of her spinning and burning down her gym are concerning...I can easily fall into the B-Anon hole. But Addison honey, The Hollywood Fix is not the paparazzi.

  • They do take these TikTok kids, pump out content and make them “overnight celebrities”. One day they’re “no one” and the next they’re in SuperBowl commercials, performing on Ellen. But to compare herself to Britney takes audacity. I was born in ‘91, I’m a big fan & she’s been dealing with this for 20 years. Her IG alone is a testament to her situation.

  • who even is that

  • Ok, alright Addison is not Britney but u guys are really... Low... U guys literally have no right to drag her down come onnnnn.. Like guys please be considerate

  • Idk who this person is (why am I watching this? Lol)

  • i cackled- no one could ever compare to THE BRITNEY SPEARS

  • Not me having to watch the video three times because I kept staring your makeup and crying because I can't even make my wings look right 😔

  • you all (in the comments) seem to have not read the article. addison never COMPARED herself to britney. she simply stated that even with the sliver of lack of privacy she has been show she empathizes and understands a bit about how britney must have felt going through her breakdown. y'all are fucking clowns, do some damn reading next time ffs

  • i dont even like pop music but Britney Spears is a good musician (unlike Rae)

  • She's the untalented version of selena gomez and britney spears. This girl should never compare herself to those two esp my girl britney spears. What is she smoking?? Haha

  • I do think this was one of the most pointless videos you’ve made, I absolutely love your channel but honestly, this video didn’t add anything to the conversation because there wasn’t really a conversation to begin with? You even said she didn’t compare herself to Britney and you realised it was clickbait so i mean...why the 9 minute long video?

  • I don’t even know who tf that is soo

  • Everyone took what she said out of context and is now attacking her. That's kinda sad.

  • The sass coming from just the title i cannot

  • “i still am a fan not a stan, because that’s unhealthy” THANK YOU

  • When did "celebrity" become a synonym for "Tiktok star"?

  • Britney worked her ass off to be where she is, so no, Addison is just a rich and privileged girl.

  • wow that wig looks like your natural hair. looks awesome.


  • The vast majority of kids today don't know how incredibly famous Britney Spears was in her heyday. It makes me sad.

  • Brittney got famous before all social media was even invented. She had the entire world. She has been famous since 1997. Addison Rae does dumb ass Tik Tok dances that all are the same. She will come and go.

  • this is news...get your 💰 i guess

  • She literally calls the paparazzi on herself, does some basic hand gestures while take smiling into the camera & _wishes_ she had Britney's music career. It's not the same, at all, & any comparisons are a reach. It's ridiculous to compare yourself to the biggest, most iconic, most successful _worldwide_ superstars. She hasn't endured the same things, to the same extent, for the same length of time & isn't a parent with kids to worry about on top of everything else & isn't under a conservatorship. She's also nowhere near Britney's talent, success & nototriety. It's like any TikToker, Nikita Dragun, the Paul Brothers etc. comparing themselves to MJ, Madonna, MLK, Mandella, Einstein etc. No. Just *_NO._*

  • Britney wouldn’t call paparazzi on herself

  • am i the only one who doesn’t get why addison is sooo hated

    • @Cipena are tiktokers usually this hated though? i kinda live under a rock tbh but lately i’ve been seeing addison everywhere since she released that song. i literally couldn’t name another popular tiktoker if my life depended on it so the amount of negative attention she’s getting seems kinda blown out proportion to me idk.

    • @Cipena yeah but to this extent is so weird

    • She’s a popular tik toker of course she’s going to be hated

  • Britney Spears actually had talent. She still does, but when I grew up with Britney was worth idolizing her vs what? Idolizing an untalented squidward from Tick Tock? Pft.

  • She doesn’t even compare herself to Britney tho. People preach mental health awareness all day, but say the most toxic shit about influencers they can’t stand

  • Britney is talented been talented. No one come pairs to her NO ONE

  • I live for that cute little smile before “let’s get right into the fan art” 😊💕

  • LOL Addison isn't alone. Literally every single woman ive seen on forums and websites keep whining about how their lives are so oppressed "like Britney". The attention whores are drooling at the thought of swooping in and riding the coattails of her trauma now that it's the new trending meme. The funny part is, these are the same girls who were shaming her for her body and clothes and sexuality for the past 20 years.

  • This is sad y'all still in the comments talking bad about this girl did y’all even watch the video or read the article she didn’t even compare herself to Britney Spears

  • Who is she? Another white mediocre girl with no talent... oh

  • I cannot name a SINGLE tiktok "star". I think I understand how people felt about youtubers now XD

  • addison is the dollarama version of britney spears

  • Hi, I have a recommendation. There’s this channel bent on misogyny, all of its content is “PATHETIC WOMEN roast me” or “CRAZY FEMINAZI” called Easy Swish Sniper, they have 400k subs that are all commenting messed up crap

  • Never heard of this woman in my life

  • This Allison girl needs to watch herself. As if shes even remotely as iconic as THE Britney Spears. *whispers* Its Britney Bitch!

  • tiktokers can’t even count the amount of hands they have. they all have their heads so far up their ass it’s believable that they’d say something like this. bryce hall literally said ariana only called him out for partying during covid for publicity 😀

  • Me watching this under my Britney spears bedsheets 👁👄👁

  • What? Britney!? Britney? Britney???? Britney sweetie, I'm so so sorry...

  • Why does addison sound like she'd say she has depression because she was sad one day

  • She's delusional...

  • Britney was literally a bonafide pop phenomenon. Sit down Addison.

  • How can you compare two different completely talents to one thing like singing and dancing is super different. Saying she related to Brittany is just rude and tacky I don’t think addisons had people try to control her life in every single way

  • Many of these insta celebs are like instant mash potatoes, they will do in a pinch and are somewhat satisfying yet Britney is the potatoes your mom makes on thanksgiving peeling them layer by layer and adding real butter, She built her status as a tiny girl and went thru highs and literal hell that almost cost her life ( kind of changing how paparazzi is now her and Princess Diana are on the same level) then coming back to superstardom again while in a terrible conservatorship. She is a queen and no one will touch that. I feel these Tic Tok people will have their moment but Britney is a legend. x

  • I'm sorry, Addison who?

  • The weird thing to me is that they call the paparazzi and create scandals to get more press, Britney just got harassed for breathing..

  • Who the heck wrote this article? 🙄🤦‍♀️ I’m still trying to figure out how these people are even held up to a similar level as people with actual talent.

  • Just the idea of Addison “I call the paparazzi on myself” Rae being compared to THE Britney makes my skin crawl.

  • Yikes when privileged children want to appear to overcome “the struggle” so very much to the point they compare themselves to someone who has been to hell and back...

  • I Cackled for 3 minutes after reading this video title

  • Britney: parents make her be a pagent queen for them to live off of her money, then she is thrust into Disney then she starts her music career has a mental breakdown from all the stress then gets put under a conservership. Her whole life she has been used by her family for money and has been controlled. Addison: Oh the pressure if being a tik tok star its just the same as Britneys life 😢😢 Ffs she is either delusional or thinks mentioning Britney will gain her more fame. Either way this was a dumb move.

  • There is a painful irony in this article using a misleading (or at best an ambiguous title) to influence a narrative around Addison Rae. These women all truly do deserve better. #freebritney

  • why is a grown ass woman like Kourtney hanging out with teenagers...

  • I think she’s really cringey. Especially since all of the dances she made her money from were from other creators and little credit was given.

  • Never heard of Addison until you just mentioned her

  • Reason 439 on why I hate Addison Rae :)

  • Lol, wished y'all would had the same energy about bs similar or worst to these that males often say. Like a GIRL says these things and the world goes crazy calling her a cocky narcissistic b*** but a GROWN ASS MAN says that and he's just "Bipolar, BPD ,Confident ,Secure of himself". I'm literally done with people...

  • Who is Addison Rae?? 🤷

  • Addison Rae doesn't need fame.

  • I’ve never heard of her before so def not anything compared to Britney

  • when they asked her if she watched the britney documentary, it seems like she didn't actually watch it and was keeping it generic because she doesn't even acknowledge what britney went though.

  • One's just a more popular product than the comparing Crest toothpaste to Pepsodent.

  • Britney Spears is in an unfair conservatorship having every aspect of her life controlled by her abusive father and went through hell with the media. Girl what.

  • Does anyone even actually care about addison...?

  • *reads title* I’m sorry, am I blind or is my mind playing tricks with me?...

  • I think she was ever so slightly baited into answering so that they could make that headline. That said, forgive me if I see a girl who does dances that were created by POC with smaller platforms and gets all the credit and fame as trifling.

  • the difference is addison calls the paparazzi on herself 💀 they literally harassed britney for YEARS

  • "Please say sike" 😂

  • Is she ToXiC

  • i love getting all of my pop culture news from here because i literally have no idea who these tiktokers are LMAO

  • Could u talk about/warn people about April 24 ? :,(

    • @Amelia Franco some twisted fucks designated a day for SA. From the article I read it was only a few people, still very scary and people should stay safe.

    • What’s happening then?

  • I didnt really have an opinion on addison rae but this whole thing makes her look super tacky and out of touch. Like its literally impossible to replicate the reach and likeability that britney has. Being relevant to tiktok doesnt mean you're actually relevant