A whirlwind romance...with a doll

Publicado el 11 dic 2020
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  • But the doll can't say "yes" or "I do" So how could they actually have a relationship?

  • Why is noone on camera? Why is it just trees?

    • Haha. I got it. A lil late but none the less

  • Maybe Margo is transgender and he was just supporting her. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Part of me wonders if he knows exactly what he's doing, and is actually intentionally making a statement because same sex marriage isn't legal, but he can marry a sex doll so long as it has the appearance of a woman. He seems to have blown a hole through that law.

  • How does a doll have an age?

  • A woman he can 100% control

  • I wonder if he was worried if she'd say yes ...?On a serious note , this reminded me of Lars and the real girl. Good film .

  • :'D

  • Sofie is so real she was gave citizenship in Saudi Arabia.

  • There is now sex dolls with AI brains they talk they respond they have facial expression just like Sofie.Joe Rogan has a vidio with the woman it is modeled after with sex doll it is amazing.

  • Will we have no choice but to Stan? Only time will tell

  • 3:58 she glitched lololol I even rewinded it twice *Was creepy

  • Ever seen the movie Lars and the Real Girl?

  • I don’t know how the people who attend these inanimate object weddings manage to fake happiness for something so sad and clinically delusional

  • I’m so used to hearing about fucked up, harmful people on this channel that this doesn’t even phase me

  • this has big 'lars and the real girl' vibes.

  • I am pretty sure not a legal marriage. It's likely just a show. For one she can't even sign the marriage certificate and secondly, she doesn't even have a legal name in order to sign it. Kinda like polygamy where only one wife is typically legally married and the rest are just ceremonies.

  • he broke the doll & had to send her for repairs over christmas.

  • Could he maybe be trying to make a point about how ridiculous not allowing same-sex marriage is but marrying a doll is legal? That'd be interesting lol

  • I'm from Kazakhstan and I've never heard of this guy. Thanks, I guess

  • Well I guess if that English man can marry a cardboard of bts Jimin then Yuri can marry his sex doll.

  • If their country's law were consistent, they should look at her manufacturing date and see if she's old enough. If she was produced 4 years ago she wouldn't be legal. lol (By the way, this is a joke so don't roast me)

  • The doll's reaction when he proposed:😮 The doll's reaction during her wedding night: 😮 The doll's reaction when they divorce and she gets half his money: 😮

  • Adam and Eve does not have Discrete packaging, my friend bought something from them and when they got it, it was VERY obvious was it was, so much so their parents who picked up the mail that day knew what it was

  • 2:32 glitching or am I trippin?

  • But can you Mary a gay doll?

  • Because marriage in places where same-sex marriage is banned is viewed as "man and his chosen thing to be married to" rather than "two consensual loving adults getting married to each other."

  • miss girl... you're glitching

  • Ok so what if Margo is like the toys from toy story and only reveals herself around her husband

  • Women have married a tree and a dog Hell one even married herself, but you make a joke video about this guy. I can't help to wonder why.

  • 2:49 ARE U OKAY??

  • I mean sure, everyone has their kinks. Wish the best for him.

  • Reminds me of Falicity Kadlec Rossi

  • how can a doll be a dom?! why am i watching this?! why is this the thing i’m wondering about?

  • I heard “Kazakstahni” and thought “BORAT !!!”

  • just found this channel and I'm hooked

  • Wait but are you wearing sticky hands earrings???????

  • I mean...still a better love story than 50 Shades of Grey.

  • I’m from Kazakhstan and have heard about this guy. He’s a troll, he’s just having fun being silly lol.

  • Not sure if you take requests, but I enjoyed how you criticized "Cuties." Maybe put Netflix' "Tiny Pretty Things" on your review docket.

  • Tolochko don't seem that ugly ...wtf...he must be unbearable

  • 2:29 is a glitch in the matrix

  • A Japanese man married a hologram and a woman whose country I don't remember married her pillow so... not so extrange

  • Now come on people your being too plastic on him love is love 😂😂😂😂😂

  • You probably won't see this but I gotta put it out there. Are you named after Giulia Tofana? Inventor of the famous poison that was used to help women trapped in unhealthy and dangerous marriages, known as Auqa Tofana? If so, wow you were accurately named.

  • There have been a few movies regarding this, if you are fully invested. check out what they have in Japan.

  • I’m sorry but when I heard Kazakhstan I thought of Borat

  • I do have an issue with those dolls even with "adult" looking ones. I think they can be harmful especially in the long run. I am concerned about those very sick people (mostly men lets be honest here) who have a "relationship" with a doll. The sexdolls look like very young women (a lot of them look like teenagers), they can't talk back, they don't have their own will, they don't age, they can't defend themselves etc. Those men are probably already mentally unstable but those dolls are giving them a really wrong picture about women and relationships. Young women are already hyper sexualized in our society. So yeah...I am really sceptical about those sex dolls.

  • More power to the technosexuals and technoromantics then

  • “After 8 months together, post purchase” it should have said

  • I love that wig 🤎❤️

  • Hi there Julia, I hope I spelled that correctly. I'm popping in to ask if you are okay? I hope you know that your audience are great. You've created an awesome Community, which is appreciated. I just wanted to make sure that you are doing well, as most people don't ask. I don't BLAME anyone for a response like that, as EVERYONE is different in different or difficult situations. I just wanted to let you know that you are definitely loved. I love you and your creativity and I wanted to let you know that YOU'RE definitely appreciated. Please take Care.❣️👍

  • That doll has no rights. There is no way she said "yes" during their ceremony.

  • At least someone out there is happy

  • I wonder if they waited for marriage ....

  • This is probably the least problematic thing ever discussed on this channel...

  • Does anyone know what the voice said in the intro ?? It intrigue me each time

  • Man, they're already starting on Borat 3 I see...

  • Your hair is beautiful

  • 2:52 - you good ms. girl

  • GIULIA... please can you cover the YALE study done in early December 2020 that used traumatizing and terrifying tactics to study fear in autistic 2 year olds? It was so bad parents begged and forcibly removed their children from the study and Yale did not find anything at all from conducting this study. Basically they traumatized autistic kids because they think we don’t feel emotions?? Anyone who is commenting on their social media is getting blocked and their comments are getting deleted. Yale is not addressing this. Please make a video. We need awareness

  • You NEED to do a video about the show, "The Swan."

  • 2:31, glitch in the matrix?

  • Good for the guy! If he feels less lonely and happier with a doll than thats great! Same with imaginary friends; go for it! As long as you're not shutting down for "real life" experiences to be able to fullfill certain needs its all fine.

  • Yeah honestly the laws of countries like Kazakhstan piss me off bc same sex marriage isn't allowed but a dude marrying a literal sex doll is? That's sad honestly

  • Ready to Glare, more like Ready to Glitch 😂❤️

  • I'm not sure this community is on the right path. I think we need to give our doll's rights so they can have a voice on these matters. How does this make our dolls feel? This should compel incels and feminist to get involved and go head to head.

  • Dolls are perfect for people who can’t maintain relationships with other people personalities. I find that sad

  • I'm crying 😭 what was that glitch Gulia? That absolutely scared me.

  • 4:48 wait.. he dressed up as a woman for a transgender rally? As in he was mocking them, or he’s actually trans or non-binary, or as drag?

  • Movie: Lars and the Real Girl.

  • Imagine a re-born baby addition to their family LOL

  • Ive been watching for a whle and ijust realised n the intro, is that a qoute from blade runner?

  • I’m sorry that it might’ve been this one that pushed you to the brink sweetie. Humanity is beyond a hot mess lol. Feel better soon

  • You think that's odd, ever hear of the woman who married the Eiffel Tower?

  • omg I love the sticky hand earring

  • i’ve been sitting here doing my nails for an hour strictly only watching this channel

  • I'm sorry but I want this earring more than anything else in my life right now :O

  • Finally, a funnier story of someone who is clearly mental. :)

  • The mix of ‘he attended a transgender rally dressed as a woman’ followed by ‘he identifies as pansexual’ and then a quote on what turns him on seems like the article is written by one of those types of people (and/or the guy in the story) who don’t understand the difference between gender identity and sexuality and thinks that being trans is the same as cross dressing and is a sexual kink/sexuality. As for the rest of the story, well falling in love with a doll might seem a little out there but it’s a lot more harmless than what a lot of people seem to do with their sexual lives (for example maps and other people who don’t seem to see consent as an important part of the equation) so...good on him for finding what fulfils him I guess.

  • i stan sex doll man, he isnt hurting anyone and obviously he took his time to make this decision so he probably knows whats best. if you ever read this sex doll guy, I hope you and Margo are well and very happy together

  • jesus you just glitched

  • Oh yes a “Traditional Wedding” 😆

  • Did you know scam companies are being advertised during your videos?

  • I know being in love with a doll is fuckin weird but i still don’t judge as long as they're not hurting anybody. There are a lot of weird people with weird interests. I've never been in love with a doll but I have been called weird for doing something harmless before.

    • Additionally- the lack of gay marriage there sucks but that isn't really this guy's fault. if anything it's good he was supported because it shows progress toward open mindedness. Marriage is a human concept and humanity decides what to do with it.

  • The demonic glitching is so cursed dude

  • I heard Barbie was her bridesmaid 👰

  • I looked up the article... actual real people attended the wedding! I thought dog weddings are dumb, but this is a whole other level of wack.... Anyway, like Giulia pointed out, he's not harming anyone so to each their own :)

  • What is your take on MTF cross Dressers, sshould they be able to do their thing without judgement?

  • can you look into nika ekimian!!!!

  • You should have looked this guy up, I did after this video and found his Instagram. He's a great dude, we stan

  • I heard of this before and this particular ad but wtf, why would someone even admit 2 having let alone marry it?

  • "I'm just here for the wisdom."

  • After Umbrella Academy, a lot more people became fine with relationships with dolls.

  • Ok but the earrings 😍

  • "True love doesn't exist --" This guy: Hold my beer I'm gonna marry my sex doll

  • is no one going to mention the glitching throughout the video??? did i miss something?

  • I'm fully invested as well. I hope they come up with a relationship advice channel lol.

  • My mental stability: 2:32

  • Okay...after this video I looked him up. The pictures are amazing. Margo legit had a whole ass bachelorette party. There are some seriously loving pictures of the couple, and some are cringe af. But his friends in attendance looked genuinely happy and supportive. I’m convinced this is more real then most people’s relationships lol. Margo even goes to the salon to get her hair done. I just...I can’t lol. Just wow. This is intense